COMPLAINT I by robyniscrazy


									                                      COMPLAINT I

       Perjury, False Reporting, Implicating Another, Official Misconduct and related
       Departmental violations.

        On or about February 11, 1999 I was arrested and transported to the Burlington Township
Police Department for processing for an alleged violation of a restraining order. Sgt. W. Maver
was the arresting/processing officer for your department and as such, responsible for accurately
completing all necessary paperwork, such as the arrest report. It is apparent that he did so and he
correctly reflected a conversation between he and I regarding the purported e-mail violation of
the restraining order. The explanation should have caused the complaint to be withdrawn. My
acquittal on this complaint confirmed this and has placed Sgt. Maver culpable for false arrest as
he has already been notified. Setting that issue aside, I am satisfied with the accuracy of this
report. See Sgt. Maver's arrest report marked as Exhibit 1.

        However, upon being interviewed by County Detective Debra Leitenberger on February
19, 1999, Sgt. Maver contradicted his official police report and clearly provides a false statement
by attributing incriminating and inflammatory statements. While Sgt. Maver reiterates in essence
his police report concerning the e-mail, he elected to falsely embellish that I admitted to the
violation and that I made a mistake, and that "I hoped the Judge would see the humor in it." See
Exhibit 2. I never made such a statement. This was apparently fabricated to assist Det.
        Why was such an incriminating admission not recorded in the arrest report? It is
incredulous to believe that what is basically an admission, or proof of criminal intent was not
included in the arrest report. Why is there no rational explanation for its appearance at this
interview? Why was this statement and not the original arrest report statement used by County
Detective Leitenberger in her false search warrant affidavit? See Exhibit 3; excerpt of search
warrant application.

       It is not material which statement was false, although it is obvious that the arrest report
accurately reflects the truthful version, rather all that is needed to sustain a criminal charge for
NJSA 2C:28-2 False Swearing is that one or the other was, which in part states:

               "In such case it shall not be necessary for the prosecution to prove which
               statement was false but only that one or the other was false and not believed by
               the defendant to be true."


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