The Appellate Court at MCC by bnw26232


									       The Appellate Court at MCC

   On April 19, 2007, the Connecticut Appellate Court will hear the appeals of
 Reynaldo Arroyo and Ricardo Etienne on the MCC campus. These are real cases
  with real judges, prosecutors and lawyers. The SBM Auditorium will become a
                        Connecticut courtroom for the day.
      Don’t miss this opportunity to see the law in action, right here at MCC!
                                 Case # AC28044 State v. Arroyo
In this case, the defendant appeals his conviction for felony murder resulting from a shooting death
                                 of the owner of a package store.

                                  Case #C27500 State v. Etienne
    In that case, the defendant appeals his conviction for forgery and possession of marijuana.

                                 Pre Trial Discussion
                      Attorneys Speak about Procedure and Cases

                                 April 4, 2007
        11:00 am in the SBM Auditorium and 5:30 pm in Fireside Commons

                                     Court in Session
                                       April 19, 2007
                                      SBM Auditorium
                                   10:00 am - 12:00 noon

          Arrive at 9:30 am or earlier to assure timely entry into the court.

 Leave electronics and metal objects in your car as all persons entering must pass
                            through a metal detector.

                Please Observe Proper Courtroom Behavior at all Times.

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