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The IGCC can be used as a resource for this working group and grant initiative and also for a broader discussion on sustainable building among the public safety community. The ICC encouraged fire safety professionals to provide comment on Public Version 1.0 of the IGCC during the period of public comment, which was scheduled to end on May 14, 2010.

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                                                                                           By KRAIG STEVENSON and DAVE NICHOLS

                                                                Next-Generation Building Codes
                                  Addressing Public Safety and Sustainable Construction

        nergy-efficient and renewable                            from the fire safety community in atten-        develop a code that maintains the highest
        technologies on and in commer-                           dance. The IGCC made its debut in a time        level of safety,” ICC CEO Richard P. Wei-
        cial buildings are becoming more                         when communities are calling for more           land said. “But it must also be compat-
commonplace as businesses “go green.”                            sustainable building op-                                          ible, enforceable, adapt-
Due to the upswing in sustainable con-                           tions and fire safety pro-                                        able and effective through
struction activities, it is important to                         fessionals are seeking                                            consultation on standards
understand how these technologies are                            more information about                                            and best practices. The
applied within the framework of a sus-                           green trends and how                                              fire safety community is
tainable building code, as well as how                           they can be active con-                                           critical to developing a
green building design and construction                           tributors to the sustain-                                         final code that helps to
relates to fire safety. There is a need to en-                   ability conversation.                                             protect the safety of build-
sure integration between regulations that                             The objective of the                                         ing occupants, which ac-
promote sustainable construction and                             IGCC is to provide a                                              counts for the mission of
those that promote the safety of building                        green building code for                                           the firefighter and creates
occupants and firefighters.                                      traditional and high-                                             a sustainable and safe en-
     As a natural evolution of building                          performance buildings.                                            vironment for all.”
safety to address building sustainability                        By referencing the resi-                                               According to the U.S.
along with the health and welfare of citi-                       dential occupancies that                                          Department of Energy,
zens, and in response to public demand,                          have qualities similar to           Integrating                   buildings consume ap-
the International Green Construction                             commercial structures, it                                         proximately 40% of energy
Code (IGCC) is making its debut. Using                           is consistent and coordi-           sustainable                    used and produce about
the slogan “IGCC: Safe and Sustainable                           nated with the ICC family                                         the same amount of the
by the Book,” this newly released and                            of codes and standards.            construction                    nation’s carbon emissions.
enhanced building code is a milestone                            ICC codes and standards                                           To create a healthier cli-
on the road to developing commercial                             use the same basic princi-       and the safety of                mate, rating systems such
building standards that achieve goals of                         ples that have made these                    
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