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					  Testing / CheckPoint Demos
                  Due Today: HW #6
Due Next Class: 2nd Half of Mythical Man Month; Code &
                    coding standard

• A walk through a sample test plan
• Bio Break / Move to Lab
• Checkpoint Demos (cont.)
                                Six Testing Steps

1.       Organize Project
2.       Design Test Procedure
3.       Design System Test / System Test Cycles
4.       Design & Test System Test Environment
5.       Execute System Test
6.       Signoff

                        1. Organize Project

        •Design System Test
        •Prepare System Test Overview
        •Prepare System Test Approach
        •Review System Test Approach
        •Agree Test Schedule
        •Request Test Resources
        •Request Business Expert
        •Request Management Support
        •Request Environment/Technical Support

           2. Design Test Procedures

        •Design Test Build Procedures
        •Design Test Condition Sheets
        •Agree Error Management Procedure
        •Implement Error Management System
        •Agree Error Fix rate
        •Design Error Reporting Form

                   3. Design System Test

     •Identify Test Cycles
     •Design Test Data Input Documentation
     •Test Plan Inspection
     •Define Automated Test Data Tables
     •Define Automated Test Coverage
     •Test Cases/Conditions Inspection
     •Define Entrance Criteria
     •Define Expected Results
     •Maintain Testing Diary
     •Maintain Error Management System
     •Perform Status Reviews
                         System Test Cycles

        •Design Cycle 1 - Acceptance Testing
        •Design Cycle 2 - Functional Verification
        •Design Cycle 3 - Input Testing
        •Design Cycle 4 - User Acceptance Testing
        •Design Cycle 5 - Regression Testing
        •Design Cycle 6 - Integration Test
        •Automated Test Conditions
        •Test Review

  4. Design & Build System Test

        •Define/Agree Hardware Set up
        •Define/Agree Environment Set up
        •Define/Agree Client & Server Software Setup
        •Request Hardware Set up
        •Request Test Environment Set up

                 5. Execute System Test

        •Execute System Test

                                            6. Signoff

        •Signoff System Test
        •Produce Post-Testing Report

       A Walk Through a Test Plan
•   Introduction
•   Scope & Objectives
•   Test Phases & Cycles
•   System Test Schedule
•   Resources
•   Roles & Responsibilities
•   Error Management / Configuration Mgmt.
•   Reviewing and Status Reporting
•   Issues, Risks, & Assumptions
•   Signoff
                      Software Test Tool Vendors
AutoTester, Inc. makes automated testing tools for Windows and OS/2 applications. Builds structured, object-oriented tests as
applications are performed. Supports variables and external test-case data, conditional branching, with both text and bitmap data

B-Tree Systems, Inc. makes B-Tree, an automated capture/playback tool.

Compuware makes automated software test tools for mainframe (Hiperstation and Playback) and client/server (QA Center) systems.
Supported mainframe environments include CICS, IMS, VTAM, and TSO. Windows, Unix, and OS/2 are supported for client/server
systems. Includes Playback test management, which facilitates overall test planning and control.

Mercury Interactive makes WinRunner, X-Runner , Load Runner and other tools for the client/server environment.

QES makes QES Architect, QES/Manager, QES/EZ for text, GUI/EZ for GUI, and QES/RunEZ.

Rational Software has in the past couple of years acquired several leading test tools, including SQA Suite (Team Test, Load Test,
SQA Process), Microsoft Test, preVue, and the line of tools formerly from Pure Atria.

Segue Software, Inc. makes Segue Quality Works, Segue QualityWorks, is an automated software testing solution that validates all
components of client/server applications--across multiple platforms and releases, completely unattended, with one set of reusable
scripts. QualityWorks includes Segue's GO! automatic testing product, QA Partner testing system, QA Organizer for test planning and
management, and QA Radar for defect tracking.

Softbridge, Inc. makes the Automated Test Facility (ATF) for the automated testing of multiuser client/server applications from a PC.
Supports Windows 3.1,Windows NT, Windows 95, and OS/2. Used for functional, multiuser, business process workflow, regression,
stress, integration, load, performance, and limit testing.

Software Research, Inc. makes e-Valid for Web testing, STW/Regression and STW/Regression for Windows, a suite of regression
tools or part of TestWorks multiplatform testing tools suite. Automates and manages the execution and verification of tests on both
text and GUI-based applications.

              Source: Rice Consulting; Resources
             How to do a Demo
• Tell them what you’re going to show them
• Show them
• Tell them what you showed them

• Be prepared to…
  –   Cope with Murphy’s Law
  –   Address customer hot buttons / needs
  –   Answer questions on the fly, get interrupted
  –   Record feedback/suggestions for improvement