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									ACTIVITY                                                       redesign

T                                                                                            by Charlie McLaughlin, DTE
       his activity will provide you with the fundamental concepts for product
       redesign. During the last several years, manufacturers of many of the things
       we use have attempted to create products that have little impact on the
environment. When we look around school and our homes we can find all types of
items that are made from different materials.

One thing we can look at is the amount       Some companies have taken a look at
of material that is used in some of these    their packaging and paper requirements
objects. For instance, our TV systems are    and developed alternatives as part of
made of plastics, metals, and glass. Our     their redesigning efforts. This is a classic
books are made of cardboard and paper;       example of product redesign. One unique
often from 100% post-consumer waste          package solution is the biodegradable
bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Our         SunChips bag. The chip bag is made of
packaging is usually made of recycled        polyastic acid, or PLA, a unique plant-
paper and plastic. Unfortunately,            based polymer. The beauty of the
these materials are often placed in the      package is that it is 100% compostable and
trash once they are no longer needed.        will break down in fourteen weeks. This is
Sometimes we are able to recycle these       a giant step in green technology because
materials.                                   the package does not rely on petroleum-
                                             based chemistry.
One question we need to think about                                                          should place a check in the box that best
is this: Were these products made with       Recently, a number of books have been           describes the material(s) from which the
materials designed for a secondary use?      printed 
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