PL-2535 Hi-Speed USB Multi-Card Reader and Flash Disk Controller by Levone


									                                                                                                 PL-2535 Product Brochure
                                                                                                            V0.9 12/22/03

 Hi-Speed USB Multi-Card Reader and Flash Disk

 The PL-2535 is a highly integrated Hi-Speed USB controller IC for multi-card reader and flash disk. It
 provides high speed transmission to various memory card interfaces, such as Memory Stick PRO/Memory
 Stick (MS PRO/MS), Secure Digital (SD), Multi Media Card (MMC), CompactFlash (CF), MicroDrive,
 SmartMedia (SM), xD-Picture Card (xD) and so on. It also allows interface with NAND flash memory as its
 backup storage media. The PL-2535 complies with Universal Serial Bus specification rev. 2.0 and the
 specified memory card interface specification respectively.

 The PL-2535 can be used as a removable storage disk whenever users need to store data in the various
 consumer electronic devices and exchange data between these devices and PCs. To take advantage of Plug
 and Play, the chip is implemented according to the USB mass storage class. Since the default driver is
 embedded within most of the current OS, no extra driver is needed for Linux, Mac OS 10.X, Windows
 ME/2000/XP and above.

 FEATURES                                                      BLOCK DIAGRAM
•    Full compliance with Universal Serial Bus Specification
                                                                 12 M       3.3V    2.5V                   USB
     v2.0                                                       Crystal    Power   Output                  Host
•    Support various memory card standards: Memory Stick
     PRO (MS PRO), Memory Stick (MS), Secure Digital (SD),
     Multi Media Card(MMC), CompactFlash (CF), MicroDrive,       Phase       3.3V–2.5V              USB 2.0 PHY
     SmartMedia (SM), and xD-Picture Card (xD)                 Lock Loop    Regulator
•    Capable of interfacing with NAND type flash memory                                         USB parallel interface
•    Support concurrent operation of following memory cards            Power
                                                                     Management                    USB Controller
     with 5 card drives: MS/MS-PRO card drive; SD/MMC card
     drive; CF/MicroDrive card drive; SM/ xD-Picture card
     drive; Built-in NAND Flash drive (can be replaced for                   USB Protocol Processor
     separate xD-Picture card drive use)
•    On chip USB2.0 PHY
•    On chip 3.3V-2.5V regulator for internal circuit                       Card Control                    Flash Ctrl
•    Mass Storage class compatible, no driver needed for
     Linux, MAC OS 10.X, Windows ME, 2000, XP or above
     (Windows 98 & Mac OS 9.x requires additional driver         MS /       SD /         CF /       SM /      NAND
     installation)                                             MS PRO      MMC       uDrive          xD           Flash
•    Support external Serial EEPROM to customize
     vender/product related information
•    Advanced power management mechanism.
•    Package type: LQFP128pin

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