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                                  NYAIP PRODUCER CERTIFICATION
                                  INSTRUCTIONS AND PROCEDURES

The rules of the New York Automobile Insurance Plan require that all agents and brokers licensed to
transact automobile insurance business in the State of New York must be certified by the Governing
Committee of the Plan to be qualified to submit applications to the Plan. All producers who wish to place
business with the Plan must therefore certify in writing that: a) they hold a valid New York State agent
and/or brokers license, b) have completed the NYAIP Producer Procedures Course within six months prior
to or within 60 days after the date of their application for certification and c) that they will abide by the
Performance Standards for Producers and the rules and procedures of the Plan. The Producer Procedures
Course shall be only a course approved by the Education Task Force of the Plan.

In order to become certified through the NYAIP, an Application for Certification must be fully completed
and signed as required therein, and returned to the Plan together with a copy of your current license and
certificate of completion of the approved Producer Procedures Course if completed prior to the date of your
application for certification. If you have not completed the course you will have 60 days from the date of
your application, in order to do so. If you are licensed as an entity other than an individual all sub licensees
must sign the application and complete the Producer Procedures Course. You will also be required to
purchase a NYAIP manual or register for the E-Manual by logging on to

To properly complete the Application for Certification, type or print a copy and legibly complete the
applicable sections provided. In order to accommodate the limited space within the Plans system, producers
are required to abbreviate any names in Section I, which exceed 20 characters, including any spaces
between name fields. (Please note: the use of a P.O. Box or Box address is prohibited unless it’s
accompanied by your street address. The NYAIP is unable to accommodate two zip codes therefore if a
P.O. Box or Box is being utilized the zip code must be the same as your physical street address).

Producers who are certified by the Governing Committee after the Plan's receipt of their application, the
copy of their license, order for a NYAIP Manual or e-mail confirmation, and completed course certificate,
will receive an Acknowledgement of Certification from the Plan, which will also indicate the producer's
Certification Number and the effective date of their certification with the NYAIP. (Producers who have not
completed the course at the time of application, will be given temporary certification for 60 days, during
which time they must complete the Producer Procedures Course. Temporary certification will be granted
only if the producer meets all other requirements for certification).

Receipt of the Acknowledgement of Certification will permit the certified producer to 1) register on-line
through the Producer Application Submission System (PASS) to submit applications, temporary bar-coded
ID cards and process other online forms (, producers must also register with Choicepoint
to retrieve MVR’s through the PASS system, (currently only available for Private Passenger PASS) which
is necessary to properly perform as required by the rules of the Plan. Producers are encouraged to provide a
valid e-mail address at the time of registration so they may be able to receive updates and changes
regarding Plan procedures. Upon completion of registration, producers are encouraged to download the
ICCS Contingency ID to use when the PASS system becomes inoperable. If producers do not download the
ICCS software, the Plan will not be able to provide you with ID cards if PASS becomes inoperable 2) to
submit applications to the Plan for insured’s for whom the certified producer is the designated producer of
record and 3) to utilize the Plan’s Electronic Submission fax procedure which will enable producers to
immediately effect coverage on Public, Garage and certain Commercial applications to the Plan. The rules
and procedures applicable to the Plan’s Electronic Submission fax procedure will be distributed to the
individual producer at the time of their certification.

                                            Managed By AIPSO

The issuance of such certification shall not be construed as constituting the certified producer as an agent of
the New York Automobile Insurance Plan or of any carrier to which an applicant of the producer is

The Application for Certification, producer license and course certification and order for a NYAIP Manual
or e-manual confirmation, must be returned to the Plan as soon as possible.

In order to register for the procedures course you may contact either of the following NYAIP course
         Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of NY (IIABNY)            (800) 962-7950
         Or register on line at                                   

         Professional Insurance Agents of NY (PIANY)                               (518) 434-3111 or
                                                                                   (800) 424-4244
         Or register on line at                                          

As a prerequisite to certification, the producer must be a Plan manualholder. If you are not a manual holder,
you can either attach your check in the amount of $55.00 plus your county tax, payable to the New York
Automobile Insurance with the completed order form or register for the e-manual and attach a copy of the
e-manual confirmation, to your Application for Certification. The producer may also purchase the Plan
Manual using a valid major credit card by contacting AIPSO order department at (401) 942-9799. If you
are already a manualholder, indicate on your application the exact name and address under which you are
receiving manual reprints as shown on the mailing label.

All certifications will be continued in effect provided you, the producer, 1) continue to hold a valid agent or
broker's license, 2) abide by the Performance Standards for Producers, 3) attend the Producer Procedures
Course once within every four year period upon acknowledgment of certification and 4) comply with all
other rules and procedures of the New York Automobile Insurance Plan. Copies of renewal license issued
subsequent to the date of certification must therefore be filed with the Plan and any changes to the license
originally filed with the Plan must also be provided to the Plan. Failure to do so will constitute a violation
of the Certification, which could affect your continued eligibility for certification.

Producers who secure a new license after they have been certified must apply to the Plan for certification
under that new license.

Failure to abide by the Performance Standards for Producers or to comply with other Plan rules and
procedures with such frequency as to indicate a general business practice could result in your being referred
to a Peer Review Panel, appointed by the Superintendent of Insurance. (The Peer Review Panel will consist
of four producers and one company representative.) Should your record of non-compliance with the
Performance Standards for Producers and other Plan rules and procedures be such to require your referral
to that panel, or require the automatic suspension of your certification, you will be advised of same and be
given an opportunity to be heard. Referrals of affiliated producers, as defined in Section 11 of the Plan
rules, shall be based on the total complaints of all producers so affiliated. The panel will thereafter make its
recommendation to the Governing Committee to either take no action, or to condition, suspend or revoke
your certification. Should your certification be conditioned, suspended or revoked, you would have the
right to appeal that decision to the Superintendent of Insurance. Please refer to the Producer Certification
Plan of Operations for all applicable procedures, restrictions and criteria. You can obtain a copy from our
web site at .

The revocation of your certification and your affiliates as determined by the Governing Committee,
precludes you from being recognized as producer of record on Plan business, from issuing the Plan’s Bar-
coded ID cards and submitting new business applications to the Plan, utilizing the Plans Electronic
Submission fax procedures, processing endorsements, payments and from obtaining applications and other
supplies from the Plan. The revocation of your certification also precludes you and your affiliates from
receiving commissions on new and renewal policies and on other transactions, which generate a

        commission, and from receiving premium on behalf of the Plan or assigned companies or from handling
        any transactions on behalf of any Plan insured.

        The suspension of your certification and your affiliates precludes you from submitting new business
        application to the Plan and from issuing the Plan’s Bar-coded ID Cards, utilizing PASS and the Plan
        Electronic Submission fax procedures, and from obtaining other supplies from the Plan. The suspension of
        your certification, as determined by the Governing Committee, also precludes you from receiving
        commission on new policies.

        Should a producer who has not been certified, or a producer who has been decertified, continue to submit
        applications to the Plan, while such applications will be assigned, the producer will not be recognized as the
        producer of record and will not be entitled to any commissions payable under such assignments. Producers
        whose certifications are suspended or revoked may also not be entitled to commissions on renewal policies
        or other transactions effective during the suspension or revocation of certification. Any breech of the terms
        of decertification will extend the period of decertification.

        Please note that the implementation of this program does not, in any way, affect the authority of the New
        York Automobile Insurance Plan to restrict your temporary bar-coded ID cards which may be issued to a
        particular producer or to conditionally or otherwise reject applications submitted to the Plan by a particular

                                    NEW YORK AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE PLAN