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"In ten years, according to Morgan's business plan, there will be 1,500 jobs created at the airport," says airport manager [Chuck Mayer]. "We have built enough infrastructure on the north end for Morgan to come in and break ground on their manufacturing facility [a proposed 600,000-square foot plant]."

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									 B U S I N E S S PROFILE
By Brad McAllister, Associate Editor

Sheboygan Memorial begins work on
infrastructure projects; prepares for PGA

                                                                                               During the 2004 PGA Championship Tour, the airport experienced
                                                                                                                    some 1,200 operations in less than a week.

                                                                    SHEBOYGAN, WI — Come August, the Professional Golfers Association
                                                                    (PGA) Championship will return to the Whistling Straits golf course
                                                                    in Kohler, WI for the second time in six years. Coupled with that, the
      Another Great Air BP FBO...                                   Sheboygan County Memorial Airport (SBM) will be handling traffic brought
                                                                    in by the inaugural NASCAR Nationwide Series race held at the Road
           Burrows Aviation (KSBM)                                  America track in Elkhart Lake, WI. In preparation for these events, and con-
                                                                    tinuing with work that began in the 1990s to expand the airport, officials
      Next time you fly into Sheboygan, present your                 are breaking ground on infrastructure upgrades.
      Sterling Card at Burrows Aviation and receive
      preferred pricing. If you don’t have a Sterling                    Kohler’s Whistling Straits golf          full-time employees on line service, and
                                                                    course drew worldwide attention as            brought on some 20 volunteers to help
      Card, ask how to sign up!                                     ‘one of the game’s most unique and            shuttle players and spectators to and
                                                                    challenging major venues’ when it             from the course, which is ten miles from
                                                                    played host to the PGA Championship           the airport.
      There is always a great team of people ready to
                                                                    in 2004, according to the golf associa-             The FBO pumped some 100,000
      serve you at Air BP FBOs.                                     tion’s website. The 2010 event will be        gallons during the ‘04 tour week, relates
                                                                    the 92nd staging of the year’s final          FBO manager Mindy Smith.
                                                                    major championship, slated to take
                                                                    place August 9-15.
                                                                         Comments Chuck Mayer, county
                                                                                                                  “ Ti m e s a r e t o u g h , b u t i t s e e m s
                                                                    airport department manager, “We expe-
                                                                    rienced some 1,200 operations in less              that federal funding for
                                                                    than a week in’04.”                            airports is still comfortable.”
                                                                         Mayer says Whistling Straits also             - C h u c k M a y e r, S h e b o y g a n
                                                                    played host for the U.S. Senior Open
                                                                                                                        County Memorial Airport
                                                                    in 2007, adding, “This isn’t new to us,
                                                                    though the activity is overwhelming at
                                                                         “The ‘04 championship was the                 Regarding the NASCAR Road
                                                                    big one; the Senior Open didn’t have          America event, which takes place in
                                                                    quite the clout that the PGA Tour had,        June, Mayer says “That will be a new
                                                                    so numbers were down for that. If any-        experience for us; there is a lot of cor-
                                                                    thing, we’re hoping for a bigger atten-       porate flight activity tied to NASCAR
                                                                    dance in 2010 than the ‘04 event.             events.”
                                                                         “As Kohler’s experience with mar-             In terms of infrastructure devel-
                                                                    keting these events develops further,         opment, Mayer says the airport will
                                                                    the turnouts should get better and bet-       start rebuilding the secondary run-
                                                                    ter. The wild card is the current eco-        way in May, pushing for completion
                                                                    nomic environment.”                           in July. The rebuild was moved up
                                                                                                                  by a year in preparation for the PGA
                                                                    GETTING PREPARED                              Championship.
                                                                         According to Mayer, fuel supplier             “We worked with our Congressional
                 AirBPAviation.com                 (800) 752-9220   Air BP will help staff the lone fixed base    delegation to procure the funding
                                                                    operator on the field, Burrows Aviation.      needed for infrastructure repair,”
                                                                    During the ‘04 event, the FBO kept four       remarks Mayer. “As far as what the

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