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									                              CURRICULUM VITAE
Mahesh Yadav
Add:-1625 e/1 near dhansa stand,
Najafgarh, New Delhi-110043
Mobile: 011-25013166

Career Objective:-
       I wish to embark upon a career that gives me opportunities to learn and grow in
        an organization. I believe nothing is impossible for a person who has defined
        goals and objectives to achieve those goals.

Educational Qualification:-
       10th Passed from N.I.O.S.

Professional Qualification:-
       Six month Basic Computer Course
       Six month Computer hardware course

Work Experience:-
       Three years experience as owner of Cyber Café.

       Sincerity , Honesty & Hard Working

       Playing Game

Personal Profile:-
Father’s Name                         :   Sh. Sant Ram Yadav
Date of Birth                        :    30 Nov. 1989
Gender                               :     Male
Nationality                           :   Indian
Marital Status                        :   Unmarried
Languages Known
                                      :   Hindi & English

Place : …………….
Date : …………….
                                                                (MAHESH YADAV)

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