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					Information ProfessionalBuilding & Running a Successful                                                 The Extreme Searcher’s
                        Research Business, 2nd Edition:                                                 Internet Handbook, 3rd Edition:
                        A Guide for the Independent                                                     A Guide for the Serious Searcher
                        Information Professional                                                        By Randolph Hock
                          By Mary Ellen Bates                                                           The Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook is the
                          Foreword by Amelia Kassel                                                     essential guide for anyone who uses the internet for
                          This is the handbook every aspiring independent                               research—librarians, teachers, students, writers,
                          information professional needs in order to launch,                            business professionals, and others who need to
                          manage, and build a research business. Organized                              search the web proficiently. In this fully updated
into four sections, “Getting Started,” “Running the Business,” “Marketing,”                             third edition, award-winning writer and internet
and “Researching,” the book walks you through every step of the process.        trainer Ran Hock covers strategies and tools (including search engines,
Author Mary Ellen Bates covers everything from “Is this right for you?”         directories, portals, and social networks) for all major areas of internet
to closing the sale, managing clients, promoting your business on the web,      content. Readers with little to moderate searching experience will appre-
and tapping into powerful information sources beyond the web.                   ciate Hock’s helpful, easy-to-follow advice, while experienced searchers
   The second edition features a wealth of new material, including new          will discover a wealth of new ideas, techniques, and resources. Anyone
chapters on how to position yourself, marketing via social media, creat-        who teaches the internet will find this book indispensable. This book is
ing an effective web presence, strategic planning for your next 5 years,        supported by the author’s webpage.
and writing a marketing plan that works. Bates, a popular author and            2010, 360 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-0-910965-84-2, $24.95
speaker and a longtime successful independent info pro, reveals all the
tips, tricks, and techniques for setting up, running, and growing your
own information business.                                                                               The Accidental
2010, 528 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-0-910965-85-9, $34.95                                                 Health Sciences Librarian
                                                                                                       By Lisa A. Ennis and Nicole Mitchell
                    Digital Inclusion:                                                                 Foreword by Jean P. Shipman
                                                                                                       Sparked by an aging Baby Boomer population,
                    Measuring the Impact of Information                                                the dizzying pace of breakthroughs in medical
                    and Community Technology                                                           research, and an unprecedented proliferation of
                      Edited by Michael Crandall and Karen E. Fisher                                   health information, you may soon discover a
                      In this important book, Michael Crandall and Karen E.                            career opportunity in health sciences librarian-
                      Fisher and a dozen contributors have made “Digital                               ship—if you aren’t already a part of this exciting
                      Inclusion” their rallying cry. They provide a framework                          field. Lisa A. Ennis and Nicole Mitchell offer a
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