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					                   Welcome to     Lesson 1 - Silva UltraMind Online Course

                                 Living Your Alpha Life

    What's Your True Potential?

    Welcome to the first chapter of our nine-part multimedia e-book on understanding and
    using the power of your mind to create a better, happier, more fulfilling life.

    Let's begin with a question.

    Imagine how you would feel if you had it all...

•    the business fulfillment,
•    the loving relationships,
•    vibrant health,
•    creative expression,
•    abundant friendships,
•    a skyrocketing career.

    Wouldn't that be wonderful?

    Look at your life - do you have what you really, really want?

    Or are you settling - have you given up on creating the ideal life you once dreamed of?

    Nobody has to live a life that is ordinary - yet most people do.

    By doing so they miss out on their true potential.

    The Silva UltraMind System is about discovering your purpose in life and using your creative
    energies to fulfill this purpose. A life built around a greater purpose is a life that is truly
    fulfilling and exciting.

    A Road Map to Success

    Different people have different definitions of success.

    For you, success could be:

•    starting a profitable business
•    starting a loving family
•    writing a book
•    owning a beautiful 3-bedroom home in the country
•    running a marathon
•    spending 2 years abroad with the Peace Corps
•    earning your first one million dollars
•    recovering from a life-threatening illness

    No matter what your definition is, it's important to dream big and set a goal of what you're
    seeking to accomplish.

    Once you know what you want, the next step is to manifest it into your life.

    This is what this training program is all about.

    Let's begin the lessons now.

    What You'll Learn

    This e-book will take you through nine guided lessons involving the written word and audio

    You will learn to reach deep levels of mind using advanced audio exercises developed by
    Jose Silva. While at these levels of mind we will teach you various techniques you can use to
    empower yourself and move you toward your purpose and goals.

    Here's what you will learn over the next few days:

•    How to reach deep levels of meditation with supreme ease.
•    How to use affirmations to create immediate attitude shifts.
•    How to accelerate healing and achieve vibrant health.
•    How to develop your intuition.
•    The art of creative visualization to manifest dreams.
•    How to create a life plan.
•    The art of goal setting and thinking big.

    This program was developed with the purpose of reminding you of the latent powers that lie
    within you; and inspiring you to begin to use them.

    I use the word remind because if you found this program you're probably aware of these
    abilities. But like most people, you have waited - procrastinated in learning to use them.

    You will receive nine lessons over the next few weeks. A new lesson will be sent to you
    every few days. Each lesson will contain an explanation of a new technique.

    The techniques will get more advanced with each new lesson.
    By breaking this program into several fragments and spreading them out over a few weeks
    we allow you to retain and understand the material presented better.

    This program will show you how to tap into your latent mental abilities using not just written
    text but also specialized audio recordings developed by Jose Silva. These recordings are
    designed to guide you into a state of deep, focused meditation.

    During this meditation you will be wide awake but your body will be asleep. Your
    subconscious mind will be brought to the conscious level and you will be in full
    control over your mental abilities and thoughts.

    You can use this time to program your mind to accomplish anything you desire. This is the
    Silva UltraMind System.

    The Multi-Purpose Mind

    Before we begin, let's take a glimpse at what the mind is really capable of accomplishing.

    A well known figure once said:

      The greatest discovery of the 19th century was not in the realm of the physical
    sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith. Any individual
     can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any
    problem that may arise. All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial
    independence, spiritual awakening, prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. This is
                                the superstructure of happiness.

    These words were said not by a guru on a mountaintop, nor a self-improvement writer, but
    by William James, the Harvard psychologist known as the Father of American Psychology.

    To the untrained mind, William James's statement may seem far-fetched, but modern
    discoveries are finding his words to be true.

    Let's look at some examples of what happens when this "eternal reservoir of power" is
    harnessed properly.

    Case #1 - Using the Mind in Sports

    Dr. Charles Garfield, former NASA researcher and current president of The Performance-
    Science Institute in Berkeley, California, talks about a startling experiment conducted by
    Soviet sports scientists.

    The study examined the effect of mental training, including visualization, on four groups of
    world-class athletes just prior to the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. The four
    groups of elite athletes were divided as follows:

•    Group 1: did 100% physical training.
•    Group 2: did 75% physical training, 25% mental training.
•    Group 3: did 50% physical training, 50% mental training.
•    Group 4: did 25% physical training, 75% mental training.

    What the researchers found was that group 4 - the group with the most mental
    training - had shown significantly greater improvement than group 3.

    Likewise, group 3 showed more improvement than group 2, and group 2 showed more
    improvement than group 1.

    The results were astonishing. Who would expect that athletes training mentally would be
    able to advance further than their counterparts who were training physically?

    Garfield said, "During mental rehearsal, athletes create mental images of the exact
    movements they want to emulate in their sport. Use of this skill substantially increases
    the effectiveness of goal-setting, which up until then had been little more than a dull
    listing procedure."

                       If mental exercises and visualization could
    have such a profound impact on athletes, what kind of impact could it have on you?

    Can you use the same principle to improve your attitudes, confidence and skills? Could it
    impact your learning ability; your golf swing; your ability to shed weight and stick to a diet?

    The answer is yes.

    We will explore these topics in a later chapter and show you visualization techniques you
    can use to improve the quality of your life.

    Case #2 - Miraculous Healing

    The following story will challenge your idea of just how much your mind influences your

    In 1950, a new drug called Krebiozen had received sensational national publicity as a "cure"
    for cancer and was being tested by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the US
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA). One of the researchers involved in this testing was a
    doctor named Bruno Klopfer.

    One of Dr. Klopfer's patients, Mr. Wright, was suffering from cancer of the lymph nodes. All
    standard treatments had been exhausted, and Wright appeared to have little time left. His
    neck, armpits, chest, abdomen, and groin were filled with tumors the size of oranges, and
    his spleen and liver were so enlarged that two quarts of milky fluid had to be drained out of
    his body each day.

    When Wright discovered that Dr. Klopfer was involved in research on Krebiozen, he begged
    to be given Krebiozen treatments. At first his doctor refused because the drug was untested
and only being tried on people with a life expectancy of at least three months. Wright
begged so hard, however, that Klopfer decided to give him one injection on Friday, though
he secretly suspected Wright would not last the weekend.

Dr. Klopfer was in for a big surprise.

On the following Monday, Klopfer found Wright out of bed and walking around. Klopfer
reported that his tumors had "melted like snowballs on a hot stove" and were half their
original size. This was a far more rapid decrease in size than even the strongest X-ray
treatments could have accomplished.

Ten days after Wright's first Krebiozen treatment, he left the hospital, and as far as his
doctors could tell, with no signs of cancer. When he entered the hospital, he had needed an
oxygen mask to breathe, but when he left he was well enough to fly his own plane at
12,000 feet with no discomfort.

Wright remained well for about two months, but then articles began to appear asserting that
Krebiozen actually had no effect on cancer of the lymph nodes. Wright, who was rigidly
logical and scientific in his thinking, became very depressed, suffered a relapse, and was
readmitted to the hospital. This time his physician decided to try an experiment.

Dr. Klopfer told Wright that Krebiozen was every bit as effective as it had seemed, but that
some of the initial supplies of the drug had deteriorated during shipping. He explained,
however, that he had a new highly-concentrated version of the drug and could treat Wright
with this. Of course, the physician did not have a new version of the drug and intended to
inject Wright with nothing more than plain sterile water.

                    Again the results were dramatic. Tumor masses
              melted, chest fluid vanished, and Wright was quickly back
              on his feet and feeling great. Yet he had been injected with
                            nothing more than sterile water.

Wright remained symptom-free for another two months, but then the American Medical
Association announced that a nationwide study of Krebiozen had found the drug worthless in
the treatment of cancer. This time Wright's faith was completely shattered. His cancer
blossomed anew and he died two days later.

Wright's story is tragic, but it contains a powerful message: When we are fortunate enough
to bypass our disbelief and tap the healing forces within us, we can cause tumors to melt
away overnight.

The patient's mind alone, independent of the value of the medication, produced his

This event proves that your mind is so powerful that it can literally bring wonderful or tragic
events to bear within days. Most people do not learn how to tap into and control this
powerful force.
Many people do have their minds working for them, but in negative ways. Doctors call this
psychosomatic illness - an illness caused by a person's negative belief system.

In this course we will teach you how to create positive belief systems and how you can use
visualization to accelerate your body's rate of healing and recovery.

Case #3 - Creating Positive Coincidences

It is an undisputed fact that the mind can influence the physical body but can the mind
influence the world beyond your body?

In other words, can the mind create coincidences and influence reality?

People all around the world have experienced this in their own lives and will say that the
answer is yes - your world can be shaped by your thoughts and beliefs.

The following story describes one such incident - how one man discovered the power of his
mind in creating coincidences. He went on to use this ability to become so successful that
his work is almost a household name in America.

For the purpose of this story, let's call this man Scott. His full name will not be revealed until
the end to make this story more intriguing. This story was told in a book Scott wrote in

In the early 1980s, Scott had heard of a process called affirmations from a friend. The
process he learned was simple.

Visualize what you want and write it down fifteen times in a row, once a day, until
you obtain it.

Scott was told that the process did not require any faith or positive thinking for it to work.
Even more interesting was the suggestion that the technique would influence the
environment directly and not just make you more focused on your goals. In other words, it
would spawn amazing coincidences to move you toward your goals. The coincidences
could be things that were seemingly unconnected to you and beyond your control.

Scott was very left-brained and logical in his thinking. He had his doubts about the process
but figured that there was no harm in trying.

"Within a few weeks, coincidences started to happen to me." wrote Scott.

"Amazing coincidences, strings of them. I won't mention the specific goal I was working on,
as it was a private matter, but within a few months the goal was accomplished exactly as I
had written it."

But Scott was not yet convinced that affirmations helped. Coincidences do happen on their
own and Scott considered the test inconclusive.
So Scott picked another goal - to make some gains in the stockmarket. He wrote his
affirmation down every day and waited for some inspiration. It came to him in a dream. He
woke up one night with the words "Buy Chrysler" repeating in his head.

He bought shares in the inspired company during one of its most bleak periods yet it began
to rise soon after and he made some good returns on it. He repeated the experiment again
and managed to pick another successful company, with stock symbol "Ask".

Armed with this confidence in the power of affirmations Scott decided to apply it to a more
challenging goal - getting into the highly competitive University of California at Berkeley
MBA program.

The problem was that he had already taken the entrance exam, the G.M.A.T, and only hit
the 77th percentile score. He knew he needed to be above the 90th percentile to at least
have a chance of being accepted.

Scott picked the outlandish target of 94 as his goal and again applied the affirmation

Despite not being able to go much higher than the 77th percentile in the practice exams
Scott was surprised to learn that he did indeed hit the 94th percentile for the G.M.A.T - just
as he had written in his affirmations. He graduated with his Berkeley MBA in 1986.

A few years later he tried pursuing a more serious goal, that of being a syndicated
cartoonist. He knew the odds of his cartoon submission being accepted by a major
newspaper were roughly 1 in 10,000.

He beat those odds and his cartoon was accepted. He was soon earning a decent living with
his cartoon strip but he wanted to achieve something bigger.

He decided he wanted the most successful comic strip on the planet. Scott felt that the best
measure of "most successful" would be number of books sold.
In June 1996 his book The Dilbert Principle hit the number-one spot on the hardcover
nonfiction list of the New York Times. It stayed in the top three all summer. In November his
second book, Dogbert's TopSecret Management Handbook, also made the bestseller list,
giving Scott the number-one and number-two positions simultaneously for one week. For
that brief period of time, Scott indeed had the "most successful" comic strip on the planet.

As you may have guessed, the person I'm talking about is Scott Adams, the creator of the
highly successful Dilbert comic strip. Scott writes about these experiences with affirmations
in his book The Dilbert Future. He does not profess to know why it works but leaves the
conclusion to the reader. You can buy Scott Adams' hilarious Dilbert books at any bookstore.

Reporters often ask me if I am surprised at the success of the Dilbert comic strip. I
  definitely would be so, if not for my bizarre experience with affirmations. As it
                                    was, I expected it.

                             ~Scott Adams, The Dilbert Future

Scott Adams' experience with affirmations makes one wonder - is luck within our

We will explore the process of affirmations in chapter 4 of this e-book and we will look at
some basic techniques you can use to manifest your goals.

Your Next Lesson - The Silva Centering Exercise

In our next lesson we will take a look at how you can apply your mind to achieve your goals,
to accelerate healing and to make dramatic attitude shifts.

The technique we will teach you will be part of what many say is the most advanced set of
mind training techniques developed. Jose Silva developed these techniques over a period of
40 years with some several millions dollars worth of funding and tens of thousands of

               The next email in our series will be sent to you tomorrow.

The subject will be the The Silva Centering Exercise.
Please look out for it.

This next email will show you how to establish the correct level of mind to start
accomplishing some of the things we discussed in this chapter.

We will help you attain this correct level of mind using a powerful guided meditation
exercise developed by Jose Silva.

You will listen to this exercise through your computer speakers.

Get ready for an exciting experience. Watch out for our next email tomorrow where
            we'll send you the popular Silva Centering Exercise Audio.

                          The Famous Silva Centering Exercise
                                  Download It Now

The Centering Exercise is the Basis for the Entire Silva Training System. It's a Guided
Meditation system Jose Silva spent decades perfecting. You'll get to listen to the audio via
your computer and the voice of our Narrator, Ed Bernd Jr, will guide you into the Alpha
Level. It's a journey you'll love!

                        Can't Wait? Get started today
  visit this link to Download and Play the Silva Centering Exercise Today »
                                             Lesson 2

                        The Silva Centering Exercise
                   Download and Listen as a Silva Instructor
                  Guides You on a Journey into the Alpha Level

            This Lesson includes the popular Silva UltraMind Guided Meditation Audio

    Welcome to Lesson 2

    A guided meditation technique to help you achieve deep levels of relaxation.

    In our last lesson, sent to you yesterday, we took a look at some truly fascinating stories
    about the power of the human mind.

    Today, it's time for you to take the first steps toward discovering and using your mind in
    more remarkable ways.

    The technique we will teach you in this lesson is called the Silva Centering Exercise.

    The Centering Exercise

                                                      The Silva Centering Audio

    It took Jose Silva 22 years of research and $500,000 in 1960's monetary value ($2 million
    in today's value) to develop his famous mind conditioning systems. It all begins with the
    Silva Centering Exercise. This exercise will guide you to your center brain frequency, the
    alpha level - the level for deep relaxation.

    While at your center you will experience the many beneficial effects of deep meditation.

    In this Lesson, You will download and listen to the Audio.

    By centering yourself you will be able to. . .

•    reduce stress
•    positively influence your health
•    mentally program yourself to change your attitudes
•    kick bad habits
•    practice creative visualization for goal setting
•    enhance creativity and intuition

    You can experience this powerful relaxation technique right this instant through your

    Let's Get Started

    To prepare, first read the introduction (Part 1) and instructions (Part 2). Total
    reading time is 7 minutes.

    Then sit in a relaxed position and play the audio on your computer. The exercise will take 25

    Yesterday, you started the Silva Online Training Program
    - "Living Your Alpha Life".

    I hope you're ready for Lesson 2...Because this is the
    Core and the Most Important part of the entire
    Silva UltraMind System.

    In today's lesson - we're going to take you on a 30 min
    Journey into the Alpha Level.

    You're going to need to find a comfortable Meditation spot.

    It can be a bed, a comfy sofa or even a Yoga mat.

    We'll provide the audio to you in several different formats.

    If this is your first time meditating and entering the
    Alpha Level - this may be a moment you'll always remember.


    Okay...let's begin.

    In our last lesson, sent to you yesterday, we took a look
    at some truly fascinating stories about the power of the
    human mind.

    Today it's time for you to take the first steps towards
    discovering and using your mind in more remarkable ways.

    The technique we will be teaching you in this lesson is
    called the Silva Centering Exercise.
The Silva Centering Exercise

It took Jose Silva 22 years of research and $500,000 in
1960s monetary value($2 million in today's value) to
develop his famous mind conditioning systems.

It all begins with the exercise You're about to do.

This exercise will guide you to your center brain
frequency, the Alpha Level - the level for deep relaxation.

While at the Alpha Level, you will experience the many
beneficial effects of Meditation.

Once You Learn to Reach the Alpha Level, you
can use Silva Techniques to:

-   Reduce Stress
-   Speed Up Your Body's Natural Healing
-   Mentally Program Yourself to Change your Attitudes
-   Kick Bad Habits
-   Practice Creative Visualization
-   Get in Touch with Your Intuition

You can start reading the 2-page "How To" Guide
immediately by going to the link below.

Make sure you reserve 30 mins today or
Tomorrow to practice the exercise.

    Guide to Practicing the Silva Centering Exercise
                       Part 1: Understanding Meditation

Meditation is fast gaining recognition worldwide. In America, 10 million people now claim
to meditate daily and this number is rapidly growing.

Why? Because it works and more and more doctors are recommending it.

The following news headlines taken from 2003 help explain the sudden interest in

From the Washington Times - Aug 14, 2003

A new study shows [that] people who underwent meditation training produced more
antibodies to a flu vaccine than people who did not meditate. Those who took part in the
meditation study also showed signs of increased activity in areas of the brain related to
positive emotion, as compared to people who did not meditate.

CBS News - Aug 27, 2003

People who meditate these days come from all walks of life and aren't necessarily weird
New Agers or pretentious actors. Students, lawyers, West Point cadets, athletes, prisoners,
and government officials all meditate. It's supposed to help depression, control pain,
increase longevity, slow down cancers, invigorate the immune system, and significantly
reduce blood pressure. Time magazine recently reported that "meditation can sometimes be
used to replace Viagra."

                 Time Magazine - Aug 4, 2003

    Not only do studies show that meditation is boosting their
immune system, but brain scans suggest that it may be rewiring
  their brains to reduce stress. It's recommended by more and
more physicians as a way to prevent, slow or at least control the
 pain of chronic diseases like heart conditions, AIDS, cancer and

As you read, meditation provides many benefits even when done
                        by a beginner.

The Two Types of Meditation: Passive and Active

When we meditate several important things happen physically and mentally. First, we are
"focusing internally" and letting go of the outside world (similar to going to sleep, but
without losing consciousness).

This allows our brains to shift into more stable, stronger brain frequencies (called alpha and
theta by scientists) normally reached during sleep.

When we can reduce our brain frequencies to these levels while staying awake we are able
to bring the unconscious mind to the conscious level. This allows us to control and harness
the power of the unconscious mind.

There are two types of meditation.

Passive Meditation

All meditation systems, such as Yoga, Zen, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Silva UltraMind
and others have similar benefits.

By "passively" letting go and going within, we "deactivate" our survival mechanisms and
allow our body's natural health and rejuvenation abilities to be activated.

Each method has its own way of reaching the inner state of mind, and each has its own
Active Meditation

Jose Silva's techniques allow you to use the relaxed, healthy state of mind that occurs
during meditation to solve your day-to-day problems.

Silva found that by "actively" utilizing brain languages (kinesthetic, visual, and auditory
thought processes), we can use this higher energy state to improve memory and learning
skills, change unwanted habits, enhance health, and healing.

He also developed techniques to achieve what many people call "tapping the super-
conscious" to solve problems, reach goals, come up with new ideas and solutions to
problems. Some students use the Silva UltraMind System to enhance their spiritual growth.

Using such techniques within a meditative state is called "active" meditation.

But what exactly happens when you meditate?

Your brain functions on a small amount of electricity, much like a computer. This electrical
current vibrates and pulses at various speeds. When you are wide awake, with your eyes
focused, your brain vibrates 20 times per second - what scientists call 20 cycles per second
or the Beta frequency.

You are probably at this beta level of mind right now as you read this.

When you go to sleep, your brain frequency slows down, all the way to about half a cycle
per second in the deepest levels of natural sleep. This is known as the Delta level.

In between Beta, the waking state, and Delta, the deep sleep state, there are two other
levels of mental activity.

When you are in a light level of sleep or in meditation you are in the Alpha range, which is 7
to 14 cycles per second. This is the center range and this is what we mean by saying "going
to your center".

Going to the alpha level or centering is essentially the same thing as meditating. When
someone meditates, scientifically, they are simply reducing their brain wave frequency to
Alpha. The Alpha level is the level we use to activate our minds.

Theta is a level of deeper relaxation or sleep, when your brain waves are at 4 to 7 cycles
per second.

The table below summarizes the 4 states of brain frequency.

                         Brain Wave
                State                              Associated With
                         14 - 21 cycles
                                             Waking State, the five senses.
                Beta    per second (cps)
                                             Perception of Time and Space
                           and higher

                                            Light sleep, meditation, intuition.
                Alpha      7 - 14 cps
                                               No Time & Space limitation.

                Theta       4 - 7 cps          Deeper Sleep, Meditation.

                                           Deep Sleep. You are unconscious at
                Delta       0 - 4 cps

There are many benefits of "going to the Alpha level" or meditating.

Jose Silva found that people who can remain in the Alpha level while analyzing information
have access to more information than those who remain in Beta to do their thinking.
Feelings of intuition, creative ideas, inspirational thoughts and ideas come to people while at
this Alpha level.

Going to Alpha is also good for programming your mind. At the Alpha level you can learn to
overcome all kinds of problems, such as insomnia, tension and migraine headaches, bad
habits, and much more. You can also program your mind to help you achieve your goals and
make your dreams come true. There are formulas for all this and more in the Silva home
study program and seminars.

During the 25 minutes you remain at Alpha while using the Silva Centering Exercise, you
can practice relaxing physically and mentally, and you can imagine yourself succeeding in
your projects and achieving your goals.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to "going to Alpha". Now let's get to learning how
to practice the Silva Centering Exercise.

                             Part 2: How to Practice

 Guide to Practicing the Silva Centering Exercise!
                             Part 2: How to Practice

The Silva Centering Exercise is presented over audio. Ed Bernd Jr. will guide you to a
healthy, relaxed level of mind. You will also hear a gently thudding sound in the background.
The sound is a gentle beat of 14 cycles per second. This sound simulates the alpha level
frequency and will help guide your brain to this correct frequency.
All you need to do is find a comfortable position, preferably sitting up, and close your eyes.
When you're ready you can start the audio.

When you practice the Silva Centering Exercise, there are three things you need to do while
you keep your eyes closed. The Exercise is more than just a relaxation tool - it is also a
powerful way to tap into your mind to solve problems, change habits and practice creative

This is what we mean by Dynamic Meditation.

The Three Things You Must Do

                                       Author Ed Bernd Jr.
                                         with Jose Silva

First, you should practice your concentration. Concentration is a basic skill. Concentrate on
what the instructor tells you to do via the audio.

Second, practice your imagination. We want you to learn how to exaggerate your
imagination, because you will be in a better position to control your creative
visualization. At the same time, it will keep you active while going through the exercise. By
being mentally active, you avoid the tendency to drift off into sleep.

Third, you must practice coordinating your physiological relaxation with your mental
relaxation. It is easy to go into a mental relaxation. But you must learn to let your body
relax too. It takes a little longer for you to relax your body than it does for you to relax your
mind. You do not have to maintain a fixed, rigid position. If you have to adjust your body to
be comfortable, do so. If you need to scratch an itch, do it. Make yourself comfortable and
you will be able to relax better.

If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, if you feel that you want to open your eyes, then
open your eyes immediately. Tell yourself - mentally or verbally - to relax, that everything is
okay. Then when you are relaxed, go back to the beginning of the recording and start over.
Things to Remember

1. When the instructor says to "project" - or "concentrate" - your sense of awareness on
your scalp area, that's where you start practicing concentration. Establish what your
"awareness" is. Let's pretend, for example, that it is a ray of light. Blue-white light. It is
easier for us to focus a ray of light into that area than anything else.

2. Next you are instructed to detect the vibrations in that area, a "feeling of warmth caused
by circulation". Naturally, it is the blood circulation we are talking about. Concentrate on
trying to feel the pulsations of those vibrations in that area. You may not feel them on your
first try, but by the second or third effort, you will.

3. Then you are instructed to "release and completely relax all tensions and ligament
pressures from this part of your body". Don't just recite it, concentrate on it, and
exaggerate your imagination. How would you imagine your scalp being fully relaxed? Think.
Concentrate. Maybe you would feel better imagining your scalp as if there is a warm, wet
cloth draped over it. Use your imagination.

4. The instructor will also say positive affirmations such as "every day in every way I am
getting better and better". Another affirmation you will hear is "I am now learning to attune
my intelligence, and developing my sensing faculties, and learning to project them to
different locations". This is an affirmation we use in our seminars to train people to develop

When you combine your physiological relaxation with your mental relaxation you will be
much more relaxed at the end of that exercise.

The more you practice, the easier it will be to relax completely.

Please remember, the secret to success is discipline. Practice makes perfect. This is no
different from training your physical body and getting into shape. If you exercise your body
only once per month you get very different results than if you exercise daily. The same
principle applies when you train and exercise your mind. The more you go into alpha, learn
to visualize, relax, and tune into your intuition, the healthier and better your life becomes.

Note: You may want to listen to the exercise first so there will be no surprises.

Some Applications

With practice you will also be better able to tap into your intuitive feelings or hunches. It
just takes practice, and the knowledge that it is possible and that you can do it. In Silva
UltraMind Seminars the majority of participants are able to tap effectively into their intuition
by day two of the seminar and perform health case readings on people unknown to them.

It is important that you continue to practice the Silva Centering Exercise regularly. We
encourage graduates of the UltraMind ESP System to practice it once a week for three
months after they graduate. Many of us continue to practice it at least once a week even
after that.
Once you have learned to relax in a sitting position, if you want to find a more comfortable
position - to stretch out in a nice reclining chair for instance - then do so. First learn to enter
deep, healthy levels of mind with conscious awareness - without going to sleep. After you've
learned this, then you can enter deep levels even when lying down comfortably, and you can
still remain awake for as long as you desire.

Now, let's take a quick stretch break and then enjoy the Silva Centering exercise.

                      Click the CD Below to Begin Playing the Audio

As these are instant downloads, You can listen to them while waiting for the CDs
from the Home Study Course to arrive by Mail.

   Bonus Audio 1# - The Origins of the Silva System

In this interview with Jose Silva and his daughter Laura, you'll discover how the
Silva System was developed and learn the fascinating story of Jose's early

   Bonus Audio 2# - The Alpha Session

The Alpha Session, developed by Jose Silva and read here by Ed Bernd Jr., will
guide you into the Alpha State and allow you 15 minutes of time to practice your
Silva Techniques. Throughout the session, the Alpha Sound will play to help you
reach and stay at the Alpha Level. This is the SINGLE MOST REQUESTED SILVA AUDIO.

   Bonus Audio 3# - The Daisy Pond Exercise

Burt Goldman is the Most Requested and Awarded Silva Lecturer in History. And
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relaxation system works. You'll literally feel like a new person when you complete
this audio.

   Bonus Audio 4# - The Golden Images Technique

The concept of The Golden Image is based on the power of imagery to affect
behavior. The technique involves diminishing the image of things that you wish to
rid yourself off and enhancing the image of things that you want to enhance and
attract. This is a truly powerful technique that will grant you better control over
your life and help you attract the things you need. Developed by top Silva Lecturer
Burt Goldman.

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How to Reach deep levels of Meditation within mere 30
seconds with the Silva Centering Exercise *Audio Provided*
(Lesson 2)

The Power of the Alpha Level of Mind - and how You can
Function at that level. (Lesson 2)

How to Think like Edison & Pull Creative Ideas out of Thin
Air. (Lesson 3)

How to Re-wire your mind to Kick Bad Habits such as
smoking, drinking, and over-eating....for good (Lesson 4).
Can Your Mind be Used to Attract the man or woman of your
dreams into your life? (Lesson 4)

Harness the power of Creative Visualization and
Affirmations to shape the life you always dreamed of.
(Lesson 4)

How to Use Your Mind to Accelerate Healing - it's Easier
than You Think! (Lesson 5)

How to Use your Intuition to Guide you to make Important
Decisions. (Lesson 7)

How to Find Greater Fulfillment With Your Career and
Achieve More. (Lesson 8)

Get Your Life Organized through the Power of Goal Setting.
(Lesson 8)

The Secret to Using Your Mind to Acquire Wealth - what
others courses DO NOT tell You. (Lesson 9)

How to Align Your Goals with Your Higher Purpose in Life.
(Lesson 9) *This is Our most important lesson*

                                       Lesson 3
                           Enhancing Creativity
         Learn How to Use the Alpha Level to Think, Create,
              Innovate and Pull Ideas Out of Thin Air!

                             Welcome to Lesson 3

We hope that you've had an amazing experience listening to The Silva Centering Exercise,
where you learned to enter deep levels of relaxation and meditation. This lesson will show
you how to open your mind to a flood of creative ideas and inspiration.

By simply meditating daily you gain immense life-long health benefits. This is commonly
called passive meditation.

But there is another type of meditation that we teach at the Silva UltraMind Seminar. We call
this active meditation.

Rather than going to your alpha level and simply remaining there in a state of relaxed
meditation, we teach you to use this level of mind to accomplish anything you desire.
    Now the real fun begins.

    You can use this level of mind to:

•    gain inspirational ideas and thoughts,
•    program your brain to kick bad habits,
•    accelerate your natural healing process,
•    develop your intuition.

    You can even use this level of mind to create coincidences to move you toward your

    Today, we're going to focus on teaching you how to use this level of mind to gain
    creative ideas or inspiration.

    Perhaps you're looking to write a term paper, create a marketing plan for you business or
    compose a song - you'll learn how to tap into your inner source of creativity to guide you.

    Gaining Inspiration From Within

    Jose Silva used to demonstrate an experiment on creativity with kids in his hometown of
    Laredo, Texas. He would ask kids to think of solutions to a particular problem while they
    were at the beta, or waking, level of mind.

    He would then guide them to the alpha, or meditative level of mind and ask them to think of
    further solutions. The children were always able to come up with more ideas while at alpha.

    Does your mind function more creatively when you're at the alpha level of mind?

    There is surprising evidence for this, both from first-hand experiences and laboratory

    Napoleon Hill, the best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich and The Laws of Success
    believed that the human mind was capable of tapping into universal fields of intelligence to
    access ideas and inspiration.

    Napoleon Hill writes:

    The great artists, writers, musicians and poets became great because they acquire
    the habit of relying upon the still, small voice that speaks from within, through the
     faculty of creative imagination. It is a fact well known to people who have keen
           imaginations that their best ideas come through so-called "hunches".

    Hill talks about how one inventor from Maryland, the late Dr. Elmer R. Gates, used this
    technique to come up with over 200 patents. Gates would sit in his soundproof laboratory
    equipped with a pad of writing paper.
He would shut off the lights and ponder on the known factors of the invention on which he
was working.

He would remain in this position until ideas began to "flash" into his mind in connection
with the unknown factors of the invention.

On one occasion, ideas came so fast to Gates that he was forced to write for almost three
hours. When the thoughts stopped flowing and he examined his work he found that they
contained a minute description of principles that had no parallel among the known data of
the scientific world. Moreover the answer to his problem was intelligently presented in those

The greatest inventor of our time, Thomas Alva Edison, used a similar technique.
Edison was known for taking frequent naps in the middle of the day. It's likely that during
these naps he was entering the alpha level. He would often come out of these naps with the
solution to problems that had been bugging him.

Edison was awarded 1368 distinct patents and invented, among other things, the
incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, the film projector, and the first motion picture.

Edison was known to have said, "Ideas come from space. This may seem impossible and
hard to believe but it's true. Ideas come from out of space."

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Where do creative ideas come from? The brain? The mind?

For best-selling author Richard Bach, a Silva graduate, the idea came from a bird.

Bach said this in an interview quoted in the November 1972 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

"I was walking along one night, worrying about the rent, when I heard this voice say,
"Jonathan Livingston Seagull". But no one was there. I had absolutely no idea what it
meant. When I got home, I suddenly had a vision of a seagull flying along, and I began to
write. The story certainly didn't spring from any conscious invention on my part. I just put
down what I saw."

Silva Instructor Wingate Paine told us the rest of the story during an instructor training
session in Laredo not long after the book became a bestseller.

Wingate said that Bach had written the first two-thirds of the book from a "dream-like"
experience where a big seagull appeared to him and said,

"Take dictation, I have a story for you." But the bird faded away before the completion of the
story. Wingate said that Bach told him he did not know how to get the bird to come
back so that he could finish the book, until he took the Silva course.

Then he knew how to get to that "dream-like" level and how to invite Jonathan Livingston
Seagull to this creative level to tell him the rest of the story.

Bach said in a Harper's Bazaar article that even before taking the Silva training, he'd come
to assume that "there are certain 'hidden' capacities and powers which can be taught. I
think there is a terrifically pleasant principle behind existence - do what you love to do and
you'll be guided. It's a lot like flying a plane: You have to trust what you can't see."

Jonathan Livingston Seagull was an immediate hit. The book was a bestseller, and the movie
based on the book was a huge hit. In fact, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the books that
Bach wrote afterwards helped to bring about a spiritual awakening on the planet, by helping
people to understand and accept their own spirituality.

Intuition in the Business World

Does this concept have applications in the world of business?

Professor John Mihalasky, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering at the New Jersey
Institute of Technology, seems to think so. In experiments he performed with company
CEOs he observed that the CEOs who performed best in tests of intuition also
tended to be the ones with the best success rates at running their business
(measured in terms of 5 year profitability growth).

Prof. Mihalasky's experiment results are summarized in the table below.

Percent Profitability Increase of                    CEO Intuition Test Score
the CEO's company over the last
            5 years                      Above Chance          Chance        Below Chance

         Greater than 100%                   81.5%               25%              27.3%
            50% to 99%                       18.5%               50%              18.2%
             Below 50%                         0%                25%              54.5%

Note that the CEOs with the greatest profitability increases (100% or more) also had the
greatest number of correct "guesses" in intuition tests. 81.5% of them performed above
chance results. On the opposite end, of the CEOs with the poorest results, none scored
above chance in the intuition test. Of CEOs with mediocre numbers the results were
consistent with statistical chance results.

What does this mean?

Perhaps Napoleon Hill was correct when he suggested in his book The Laws of Success that
the most successful people of his time, had learned to tap into their sixth sense.

"A genius", Hill said "is a man who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought
to a point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available
through the ordinary rate of thought".

This concept of tapping into a universal source of ideas also has applications in the world of
science and technology.

A research director at NDM (New Foundations in Medicine) took a Silva course while working
on a project to develop artificial arteries. He had come up with 4 different formulas while at
beta, but none of them worked.

Silva instructor Ken Obermeyer explained what happened next.

The NDM researcher used a technique he learned in class and programmed himself to have
a dream that would contain information that he could use to solve the problem he had in
mind - the best formula for artificial arteries.

"He awakened sometime during the night," Obermeyer said, "and wrote out a formula,"
then he went back to sleep.

"When he awakened in the morning, he saw the formula, went into the laboratory, put a
sample together, and found that the human body would accept his plastic."
"One interesting note about this creative solution," Obermeyer continued. "The chemist said
that if he had considered this formula on his beta information, he wouldn't have believed it
to be a formula the body would accept. He would not have come up with this solution
through reason and logic."

Here's how you can use this technique.

The Basic Technique

Go to your alpha level using the meditation techniques you learned in part 2 of this e-book.

When you have reached your alpha level, think of the problem you wish to solve.

When you quiet your personality during meditation you open the channel for higher wisdom
and guidance to come to you through your intuitive mind.

Analyze the problem from all aspects and bring to mind all points of information or data you
have on the problem. Frame the specific questions in your mind.

Now let your mind wander. Jot down any interesting ideas or thoughts that come to you.
The answer may come to you through words, mental pictures or feelings.

This is the end of lesson three. In our next lesson you will learn the art of creative visualization
to help you move toward your goals. This next lesson will be sent to you in two days.

At this point we would like to invite you to join the New Silva UltraMind Email Discussion
Group on You can learn from fellow practitioners and share your ideas too.

Just visit this link to join.

Thank You and we hope you enjoyed this lesson and continue to share
these emails with your friends and family.
                                          Lesson 4

                            Creative Visualization
             How You Can Use the Power of Visualization
           and Affirmations to Create "Lucky Coincidences"
                                     Welcome to Lesson 4

Is "Luck" Within Your Control?

We now come to the premier techniques for harnessing your mind's power to shape your life
and move you towards your dreams and aspirations.

We will teach you two techniques in this lesson.
•    Affirmations
•    Creative Visualization.

    In our last lesson you learned how to use the alpha level of mind to gain creative ideas and

    You are now ready for the next step. You will learn how to tap into your mind to shape
    your reality.

    Perhaps you're looking to be more positive, to stick to your diet, to improve your golf swing
    or to end a bad habit. We'll show you how you can use affirmations and creative
    visualization to reprogram your mind and reshape your attitudes and behavior.

    It all starts with your imagination. Imagination is the ability to create an idea, a
    vision or an image of something new.

    In creative visualization, we use the power of imagination to create a mental image of what
    we want to accomplish or obtain.

    Your goal could be on any level

•    physical
•    emotional
•    mental
•    spiritual

    You might imagine yourself driving that BMW you always wanted, owning a home in the
    country, married to your ideal mate, succeeding at your job or having $100,000.00 in your
    bank account.
    No matter what your goal, the technique is basically the same. You imagine the desired
    outcome in your mind. At the same time, you repeat a positive affirmation about the goal.
    The affirmation is in the present tense.

                            Imagination is the beginning of creation.
                                  You imagine what you desire,
                                    you will what you imagine
                              and at last you create what you will.

                              ~ George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

    The Scientific Evidence

    There is strong scientific evidence that visualization can be used to dramatically improve
    your results in sports, public speaking, performing arts and anything else which involves

    In one study, Australian psychologist Allen Richardson conducted an experiment with
    basketball players making hoop shots. He divided the players in three groups.

•    Group A - was asked to practice their shots on a basketball court for 20 minutes a day.
•    Group B - was asked not to practice at all.
•    Group C - was asked to mentally rehearse shooting a basketball through a hoop for 20
     minutes each day.

    At the end of the study Group A improved their hoop shot ability by 25%. Group B, as
    expected, showed no improvement at all.

    What was truly surprising, was that Group C improved by 24%, almost as much as
    Group A, even though they had not physically set foot in a basketball court.

    There is also overwhelming scientific evidence that visualization can be used to heal the
    body. Doctors such as O. Carl Simonton have been helping patients recover from serious
    illnesses such as cancer by combining visualization with modern medicine. The patients
    often made dramatic improvements simply by visualizing their bodies behaving in ideal,
    healthy ways.

    We'll look at more of this fascinating evidence in our next lesson which will be on
    mind-body healing.

    What we're going to suggest in this lesson is something even more incredible.

    Your mind's influence is not just limited to improving your emotions, skills and physical

    Your mind can influence theworld outside your apparent physical control.
    In other words, your mind can spawn amazing coincidences to move you towards your
    goals. The coincidences could be things that were seemingly unconnected to you and
    beyond your control.

    The techniques we will teach you do not just make you more focused on your
    goals. They directly influence your reality.

    Laboratory evidence pouring out of universities such as Princeton and Stanford has shown
    that volunteers are able to influence matter by their thoughts. So far the evidence has been
    limited to effects on random number generators, dice and electronic equipment. We will look
    at some of this evidence in Lesson Seven.

    What is still lacking is scientific evidence that visualization can create "coincidences" in the
    physical world, outside your immediate control. This of course, is hard to test in a lab.

    But thousands of scientists and millions of other people in the world do believe in this
    because they have experienced it in their own lives.

    In short, just because an effect cannot be tested in a lab, does not mean it does not exist.

    Some of the greatest thinkers in the world - Einstein, Edison, Jung, Carnegie and Goethe
    (the man with the highest recorded IQ, 210) - all believed in the power of the mind to
    create coincidences.

     I believe that the mind has the power to affect groups of atoms and even tamper
       with the odds of atomic behavior, and that even the course of the world is not
       predetermined by physical law, but may be altered bythe uncaused volition of
                                            human beings.

                                   ~ Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington,
                              English mathematician and AstroPhysicist

    Let's take a look at some of these personal experiences. Millions of people worldwide have
    reported such coincidences.

    On our web site we maintain a library of letters from people who have used Silva UltraMind
    techniques to accelerate healing, gain inspiration, start a business, find a dream job,
    achieve goals, walk again after a car accident, earn a six-figure income, and find peace of

    Letters are sorted in categories:

•    Health
•    Personal Development
•    Career
•    Spiritual Development
You can access this library anytime by clicking here.

Below, we have included segments from letters that we have received from students of the
Silva UltraMind System. These letters will give you some ideas of what can be accomplished
when the mind is properly harnessed.

                                 Letters from Students

The following are extracts from letters we have received from students in the past 12
months. These letters and more, are catalogued on our website:

                                 "Investment Success"

"[The] technique already solved one problem with my investments. Two days after doing it,
the broker called to inform me [that] my value was up 40% and he wanted to get together
with me over dinner to discuss better and safer ways of protecting and increasing my
assets. This is exactly what I programmed for."

                                     ~ Jim from Illinois

                 "Mental Rehearsal for Sports & Public Speaking"

"I have received many great complements on my oral presentations which can be attributed
to my ability to visualize the presentation before it happens. I have also used this technique
in golf and kung-fu. Ever since then, it has helped me to become better at my game and
master my techniques."

                            ~ C.S. from Warwick Rhode Island


"I did [the technique] in which I saw myself making better choices about what I eat, and
ended with the result of being my ideal size. Recently, I noticed that without struggle, I
have made dramatic changes in the way I eat - much less fat and sugar and smaller
helpings, yet I seem to be more satisfied and enjoying the taste of the food I eat more than

                                     ~ G.H. of New York

                               "Improving Your Career"

"I'm a sales-manager by profession, and I have to say the visualization is such a
tremendous part of being successful in my field. Virtually every time I use it, I come close or
hit the target on what I wanted to achieve."
                             ~ Jeff from Fort Wayne, Indiana

                       "Looking Better & Attracting People"

"I began to see improvement physically. My joint pain disappeared and my energy level was
up. I also began to attract people - especially men, in a way that I had not before
experienced. I also had people say to me I looked 10 years younger and wanted to know
what I did. I lost weight."

                                  ~ Mary from California

Let's take a look at how you can start applying these techniques.

Basic Technique 1 - Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements you repeat to yourself while in a meditative or
alpha level of mind. Affirmations are always done in the present tense, as if the action
has already taken place.

The concept was made famous by a French physician called Emile Coue. Coue was
responsible for thousands of remarkable documented healings at the beginning of the 20th
century. His remedy was to combine western medicine with the power of affirmations.
Patients were made to repeat positive healing affirmations to themselves while in a relaxed
frame of mind.

Coue's most famous affirmation was "everyday, in every way, I am getting better and

When done at the alpha level, affirmations tend to be countless times more powerful than
when done at the beta, or waking state.

Why ?

Because when you reach the alpha level of mind, your subconscious is brought to a
conscious level - this means it's easier for you to convey commands directly to your
Several affirmations that we use in the Silva UltraMind seminar include:

I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind.

Positive thoughts, positive emotions, bring me all the benefits and advantages I

I am learning to use more of my mind and to use it in a better way.

You can also create your own affirmations:

Looking for job satisfaction? Try saying. . .

I have a perfect career that I truly love and enjoy. I have great opportunities for
advancement and I am earning a wonderful salary of __________ a year.

Looking to slim down? Try saying. . .

I only enjoy eating the right types of healthy, nutritious foods that are good for my

I love the feeling of increased energy I get after exercising.


Every day, I am burning calories and getting closer to my ideal weight

Looking to attract abundence? Try. . .

I'm so happy and grateful now that money comes to me, in ever increasing
quantities, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis.

Other affirmations you can use include:
My relationship with _______ is growing.

I enjoy my work and am richly rewarded.

I have enough time, energy, wisdom and funds to accomplish all my goals.

Before you start creating your affirmation, note these important rules:

1. Affirmations must be in the present tense.

Your subconscious mind does not think in terms of past, present or future. If you say, I
want to be an excellent golfer then your subconscious understands this as a statement of
wanting. What you then get is the wanting or desire to be an excellent golfer but not the
actual abilityitself.

What you should say is "I am an excellent golfer". Your subconscious understands this as a
statement of your present reality. It therefore works to make this reality true.

Remember - replace I want...with I am...

2. You must believe that the goal is within your reach.

If you repeat an affirmation, but at the same time you're secretly thinking you cannot
accomplish it, you hijack the process.

When you first start practicing this you should start with small believable goals. As you
achieve these goals your confidence in yourself and in the power affirmations grows. This
allows you to tackle greater and greater issues.

The best way to implant an affirmation is to release your mind from all desire and

Merely state the suggestion to yourself without passion as a thing that is already so.
Something that is true is obvious and undeniable -- it does not need to be shouted or
defended. It simply is. Use repetition to reinforce the effects of the affirmation.

3. Affirmations must always be done as a positive statement.

If you're trying to drop weight don't say, "I am not overweight". Instead say, "I am slim and
healthy". When you see a phrase such as "I am no longer ill", the dominant image in your
mind is that of illness. When you turn that around to a phrase such as "I am healthy and
well", the dominant image in your mind is then one of health and wellness.

Remember - always turn the affirmation into a positive statement.

Positive affirmations are extremely useful in causing fundamental change, not only in
behavior and beliefs, but in the external conditions of life.
When a suggestion is correctly injected into the subconscious mind, the effect is nothing
short of miraculous. It does not show itself overnight, however, but is gradual and

Basic Technique 2 - Creative Visualization

While affirmations are good - Silva pioneered a technique that is far more powerful that
using simple affirmations. This technique is called creative visualization.

This involves visualizing the end result of your goal or desire while you are in the alpha level
of mind.

The concept of creative visualization has been known for ages. It gained renewed popularity
in the 1970s when a Silva graduate by the name of Shakti Gawain wrote a best-selling book
about it.

Just like affirmations your visualization should be done in the "present tense". Lets say
you're looking to own a brand new car. You want to visualize yourself in the car and feel the
moment as if it is happening this instant and not at some time in the future.

In other words, feel the sense of joy in owning the car, rather than the sense of
wanting or the sense of desire for the car.

To visualize effectively Jose Silva suggests creating a mental screen in front of your eyes.
This should be like the screen you see in a cinema. It should be forward, in front of your
eyes, and raised at an angle of around 20 degrees. The screen should be at least 6 feet in
front of you. Make the screen as large as you can, almost like a movie screen in a cinema.

Try it now.

Close your eyes and visualize the mental screen, raised slightly 20 degrees above the
horizon, and at least 6 feet in front of you.

When you perform creative visualization you will project images onto this screen.

If you are looking to improve your sports skills, visualize yourself playing the game
perfectly. See yourself making perfect moves, shooting every basket, making the perfect
swing. Feel the joy you feel when you play the game well.

If you are looking to shed some pounds, see yourself healthy and fit. Feel the joy of
having a beautiful body. See people complimenting you.

If you're in sales, you can see yourself making the perfect pitches. See your monthly
commission statements showing ever increasing figures
Enhancing Your Creative Visualization

If you have difficulty visualizing use a technique called streaming. In streaming you
mentally describe what it is that you're seeing. Make the description as detailed as possible.
For example if you're trying to visualize yourself driving a brand new car, mentally tell
yourself, "I'm seein the dashboard, it has beautifully carved silver dials, the leather has tiny
checkered patterns on it...."

As you describe the image in detail you will find that the image also takes on more detail.
This, in turn, gives you more things to mentally describe. One feeds into the other and your
imagined image becomes more and more vivid.

Don't get stuck on the term "visualization". Different people have different dominant senses.
The most common dominant sense is the sense of sight. This is why for most people
the process of visualization works well. Some people, however, may have a dominant sense
of touch or hearing or smell. These people may have difficulty "visualizing" but may be able
to accurately imagine sounds, smells or feelings.

For these people it's important to incorporate these senses into their "mental experience".
Someone who was born blind for example, can still engage in creative visualization, but
rather then see images, they would create the mental experience by using their mental
sense of smell, hearing, taste and touch.

How to Increase the Impact of Creative Visualization:

1. Make the image as realistic as possible.

Incorporate movement, make the screen three-dimensional. See colors and shapes. Use the
streaming technique if you have difficulty visualizing.

2. Feel emotions associated with the image

Joy, happiness, a sense of fulfillment. How would you be feeling if you had what you
wanted? Imagine and explore this feeling.

A thought without emotions has no energy and no force behind it. It is like running a car on
empty. Feel the emotions of having what you want.

3. Bring in your other senses.

Feel the wind blowing on your face; imagine the scents involved with the images. Feel
texture and temperature. The more senses you involve, the more real the image is to your
subconscious mind.

Here's one example. Picture an orange. Imagine the color of it. Is it bright orange and ripe?
Then picture yourself peeling the orange. Imagine the smell as you start to peel it. Feel the
juice flowing over your fingers. Then squeeze the orange and feel the flesh of the fruit. Bring
it to your nose and imagine the odor of an orange. Imagine tasting it and bring back a
memory of how an orange tastes in your mouth. As you can see, the trick is to make the
image as real as possible by using all of your senses and emotions.

Remember, the more realistic the visualization process, the better and faster the

How You Can Practice

You can combine your affirmations with your creative visualization to create a more powerful
effect. As you're imagining your goal, simply repeat your affirmation mentally, as many
times as you feel necessary.

Don't be discouraged if you do not get immediate results. We are all at different levels of
spiritual development and some of us have years of negative programming and negative
belief systems to overcome. But overcome them you shall. Creative visualization can be
such a powerful process when done at the Alpha level that just five minutes a day of
practice can undo years of negative programming.

Furthermore, once you get your first success your belief system gets strengthened and this
will allow you to manifest your next goal a little quicker. Masters who practiceregularly find
that they do not even have to go to a meditative level of mind and spend time repeatedly
visualizing their goals. A mere conscious thought of their desire can set the gears in motion
and create coincidences to direct them towards their goal.

Before we end this lesson we will share some other letters received from students who have
taken the Silva UltraMind seminar or used the home study program.

Keep in mind that these students attended the seminar or used the home study course,
both of which contain advanced techniques beyond the scope of this program.

One can still get excellent results from just the basic techniques outlined in this program but
you will have to practice much harder and start with smaller goals while you build up your
belief system.

                              More Personal Experiences

                                   "Powerful Healing"

"I was soon able to walk again, and within 6 months, was able to return to practicing
medicine. I have advanced even further and made a move and am happier than I have been
in years. Also, no headaches or any other pain. My medical knowledge returned totally

        ~ A Medical Doctor in Mississippi who was in a coma after a car accident

                 "Creative Visualization in Business Negotiation"
"I was put in charge of buying a large amount advertising space for my company. The
company selling the space offered us the spot for $500,000.00. This was way above our
budget. My CEO who is an excellent negotiator had been trying to get them down to
$100,000 for months but had no success. Finally he dumped the project on me. I had no
experience with this sort of negotiation but I used the Silva technique while in my
meditative level to communicate with the advertisement seller and to request a better deal.
The seller had been ignoring me for 2 weeks but that very next day I got a call saying they
had agreed to come down to $100,000. I was surprised - we had been trying for months to
no avail. By then my confidence was at a peak so I refused the offer and went to my
meditative level again and asked for an even better deal. I mentally visualized myself in the
negotiation and getting the deal I wanted. Again the results came hard and fast. The very
next day I managed to get them down to $60,000. We signed the contract! My CEO was
impressed that I managed to do this. Well I got a huge bonus. This was 2 months after
taking the UltraMind seminar. Lets just say the seminar paid for itself 20 times over in a
mere 2 months."

          ~ John, Business Development Manager at a Silicon Valley Company

                                 "Overcoming Hurdles"

"I am most excited about the results I got from using the technique on a screenplay I had
been contracted to write. The project had been stalled for a year because the producer was
not able to get the necessary permissions to go ahead. Within a few weeks, I was able to
get the necessary permissions to go ahead with the project. I will certainly continue to use
these techniques as the project moves through the many phases involved."

                                  ~ Jackie from New York

                                   "Solving Conflicts"

"I work [for a] Financial Management company that provides financial solutions for major
international banking institutions. We had [a] client in Europe [and] the project involving my
team was well under way. The project was not going easy and we had some tensions, but
when the client's management team changed we had to deal with an absolutely arrogant
and unreasonable person. Yesterday our final round of negotiations failed and this person
stormed out of the meeting room cursing. I went into my Alpha level in the evening and
pictured this person forgiving and shaking hands with our rep (Our rep had requested
resignation yesterday). I pictured them both calm and collaborating and both companies
benefiting from the project completion. Guess what? Today our rep is in a good mood and
back to work. That arrogant manager did apologized and the project keeps running. I am

                                 ~ Arthur D from New York

                                   "Casino Winnings"

"Walked in a casino, went to the roulette table, and used the technique. After 47 minutes of
playing, I walked away with $1600.00 in gains. I needed 1300.00 for some car repairs. I
     went to the casino with just 100 dollars, went home with $1600. Used the $1300 for car
     repairs and gave the other $300 to the Salvation Army."

                                             ~ Jim from Illinois

                                     "Securing a Six-figure Job"

     "I have secured a job paying close to six figures, and have a shot at another which would
     pay significantly more. Add to that, the little family business that we began 8 months ago
     has all the promise of skyrocketing."

                                           ~ John from Colorado

                                             "Fast Healing"

     "Wow. I can't believe that I had a skin graft two weeks ago. My foot was still swollen. I went
     to level to get rid of the swelling. This morning I woke up and my ankle was normal size. It
     will probably swell again, but I'm going back to level and get rid of it again. This stuff works.
     I love it."

                                                   ~ Lorie

     You can see the complete library of letters on this page:

     Do not procrastinate the practice of creative visualization and affirmations. Make it a point
     to start today. Just a few minutes each day will make a profound positive change in your

     We hope you enjoyed this lesson.

     In our next lesson we will teach you how to apply your mind to accelerate your
     rate of healing in your own body and with loved ones. You will receive this next lesson
     in 2 days.

     Things You can Do to Expand Your Learning:

1. Learn more advanced techniques with the Silva UltraMind Home Study Program containing 42
     powerful audio recordings here:
2.   Get help from an instructor and find mentors in the Upcoming Silva Seminars taking place around
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                                           Lesson 5

Here's What You'll Learn Today...

   •   Revealed: The Latest Stunning Scientific Evidence for
       Mind-Body Healing.

   •   The Mysterious Placebo Effect and How it Influences You.

   •   How a Famous Doctor teaches his Patients to get rid of
       Cancer using Visualization Therapy.

   •   How You can Apply this same Technique to Help Your Body Heal.

We're all going to cover a very Controversial Subject.

   •   Can You Use Your Mind to Influence Healing in a Loved One?

We believe you can - and here's the proof...

                       The Mind-Body Connection
               How to Use Your Mind to Accelerate Healing
                    and Add Extra Years to Your Life.

                                Welcome to Lesson 5
How to Regain and Maintain Perfect Health

In our last chapter we explored techniques to use your mind to reprogram your attitudes,
beliefs and habits.

But can the mind go further? Can the mind actually influence the physical body in
dramatic ways?
    Science is beginning to show that it can. In this chapter we will share information on some
    interesting experiments that provide evidence of the powerful mind-body connection.

    We will also show you how you can:

•    start using your mind to influence your body in healthy ways
•    help accelerate your body's natural healing process
•    slow down the aging process

    The Mind Rules the Body

    Case Study on Healing

    A sixty-one year old man named Frank was diagnosed as having a fatal type of throat
    cancer. His weight had dropped to 98 pounds, he had trouble breathing and could barely
    swallow. Doctors placed his survival rate at 5% and even pondered whether he should be
    placed under radiation therapy, since the treatment might only add to his discomfort and
    not significantly increase his survival odds.

    After much thought, the doctors decided to put him under radiation treatment anyway.
    Fortunately for Frank, Dr. O. Carl Simonton, then medical director of the Cancer Counseling
    and Research Center in Dallas, Texas, was asked to participate in Frank's treatment.

    Simonton suggested that Frank himself had the ability to influence the course of his
    own disease and taught Frank a number of relaxation and mental-imagery techniques.

    The Treatment of Visualization

    Frank had to visualize. . .

•    the radiation he received consisted of thousands of tiny bullets of energy bombarding his
•    his cancer cells as being weaker than the normal cells and thus unable to repair the
     damage they suffered;
•    his body's white blood cells as coming in and swarming over the weakened cancer cells;
•    flushing the cancer cells out of his body through his liver and kidneys.

    The results were astonishing and far exceeded what usually happens when a patient is
    treated solely with radiation therapy. Frank experienced almost none of the negative side
    effects - the skin and mucous membrane damage that normally followed such treatment. In
    a mere two months he had not only regained his weight and strength but all signs of his
    cancer had vanished.
Frank is one of thousands of cancer patients that have benefited from imagery therapy
through the Simonton Cancer Center (

Dr. Simonton, a Silva graduate, was once asked to address the audience at a Silva
Convention. "About the Silva system," said Simonton, "I would say it is the most powerful
single tool that I have to offer patients." In her part of the address, Stephanie Simonton,
Dr. Simonton's wife, talked about how they used the mental techniques at their clinic.
"Probably the single most important tool we have," she said, "is the mental imagery
technique." She then went on to tell the audience of the need for all of us to take personal
responsibility for our health. "It is up to us to use the technique that all of you who have
had the Silva course have learned and to use it regularly," she said.

In this chapter we will teach you how to apply basic Silva UltraMind techniques to help you
accelerate your rate of healing.

But first, let's discuss a strange phenomenon - the widely observed but little understood,
placebo effect.

The Mysterious Placebo Effect

Scientists and doctors have long been puzzled by how certain patients have been able to
heal themselves of life-threatening diseases.

Doctors have found that a patient can trigger self-healing by the mere belief that
they will be cured. This is commonly called the placebo effect.

Doctors are finding that many people manage to get cured when they are given fake
medication, called placebos, which usually consist of nothing more than sugar pills or
distilled water, and then told by their doctors that they were taking real medication.

There is no explanation for why the placebo effect works, except that somehow, the
patient's belief that they are getting cured triggers some sort of self-healing ability
within the patient. The placebo effect is probably the best-documented way in which the
mind is known to affect the body.
The placebo effect, using some of the most outrageous remedies, has worked exceptionally
well with warts. In 1934, a physician conducted a double-blind study showing that placebos
worked almost as well as sulpharsphenamine, the drug commonly used to treat warts at the
time. 53% of patients given the actual medicine were cured. But of the patients given the
fake medicine, which was nothing more than distilled water and told it was a genuine wart
cure, 48% were cured.

The opposite also works.

If you believe something is harmful to you, it tends to be.

One study showed that 19 out of 40 subjects developed asthmatic symptoms after inhaling
a saline solution they believed to be allergenic. Twelve developed full-blown wheezing and
bronchial spasms, which disappeared completely three minutes after receiving another
saline solution placebo. The researchers concluded that suggestion played a significant role
in precipitating asthmatic attacks.

Weirder still - the placebo effect also works with surgery.

In the summer of 1994, a surgeon named J. Bruce Moseley had 10 patients scheduled for
an operation intended to relieve the arthritis pain in their knees. All 10 were wheeled into
the Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center, draped, examined and anesthetized. All 10
were then dispatched to the recovery room and sent home from the hospital by the next
morning equipped with crutches and a painkiller. All 10 men believed they had just gone
through a reliable medical surgery to cure them of their knee arthritis pain. But this was not
the case.

In fact, while two of the men would undergo the standard arthroscopic surgery for their
condition - the scraping and rinsing of the knee joint - and three would have the rinsing
alone, five would have no recognized surgical procedure at all. Their surgery would be a
placebo. Moseley would cut the placebo patients' knees three times with a scalpel - to make
it feel and look real, there had to be incisions and scars for the patient to believe he had
undergone surgery - but that was it.

The placebo worked.

Six months after surgery, the 10 patients still didn't know whether they had been faked out
or not.

But all of them reported much less pain.
The placebo effect can be so powerful that all modern drugs have to be tested against a
placebo before they are released to the public. And many former treatments and drugs have
been taken off the market when their healing properties were found to be solely due to the
placebo effect

Other Evidence for Mind Body Interaction

Hypnotism is another way to demonstrate the mind-body effect. A hypnotist can cause
someone to trigger their body's own healing mechanism at will.

Jose Silva used to demonstrate how he could put someone into an hypnotic state of mind
and then suggest to them that the pencil he was holding was red hot and that if the pencil
touched their skin they would feel no pain but their skin would produce a blister. One in five
people would actually develop the blister from the touch of the pencil. The blister could then
be made to disappear automatically, again with mere suggestion.

A good hypnotist can even get a subject to tan their skin on command. Another weird
phenomenon of mind-body interaction is that of people with multiple or split personalities.
Psychologists have observed that when multiples switch personalities their body also shows
dramatic changes.

Eyesight can improve or worsen, allergies can reappear or disappear and even brain wave
patterns can change. Multiples can also change their voice patterns in ways that even the
best actors cannot emulate.

This leads to an interesting question. . .

      Just how much of your physical body is influenced by your belief system?

The gap between mind and body seems almost non-existent. Jose Silva believed that as
much as 90% of all physical ailments are induced and curable by the mind.
The Growing Acceptance

The scientific evidence for mind-body healing is well established and public acceptance is
now mainstream.

A 1990 Gallup Poll on American attitudes to paranormal phenomenon found that 25% of
Americans had had success with mental healing.

The May 2001 Gallup Poll discovered that "Americans with the highest levels of education
are more likely to believe in the power of the mind to heal the body".

The same Gallup Poll on Americans' beliefs on the Paranormal, updated the statistics in June
2005, showing that more than 55% believe in the connection between the mind and
the body in healing. These healing powers of the mind on both the physical and emotional
have been demonstrated empirically, reflecting the power of placebos.

Furthermore, according to a famous survey published in 1993 in the New England Journal of
Medicine, 34% of adult Americans reported using at least one unconventional therapy in the
past year. This includes meditation, yoga and visualization techniques.

And finally, the 1993 New England Journal of Medicine survey found that alternative
medicine ? a category which includes mind-body healing, energy healing and spiritual
healing ? is most likely to be practiced not by the socially marginal or the cognitively
defective but by affluent (incomes above $35,000), college-educated people.

But Can Your Mind Heal Someone Else's Body?

Let's ask a more daring question.

Can you use your mind to heal a loved one - at a distance?

Some of the most surprising evidence for distant healing comes from psychologist William
Braud and his colleagues at The Mind Science Foundation of San Antonio, Texas. Braud's
studies, conducted over 17 years, involved having people mentally attempt to influence the
nervous system of remote participants.

The results of the study were simply mind blowing.

The Receivers

Braud would wire up the first group of people, known as receivers, to machines that
measured up to seven different physiological responses such as blood pressure, skin
conductivity and muscle tremor.

The Senders

A second group of people, known as senders, would be placed in a different room and asked
to attempt to arouse or calm the receiver solely by thinking about them. Both senders and
receivers were ordinary people who had volunteered for the study.
Braud's 37 experiments involved 665 sessions, 449 people and 13 experimenters. What
Braud found was that at the exact moment the sender was asked to think of their receiver,
the receiver would show a change in his or her physiological condition.

The 37 experiments combined resulted in odds against chance of more than 100 trillion to
one in favor of distant mental interactions between the participants.

In short, the ability of one person's mind to affect another person's body is
scientific fact.

But Just How Powerful is it?

Okay, so we know that one person's mind can somehow influence someone else's physical
body - but is the effect really powerful enough to make a difference in someone's state of

Again, the answer is surprising.

   The effects of distant healing have been proven to be significantly greater than
              many drugs deemed to be highly successful in medicine.

For example, numerous studies have shown that propranolol and aspirin are effective in
reducing heart attacks. But their effects pale in comparison to distant healing.

Effect sizes of drugs are measured on a scale from 0 to 1. An effect size of 0.03 in a medical
life-or-death situation would mean that 3 out of 100 people survived. An effect size of 0.3
would mean that an additional 30 out of 100 survived.

In medical tests the effect size of aspirin on reducing heart attack is 0.03. The effect size of
propranolol was not much higher, at 0.04. These sizes were sufficient enough proof for the
government to authorize the drug manufacturers to state that their products prevent heart

But the effect size of distant healing in Braud's experiments was a surprising 0.25.

 This means that if 100 people were going through a therapy with a success rate of
  35%, this success rate would go up to 60% with the addition of distant healing.
                  Almost twice as many patients would be saved.

In his studies, Braud also discovered some strange properties of distant healing. His
volunteers were asked to participate in another experiment where they would attempt to
mentally calm down two groups. One was a group of highly nervous people and the other a
calmer group.

First, Braud found that the distant healing effect was the strongest when the person on the
receiving end actually had a serious need for healing. The effect size on the highly nervous
group was far greater than on the calm group.
     More surprisingly, he found that the effect size on the agitated group by those trying to calm
     them down was only slightly less than the effect that people had on themselves when using
     relaxation techniques.

     In statistical terms this means that other people could have the same mind-body
     effect on you as you could have on yourself and vice-versa.

     The Five Rules for Mind-Body Healing

     William Braud outlined five major mental techniques that he believed have important effects
     on the self-healing processes.

     They include:

1. The need for relaxation and quietude..
2. Learning to focus your attention on one thing (e.g. breathing), which allows you to develop mental
     self-control and avoid distractions. (The above two points are achieved through meditation).
3.   Learning visualization or imagery techniques since pictures are the preferred language of the mind.
4.   Incorporating intent into the process, a wish for some goal to be reached and an expectation that
     it will.
5.   The evocations of strong positive emotions during the healing process.

     The healing system developed by Jose Silva almost two decades before Braud's research
     had already incorporated these five elements.

     Braud's research had finally provided scientific credibility to Silva's technique.

     Next, you will learn Silva's basic healing technique.

     The Technique for Self-Healing

     The following is the basic technique. The more advanced techniques are beyond the scope
     of this e-book.

     The Basic Technique

     1. Go to your alpha level of mind.

     Get the Alpha audio here. This free audio will guide your mind to the relaxed alpha level
     which is suitable for mental healing.

     2. Visualize Your Current State of Health on Your Mental Screen.

     We explained the mental screen in Chapter 4. Visualize the current condition of the body,
     including the ailment or pain that is bothering you. You do not need to memorize or know
     what each component of your body actually looks like. Simple pictures are enough to speak
     to your mind. A lung can be imagined as a balloon. A kidney can resemble a kidney bean.
     Create a representative picture of the ailment. Feel the emotions associated with this
    3. See Yourself Healing and Getting Better and Healthier.

    Now visualize the ailment disappearing. Create, with your imagination, a system to remove
    the ailment.


•    Kidney stones can be crushed into harmless powder that is then excreted.
•    Tumors can be visualized as large black blobs, while your immune system and white
     blood cells are visualized as tiny soldiers attacking the tumor. On each attack the tumor
•    A sore muscle can be bathed in an imaginary healing light that alleviates the pain and
     restores the muscle to a healthy state.

    The exact image you use is irrelevant - create something that speaks to you. It does not
    have to be scientifically correct. It only has to be symbolic. Your subconscious mind will get
    the message.

    4. Let the final picture be one of perfect health.

    Feel the joy and energy of having perfect health. Imagine it to be true and already

    It helps to say an affirmation such as:

                           "I have a perfectly healthy body and mind"


         "My ______ is now functioning perfectly and is in a state of excellent health."

    5. Let Go.

    Let go and trust your body's self-healing ability. You can now come out of the alpha level.
    Trust that the healing action is taking place.

    Please note that mental healing should not be used as a replacement for a visit to your
    doctor. Always consult a doctor first for serious health conditions. Mental healing is a type of
    complementary medicine - as the name suggests it is to be used alongside but not as a
    replacement for modern medicine.

    No matter what type of healing you use - conventional medicine, surgery, or more holistic
    therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, or massage - the Silva system can speed and smooth
    the normal healing process amazingly.
"What If I'm already Healthy?"

If you have no health problems and are perfectly healthy at the moment, you can still
meditate and visualize yourself staying in perfect health. This way you may never have to
worry about having to heal yourself.

What You Learn in the Seminar

In Silva Seminars we actually go one step beyond self-healing.

Class members are paired up with each other and one takes the role of the healer and the
other takes the role of a guide. The guide provides the healer with nothing more than the
name, age, gender and location of the person to be healed. This person is known as the

The healer then goes to their alpha level of mind and is able to detect information on the
mental and physical condition of the subject.

The results are often jaw dropping for the students. The majority of students usually
manage to get specific details about the health condition of their subject correct. These
details are often so accurate that they could not have simply been "guessed". We do this to
demonstrate to people the powerful psychic abilities of their mind.

This phenomenon is commonly called ESP or remote viewing. In the next lesson we will look
at some of Jose Silva's discoveries before we move on to showing you how you can develop
your ESP.

Personal Healing Experiences

Before we end this lesson, we will share some letters we have received from students who
have taken the Silva UltraMind seminar or used the home study program.

Again, keep in mind that these students attended the seminar or used the home study
course, both of which contain advanced techniques beyond the scope of this e-book

One can still get excellent results from just the basic techniques outlined in this program but
you will have to practice much harder and start with smaller healing goals while you build up
your belief system and confidence.

                                    "Healing the Skin"

"I had a bad case of acne for 5 years. I had read that the skin is one of the easiest things to
heal with the mind. So I started visualizing my skin getting clearer and clearer. I used the
Mental Screen technique from Silva while going to my meditative level. Three weeks later
the acne stopped breaking out. It's been 7 years and I have had no recurrence of them."

                                       ~ Letter on file
                              "Healing Thyroid Nodules"

"Had an ultrasound on my thyroid and it showed I had three nodules. As soon as I got this
news I started using a technique to remove them through visualization. I went in this past
Monday for a biopsy of the three nodules. The woman who was doing the ultrasound and I
just knew in my gut that they were gone. She told me she had to talk with [the] Doc. The
Doc said there are absolutely no nodules there to biopsy. What a mind blowing experience. I
was actually surprised the technique worked because I have problems with visualizing."

                                    ~ Bill K., New Jersey

                                "Healing Foot Problem"

"Silva had helped me tremendously with a bad case of plantar warts on my feet. They were
so painful I walked with a limp for eight months. Doctors told me I had to go through a
painful surgery to have them removed. The surgery would also leave scars on my feet. I
scheduled the surgery but I also tried visualization, hoping the warts would disappear before
surgery and I could avoid the scars and the medical expenses. I used a combination of Silva
and Reiki. I had the warts for almost 7 months before I used Silva. I spent 15 minutes a day
for about 8 weeks visualizing them disappearing and when I showed up for surgery the
doctor was surprised. All signs of the warts had completely disappeared. It's been 3 years
and I have had no recurrence."

                                     ~ Tom, New York

                                "Accelerating Recovery"

"I can't believe that I had a skin graft two weeks ago. My foot was still swollen. I went to
level to get rid of the swelling. This morning I woke up and my ankle was normal size. It will
probably swell again, but I'm going back to level and get rid of it again. This stuff works. I
love it."

                                            ~ LC

                              "Healing the Whole Family"

"My family and I have felt [rapid] relief with minor aches and pains immediately. This works
faster than ibuprofen and acetaminophen!"

                               ~ CR, Santa Rosa, California

                                 "100% Migraine Clear"

"I suffered with migraine headaches for as long as I can remember, and that was part of the
reason I wanted to take the course, because I heard people have so much success with
that. I took the course in August, and have been 100 percent successful in keeping myself
migraine clear since then without medication! I am so happy, you just don't know."
                                     ~ Evelyn P, Rhode Island

                                     "Cured Back Problem"

    "I had a back problem for 30 years. You cleared it up in 30 seconds. The best seminar I
    have ever attended. Fantastic. No words to describe the class. Fantastic will have to do."

                                         ~ FS, Los Angeles

                            "Never Felt More Relaxed in My Life"

    "I have never felt more relaxed and at peace in my whole live, the centering and meditation
    exercises are remarkable. You feel alive and fully charged after just 10 minutes. I came in
    as a skeptic having read about the remote viewing exercise. When I succeeded with my first
    case by the end of the two-day seminar I was blown away. A [fine] journey into the inner
    workings of the mind. While I don't fully comprehend how it works, I know for myself that it
    does work."

                        ~ Michael R, Manager of Corporate Strategy, eBay

    PS - You might want to forward this lesson to people you know who may be facing illness or
      bad health. The techniques described in this lesson are a good form of complementary
     therapy - to be used with modern medicine to get the best results. Read the lesson here.

                             The Story of Jose Silva
       How a Series of Coincidences Lead to Silva's Mind Training

                                  Welcome to Lesson 6
    In our last four Lessons we have showed you how to:

•    reach a deep meditative level of mind with ease. (Lesson 2)
•    gain inspiration at alpha. (Lesson 3)
•    use creative visualization to manifest your goals. (Lesson 4)
•    accelerate your body's rate of healing. (Lesson 5)

    In this Lesson, we'll take a look at how Jose Silva first became interested in the workings
    of the human mind and how this lead to his world-renowned mind-training programs.

    The Silva story is fascinating and insightful. It will give you a clearer idea of how his
    methods work and how you can use them in your life. The story also mentions some
    amazing coincidences that Silva experienced - coincidences that seemed to guide him
    toward what would ultimately become a body of work that would help millions of people
    discover their own latent abilities.

    The Beginning

    Jose Silva was born on August 11, 1914, in Laredo, Texas. When he was four, his father
    died. His mother later remarried, and he, his older sister, and younger brother moved in
    with their grandmother. Two years later he became the family bread-winner, selling
    newspapers, shining shoes, and doing odd jobs. In the evenings he watched his sister and
    brother do their homework, and they helped him learn to read and write.

    He has never gone to school, except to teach.

    Jose's rise from poverty began one day when he was waiting his turn in a barbershop. He
    reached for something to read. What he picked up was a lesson from a correspondence
    course on how to repair radios. Jose asked to borrow it, but the barber would only rent it,
    and only on the condition that Jose complete the correspondence course examinations in
    the barber's name. Each week Jose paid a dollar, read the lesson, and completed the

    Soon a diploma hung in the barbershop, while across town Jose, at the age of fifteen, began
    to repair radios.

    As the years passed, his repair business became one of the largest in the area, providing
    funds for the education of his brother and sister, the wherewithal for him to marry, plus
    eventually some half-million dollars to finance the twenty years of research that led to his
    mind-training systems.
    The man who sparked Silva's research was a psychiatrist whose job was to ask questions of
    men being inducted into the Signal Corps during World War II.

    "Do you wet your bed?" the Army psychiatrist asked. Jose was dumbfounded. "Do you like
    women?" Jose, the father of three, and destined one day to be the father of ten, was

    Surely, he thought, the man knew more about the human mind than the barber knew about
    radios. Why such odd questions?

    It was this perplexing moment that started Jose on an odyssey of scientific research that led
    to his becoming one of the most creative scholars of his age. Through their writings,
    Freud, Jung, and Adler became his early teachers.

    The "odd" questions took on deeper meanings, and soon Jose was ready to ask a question
    of his own: Is it possible, using hypnosis, to improve a person's learning ability - in
    fact, to raise his I.Q.? In those days I.Q. was believed to be something we were born with,
    but Jose was not so sure.

    The question had to wait while he studied advanced electronics to become an instructor in
    the Signal Corps. When he was discharged, with savings gone and $200 in his pocket, he
    began slowly to rebuild his radio repair business. At the same time he took on a part-time
    teaching job at Laredo Junior College where he supervised three other teachers and was
    charged with creating the school's electronics laboratories.

    Five years later, with television on the scene, his repair business began to flourish and Jose
    called a halt to his teaching career. His business once again became the largest in town. His
    workdays ended about 9pm each night. He would have dinner, help put the children to bed,
    and when the house was quiet, study for about three hours. His studies led him further into

    What he learned about hypnosis, plus what he knew about electronics, and some F's on his
    children's report cards brought him back to the question he had raised earlier - can
    learning ability, the I.Q., be improved through some kind of mental training?

    Can Learning Ability Be Raised Through Mind Training?

    Jose already knew that the mind generates electricity - he had read about experiments early
    in the century that revealed the Alpha brain wave rhythm. And he knew from his work in
    electronics that the ideal circuit is the one with the least resistance, or impedance, because
    it makes the greatest use of its electrical energy.

    Then he asked himself:

•    Can we lower our brain impedance?
•    If so, would the brain work more effectively by doing so?
Jose began using hypnosis to quiet the minds of his children and he discovered what to
many appeared to be a paradox. He found that the brain was more energetic when it was
less active. At lower frequencies the brain received and stored more information. The crucial
problem was to keep the mind alert at these frequencies, which are associated more
with daydreaming and sleep than with practical activity.

Hypnosis permitted the receptivity Jose was looking for, but not the kind of independent
thought that leads to reasoning things out so they can be understood. Having a head
full of remembered facts is not enough; insight and understanding is necessary, too.

Jose Finds the Answers with Mental Training

Jose soon abandoned hypnosis and began experimenting with mental training exercises to
quiet the brain yet keep it more independently alert than in hypnosis. This, he reasoned,
would lead to improved memory combined with understanding and hence to higher I.Q.

The exercises from which Silva's techniques evolved called for relaxed concentration and
vivid mental visualization and ways of reaching lower levels. Once reached, these levels
proved more effective than the fully awake level, the Beta level, in learning.

The Proof

His children's grades improved sharply over a three-year period while he continued to
improve his techniques.

Jose had scored a new discovery - a very significant one, which other research, principally
biofeedback, has since confirmed. He was the first person to prove that we can learn to
function with awareness at the Alpha and Theta frequencies of the brain.

Another discovery, an equally astonishing one, was soon to come.

Silva's Child Reads His Mind

One evening Jose's daughter had gone to her "center" (to use today's Silva UltraMind
terminology), and Jose was questioning her about her studies. As she answered each
question, he framed the next in his mind. This was the usual procedure, and so far the
session was no different from hundreds that had gone before. Suddenly, the routine was
momentously changed.

Jose would frame the question in his mind first, before verbally asking the question. All of a
sudden, his daughter answered the very question he was planning on asking -
before he had a chance to verbally express the question.

She repeated this again and again. Jose would only frame the question in his mind and she
would answer it. She was reading his mind.

This was in 1953, when ESP was becoming a respectable subject for scientific inquiry,
largely through the published work of Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University. Jose wrote to Dr.
Rhine to report that he had trained his daughter to practice ESP and received a
disappointing answer. Dr. Rhine hinted that the girl might have been psychic to begin with.
Without tests of the girl before the training, there was no way to tell.

Meanwhile, Jose's neighbors noticed that his children's schoolwork had remarkably
improved. At the beginning of his experiments these highly religious people had been wary
of his probing into the unknown. However, the success of a man working with his own
children could not be ignored. Would Jose train their children too?

  "He had developed the first method in history that can train anyone to use ESP."

After the letter from Dr. Rhine, this was just what Jose needed. If what he had accomplished
with one child could be accomplished with others, he would have chalked up the kind of
repeatable experiments that are the basis to the scientific method.

Over the next 10 years he trained 39 Laredo children, with even better results because he
improved his techniques a little with each child.

He had developed the first method in history that can train anyone to use ESP, and he had
39 repeatable experiments to prove it. Now to perfect the method.

Silva's Course Takes Shape

Within another three years, Jose developed the course of mind training, which is now
standard and as effective with adults as with children. Back then it took 40 to 48 hours. It
has since been reduced to 18 to 20 hours through further refinement of the techniques.

So far it has been validated by some 1,000,000 experiments - the graduates of his course.
This is a measure of repeatability that no open-minded scientist can ignore.

These long years of research were financed by Jose's growing electronics business. No
university, foundation or government grants were available for such an unusual and
unfamiliar field of research. With all this success, Jose did not become a celebrity, nor a
guru or spiritual leader with followers or disciples. He was a plain man of simple ways, who
spoke with the soft, almost lost accent of a Mexican-American. He was a powerfully built,
stocky man with a kindly face that creases easily into a smile.
Anyone who asked Jose what success has meant to him was answered with a flood of
success stories.

Here are a few examples:


A woman wrote to the Boston Herald American begging for some way to help her husband,
who was tormented by migraine headaches. The newspaper printed her letter, then another
letter the next day from someone else also pleading for a way to control such headaches.

A physician read these letters and wrote that she has had migraine headaches all her
life. She had taken Jose Silva's course and had not had one since. "And would you believe
it, the next introductory lecture was mobbed. Absolutely mobbed," said Jose.

Another physician and prominent psychiatrist, advises all his patients to study Silva
techniques because it gives them insights that in some cases would require two years
of therapy to produce.

Creativity and Business

An entire marketing company was organized as a co-op by graduates who used what they
learned in the Silva Mind Method to invent new products and devise ways of
marketing them. In its third year, the company had eighteen products on the market.

An advertising man used to need about two months to create a campaign for new
clients - about average in his field. Then after Silva training, the basic ideas come in twenty
minutes and the rest of the work was done in two weeks.

Sports Performance

Fourteen Chicago White Sox players took Silva's class. All their individual averages
improved, most of them dramatically.

Weight Control and Bad Habits

A husband of an overweight woman suggested she try the class because all her diets had
failed. She agreed, provided he went too. She lost twenty pounds in six weeks; he
stopped smoking.

Better Grades

A professor at a college of pharmacy teaches Silva techniques to his students. "Their
grades are going up in all their courses, with less studying, and they're more relaxed. ...
Everybody already knows how to use his or her imagination. I just get my students to
practice it more."
In the Press

The press also wrote about Silva's new program. The following extract from an April 16,
1972 New York Times article "Can Man Control His Mind" says it all.

"A recent study by Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex. would appear to indicate that
graduates of Mind Control do attain a high degree of Alpha production. C. W. Post
College, Greenvale, L. I., is planning to offer the course at its business school this fall and
Canisius College will offer it in its Department of Religious Studies.

"A visit to a Mind Control class in New York discloses more stockbrokers than bearded way
out and the dress style is closer to Brooks Brothers than to the East Village. A major New
York company has sent all its top executives through the course and its president, a
hard-headed businessman, is seriously thinking of instituting an in-house training program
for all employees. He refused to speak for the record, saying, "We think there is something
there, but I don't want to alarm our stockbrokers at the moment."

Other businessmen are not so reluctant. Lee Epstein, a vice- president and art group
supervisor at Doyle Dane Bernbach volunteered: "It opened the gates for me. It has re-
energized me, made me more creative and yet more relaxed. I practice it every
day and get better and better at my job and my life."

Although Jose smiled easily, when he heard people tell him "Jose, you've changed my life!"
the smile fades a little and he would say, "No, I didn't do it. You did, with your own mind."

Jose passed away peacefully in February of 1999. The Silva UltraMind System was his final
creation and was completed shortly before he departed

A Series of Remarkable Coincidences

Here we have included a personal story from Jose Silva about a fascinating experience
he went through while developing his Silva mind training methods. We have re-printed the
story from Jose's first-person perspective.

"I want to mention an experience that I went through, which I feel was responsible for the
continuation of our research. In fact, I will say that if this experience had not taken place,
our mind training system would not exist today.

This happened while I was still studying psychology. I had studied and practiced
hypnosis and was investigating parapsychology, but had not yet trained the first subject to
function as a clairvoyant. During this time I went through a period of disillusionment. I
worked long hours and I was the one to close our electronics business establishment at 9pm
each night

Usually after closing the business at 9pm I would go home, have dinner and help Paula, my
wife, put the children to bed. By that time it would be about 11pm at night and I would take
out the psychology books and study for two, three and sometimes four hours.
One night I suddenly realized that what I was reading did not make sense any
more. I said, "What am I doing to myself, studying psychology? I am not a psychologist,
nor do I plan to become one. I had a heavy day's work yesterday and I am going to have
another heavy day of work tomorrow, and I am wasting good hours of sleep, studying

I closed the book and threw it on the floor. It slid under a couch and I said to myself, "That
is the last time I will have anything to do with psychology!"

I went to sleep immediately but two hours later a bright light inside my head
woke me up. It was a light like the mid-day sun when you look up into space on a
cloudless sunny day. Hanging in space were two sets of numbers, one set over the other.

The first set was 3-4-3, the second set under the first one was 3-7-3.

Right after that an impression of Christ and the "One Solitary Life" poem given to me at the
army reception center came to me. "Why Christ?" I wondered, "Why me? What does this
have to do with the numbers?"

I opened my eyes and it was dark. I glanced at the clock on the bed stand and it was 4:30
in the morning.

Fascinated, I tried some experiments with myself and the light. I closed my eyes trying
to keep the bright light from disappearing since it was fading gradually. I tried
breathing slowly, but that did not help. I tried changing positions, but that did not help
either. I tried to slow down my heart, but whatever I did was not enough. The bright light
continued to fade, until it went out completely.

I stayed awake from there on, trying to analyze what had happened. I thought of
Paula, and how she used to jokingly tell me, "They say that people who read too much go
crazy." I was not going to tell her about the light in my head because I knew her answer
would be, "I told you so!" But one thing I kept thinking of was that for whatever reason this
happened, it must be all right because of the impression of Christ (my inherited religious
belief system) that came to me with the experience.

The first explanation I thought of was that maybe I was supposed to call someone who has
that phone number. I went through the telephone book from cover to cover but did not find
any listing for the numbers I had seen. My next idea was that maybe I should go to
someone's home who has these numbers as their address and if I find it, they might have a
message for me. But when I studied a city map, I found that the home addresses in Laredo
did not use those numbers.

It was about four in the afternoon when I came up with another idea: I'd look at automobile
and truck license plate numbers. I did this for the rest of the day, ready to ask for my
message from the driver of any vehicle that had those numbers, but I did not find a car or
truck license to match my mysterious numbers.

It was fifteen minutes before nine when I started to close my business. Paula came in from
our house next door and said to me, "If you go across the river into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico,
for a service call, please get me a bottle of alcohol." We use Mexican alcohol for medicinal
purposes because it is pure and costs less than alcohol in Laredo. We have to let them put a
cube of camphor in it when they sell it to us, so we do not have to pay a liquor tax on it.
When the tax people at the border smell the camphor in the alcohol they don't charge us
any liquor tax. I told Paula, "Honey, I don't have service calls from across the border, but I
will go and get you a bottle anyway."

At that very moment, an old friend of mine came in to invite me to go for some coffee. I
said, "Help me to close my place and we'll leave immediately" I then asked him how much
time he had and he answered, "All the time in the world. Why?" I told him I wanted to go
across into Mexico to get Paula a bottle of alcohol. He said, "Fine. I'll go with you."

While on the way I figured I could tell my friend about my experience since he had
been studying psychology with me for one year. I felt sure he was not going to think I was
crazy. I had not told anyone all day and I needed to tell someone, so I told him.

While crossing the bridge into Mexico my friend suggested, "Now that we are coming into
Mexico and a national lottery operates in Mexico, maybe there is such a number." I
had not thought of that. "What have we got to lose?" I said. The lottery agency was just one
block and a half further up the same street where we were going to get the alcohol.

We stopped right in front of the lottery agency. It was closed. It closed at nine o'clock and
we had just missed it. "Finding it closed means for me to forget it. It is not supposed to be
here,? I told my friend. We then went to the liquor store and while I was getting Paula's
alcohol and getting the clerk to put the camphor in the bottle my friend went to a back room
where he found some lottery tickets that were hanging on a string.

"What numbers are you looking for?" my friend called from the adjoining room. I said, "3-4-
3 and 3-7-3." He called back "I found 3-4-3. " I said. "You are kidding me, are you not?"
My friend then answered, "Come and see."

Sure enough, there were five segments of an active series numbered 3-4-3. A whole or
complete, series contained 20 segments or units. Someone had already purchased the other
15 segments. My friend asked, "What do you intend to do now? Buy these, of course!" So I
bought them. I had not thought of buying lottery tickets, but now I was buying 5 segments
and would find out in 2 days if the number 3-4-3 would win anything.

The Winning Lottery Ticket

At the time I did not know that you could call the lottery agency by phone and find out if the
ticket had won anything. I thought I had to go in person, which is what I did. I found out
that the ticket 3-7-3 had been sold in Mexico City. It could not have been found anywhere
else because the 3-7-3 was assigned to be sold in Mexico City only. If I had purchased the
3-7-3, I would clear, after paying the Mexican income tax, about one thousand dollars.

On the other hand, the 3-4-3 was assigned to be sold by the liquor store in Nuevo Laredo
and nobody else in the whole Republic of Mexico could have had it. The 3-4-3 had a prize
too and after paying the Mexican income tax and exchanging the Mexican Pesos into United
States dollars, I cleared a little above ten thousand dollars with just my 5 segments out of
the 20 on the ticket.

I came home dazed, with $10,000 dollars in my pockets, and in 1949 that was a lot of

[Editors Note: $10,000 in 1949 is roughly equal to $50,000 in today's monetary value.]

In trying to figure out who had put that number in my head and why, I went back over my
experience step by step and found many coincidences. For example, Paula wanted a
bottle of alcohol from Mexico and came over and asked me on that particular day. She had
said, "Whenever you go to make a service call across the border, get me a bottle of alcohol."
I could have said, ?I will get you a bottle the next time I make a service call." Or I could
have said, "Send someone else, I don't have time for those petty things." Instead I said, "I
will go tonight and get you a bottle, honey." Paula did not know about my experience, much
less did I know that she was sending me to the one place in the entire Republic of Mexico
where the ticket was sold.

And what timing! If my friend had come only ten minutes later, I would have already been
gone, by myself. If the clerk had not had to put camphor into the bottle, we would have
been out of the store before my friend had a chance to look around and find the adjacent
room with the lottery tickets. If my friend had not gone with me, I would not have gotten
the idea of buying a lottery ticket, nor would I have walked into the other room and seen
the tickets.

After backtracking and after going over every detail of the experience I found myself faced
with many coincidences. I felt that those coincidences were trying to tell me something or
that somebody was trying to tell me something through those coincidences. There
were so many coincidences that I was sure there were a pattern and a purpose. I then felt
that I must seek and find out what it was that I was supposed to do, or not to do.

I started going back prior to having the experience, hour by hour, step by step, seeking a
clue. The only thing I saw that could have had a connection and could have brought on the
series of coincidences was the decision I made not to continue studying psychology. Two
hours after I had decided to discontinue to study psychology the experience took place and
in the experience came the awareness of the "One Solitary Life" or Christ.

I then made the connection and remembered that the first impression I had about
psychology came accompanied by the impression of the "One Solitary Life" of Christ. That
happened when I finished talking with the psychiatrist at the reception center as I was
inducted into the army. The next person in line gave me the picture of Christ that I still
carry in my wallet to this day. On the back of the picture of Christ is written the "One
Solitary Life" by an unknown author. I had not read the "One Solitary Life" of Christ before
being inducted into the army and I do not know why when I finished reading it there were
tears in my eyes. To this day, when I think about it, I get a lump in my throat.

With that realization I got on my knees and looked under the couch for the book on
psychology, pulled it out, dusted it off and continued with the study-of-psychology routine. I
choose to believe that the experience with the psychiatrist at the reception
center, along with this awareness of Christ, was the beginning of my research into
the human mind.

My many coincidences with the lottery ticket experience were a means of getting back on
track and reinforcing the original reception center-psychiatrist-Christ awareness experience.
From then on I started experimenting, trying to put together a method that would help to
enhance what I used to call "the guessing faculty." What I called "the guessing faculty"
turned out to be psi, or the intuitive factor.

And so Jose Silva began the work that was to lead to the Silva UltraMind System.

Silva would later develop a technique he called the Mental-Video technique, which anyone
could use to gain similar types of coincidences and "a-ha" moments that Jose Silva
experienced during the events mentioned above.

                       Harnessing Your Intuition
           How to Develop and Use Your Hidden ESP Ability

                              Welcome to Lesson 7
ESP - You have it & You can learn to use it.

The term ESP stands for extra-sensory perception and refers to communication or
perception by means outside the normal five senses.

ESP was once dismissed as superstition, but its existence has been repeatedly verified by
numerous scientist and researchers in leading universities around the world.

ESP, also called intuition, is a common faculty we all possess. Some people simply use it
better than others.

A scientist by the name of Dr. J. B. Rhine conducted the first scientific experiments on ESP
in the 1930's and 40's at Duke University.

Dr. Rhine had people attempt to guess which of five symbols would be on a playing card
facing away from them. The odds of guessing correctly are one in five or 20%.

But Dr. Rhine found that many people had accuracy rates far beyond this.

In some experiments the odds in favor of ESP were 22 billion to one. This proved that
something was occurring which was allowing people to guess which cards were being
picked,and this guessing was correct to a remarkable degree. The laws of probability were
being violated.

His experiments also showed that distance, space and time played no significant
effect on the success of the phenomenon. A highly trained subject in France could
guess the outcome of a card drawn in the US just as well when she was across the Atlantic
Ocean, as when she was sitting directly opposite the person drawing the cards.

Furthermore, the subject could guess the outcome of a card drawn a year into the
future - again with the same degree of accuracy.

Dr. Rhine's experiments sent shock-waves across academia as other scientists raced to
confirm them. His book Extra-Sensory Perception after 60 years became required reading
for the introductory psychology class at Harvard. His experiments were repeated around the
world 309 times involving 50,000+ people and 2 million sessions - proving without a doubt
that ESP is real.
The Growing Acceptance of ESP

In the early part of the 20th century Einstein said:

 The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We
     have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Today, with the jump in empirical scientific evidence and first-hand human experiences,
belief in human intuition and ESP is rapidly rising.

The 1990 Gallup public opinion poll found that 93% of Americans polled believed in one or
more of 18 paranormal phenomena, including ESP, mental healing, telepathy and

And this number is increasing.

A follow up poll eleven years later, in May 2001 found that belief had actually increased in
twelve out of thirteen phenomena measured in both the 1990 and 2001 polls ? and
increased significantly (5% or more) in seven of them.

The 1990 Gallup Poll also asked Americans if they had had first-hand experience with
paranormal phenomena. The results were surprising.

                25% of Americans claim to have experienced telepathy.
                       25% claim success with mental healing.

More and more people are not only believing in ESP and mental healing, but are also
experiencing and using it.

Belief in mental and spiritual healing has increased significantly (up 8%) between 1990 and

Today, about three in four Americanhave at least one paranormal belief Some of the most
professed beliefs are in ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, and mind-body healing. The most
recent Gallup Poll released June 2005, showed that extra sensory perception was the most
popular belief at 41%.

"Sure," say the skeptics, "the majority of Americans may believe in ESP but this is usually
the less educated majority. Educated people can't be taking this seriously, right?"


   Studies have shown that, as education increases, belief in ESP also increases.

The May 2001 Gallup Poll discovered that "Americans with the highest levels of education
are more likely to believe in the power of the mind to heal the body". The same is true for
ESP and telepathy.
One major study done in 1977 found a positive correlation between intelligence and
paranormal belief - the more intelligent you were, the more you believed in a world beyond
the five senses.

Another 1984 study, a sample of high school students, found higher grade point averages
correlated positively with belief in ESP phenomenon.

Finally, a 1989 CBS television poll done in conjunction with 48 hours uncovered that 75% of
persons with a college degree believed in paranormal phenomena, while only 36% of people
with less than a high school degree believed in these phenomena. In short, as education
increased, so didbelief.

If you believe in ESP - congratulations.

The majority of educated Americans now share your belief.

The Stunning Scientific Evidence

Scientific research on ESP is still in its infancy. But the evidence being produced is highly

These are summaries of some recent discoveries...

1. Everyone has ESP to some degree.

In the 1960s, Dr. Montague Ullman, founder of the Dream Laboratory at the Maimonides
Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York and professor emeritus of clinical psychiatry at the
Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York conducted a series of experiments that
provided strong empirical evidence that everyone possesses psychic ability.

In Dr. Ullman's study volunteers who claimed to possess no psychic ability were asked to
sleep in a room in the lab while a person in another room concentrated on a randomly
selected painting and tried to get the volunteer to dream of the image it contained.
Sometimes the results were inconclusive. But other times the volunteers had dreams that
were clearly and strikingly influenced by the paintings.

2. The greater your belief - the stronger your ESP ability.

Dr. G. R. Schmeidler of the Harvard Psychological Clinic went on to show that telepathy was
not only real, but was strongly affected by a person's belief in his or her own telepathic
abilities. He also performed experiments that proved that telepathic power exists in

3. The mind can influence matter at any distance

In the 1980s and 1990s Dr. Robert G. Jahn and Dr. Brenda J. Dunne of the Princeton
Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory showed that some humans possess telekinetic
power and various forms of telepathy and that these are both distance and time

Dr. Jahn is Professor of Aerospace science and dean emeritus of the School of Engineering
and Applied Science at Princeton (1994). Dr. Dunne is the manager of the Princeton
Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (P.E.A.R). Their book Margins of Reality - The
Role of Consciousness in the Physical World will make even the strongest skeptic think

4. The evidence for ESP is very strong.

More recently. Professor Robert Morris and Dr. Caroline Watt of the Koestler Institute at
Edinburgh University conducted experiments where over 100 subjects in a locked room were
asked to pick out which of four pictures were "beamed" to them by a subject in another
room. Success rates were 50%, twice the 25% that pure statistical results should have
produced. The odds of this occurring are approximately 1 in 14 million.

These results are 35,000 times more significant than the level of evidence governments
demand from pharmaceutical companies before a new drug is let out on the market.

The conclusion:

ESP is real.

 Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced
                  that a Spirit is manifest in the Laws of the Universe.

                                      ~ Albert Einstein

A Word of Caution

When it comes to belief in ESP, people tend to fall into four different groups.

Which one are you?


The first group is thedisbeliever. They simply refuse to believe in any phenomenon that
cannot be explained by Newtonian physics. No amount of scientific evidence will
convince them otherwise.


The second is the skeptic. This is someone who does not believe in ESP because it goes
against his knowledge of science. However, the skeptic is open-minded and when given
strong scientific evidence they would be willing to admit that ESP does exist. A skeptic
would cast aside testimonial evidence but will give strong consideration to the
results of scientific research.
Cautious Believer

Third - the cautious believer. This person trusts that ESP exists but will not believe every
claim they read about. They demand scientific proof or testimonial evidence. A
cautious believer would find this series of lessons interesting because it is backed up with
scientific evidence and references to respected outside sources.

True Believer

The fourth group, thetrue believer strongly believes in ESP and is likely to also believe
anything they read or hear. If you are one - we encourage you to exercise caution. Not
everyone who claims to have ESP has it to an extent strong enough to charge you money

Phone psychics are almost all phonies. And very few street psychics are actually worth
paying for.

When it comes to a little understood phenomena, such as ESP, it is better to be a cautious
believer or a skeptic rather than a true believer.

Do We Know How it Works?

A number of theories have been but put forth on how ESP works but these are still nothing
more than theories.

Today, it is generally accepted that ESP does exist and everyone has it but science has yet
to identify how or why it works.

However, we do not need to know how it works to use it - we only need to know that it does

Think of the sun. For thousands of years we have used the energy of the sun for light and
heat. Yet, nobody knew what the sun really was. It was only in the last 100 years that
humankind was able to understand that the sun is large star made up of hydrogen and
helium atoms going through a thermo-nuclear reaction.

It's the same with ESP - we do not yet know how it works or why. But we do know that it is

And as any Silva UltraMind grad will tell you - once you learn to use it - you can create
many positive and beneficial effects in your life.

  There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps in our
  knowledge of what is natural? We should strive to fill those gaps of ignorance.

                           ~ Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut,
                            Founder, Institute of Noetic Science
The Implications

The growing body of evidence for ESP and other unusual phenomenon is being noticed by
businesses and governments.

Here's a list of some recent developments:

SONY Corp has been conducting research into alternative medicine, spoon bending,
telepathy and other forms of ESP.

Dr. John Mihalasky, author of the book Executive ESP, has shown that success rates for
executives were proportional to their ESP ability lending credence to the idea that intuition
is a large factor in business success.

In November 1995 the CIA confirmed that for the previous 20 years it has been using
psychics for spy operations.

In November 1998 the US Patent Office issues the first patent for a psi- effect.

In July 1993 Mutual of Omaha, the nation?s largest provider of health insurance for
individuals announces that it would start paying benefits for meditation exercises designed
to reverse heart disease.

In 1997 the Federal Government?s National Institute for Health formally endorses

In April 2004 researchers in Denver University found that patients who underwent a placebo
surgery for Parkinson's Disease reported a better quality of life twelve months later. One
woman even reported a resumption of full physical activity, having been inactive for many
years before surgery.

The power of the placebo effect has been seen before in Parkinson?s disease ? but not to
this extent. Clearly the mind-body connection is very strong in this condition and it?s to be
hoped that ways can be found to exploit this to benefit the patient.

ESP in The Silva Seminar

One of the highlights in the Silva UltraMind seminar are the last two hours of training, where
the students get to demonstrate ESP on each other.

You will be paired up with other students and given names and locations of random people
unknown to you.

You then go to your meditative level of mind and you receive information on them and their
state of health through ESP.

The vast majority of participants end up with stunned looks on their faces as they find
themselves correctly "guessing" information on people and objects unknown to them.
Here is the transcript from one of the session. Two students were paired up. Student A helps
guide Student B into a meditative level of mind. Student A then tells student B to attempt to
"view" the health condition of a subject known to A, but unknown to B. B is only provided
with the name, age and location of the subject.

This is what B reported:

  "I see a lady, nothing unusual about her. But her blood looks blue. There's bluish
                           blood flowing around her body."

"Strange. I'm looking at her head. I see a man standing in her head. He looks sad.
 There are three elephants surrounding him. They are colorful. They are rotating
                                around his head."

The lady in question suffered from a smoking-related disease that prevented her blood from
absorbing oxygen. She was also going through a sad time because her husband had been
stationed in India for the past three months on a business trip. The blue blood was the
subconscious mind's way of representing de-oxygenated blood. (Look at any biology text
book drawing of the blood system and you will find that de-oxygenated blood is represented
with the color blue). The sad man surrounded by elephants symbolized the husband in

Many such experiences occur during the seminar. These experiences invariably lead the
participant into a whole new perspective of life and what they are truly capable of.

Some participants use this ability with healing. Others use it to help them develop empathy
and understand a loved one's feelings.

Most use it in more subtle ways such as making business decisions, deciding what
companies to invest in, buying a home, applying for college or guiding them into making the
right decisions in their life.

Jose Silva's training is so powerful that the majority of seminar participants experience ESP
by the second day of the seminar.

Sign up for a seminar today or get on our reminder list to receive an email if a seminar
comes to your area.

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Enhancing Your ESP

ESP is a natural ability that is heightened when you are in a state of meditation.
One simple technique to use your ESP is to go to your alpha level and ask yourself
a question.

Let images appear on the mental screen (explained in Lesson 3). Do not analyze what you
see. Simply describe what you see mentally to yourself. Focus on describing rather than
analyzing. As soon as you start analyzing what you see you allow your left brain to hijack
the process.

We want to stress that it takes a lot of practice to develop your ESP. In our seminars
participants experience ESP after 2 days - but this is after 18 hours of intensive training and
guidance from a trained lecturer.

If you are unable to get results with the technique described above, don't worry. You can
still develop your ability by attending a seminar.

Another technique is called "dream-logging"

Louisa Rhine, the wife of Dr. J. B. Rhine conducted an ESP experiment of her own while her
husband was testing ESP ability empirically in a lab. Louisa asked people to write to her
about their first-hand experiences with ESP. She received almost 14,000 letters. She found
that 60% of the people who wrote to her claimed that their ESP experience came to them
while dreaming.

You might be experiencing ESP dreams too. But you usually forget your dreams.

"Dream-logging" is simple. Simply keep a pad and pencil by your beside and write down
your dreams in the morning when you wake up or in the middle of the night if you suddenly
awaken during a dream.

With practice anyone can develop and enhance their ESP. The ability, like sports or musical
talent is something that anyone can train themselves to be good at.

Thanks and this is the End of Lesson 7.

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