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					North Dakota
Enterprise Architecture
Application Software Domain Team Minutes
Missouri River Room State Capitol
March 31, 2004, 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Kyle Forster called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm.

Members present: Kyle Forster, Randy Mildenberger, Kyle Joersz, Martin Wray,
Jason Brandvold, Heather Raschke, Dan Fisher, Al Veit, Dale Emerson, Doug McCrory

Proxies: Frank Kraft for Pat Nagel

Members Absent: Gary McFarling, Darrel Enerson, Ron Gilliam

Others present: None

Housekeeping Items: None

Old Business:

      1. Continue to work on #1 future state: Developing the Application Development
         Supported Tools/Languages List

          a. Review survey results
              The team began to review the survey results list which was sorted by
               type of tool/language. Approximately 40% of the survey results were
              The team identified a few items that were on the list that the team felt
               should not be on the list because they were an end user tools or
               utilities for agency staff to do their jobs as opposed to a tool that was
               used in a software development process.
              The team will continue to review the survey results at the next meeting.

New Business:

      1. We welcomed our newest member: Dale Emerson, DHS.
      2. Discuss ARB voting against the Application Authentication standard.
         a. Several members were uncomfortable voting for the standard without a
            single-sign-on standard from the Security Domain Team in place.
         b. Several members questioned requiring enterprise security solutions for
            internal department applications.
         c. There was also discussion about creating a standard for single sign-on for
            external users being that infrastructure is in place. The discussion for this
            new standard will be placed on a future agenda.
      3. Architecture Team Task – Review future states and gap analysis to identify
         any potential studies, prioritize them and send list to Architecture Team. The
         Architecture Team will review and prioritize lists from all domain teams and
         send them to the ARB.
         a. The team reviewed its future states and gap analysis and did not identify
            any outsourced studies needed at this time.
      4. Testing Tools Work Group - Vern Welder, ITD, submitted a an EA Request to
         evaluate state agency's needs for functional testing tools and determine what
         the best fit is for ND State Government's enterprise. The request was passed
         on to this team to create a group to do an evaluation of products.

            Vern’s Request:

            ITD and the Bank of North Dakota have been discussing the need for
            functional testing tools. We've met with a Gartner analyst and determined
            that the tools would be a good technology for state agencies to use. I
            have visited with Pat Kelly (WSI), Cheri Giesen (JSND) and Karalee Adam
            (DHS) regarding this project and all have indicated interest. Phyllis Lasher
            (BND) is the originator of this idea and she needs to get credit for that.

            Could the Enterprise Architecture team please evaluate state agency's
            needs for functional testing tools and determine what the best fit is for ND
            State Government's enterprise.

         a. The domain team discussed the need for functional testing tools and
            asked for volunteers to be members of the evaluation team. The following
                 Bank of ND
                       o Maggie Spitzer, Web Development Staff
                       o Julie Oglesby, QA Staff
                 ITD - Kyle Forster
                 DPI - Doug McCrory
                 JSND – Heather Raschke
         b. If anyone else in interested, please send an email to
            or call Kyle at 8-4323. Note, the volunteer does not need to be a member
            of this domain team.

Next Meeting Date:    April 15, 2004 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
                      Missouri River Room State Capitol