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					                                                                                                                                                                             InformationToday              33
                                                                                                                                                                           June 2010

                                                                                                             To head this new book line, John Bryans
       ITI Chronicles                                                                                    joined the book division as the new editor-
                                                                                                         in-chief. Bryans, who had worked at On-

A New Chapter                                                                                            line, Inc. for about 10 years, made the move
                                                                                                         to Medford with the Online book inventory.
                                                                                                         Dorothy Pike, who had been part of ITI’s
                                                                                                         editorial services publishing magazines
by LAUREE PADGETT |                          ITI’s relationship with the vendors need- and newspapers (including a stint as IT
                                             ed to handle the book projects. With the editor), joined Bryans in what she calls

             hile Learned Information, Inc. help of the established freelance staff “a department of two.” But Pike’s tenure
             had been in the publishing (some of whom included ITI staffers who with the book department lasted about a
             business since 1980, the com- were freelancing in addition to their day year before she moved to Minnesota.
pany had almost exclusively focused on jobs), Sutton-Kerchner edited and pre-                                Pike says the most notable project she
periodicals.                                 pared manuscripts for the graphics de- worked on was the Super Searcher series
    Information Today (IT) was its flag- partment and worked with the artists on edited by Reva Basch. “The book Super
ship newspaper, geared to library and in- cover designs.                                                 Searchers Do Business by Mary Ellen
formation science professionals. Link-Up         “It was a ‘roll up your sleeves’ kind of Bates was in process,” says Pike, “and
followed in 1985, a magazine focused on time,” says Sutton-Kerchner. She says if we timed everything perfectly—from
the end user. But aside from the annual that Hogan Sr. was open to new ideas and transcription of interviews with resear-
National Online Meeting Proceedings vol- liked to brainstorm and think outside the chers in various business fields, to editors’
ume, the Medford office was publishing few box. “That’s exactly what we were doing, approvals, to proofreading, typesetting,
books, such as 1988’s Computing Across from the first call of a potential author to page layout, cover design, printing, and                            John Bryans
America: The Bicycle Odyssey of a High- the time we cracked open the box of newly binding—we would just make it for a
Tech Nomad by IT columnist and micro- published books,” she says.                                                     high-profile author book sign-
computer (PC) guru Steve Roberts.                                                                                     ing at one of our major confer-
    “Book publishing was definitely just a Getting ‘Online’                                                           ences on the West Coast.” Pike    them having written for one of ITI’s news-
sideline we got into more or less by acci-                                                                            says there was only about a 2-    papers, newsletters, or magazines. Bryans
dent,” says Tom Hogan Sr., president of for Technology                                                                day flex period to complete the   points to how supportive ITI’s periodical
Information Today, Inc. (ITI). “We had a         While the Mecklermedia                                               mission. She actually ended       editors have been in recommending and
philosophy that we wanted to have all books were geared toward pro-                                                   up staying on as a freelancer     sharing these writers who want to get
kinds of media for people in our market- fessionals in the library and                                                for all 15 titles in the Super    their knowledge out to others.
place, which is librarians and informa- information science fields, ITI                                               Searcher series.
tion professionals. We had magazines, added information technology-                                                       Bryans, who has been the
conferences, and directories, so why not centric titles to the fold. In early                                         mainstay in the book depart-
                                                                                                                                                        To Be Continued
                                                                                                 Lauree Padgett
publish a book?”                             1998, ITI forged a deal with                                             ment since he joined the com-         Next issue, I’ll take a look at the book
                                             the Wilton, Conn.-based Online, Inc. to pany, has been instrumental in building                            publishing process, from book proposal
                                             acquire its inventory of books (all 11 of the book division. In 1997, prior to the                         to published volume on the shelves. And
Book ’Em                                     them), including one that was a work-in- Online purchase, ITI had 30 titles, most of                       what about ebooks and Kindle? Tom Hogan
    When ITI acquired Mecklermedia’s progress. These books (including Naked which fell into the library and info science                                Sr. and Bryans share their thoughts about
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