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					                                                                                                                                                                    InformationToday            17
                                                                                                                                                                      www.infotoday.com   June 2010

                                                                                               work to be submitted according to indi-         lives and never had to wait in line at pho-
      Focus on Publishing                                                                      vidual agency guidelines that each will         tocopiers to copy articles from journals.
                                                                                               craft within 1 year.                            Should we be printing paper journals?

OA Is Back on the Menu                                                                             David Shulenburger, vice president
                                                                                               for academic affairs at the Association of
                                                                                               Public and Land-Grant Universities, told
                                                                                                                                               Can’t we use publishing-on-demand tech-
                                                                                                                                               nologies for those who still want print?

by ROBIN PEEK   |                               lic access. What a difference an adminis- The Scientist that FRPAA’s passage is
                                                tration can make.                              inevitable. “If we can make [scientific
                                                                                                                                                                     Damage is
         or the first time in history, the          Both versions of the bill are the same information] available, preferably with
         U.S. seems close to mandating          and would require that all taxpayer- an embargo period, you can ensure that                                 already happening
         public access to its federally         funded research results be put online 6 everyone has it for use without doing
funded research. Although the U.S. gov-         months after publication. As                             damage to scientific journals,”                           to scholarly
ernment was temporarily derailed by             with the Senate bill, the FR-                            he says. “The quicker we get                         journals; it’s not
matters such as universal healthcare,           PAA would unlock unclassified                            the largest corpus of science
the Federal Research Public Access Act          research funded by agencies                              material out there and pub-                       because of OA, but
(FRPAA, H.R. 5037) of 2010 is now be-           such as the Department of Agri-                          licly accessible, the greater the                 rather it is a result
fore the House of Representatives as            culture, Department of Com-                              opportunity there is for it to
well as the Senate.                             merce, Department of Defense,                            be used. Sooner is better, and                        of the economy.
   Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., introduced the       Department of Education, De-                             sooner is likely to occur if we
bill in 2006 where it died in committee.        partment of Energy, Depart-                              take a FRPAA-type of action.”
The original FRPAA was reintroduced in          ment of Health and Human                                     Damage is already happen-         Opposition to
the Senate; Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.,       Services, Department of Home-           Robin Peek       ing to scholarly journals; it’s
and John Cornyn, R-Texas, introduced            land Security, Department of                             not because of OA, but rather         Broader Dissemination
similar legislation last June.                  Transportation, the Environmental Pro- it is a result of the economy. Print jour-                 “The reintroduction of the [FRPAA],
   With the Obama administration con-           tection Agency, the National Aeronautics nals seem to be on the verge of becoming              that would ensure free, timely, online ac-
sidering the same issue via the Office          and Space Administration, and the Na- extinct as libraries chop them out of the                cess to the published results of research
of Science and Technology Policy within         tional Science Foundation. The mandate budget in lieu of their online equivalents.             funded by eleven U.S. federal agencies,
the executive branch, we seem to have a         does not require publication in an open I now have students who have never had
three-pronged fork ready to dig into pub-       access (OA) journal; it just requires the to touch a print journal in their academic                               (continued on page 18)

       Internet Waves                                                                                 Legal Issues

Thinking Like a Researcher Bad Buzz for Google
by SHIRLEY DUGLIN KENNEDY                         Maybe this particular business was in
                                                  the “was no more” category. So I went to      by GEORGE H. PIKE   |                                            Buzz was launched in Feb-

          s far as requests for help go at Sunbiz, which is the somewhat cutsie                                                                              ruary to great fanfare as Goo-

          The Day Job, this one was not ex- (but infinitely more user-friendly) name                  t is safe to say that Google                           gle’s foray into social network-
          traordinary. A colleague needed for the Florida Department of State Di-                     has had a tough time for                               ing, a market currently dom-
a business phone number.                          vision of Corporations website. Since we’re         the last couple of months                              inated by Facebook, Twitter,
   He had written an article about the an open records state, this is a wonderful               on the litigation front. At a                                MySpace, and LinkedIn. Goo-
business a couple of years ago, and his fishing hole (at least if you’re looking                hearing in February to review                                gle’s promotion of Buzz was
story had popped up in the Google search for a corporation, a limited partnership,              the settlement of the proposed                               based on Buzz’s integration
results of someone who was looking for a limited liability company, or a trade-                 Google Books lawsuit, 21 speak-                              with Google’s Gmail service,
that business on the internet.                                mark), but a general search       ers registered objections, and            George H. Pike     allowing the system to gener-
The person could not find a                                   did not turn up any evidence      the U.S. Department of Justice                               ate “followers” from existing
phone number or a website for                                 of this business whatsoever,      raised antitrust and other concerns. Only Gmail contacts. Buzz also was designed
the business, but she did find                                active or inactive.               five speakers were in favor of the settle- to help users share pictures, videos, and
my colleague’s phone number                                      I figured I would try look-    ment. As a result, a decision is not expected updates from within the Google family
at the bottom of his feature                                  ing under the business owner’s    for months.                                       of services, such as YouTube and Picasa.
story and called him. He re-                                  name. I called my colleague           Then, in April, a group of photogra-               Apparently, it helped share content
membered the business and                                     to ask, but he was out. In the    phers, artists, and illustrators filed a too well. Within a week after its launch,
the article but not the contact                               meantime, I fished the actual     separa
Description: For the first time in history, the US seems close to mandating public access to its federally funded research. Although the US government was temporarily derailed by matters such as universal healthcare, the Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPAA, HR. 5037) of 2010 is now before the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. David Shulenburger, VP for academic affairs at the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, told The Scientist that FRPAA's passage is inevitable. If they can make scientific information available, preferably with an embargo period, you can ensure that everyone has it for use without doing damage to scientific journals, he says. University presses and smaller publishers have already been affected by the economical woes of the world.
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