PubMatic Closes Funding Round by ProQuest


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June 2010

                                                     Pushing the Limits                                NewsBytes
                                                                                                       (continued from page 6)
                                                         And finally, there’s friendly but firm. Li-
                                                     brarians and other info pros love a vendor        documents and historical records in many
                                                     that loves them. It’s great to meet vendor        forms. The bill is intended to encourage
                                                     pals at conferences, to call user support         state and local governments to preserve
    (continued from page 7)                          desks and recognize the voices, to have a         these records for public access. Five other
                                                     sales rep on speed dial who knows every-          senators, one Republican and four Demo-
                                                     thing about a database or who can get to          crats, co-sponsored the bill.
    when it comes to the academic librarians         the person who does.                                 Source: U.S. Senate (
    deciding on licenses. An information serv-           But at the same time, perfect vendors
    ice only good on campus might still have         with all that vision, universal access, and                                                     from its rolls. Rosenthal had served as
    value to faculty patrons, but it wouldn’t        lofty goals would not let us get too com-         PubMatic Closes                               Ning’s COO until March, when he re-
                                                     fortable. They would keep reminding us,
                                                     even nagging us, to be all that we can be,
                                                                                                       Funding Round                                 placed outgoing CEO Gina Bianchini as
                                                                                                                                                     the head of the company.
                                                     to provide the broadest level of service to          PubMatic closed a Series C funding            Source: Ning (
                 We need vendors                     the broadest range of users, and to use           round worth $7.5 million. PubMatic raised
               who see ahead and                     their products expansively. They would            $18 million in total. This round, led by
                                                     encourage us to give them constant feed-          previous investor Helion Venture Part-        HP Faces Bribery Probe
                  adapt to future                    back for fixing, improving, and expand-           ners, included Draper Fisher Jurvetson           HP is under investigation in multiple
              prospects, including                   ing their services. They would recommend          and Nexus Venture Partners. The fund-         countries regarding a 2003 incident in
                                                     us and promote our value in their outreach        ing will be used to accelerate the adoption   which the company allegedly paid €8 mil-
                  the scary ones.                    to their own clients.                             of PubMatic’s new offerings, including a      lion (about $10.4 million U.S.) in bribes
                                                         Heck, they might even hire us to serv-        new ad auction and analytics capabilities.    to land a contract with the office of the
                                                     ice the specialized needs of their clients.          Source: PubMatic (        prosecutor general of the Russian Feder-
    make sense for the librarians to                 Of course, being perfect, they would never                             
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