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This was an interesting year Retina Network Security


									» GROUP TEST l Vulnerability assessment
There have been few changes on the vulnerability assessment landscape, but the
field is maturing, converging and gaining depth rapidly, says Peter Stephenson.

      his was an interesting year          The primary difference, strategi-      proper network security assess-
      for our vulnerability assess-      cally, is that network vulnerability     ment, one begins with the large
      ment Group Test. Last year,        assessment tools are converging          view and progresses toward the
we separated application vulner-         with penetration testing tools to        specific. Two years ago, there were
ability assessment from network          provide both capabilities in the         no solid combination tools. Last
vulnerability assessment. This year,     same tool. This is very important        year, we had a couple that got
we grouped them together. This           in my view because, properly used,       pretty close. This year, we had
revealed a few interesting               penetration testing is an extension      solid entries that are really single
differences.                             of vulnerability assessment. In a        security assessment tools.

                                           This product is a quick and sim-       numerous screen shots and step-by-       An excellent
                                         ple install. The installation applica-   step instructions.
                                         tion itself is a small executable that     The company provides three
                                         launches a short setup wizard. After     levels of support options, all with      scanner at a good
                                         the setup is complete, management        varying support coverage. Standard       price. This one
                                         and scanning is done through the         support is included with the pur-
                                         Retina application. The interface of
                                                                                                                           gets our Best Buy.
                                                                                  chase of Retina and provides eight
                                         the application has the feel of Win-     hours a day/five days a week phone
                                         dows Explorer so it is comfortable       and email technical support, as well     Peter Stephenson
                                         and easy to navigate. Setting up         as access to the web knowledge
                                         and configuring scans is also simple      base and customer download portal.
Vendor eEye Digital Security             and intuitive. This product is also        At a price starting at $575 for 32
Price   $575 for 32 IPs                  available as an appliance with the       IPs, this product is a great value for
Contact                     application already installed.           the money for almost any size envi-
                                           Retina provides multiplatform          ronment. It provides a lot of great

        etina Network Security           network discovery and scalable           functionality that is easy to use and
        Scanner provides multi-          vulnerability assessment for any         manage, all at a reasonable price.
        platform vulnerability           size network environment. This
management. Retina identifies             product can discover network
known and zero-day vulnerabilities       assets, scan them for vulnerabilities,    SC MAGAZINE RATING
                 and provides secu-      give remediation information and          Features                  ★★★★★
                 rity risk assessment,   provide a solid set of reports, along     Ease of use               ★★★★★
                 enabling secu-          with regulatory compliance stan-          Performance               ★★★★★
                 rity best practices,                                              Documentation             ★★★★★
                                         dards, such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA
                                                                                   Support                   ★★★★★
                 policy enforcement      and PCI. This distributed system
                                                                                   Value for money           ★★★★★
and compliance with regulatory           can also be controlled with REM,
                                                                                   OVERALL RATING ★★★★★
audits. This product analyzes spe-       eEye’s central management console,
                                                                                   Strengths Solid feature set with
cific pieces of the operating system,     to form complete threat manage-
                                                                                   easy-to-use scanning controls.
applications and policies. The tool      ment coverage.                            Weaknesses None that we found.
targets high-risk host components          Documentation is provided in            Verdict An excellent vulnerability
and how a cybercriminal could            the form of two PDF manuals:              scanner at a good price. This one
                                                                                   gets our Best Buy.
potentially leverage them for mali-      an installation guide and a user
cious activity.                          guide. Both of these guides contain


SC • May 2009 •                                                                                       Copyright Haymarket Media, Inc.

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