Defusing the Bomb Threat by odq14517


									                                        INL TECHNOLOGIES

                    Defusing the
                        Bomb Threat

                                                                Andrews Air Force Base demonstration
                                                                (July 2004) of the IEDS. In the
National Security

                                                                foreground, a truck containing ANFO is
                                                                being interrogated, while the Air Force
                                                                One plane taxis by in the background.


                    Idaho Explosives Detection System - IEDS

                         n the past four years,      In response, INL is develop-    system uses detectors to
                         more than 1,200 people      ing a system that will greatly  identify elements within the
                         have been killed by the     reduce the threat represented   subject cargo that indicate the
                    wanton and willful detonation    by these improvised explosive   presence of explosives. The
                    of explosives hidden in          devices.                        whole process, which is
                    vehicles by terrorists. Around                                   designed to interrogate the
                                                     In collaboration with the
                    the world, explosives-laden                                      vehicle for five minutes, can
                                                     United States Air Force
                    cars and trucks have become                                      detect a fraction of the
                                                     Electronics Systems Center,
                    terrorists’ weapons of choice.                                   explosives used in Oklahoma
                                                     INL engineers have developed
                                                                                     City contained within a
                    This type of weapon is a         an explosive detection
                                                                                     medium-sized vehicle.
                    favored instrument of terror-    system.
                    ists and assassins because                                       The IEDS can be installed at
                                                     Using a technique called
                    these explosive platforms act                                    access control points where
                                                     Pulsed Neutron Analysis, the
                    as their own delivery mecha-                                     entering vehicles can be
                                                     system uses high-energy
                    nisms – able to carry large                                      quickly interrogated. The
                                                     neutron output to cause
                    quantities of explosives                                         driver would park the vehicle
                                                     nuclear excitation of materials
                    without attracting undue         within the vehicle. The INL     Continued next page
                                                              INL TECHNOLOGIES

                                                                           Continued from previous page          Summary IEDS
                                                                           to be inspected within the
                                                                           detection zone of the IEDS            • Ability to increase detection
                                                                           equipment. Once the driver              sensitivity based on threat
                                                                           exits the vehicle, the IEDS             levels
                                                                           process would begin.           • Elimination of detection
                                                                           The patents-pending detection    uncertainties
                                                                           system was developed to assist • Easily modified to integrate
                                                                           security personnel by provid-    technological advances
                                                                           ing them with a tool that
                                                                           allows the quick and accurate  • Robust design with few
                                                                           determination of the presence    moving parts
                                                                           of explosives.                 • Cost-effective
The IEDS equipment can be configured as a self-contained mobile
unit for rapid deployment to remote locations or constructed into a        Through the combination of     • System self-monitors
permanent “Smart Gate” system.                                             rapid neutron interrogation    • Graphical User Interface
                                                                           techniques and the use of high   requires minimal training
                                                                           probability statistical infer-
                                                                           ence, the IEDS has the ability • Resources of a national lab
                                                                           to yield precise determination
                                                                           of the presence of explosives,
                                                                           while minimizing the indica-
                                                                           tion of false positives.

                                                                           Once the vehicle is stationary
                                                                           between the sensors (far left), the
                                                                           array banks move in to optimal
                                                                           scanning range.
               PN04-0088-01-30                     PN04-0088-01-33

 For more information
                                        Key Capabilities                                                  System Components
                                        • Detects explosives:                                             • Neutron generators
Jeff Klinger
                                          – A fraction of the size of those used in                       • Large array of sodium iodide
INL Program Manager
                                            Oklahoma City                                                   (NaI) detectors
                                          – Concealed in any location on a vehicle                                                                                   • Laptop computer
                                          – Within 300 seconds (five minutes)
Edward Reber, Ph.D.                       – such as ANFO, HMX,
Technical Lead                              PETN, RDX, TNT, etc.
208-526-1410                            • Proven technology                    • Operationally safe
                                        • Non-destructive, non-intrusive, non-contact


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