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 Ms Peppy Cat Open World Champion
              Stephanie Haymes-Roven claims
               Non-Pro World Championship

Ms Peppy Cat and Pete Branch won the 2008 NCHA Open World title with $131,517 and broke the all-time NCHA record for most money earned in a single
world championship year. The previous record was set by Cash Quixote Rio and Kobie Wood in 1990, with $121,731. Left to right in the photo with Ms Peppy Cat
(aka Rusty): Mike Coleman; Shane Decker; Zack Combs; Pete Branch; Butch Lott; Casey Crouch; and Paul Chalmers.

          s Peppy Cat and Pete Branch didn’t go to Amarillo                    ing Ms Peppy Cat’s winnings, Branch and his assistant, Zack
          to rest on their laurels. They already had the World                 Combs, earned nearly $300,000.
          by the tail with $122,213 - $74,000 more than sec-                        “We didn’t go to one aged event,” noted Branch, who was
ond-placed Magic Ride and Shane Stovall. But on Saturday                       NCHA reserve champion in 1995 on Little Badger Dulce, also
afternoon, the dynamic duo also won the fourth round of the                    owned by the Allsups. “I didn’t even know that you could
NCHA World Finals and put the lid on 2008 with $131,517.                       win that much money on the weekends.”
    Unlike the Open competition, the race for the Non-Pro title                     In a record-breaking year that saw him win most of the
was tighter than a new pair of boots. Just $3,095 separated                    major Stock Show cuttings, Branch counts his first trip to
Candace Barwick, Mary Jo Milner and Stephanie Haymes-                          the Calgary Stampede and his win there as one of the high-
Roven, in that order, before the Finals.                                       lights.
    The lead changed with each go-round, but it was Haymes-                         “She’s just gotten better and stronger all year,” said
Roven, of Los Olivos, CA, with a 229-point performance in                      Branch of 7-year-old Ms Peppy Cat, by High Brow Cat. “Where
the Final round that earned the World Championship, with a                     most horses fade towards the end of the year, she just got
total of $82,723. Barwick claimed reserve with $79,996, while                  better. I think that’s a lot of the reason why she ended up
7-time former champion Milner took third with $76,684.                         breaking the record.”
    Pete Branch and Ms Peppy Cat, owned by Lonnie and                               Gavin Jordan, who topped the $3,000 Novice riding
Barbara Allsup, Clovis, NM, had already claimed the all-time                   Little Dirty Dancer with 226 points, and won the division on
NCHA record for most money earned in a single world cham-                      8-year-old Flowin With Grace with scores of 220 – 221.5 – 220,
pionship year on November 21, 2008, with a year end tally of                   jumping from 12th to sixth in the final standings, topped the
$122,231. The previous record was set by Cash Quixote Rio                      Open Finals with earnings of $17,333 on Tachitas Cat, owned
and Kobie Wood in 1990 with $121,731.                                          by Margot Hazell, Livermore, CA.
    “I started the year with a bunch of green horses and                            Haynes-Roven took advantage of the opportunity to show
they just kept getting better,” said Branch, who picked up                     her husband Chuck’s horses last year, with the goal of earn-
momentum with every major stock show. In the end, includ-                      ing the $35,000 that she needed to be eligible for the NCHA
Left to right: Stephanie Haymes-Roven, Los Olivos, CA, 2008 NCHA Non-Pro World Champion, with her husband Chuck Roven, and Chuck’s horse, A Smart
Little Rey, who scored 229 with Haymes-Roven, in the last round of the World Finals; Norman Clark, Dos Palos, CA, who scored 221 points on CD Olena Peppy,
by CD Olena, to win the final round of the $10,000 Novice Non-Pro division and the show championship.

Left to right: Diane Digino Petersen, Millsap, TX, won the 2008 NCHA $10,000 Novice Non-Pro division riding Fishin For Bizness, by Show Biz Billy; Gavin Jordan
earned the most money during the Open World Finals -$17,333 - riding Tachitas Cat, by High Brow Cat, for Margot Hazell, Livermore, CA.

Non-Pro Hall of Fame.                                 miles, but you meet a lot of wonderful                ing.
    While Hollywood producer Chuck                    people.                                                    Janet Westfall, also of Los Olivos,
Roven was busy working on the block-                      “I give a tremendous amount of                    was the winner of the Non-Pro show
buster movie The Dark Knight, recently                credit to Pete Branch, the open world                 c h a mpion sh ip w it h e a r n i n g s of
nominated for eight Academy Awards,                   champion. We hauled together and I                    $20,738.
Stephanie took to the road with 9-year-               learned so much from him. He was my                        Riding 9-year-old Jeeps Posi Trac-
old A Smart Little Rey, by Dual Rey, her              teacher and my coach. He taught me                    tion, by Genuine Jeep, Westfall came to
Non-Pro mount, and 8-year-old Travs                   how to win and when I didn’t win, he                  Amarillo in 44th place with $7,399, and
Smart Kit, by Kit Dual.                               taught me how to get over it.”                        left ranked seventh in the final stand-
    “It’s been a tremendous experi-                       Haymes-Roven had placed fourth in                 ings.
ence,” said Haymes-Roven, who also                    the 2007 NCHA Non-Pro World stand-                           $10,000 Novice Non-Pro
finished the year ranked second in the                ings with $57,856, primarily riding Ms                Diana Petersen, Millsap, TX, came to
$10,000 Novice Non-Pro division on                    Mimosa, by Freckles Playboy.                          the World Finals with an edge and left
Travs Smart Kit.                                          Ms Mimosa and A Smart Little                      with the World championship title.
    “It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime deal.           Rey were her main mounts in 2008,                          “We came in with a lead and
There’s a lot of sacrifice and a lot of               although it was A Smart Little Rey who                clinched it in the first go-round,” said
                                                      earned the most.                                      Petersen, who won the $10,000 Novice
 Daily Chatter ★ Editor: Sally Harrison                   When Ms Mimosa had to be laid up                  Non-Pro title with $50,927 riding 8-year-
    Contributions, comments, and                      at the first of this year, Haymes-Roven               old Fishin For Bizness, by Show Biz
       suggestions are welcome.                       had “Raymond,” who had been enjoy-                    Billy.
sally@sallyharrison.comGet the latest                 ing R&R in California, legged up for the                   Norman Clark, Dos Palos, CA, won
           news all the time:                         Finals.                                               the show championship on 8-year-old                               “He came to the party for me,” said               CD Olena Peppy, by CD Olena.
                                                      Haymes-Roven of the Dual Rey geld-