Everyone Plays at the Library Creating Great Gaming Experiences for All Ages New Titles for the The

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					New Titles for the  The Accidental Taxonomist
                   By Heather Hedden
                                                                                                        Everyone Plays at the Library:
                                                                                                        Creating Great Gaming
                   The Accidental Taxonomist is the most comprehensive                                  Experiences for All Ages
                   guide available to the art and science of building infor-                            By Scott Nicholson
                   mation taxonomies. Heather Hedden—leading writer,                                    If you are interested in the why, what, and how of
                   instructor, and consultant on indexing and taxonomy                                  library gaming, Everyone Plays at the Library is
                   topics—walks readers through the process, displaying                                 a great place to start. Scott Nicholson—educator,
                   her trademark ability to present highly technical                                    librarian, game designer, host of the Board Games
                   information in straightforward, comprehensible                                       With Scott video series, and founder of the Library
                   English. Drawing on numerous real-world examples,                                    Game Lab of Syracuse—demonstrates how gam-
she explains how to create terms and relationships, select taxonomy                                     ing can be used to bring in new users and support
management software, design taxonomies for human versus automated                                       the mission and goals of school, academic, and
indexing, manage enterprise taxonomy projects, and adapt taxonomies to          public libraries. He shows how to successfully choose and implement video,
various user interfaces. The result is a practical and essential guide          computer, role-playing, card, board, and other types of games. You’ll
for information professionals who need to effectively create or manage          learn how to determine user needs, gain stakeholder and administrative
taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and thesauri.                              approval, reach out to users, build an exciting and robust game collection,
2010, 472 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-1-57387-397-0, $39.50
                                                                                produce low-cost programs, facilitate engaging events, assess program
                                                                                effectiveness, answer the critics, bring all ages together, and create the
                    Library Partnerships:                                       type of memorable experience that gets users talking and keeps them
                                                                                coming back for more.
                    Making Connections Between                                  2010, 248 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-1-57387-398-7, $39.50
                    School and Public Libraries
                     By Tasha Squires
                     Foreword by Gail Bush
                     Connecting to share ideas, resources, and programs                                 Information Representation
                     offers school and public libraries an exciting means of                            and Retrieval in the Digital Age,
                     achieving their own goals as well as those of the                                  Second Edition
                     community at large. In this timely guide, young adult                           By Heting Chu
                     library consultant Tasha Squires delves into the many                           This second edition of Heting Chu’s popular work
possible avenues for partnership, from summer reading programs to book                               on information representation and retrieval (IRR)
talks to resource sharing and more.
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