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					                              Ponca City Country Club
                              October 2009 Newsletter
From the PCCC Board of Directors

Dear Ponca City Country Club Members,

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the financial picture of the Club. We ended the first
eight months of the year with a cash profit of $38,000. Compared to last year, this is an increase in net
income of $64,500. While this sounds great, we are still having problems with a declining membership. For
the first eight months of the year, dues were down $13,500, and total revenue was down $42,000. We are
doing a good job of controlling our costs in a declining market. One of the biggest cost savings that we have
implemented is not having a General Manager, and while this creates some challenges, thanks to the efforts
of the entire staff and to Don Lockwood, our Director of Operations, the Club is running smoothly.

Membership continues to be our biggest challenge, with resident membership down to 186. This is down 18
members from the first of the year and total membership is down 39 to 442. Even with our dues increase last
year, this is a monthly decrease of $4,000 in dues. With fewer members, our food and beverage sales are also

On the balance sheet, we have managed to save the money that we made this year and our cash position is up
$48,000 from last year at this time. To continue this trend we need to continue to look for ways to increase
our membership. We had a successful membership drive this summer and are continuing it into the fall. We
are always more successful in getting new members when they are recommended by a current member. So, if
you know of someone who you think might be interested in joining the club, contact a board member and we
will invite them to a meeting to discuss the advantages of belonging to the Ponca City Country Club.

PCCC Board of Directors
Clubhouse News
                         Once again we had another successful Cherokee Strip! Thank you to the members
                         for allowing us to host this 3-day event. Thank you to all who played or
                         volunteered at the tournament.

                         October is starting to fill up with parties, which is always a great thing. The Dining
                         Room will be closed on October 3rd and October 10th to accommodate functions.
                         We will be having a Prospective Member Reception on Thursday, October 8th.
                         Please bring your friends and co-workers out to the Club for a fun and informative
                         evening. We will be offering appetizers and beverages.

                        Mark Saturday, October 24th, on your calendar and call the office for tickets.
                        „The Golf Comic‟ will be upstairs in the Ballroom with appetizers starting at
7:00 p.m. The show begins at 8:15 p.m. Tickets are $37.50. Bring your friends for a night of fun and laughs.

BINGO will be the last Thursday of the month, October 29th, due to a private party.

We always look forward to seeing you on the weekends when our Cowboys or Sooners are playing out of
town. Come join us in the Lounge and watch the games with us (if they are televised!).

We also have a couple of golf tournaments this month. The Men‟s Fall Classic is Saturday, October 10th and
the St. Mary‟s School fundraiser tournament is Sunday, October 18th.

Julie Fulton
Clubhouse Manager       580-762-2436

      Come join us Wednesday, October 14th, for our
Authentic Bavarian Buffet with beer specials and a couple of
   German favorites. Below is a sample of what to expect.

    Kartoffel Pfannkuchen mit Sauerrahm und Apfelmus
     (Potato Pancakes, Apple Sauce & Sour Cream)

                Oberstdorfer Sauerbraten
(Marinated Beef Roasted in a Tangy Sweet & Sour Sauce)

                Jager Schnitzel mit Spatzle
  (Breaded Schnitzel is Topped with a Rich Mushroom &
                 Spatzle Dumpling Sauce)

     Wurste mit Krauter Kartoffesalat und Sauerkraut
     (Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Knackwurst, Nurnberger,
   Served with Warm Herbed Potato Salad and Kraut)

         Please call for reservations for this evening
              so that we can better serve you.
   “The Golf Comic” is coming to PCCC on Saturday, October 24th!
                                      We will have an Appetizer Buffet from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm and
                                      then T.P. Mulrooney will take the stage! The cost is only
                                      $37.50 per person. Please call the Club Office at 580-762-2436
                                      to RSVP.

                                      Go to www.golfcomic.com to sample some of
                                      TP‟s comedy!!!

                                        This is a show that
                                        you will not want
                                             to miss!!!

PCCC Fitness 1st

                    We are up and going in the Fitness 1st gym here at the Club. We are located on
                    the south side of the clubhouse, below the Dining Room.

                     We have:
                     Boot Camps
                     One-on-one Personal Training
                     Group Training
                     Cardio Equipment

Come by or call to schedule a time for a fitness consultation or just to look at what we have to offer!

Greg Armstrong       (580) 761-0752

Golf Course News
                             Our late summer, early fall weather has been great for course condition and
                             plant health. The golf course will be going into the dormant season very healthy,
                             which means we should go into spring green up in good shape.

                             We have completed our fall fertilization and pre-emergent herbicide applications
                             in preparation for winter hardiness and winter weed control. With the onset of
                             cooler temperatures, we are able to reduce greens irrigation and resume our
                             verti-cutting program. This is going to give us a little firmer putting surface.

                             Over the last couple of years we have been working on our fairway design to
                             enhance the golf challenge of our course. We think we have achieved this, but
                             feel we may have tightened a few fairways too much. So, before spring green up
                             next year, we plan to widen a few key fairway areas.

                            The golf course staff is currently working on improving bunker drainage, pine
                            tree removal and several erosion and drainage issues.

It will soon be frost time. This may require delayed start times, so please check in with the Golf Shop before
you begin play.

 Doyle Brookshire
Golf Course Superintendent

                             From The Golf Shop
                             The Cherokee Strip is over and was a big success. I would personally like to
                             thank Chuck Greenwood, Natalie Fraser & Winston Lindsay for the time and
                             effort they put in to making it the success it was. For those of you that missed
                             the fun, there were many changes this year and I would suggest that in the
                             future, you put it on your schedule to play.

                             We are getting into “quiet time” on the golf course, but here are a few events
                             coming up.

                             October 4        Lew Wentz Interclub
                             October 10       MGA Fall Classic (extreme golf)
                             October 18       St. Mary‟s Golf Tournament
                             October 23       Jesters Tournament
                             October 24       The Golf Comic at PCCC

A reminder that unless your Golf Shop credit was won in the Cherokee Strip tourney this year, you have until
January 31st to use it.

Also, Doyle has the golf course in perfect shape. I hope that you make time to come out and play.

Bruce Maddux
Head Golf Professional bmadduxpccc@cableone.net 580-762-4413
                               A Visit With Michaela Cavener
                            PCCC‟s own Michaela Cavener just finished her first year of competition on the
                            Ladies Duramed Futures Professional Golf Tour. She is one of only 3 ladies from
                            Ponca City that have played professional golf. The others are Patty McGraw-
                            Coatney and the late Teresa Weinshilboum. We visited with Michaela recently
                            about her first year on tour.

                            Overall, how did you play on the Duramed Tour this year?

                            "This year was all about learning. I thought it was a decent rookie year, but I
                            know for a fact that I can do better. I don't feel like I played my best golf this
                            summer and missed more cuts than I should have. I'm confident next year will be
better. I ended the season at 65th on the money list, earning $7,782, which allows me to retain my card on the
Duramed Futures Tour for next year. I made the cut in 10 of the 16 events that I played in, with an average
srore of 73.71. My best finish was 15th at the ING New England Classic in Bloomfield, Connecticut with
scores of 68-69-72. I also had an 18th place in San Antonio and a 21st place finish in Concord, New
Hampshire. Not a bad start to my career, but I'm definitely not satisfied."

What was it like to travel to a different city and meet new people every single week?

"The traveling definitely took some getting used to. I played in 13 different states from March through
September. It takes balance to walk the line between practicing too much and not enough. You definitely
have to pay attention and not wear yourself out too much before the tournament starts because you have the
opportunity to play 3 practice rounds. I did enjoy seeing all the different places, and since I drove to every
event I got to see A LOT of the country. I stayed with host families at every event and, for the most part, they
were absolutely wonderful. Some had kids, some had dogs and some were retired. I never knew what to
expect upon arriving, but I got to meet some great families along the way."

What are your plans for the off-season?

"I am heading to LPGA qualifying the last week of September and after that I will return home for 3 days.
 The 3 days are only to pack my car to drive to Phoenix where I will be spending almost the entire winter. I
have a great family that lets me stay with them in Phoenix and there is a mini-tour called the Cactus tour that
I will be playing in order to stay in the competitive zone. I spent two months in Phoenix last winter and really
enjoyed it so I'm going to make it my winter home."

When does the tour start again?

"The Duramed Tour starts again in March of 2010, but I'm hoping that LPGA qualifying goes well and I'll be
on the LPGA tour instead!!"

What are the most important things that you learned while out on tour this year?

"I definitely learned a great deal about my golf game and what I need to work on and improve over the
winter to be able to win on tour. I plan to spend a lot of time working on the consistency of my iron play . . .
I need to hit more greens is what it boils down to. I also learned that I need to have a little fun along the way.
 I traveled with another girl all year and we didn't do anything but play golf. Next year we have decided to
find something fun in each city to take our mind off golf for a day. I met some really great girls out on tour
and have made quite a few friends. I'm excited for next year."
Below is a great story that was featured in the Oklahoma State University Posse magazine
recently about PCCC’s own Richard Welborn.

Also, to read an interview that your PCCC webmaster did with OSU Men’s Golf Coach Mike
McGraw back in 2006, click on

                                     “MR. CONSISTENT”

The 37th Annual Cowboy Pro-Am golf tournament is scheduled for Friday, October 30th. You can
         bet Richard Welborn has the date circled on his calendar. He's been to them all.

The POSSE member from Ponca City plans to play in his 37th Pro-Am this fall.The modest
Welborn doesn't think it's a big deal, but ask anyone associated with the OSU golf program and
they'll tell you Richard is a priceless patron.

"Richard is just a great guy," says Athletic Director Mike Holder, who as head coach launched the
inaugural Cowboy Pro-Am in 1973. "It's a tribute to him and his loyalty that he's made every Pro-

"He's always been there," echoes current Head Coach Mike McGraw. "He's been steady for 37
years and his giving level has gone up ever since.” Interestingly enough, there are two people now
who have played in every Pro-Am; they are T. Boone Pickens and Richard Welborn. At age 75,
don't call him retired. As the owner of Welborn Electric since 1962, he still works as an electrical
contractor and, as the boss, he makes time to hit the links from time to time.

"Richard's a really active guy," McGraw says. "He's actually a pretty good golfer. I played with him
a couple years ago." McGraw says Welborn has a special place in his heart for the golf program.
“Richard is probably the most low-key donor we have. He doesn't want any limelight, He's always
made a difference in our program, and he's given in more than just monetary contributions. He calls
every once in a while and asks about the team. He's not just involved in the financial aspect of it,
but he cares about the team a lot. He's gone from being just a participant in the Pro-Am to a
sponsor, and he's done some very significant things above and beyond for the program in the last
ten years,"

Welborn and McGraw, a fellow Ponca native, have an interesting connection. "Richard was a
member of the Ponca City Country Club in 1973 when he played in that first Pro-Am," McGraw
recalls. "My dad (Gervis) was the Golf Professional at PCCC and I did everything for my dad out
there; picking up range balls, washing carts, loading clubs on the carts, and cleaning clubs. I was 13
at the time and remember cleaning Richard's clubs every time he played. He had a set of 1969 Ben
Hogan Bounce Sole irons. I'll never forget 'em. I can still see 'em!"

Welborn shakes his head at McGraw's photographic recall."The guy's got a memory like you
wouldn't believe," he says, smiling. "I was an OSU fan, and I knew he was a huge OSU fan as

McGraw adds, "I gravitated toward all those PCCC members who loved OSU - Taylor Lain, Bill
Eichor, Ward Nelson, Richard Welborn - they all had an OSU head cover or some sort of OSU

McGraw also remembers the first time he heard of the Pro-Am. "I didn't know about the tournament
beforehand, but Richard and all those guys came back from Stillwater with a Cowboy Pro-Am bag
tag. I remember asking Richard about it. He said, “Oh, we raised money for the OSU golf
program.” That's the connection Richard and I have, which is kind of unique.”

In the three decades since, McGraw has maintained his connection to Welborn, as well as the OSU
program. McGraw joined the Cowboy staff in 1997 and was promoted to head coach of the men‟s
golf team in 2005. "I always kept in touch with Mike Holder through the years and kept in touch
with Richard off and on. Here it is 37 years later and I'm the men‟s golf coach and Richard's still
involved with the program . . . It's a pretty neat story. It shows you how a person‟s relationship to
the program is built throughout the years!”

             “Richard Welborn can’t
             beat Bob Tway or Scott
             Verplank, but he is still a
               pretty good golfer!”
                              St. Mary’s School Benefit
                                  Golf Tournament
                              Sunday, October 18th, 2009
                    12:00 noon ~ Lunch • 1:00 P.M. ~ Shotgun Start
                            at the Ponca City Country Club
            4 Person Shamble ~ Make your own team or be paired by the committee
                 Count the 2 low net balls on each hole using 85% of handicap

                        Entry fee: $100.00 Per Person / $400.00 per team.
                          Entry fee includes green fees, cart and lunch
                           Mulligans will be available for $5.00 each

                   First, Second and Third Place teams will receives prizes!
                      Individual Closest to the Pin prizes on all on Par 3’s
                    Registration deadline: October 16th, 2008 at 5:00 PM
              Mail Entries To: Bill Schutte                  Phone: 580-763 4846
                                2908 Canterbury
                                Ponca City, Okla. 74604
Entry fees can be paid the day of the tournament, but we need your completed entry form as
soon as possible and no later than October 16th.

Player 1       Name_______________________________________
               Handicap______________Index/or Avg. Score_______

Player 2       Name_______________________________________
               Handicap______________Index/or Avg. Score_______

Player 3       Name_______________________________________
               Handicap_______________Index/or Avg. Score______

Player 4       Name________________________________________
               Handicap_______________Index/or Avg. Score ______

Amount enclosed:__________ Please make checks payable to: St. Mary’s School
            Club Contacts

Stuart Powell – Board President
580-761-1681 (cell)

Don Lockwood – Director of Operations

Julie Fulton – Clubhouse Manager

Chris Stettnisch – Chef

Maureen Coates - Office Manager

Julie Arnswald - Administrative Assistant

Karen Thompson - Beverage Manager

Andrew Rolph - Tennis Professional

Bruce Maddux – Head Golf Professional

Doyle Brookshire –
Golf Course Superintendent

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