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(1) Date of Program: 5/31-6/2/06 & 8/24/06
(2) Time of Program: 5AM-9AM
(3) Network: KABC
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    of the station on which you viewed/heart the material: 790AM
(5) City and State Where Program Was Viewed/Heard: Los Angeles, CA
(6) Name of Program or DJ/Personality/Song/Film: Doug McIntyre

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Since May 31, 2006 KABC AM 790 Radio Host Doug McIntyre has attacked the Mexican Indigenous community of Los Angeles,
Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School and its community specifically, and Marcos Aguilar, one of the charter school's
founders personally with hate motivated and inciting speech on the public airwaves. McIntyre began his tirade on May 31st, continued
on June 1 - June 9, picking up again on July 15, August 30 and most recently, September 13th and 14th 2006.
A significant portion of each broadcast was dedicated to disparaging ASDP and its principle, Marcos Aguilar (“Aguilar”).
Specifically, the below statements have been identified as not only misleading or inaccurate, but also as grossly slanderous:
1. McIntyre during his show of May 31, 2006, stated that ASDP was composed of a student body that is “0.00 % White, 0.00% Black,
0.00% Asian” and also stated that the “ethnic composition is 91.3% Hispanic and the rest is considered to be American Indian/Alaskan
Native.” This statement was made in support of McIntyre’s assertion that ASDP is a racist and separatist institution. In fact, ASDP’s
student body was comprised of 88.0% Hispanic/Latino, 3.0% African American, 4.0% American Indian or Alaskan Native, 0.3%
Asian American, 4.0% White, and 1.0% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

2. McIntyre made numerous statements charging the school with being racist and separatist. On June 1, 2006 McIntyre stated, “it’s
[ASDP] a school that rejects Martin Luther King’s vision. It’s a school that rejects Brown v. Board of Education. This is very
dangerous.” As he commented on June 2, 2006, “It’s [ASDP] exclusionary, it’s separatist, it’s openly segregationist.” ASDP prides
itself on its nondiscriminatory admissions and employment practices. The student body at the school reflects the school-aged
population in the neighborhoods surrounding the school and in other public schools in the area. ASDP has never received a complaint
for discrimination and it is against its charter to do so. As ASDP’s charter expressly states: “Academia Semillas del Pueblo will not
discriminate against any student on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender or disability.”

3. On June 1, 2006, McIntyre stated that the “school in addition to using all of the language of communism, the collectivist learning
experience. . .” Further, he referred to ASDP as the “Reconquista School,” insinuating that it espouses a seditious and subversive
agenda against the United States government. These statements are false and connote acts that are criminal in nature. ASDP provides
instruction that is aligned with state standards at all grade levels.

4. On June 2, 2006 a listener called McIntyre’s show and said that the school is the California equivalent of a Madrassa, a school that
has been identified as incubators of violent extremism and Islamic terrorism. McIntyre then went on to say that ASDP “teaches
children from a very young age to be anti-western and anti-American.” McIntyre also directly said, “You are exactly right, this is a
Madrassa.” Moreover, McIntyre charged the school with having a secret agenda and that it is training students to take over the
southwestern United States.

5. McIntyre accused Aguilar of “sending someone to attack a reporter (Sandy Wells)” and stated that Aguilar told Wells to “watch his
back.” Moreover, McIntyre made various comments claiming that what the staff at ASDP was doing was tantamount to “child
abuse.” All three of the aforementioned statements place Aguilar in a false light as they essentially accuse Aguilar of criminal
behavior and impute dishonesty and lack of ethics to him, thereby injuring his professional reputation.
6. McIntyre stated that that there was a connection “between the virulently anti-Semitic and racist website Aztlan.net, which is
dedicated to the reconquista cause . . . and ASDP.” ASDP has no connection or affiliation with Aztlan.net and does not adhere to any
anti-Semitic views.
7. On August 30, 2006, McIntyre again disparaged our community by alleging that if our Aztec ancestors ate human flesh as alleged
by some archeologists, that I might also, and that children at our school lived in fear of being eaten. This speech is not only
disrespectful to our ancestors but is also dehumanizing, tied to McIntyre's earlier speech calling our school a Madrassa, or terrorist
training camp advances the incitement to violence against our school we are now experiencing.

By June 2, 2006, the lives of over three hundred children, staff, administration, faculty and the surrounding community of Academia
was threatened with a bomb threat laden with racial expletives against the Mexican community.

The students, staff and parents of Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School have been officially designated with Victims of a
Hate Crime status by federal authorities as a result of a bomb threat which is currently under investigation as a federal hate crime.

McIntyre has not relented in attacking our school or my person and continues to egg on individuals who stalk our school.

Recordings can be provided. While we attempted to file a complaint before, FCC staff informed the school’s staff that nothing could
be done about the hate speech. However, on August 31, 2006, several parents, teachers, school founders attended and a Public Hearing
with FCC Commissioners at which we presented our testimony against Disney/KABC/McIntyre and have since undertaken the effort
to apply the laws governing our public airwaves to bear.

McIntyre, with the backing of Disney/KABC management has become at least a public nuisance; at worst one of the most dangerous
men to the Mexican community in Los Angeles. McIntyre's hate speech must be stopped.

                             support@dignidad.org or call (323) 860-6525

                                                                Xie Xie
                                                              Thank You

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