Performance Marketing With Google Analytics

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Social Media Metrics                                                              measuring the success of your social media
How to Measure and Optimize Your                                                  marketing efforts. Success metrics in business are
Marketing Investment                                                              based on business goals in which fame does not
Jim Sterne                                                                        always equate to fortune. Read this book to
WILEY                                                                             determine why striving for more Twitter
Hardcover                                                                         followers or Facebook friends than the
$24.95                                                                            competition is a failing strategy; how to leverage
                                                                                  the time and effort you invest in social media;
   Whether you are selling online, through a                                      and how to convince those who are afraid of
direct sales force, or via distribution channels,                                 new things that social media is a valuable
what customers are saying about you online is                                     business tool and not just a toy for the overly
now more important than your advertising. Social                                  wired. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is
media is no longer a curiosity on the horizon but                                 terrific, but only in a constant and unchanging
a significant part of your marketing mix.                                       world. Social Media Metrics is loaded with specific
   While other books explain why social media is critical and      examples of specific metrics that you can use to guide your social
how to go about participating, Social Media Metrics focuses on     media marketing efforts as new means of communication.

Virtual Collaborative Writing in                                                    webpages, webcasts, and graphical user
the Workplace                                                                       interfaces, to facilitate effective interdependent
Computer-Mediated Communication                                                     collaboration in writing projects.
Technologies and Processes                                                             This book focuses on the type of writing that
Edited by Beth L. Hewett and Charlotte Robidoux                                     typically occurs in virtual workplace settings,
IGI GLOBAL                                                                          such as academic institutions, private and for-
Paperback, Hardcover
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