Form 2E01 Complaint for Declaratory Judgment

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					                    Form 2E:01 Complaint for Declaratory Judgment

                         {STYLE OF THE CASE - FORM 1B:01}

                      PLAINTIFF’S ORIGINAL COMPLAINT &

                                          A. Parties

    1.   {For plaintiff designation, see FORM 2B:01.}

    2.   {For defendant designation, see FORM 2B:01.}

     3. {List the parties to the suit and any nonparty who may have a claim or interest
that would be affected by the declaration.}

                                      B. Jurisdiction

    4.   {For statement of jurisdiction, see FORM 2B:02.}

                                          C. Facts

    5. Plaintiff brings this claim for a declaratory judgment under both Federal Rule of
Civil Procedure 57 and 28 U.S.C. §§2201, 2202.

    6. {State the facts giving rise to the dispute and the facts giving rise to the case or
controversy requirement.}

                           D. Count 1 - Declaratory Judgment

    7. {State request for relief, e.g., a declaration that a party or occurrence is covered
under a liability policy.}

    8.   {Explain why declaratory relief is necessary.}

                                          E. Prayer

    9. For these reasons, plaintiff asks for judgment against defendant for the following:

         a.   {State declaratory relief sought.}

         b.   Reasonable attorney fees.

         c.   Costs of court.

         d.   All other relief the court deems appropriate.