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					                            Dallas Area Chapter
For Chapters, Service Areas, Biomedical Services Units
       and Armed Forces Emergency Services Stations

• Welcome
• History
   – Mission
   – Fundamental Principles
• Diversity in the Red Cross
• Key Services                    • Dallas Area Chapter
   –   AFES                          – Services Offered
   –   Biomedical Services           – Initiatives/Programs
   –   Disaster Services          • Commitments
   –   Health & Safety Services      – Code of Conduct
   –   International Services        – Intellectual Property
                                  • Summary and Evaluation


          What is your name?
 What brought you to the Red Cross?
What is something interesting about you?

                      Welcome from CEO
           A Word of Welcome
                           Welcome to the American Red Cross – Dallas
                           Area Chapter, one of the most dynamic Red
                           Cross chapters in America.
                           As with any endeavor, this experience will be
                           what you make of it. There are many avenues for
                           volunteering with the Red Cross. We promise to
                           work closely with you to identify the opportunities
                           that best suit your interests and abilities and
                           the needs of those we serve.
                           Thank you for thinking of the Red Cross as you
                           consider ways to serve your community through
Cheryl-Sutterfield Jones   volunteerism, and enjoy your orientation.
CEO Dallas Area Chapter
American Red Cross

                                             Watch video then
                                             Mission Statement
    The Red Cross is an ICON.
    Since its founding in 1881 by visionary leader Clara Barton, the American Red Cross has
        been the nation's premier emergency response organization.

    As part of a worldwide movement that offers neutral humanitarian care to the victims of
        war, the American Red Cross distinguishes itself by also aiding victims of devastating
        natural disasters.

    Today, in addition to domestic disaster relief, we offer services in blood collection,
        armed forces, international disaster relief and preparedness, health and safety,

              Our Mission

The American Red Cross, a humanitarian
organization led by volunteers and guided by
its Congressional Charter and the
Fundamental Principles of the International
Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to
victims of disasters and help people prevent,
prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

                         The Fundamental Principles
     The Fundamental Principles
Volunteers are expected to adhere to the Fundamental Principles of
the International Red Cross Movement: We will now spend a few
minutes learning about each of those principles.

                          We protect life and health and respect all
   • Humanity -           people in an attempt to alleviate human

                           We don’t discriminate in our assistance;
   • Impartiality-         we give help based on needs, not on
                           nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or
                           political opinions..

   • Neutrality-           We don’t take sides in hostilities or
                           engage in controversies.

                                       Fundamentals continued
   The Fundamental Principles
• Independence
    National societies must maintain some level of independence from the
    governments of their countries. Governments by their very nature have
    political agendas, and a national society can’t remain neutral if it is a part of
    the government.
• Voluntary Service -
    We are not prompted by desire for any gain.

• Unity -
    There is only one national society in any country.

• Universality -
       All national societies are equal and share responsibility
       for helping worldwide.

                                           Definition of Diversity
       Our Purpose: What We Do

    We empower people to perform extraordinary
         acts in the face of emergencies

          We Empower People To
                    Provide food,
                     shelter and
Help save a life                      Step up and help
                   comfort to those
  by giving of                         individuals in
                   driven from home
   themselves                            emergency
                    by a disaster


Provide hope and                        Prevent and
 help to people     Reach out and      protect their
in crisis around     connect in       loved ones and
    the world          urgent         fellow man from
                     situations         disastrous
Definition of Total Diversity

             The collective
             differences and
             similarities of our
             governance, volunteers,
             employees and the
             programs and services
             we provide.

                  Dimensions of Diversity
     Dimensions of Diversity

Age              Religion                   Personality
Disabilities     Experiences                Talents
Gender           Income Level               Family
Language         Education                  Skills
Race/Ethnicity   Sexual                     Style

                            Diversity In People
        Diversity in People
• People
• Programs
• Services

                    Diversity in Programs
       Diversity in Programs
• People
• Programs
• Services

                    Diversity in Services
        Diversity in Services
• People
• Programs
• Services

                       Key Services
               Key Services

•   Service to Armed Forces (SAF)
•   Biomedical Services
•   Disaster Services
•   Health & Safety Services
•   International Services (not currently
    recruiting for this service as of December 2008)

                                      Led by Volunteers
         Led by Volunteers

How many employees nationwide?
How many volunteers?

                          Volunteer Policies
          Volunteer Policies
Let’s take a few minutes to turn in your handbooks to
pages 7and 8. We will look closely at the following

Definition of an American Red Cross Volunteer

Volunteer and Employee Roles and Relationships

What You Can Expect as a Red Cross Volunteer

What You Can Expect the Dallas Area Chapter to
Provide You

                                   12 County Area
12 County Service Area

              Dallas Area Chapter
              Volunteer Opportunities
       Volunteer Opportunities
•   Financial Development
•   Communications & Marketing
•   Emergency Planning & Partner Services
•   Emergency Response & Recovery
•   Health & Safety
•   Volunteer Management/Human Resource

                            Financial Development
                      Financial Development
Raises funds from a variety of sources, including trusts/foundations, corporate,
   individuals and events.

Volunteer Opportunities
Donor Appreciation Specialist
Shelter Tour Guide
Donor Relations Coordinator
Online Communications & Data

                                               Communication &
             Communications and Marketing

Maintains effective marketing strategies
for the Dallas Area Chapter throughout its
service areas and relays information to
the public through media outlets.

Volunteer Opportunities
Feature Writer
Music Composer

                                             Response &
               Emergency Response & Recovery
      Responds to disasters, provides relief to the victims of disaster by providing
      shelter, food, health and mental health services to address basic human
      The American Red Cross is also dedicated in supporting our troops and
      their families. If you are as well then maybe volunteering in the Armed
      Forces Emergency Services department would be the place for you.

   Volunteer Opportunities
Disaster Action Team Member
Military Entrance Processing Station
Disaster Caseworker/Intake worker
Disaster Mental Health
Disaster Health Services

                                                      and Training
        Emergency Planning & Partner Services
   Develops, maintains and distributes the Dallas Area Chapter emergency
   Response Plan. The plan illustrates the disaster response capabilities of the
   chapter. In addition, this department works in conjunction with governmental
   officials to ensure the Dallas Area Chapter and other agencies work

Volunteering Opportunities
Partner Services Liaison

                                                    Staff Services
                             Staff Services
   Staff Services is responsible for the recruitment of volunteers and
   management of all HR responsibilities for the Dallas Area Chapter.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Mentor
Project Manager
Orientation Facilitator
Community Liaison
Volunteer Exit Interviewer
Production Room

                                                 Blood Services
                             Blood Services
    The Blood Services division of the Red Cross recruits blood donors for
    medical purposes.

Volunteer Opportunities
Drivers are needed to deliver blood to local
Greeters are needed to welcome blood
Canteen Hosts operate the post-donation
juice and snack station

                                                 Conduct policies
      Conduct Policies

Harassment Free Workplace

Violence Free Work Environment

Fair Hearing

           Concern Connection Line

• The Concern Connection Line is a
  worldwide, 24-hour, anonymous,
  confidential, toll-free hot line. I provides a
  mechanism for reporting concerns or
  questions regarding, illegal, unsafe, or
  unethical conduct that is observed or
  discovered within the organization.

                              Dress Code
               Dress Code

Appropriately dressed volunteers add to the
 overall credibility of the Red Cross and
 display a sense of confidence to the
 American public.

Let’s take a look on page 30 of the
  handbook to view appropriate guidelines.

                           Current Initaitives
         Current Initiatives/Programs

• Red Cross Clubs (Youth)
• Be Red Cross Ready
• Ready When the Time Comes
  – (Corporations/Businesses)

                                Code of Conduct
              Code of Conduct
• Red Cross expects its staff to maintain the highest
  standard of conduct.
• Employees are expected to work for the best
  interest of the organization and exhibit behavior
  which reflects positively on themselves and the
• Every Red Cross employee and volunteer is
  required to sign the Code of Conduct Certification
  and Disclosure.

                                 Confidential Info and
                                 Property Agreement
   Confidential Information &
Intellectual Property Agreement
• Red Cross has sole entitlement and copyrights to any
  intellectual property that is conceived or developed
  by staff or agents during the course of employment or
  service to the Red Cross.
• Intellectual property includes inventions, discoveries,
  and original works of authorship as defined by US
  patent, trademark, and copyright law.
• Every Red Cross employee and volunteer is required
  to sign an agreement.

                                 Summary and Evaluations
                                  We Are


     Committed,          Compassionate,     Authentic, honest,
     dedicated,                                                   Reliable,
                        sensitive, kind,     straightforward,    responsible,
 inspired, earnest,      down-to-earth,       real, sincere
      dynamic                                                     credible,
                           accessible                            believable,
           We Are Called To


When emergencies strike, lives can suddenly
take a different path. When you rise to meet the
challenge, everyone’s life begins changing for
the better—including your own.
          We Are One Red Cross
The American Red Cross empowers ordinary people to
perform extraordinary acts in emergency situations. We
train. We mobilize. We connect donors and volunteers to
those in urgent need of a helping hand. Whether it is a
hurricane or a heart attack; a call for blood or a call for help,
the American Red Cross is there. Last year in our
community, because of people like you we were able to
directly impact more than 100,000 lives across North Texas.

Together, we can transform a life in crisis into a life of hope.
Summary & Evaluation