Natural Gas Vehicles 2009

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Natural Gas Vehicles 2009

Description:    Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas: Cars, Light Trucks, and Medium/Heavy Duty

                Natural Gas Vehicle technology is widely available and has been available for purchase in most
                regions of the world for decades. Governments, fleet managers, and private consumers are
                recognizing the environmental benefits of lower emissions from NGVs. However, lack of refueling
                infrastructure has caused NGV demand to stagnate in many countries. In regions where NGVs have
                strong market performance, adoption is largely due to a combination of inexpensive natural gas, a
                large number of existing refueling stations, and government subsidies of vehicles, fuel, and

                Our assessment of the NGV market points to strong growth in regions where the infrastructure is
                already supported, which include parts of Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Pike
                Research anticipates growing acceptance of NGVs as governments approve climate change treaties
                and energy security legislation. These factors will contribute to NGV sales growth of 5.5% annually
                by 2015, though some regions will see growth stunted by greater political support for other
                transportation alternatives such as electric vehicles, clean diesels, and biofuels.

                This research report provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges to NGV light-duty
                cars, trucks, and medium/heavy duty trucks. The report includes a comprehensive assessment of
                compressed and liquefied natural gas (CNG/LNG) vehicle technologies, including tanks and engine
                modifications. It also examines key drivers of market growth by fleet customers as well as private
                consumers. Detailed forecasts are provided for the global vehicle market, global NGV fleet and
                private consumer sales, NGV refueling stations, and NGV sales by vehicle segments. Key market
                players are also profiled.

                Key questions addressed:

                -   What vehicle segments are available as NGVs?
                -   What is the outlook for NGV growth within vehicle segments?
                -   What are the key storage tank and engine technologies used in NGVs?
                -   How many NGV refueling stations are there?
                -   How big are NGV markets and how large are these markets expected to grow?
                -   What are the key drivers of growth in the NGV market?
                -   Who are the key industry players in the NGV market?

                Who needs this report?

                -   OEM Vehicle Marketing Managers
                -   NGV Conversion/Upfitter Companies
                -   Vehicle Component Suppliers
                -   Storage Tank Manufacturers
                -   Natural Gas Mining Companies
                -   Natural Gas Utilities
                -   Natural Gas Pipeline and/or Shipping Companies
                -   Biogas (Landfill Gas) Producers
                -   Government Environmental Agencies
                -   Government Transportation Agencies
                -   Environmental Transportation Advocacy Groups
                -   Vehicle Trade Associations
                -   Investor Community

Contents:       1. Executive Summary
2. Market Issues

2.1 History

2.2 Light Vehicles

2.3 Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks/Buses

2.4 Refilling Infrastructure Availability

2.5 Regional Markets

2.5.1 United States/Canada Consumer Market

2.5.2 North American Fleet Market

2.5.3 Latin American Market

2.5.4 European Market

2.5.5 Africa/Middle East Market

2.5.6 Asia Pacific Market

2.6 Current Market Opportunities and Barriers

2.6.1 Private Ownership

2.6.2 Conversion versus Original Equipment NGVs

2.6.3 Cost/Benefit Analysis Fuel Costs Performance versus Diesel/Gasoline Engines

2.7 Competing Technologies

2.7.1 Other Alternative Fuels

2.7.2 Hydrogen

2.7.3 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies

2.7.4 Fuel Cell Advancements

2.8 CNG/LNG Handling Training Issues

3. Technology Issues

3.1 Chemical Characteristics of Natural Gas

3.1.1 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

3.1.2 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

3.1.3 Biogas

3.2 NGV Engines

3.2.1 Dedicated Mono-Fuel Engines

3.2.2 Bi-Fuel Engines
3.2.3 Dual-Fuel Engines

3.3 Refueling Technology

3.3.1 CNG Refueling

3.3.2 LNG Refueling

3.4 Mining Natural Gas

3.4.1 Transportation of Fuel

3.5 Safety Issues

3.5.1 On-Vehicle Storage Tanks

4. Demand Drivers

4.1 Market-Based Demand

4.1.1 Greening of Corporate Fleets

4.1.2 Relationship between Alternative Fuel Demand and Gas/Diesel Prices

4.1.3 Global Warming and Peak Oil Awareness

4.1.4 T. Boone Pickens’ Impact on the NGV Market

4.2 Government Emissions Regulations

4.2.1 United States CAFE Standards EPA Regulations

4.2.2 Canada

4.2.3 Latin America

4.2.4 Europe

4.2.5 China

4.2.6 India

4.2.7 Japan

4.3 Government Incentives

4.3.1 United States

4.3.2 Canada

4.3.3 Europe

4.3.4 Japan

4.3.5 China

4.3.6 Other Regulatory Incentives
5. Key Industry Players

5.1 Original Equipment Manufacturers

5.1.1 Fiat

5.1.2 Ford Motor Co.

5.1.3 General Motors

5.1.4 Honda

5.1.5 Hyundai Motor Co.

5.1.6 Renault

5.1.7 Toyota Motor Corp.

5.1.8 Volkswagen

5.2 Heavy-Duty Trucks/Buses

5.2.1 Capacity of Texas, Inc.

5.2.2 Cummins Westport Inc. (Joint Venture)

5.2.3 Emissions Solutions Inc.

5.2.4 Foton

5.2.5 Freightliner

5.2.6 Iveco

5.2.7 Navistar/International Truck and Engine Corp.

5.2.8 Volvo

5.2.9 Westport

5.3 Key Suppliers/NGV Converters

5.3.1 Advanced Fuels Technologies, Pty Ltd.

5.3.2 Altech-Eco Corp.

5.3.3 BAF Technologies

5.3.4 Baytech Corp.

5.3.5 The Bosch Group

5.3.6 Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

5.3.7 FAB Industries

5.3.8 Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.

5.3.9 Juniper Engines, Inc.

5.3.10 Kraus Global

5.3.11 Magneti Marelli
5.3.12 OMBL SpA

5.3.13 Prins Autogassystemen BV

6. Market Forecasts

6.1 Global Vehicle Sales Forecast: 2006-2015

6.1.1 North America

6.1.2 Latin America

6.1.3 Europe

6.1.4 Asia Pacific

6.1.5 Africa/Middle East

6.2 Global Natural Gas Vehicles Forecast: 2008-2015

6.2.1 North America

6.2.2 Latin America

6.2.3 Europe

6.2.4 Asia Pacific

6.2.5 Africa/Middle East

6.3 NGV Refueling Station Forecast

6.4 Fleet versus Private Owner NGV Sales Forecast, North America

6.5 NGV Sales by Vehicle Segment, North America

6.6 Summary and Conclusions

7. Company Directory

8. Acronym and Abbreviation List

9. Table of Contents

10. Table of Charts and Figures

11. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

List of Charts and Figures

-   Total NGV Sales (Including Conversions), World Markets: 2008-2015
-   NGV Refueling Stations, World Markets: 2008-2015
-   Total Vehicle Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
-   Total Vehicle Sales, North America: 2007-2015
-   Total Vehicle Sales, Latin America: 2007-2015
-   Total Vehicle Sales, Europe: 2007-2015
-   Total Vehicle Sales, Asia Pacific: 2007-2015
-   Total Vehicle Sales, Africa/Middle East: 2007-2015
-   NGV Sales (Including Conversions), World Markets: 2008-2015
-   NGV Sales (Including Conversions), North America: 2008-2015
-   NGV Sales (Including Conversions), Latin America: 2008-2015
-   NGV Sales (Including Conversions), Europe: 2008-2015
            -   NGV Sales (Including Conversions), Asia Pacific: 2008-2015
            -   NGV Sales (Including Conversions), Africa/Middle East: 2008-2015
            -   NGV Refueling Station Forecast, World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   NGV Sales Fleet versus Private Owner, North America: 2008-2015
            -   NGV Sales by Segment, North America: 2015
            -   Bi-Fuel Vehicle Diagram
            -   Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity, United States
            -   Natural Gas Pipelines, Europe and Middle East
            -   Peak Oil Curve, World Oil Production and Various Forecasts: 1940-2050
            -   NGV Stations by State, United States: 2009
            -   Natural Gas Refueling Stations by Province, Canada: 2009
            -   Natural Gas Conversion Cost Recovery for Heavy-Duty Truck Example
            -   Cost of Natural Gas Compared to Other Fuels
            -   Properties of Natural Gas Compared to Other Fuels
            -   Demand Drivers for NGV Market

            List of Tables

            -   Annual Growth in Total Vehicle Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
            -   Total Vehicle Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
            -   Annual Growth Rate of Fleet Sales by Region, World Markets: 2007-2015
            -   Total Fleet Sales by Region, World Markets: 2007-2015
            -   Annual Growth in NGV Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
            -   Total NGV Sales (Including Conversions), World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Annual Growth in Private NGV Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
            -   Private NGV Sales (Including Conversions), World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Annual Growth in Fleet NGV Sales, World Markets: 2007-2015
            -   Fleet NGV Sales (Including Conversions), World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Annual Growth in NGVs, World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Total NGVs, World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Annual Growth in NG Refilling Stations, World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Natural Gas Refilling Stations, World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Annual Growth in NGVs, World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   NGVs by Vehicle Segment, World Markets: 2008-2015
            -   Bus Fleet by State, United States: 2008
            -   Bus Fleets by Region, United States: 2008-2015
            -   Top 30 Natural Gas Fleets, United States: 2008
            -   Top 30 Fleets, United States: 2008

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