Testing SOA Applications

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					Testing SOA Applications

This course gives an overview of SOA testing and it’s importance. The participants will
gain an understanding of common testing scenarios and best practices. The various types
of software errors (bugs) that can surface are highlighted. The participants will also get
information on the various types of testing.

SOA testing and it’s different stages are described in detail. Some popular SOA testing
tools and their features are also presented.

   o   Testing Fundamentals
   o   Test plan and test case design
   o   SOA testing
   o   SOA testing tools

What you will learn
       After completing this course, the student should be able to:
          o Describe a traditional testing methodology.
          o Describe the fundamentals of SOA testing
          o Differentiate between what you can or cannot test.
          o State the different types of testing and give definitions
          o List various types of software errors (bugs).
          o Describe various types of error reports.
          o Identify and use best practices in identifying and reporting bugs.
          o Describe how to capture system requirements.
          o Identify testing priorities.
          o Characterize the impact to users on a scale of severity.
          o Create a test plan.
          o Describe the various testing stages.
          o Explain the various levels of testing.
          o Describe the importance of stress testing SOA based applications.
          o Identify reasons for investing in web services monitoring tools.
          o Extend test scenarios to incorporate web services functionality.
          o State the case for the need of SOA testing tools and describe how such
              tools work.
          o List the features of popular SOA tools in the marketplace.
          o Describe how SOA test tools work after viewing
              a testing example run through one such tool.
Audience: J2EE developers, architects and project leaders who will like to learn about
the various low level languages and components of web services.

Pre-requisites: Understanding of SOA concepts.

Duration: 1 day

WA1395 Testing SOA Applications - Outline

1. Testing Fundamentals – Part I
        What is involved in Testing?
        Basic Tests
        Typical Initial Tests
        The Next Cycle Of Functional Testing: (Assuming The Previous Tests
        Get answers from the development group
        Some best practices
        Realistic Goals
        Testing During Coding
        Testing after integration
        Performance Testing
        Regression Test
        A typical Testing Approach
        Typical FVT and SVT tests

2. Testing Fundamentals – Part II
        Where We Are
        What is a Bug?
        Common Types of Bugs
        Sample Bug Report - Simple
        Sample Bug Report - Complex
        Best practices in bug reporting
        Characteristics of a Good Problem Report
        Typical States a Bug Goes Through
        The Goals
        Best Practices

3. Test Plan and Test Case Design
        Requirements of a System
        The Use Case Document
      Supplementary Specifications
      Knowing the Testing Priority
      The Severity Scale
      The Priority Scale
      The Likelihood Scale
      Priority of Coverage
      An example
      The Test Plan
      Sections of the IEEE Test Plan Template
      Typical Test Team Activities
      Beware of Test Escapes

4. SOA Testing
      Where We Are
      What’s new in SOA testing
      SOA: Functional Testing for Services
      SOA Testing
      Testing – Stages
      Functional Testing
      Types of Testing
      Stress Testing
      Stress testing tools
      Designing stress test systems
      Designing Stress Test Systems
      Security testing

5. SOA Testing Tools
      Purpose of Testing Tools
      What’s New in SOA Testing
      SOA Test Tools
      Empirix Inc: e-Test Suite
      e-Test Manager Enterprise
      Parasoft – SOA Test
      Optimyz - WebServiceTester
      Mindreef - SOAPScope
      SOAPScope – Comparing WSDL Files