2009 Summer Field Trips by bak27323


									Volume 10, Issue 1
Summer 2009

                                              2009 Summer Field Trips
                                                         We're coming to the end of the school year, and that
                                                         means another fun-filled summer field trip schedule
Youth Go is a voluntary,                                 has been finalized. The summer will kick off with our
youth directed, suppor-                                  traditional visit to Gordy Bubolz's Wakeboarding
tive community which                                     Camp, and include popular destinations such
offers youth opportuni-                                  as Bay Beach, Mt. Olympus, Wolf River Tubing, and
ties to learn, grow and                                  Great America. This year our annual Timber Rattlers
                                                         game is even more special now that the Rattlers
feel comfortable with
                               are the Class A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers! There are three new ad-
themselves and others.         ditions this year with stops planned at the Milwaukee Public Museum, New
                               Zoo in Green Bay, and Ledge View Nature Center where we will get to do
                               some cave exploration. If this summer is anything like the last we are in
                               store for three months filled with excitement and memories that will last a
                               lifetime. As always, full and partial scholarships are available for all field
  Inside this issue:           trips except Great America. Permission slips are available at Youth Go or
                               on our website at www.youthgo.org. Contact Timothy with any questions or
  Brewer Game              2

  Peer Discussion Groups   2                Youth Go’s Summer Shuttle
  2009 Awards              2   Lately we have discovered that one of the biggest obstacles that prevents
                               youth from attending Youth Go on a regular basis is transportation. This
                               summer we are work-
  Spring Break Service     3   ing to help to eliminate
  Trip to Kentucky
                               that obstacle for some
                               area youth. We are
  Summer Dates to          4   setting up “Youth Go’s
   Remember                    Summer Shuttle.” We
                               plan to have sites set
                               up in Neenah and Me-
See the insert for:            nasha to help provide
• Continuing Education         an easier way for
          Scholarships         youth to get to Youth
• Funding Highlights           Go. Our plans are for
• Mary Kay Mother’s Day        the shuttle to run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Transpor-
• EAA Fundraiser               tation sites are still being ironed out but we plan to have all the details fig-
• The Throwdown in Go-Town     ured out by June 1st. Permission slips will be available at Youth Go or on
          (Youth Column)       our website. Please check out www.youthgo.org for updated information.
•    Human Race Fundraiser
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                                             Youth Go Experiences America’s
                                                    Favorite Pastime
                                                                       Youth Go received 14 tickets from the
                                                                       Brewer’s Buddies Program and was able to
                                                                       take 12 youth to see the Milwaukee Brewers
                                                                       defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thurs-
                                                                       day, April 30th. A big thank you to the
                                                                       Brewer’s Buddies Program!
                                                                       “It was great going to Miller Park and being
                                                                       able to see an amazing baseball game. This
                                         Youth At Miller Park          was my first game and hopefully not my
                                                                       last.” (James, 18)

                                                     Peer Discussion Groups
                                Providing support and positive feedback to youth in times of need if something that
                                Youth Go finds very important. G.E.M.S. and J.A.M.S. offer just that. G.E.M.S.
                                (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully) is a discussion group for girls and
                                J.A.M.S.(Juggling Adolescent Male Situations) is a discussion group that focuses on
                                male issues. These groups meet once a week from the months of January-March and
    ...groups allow youth to    again from July-September. These peer discussion groups allow youth to talk freely,
   talk freely, ask questions   ask questions, and receive support for ongoing issues they are faced with daily. These
    and receive support for     groups are facilitated by Meredith Imler, Support and Wellness Coordinator and Timo-
        ongoing issues....      thy Chappa, Recreation Coordinator. During the last three month session G.E.M.S. met
                                10 times with 4-5 participants and the focus was “Self Esteem;Learning to love one's
                                self.” J.A.M.S. also met 10 times with 4-5 participants and the focus was, “Building
                                Positive Relationships.” The next session will kick off the first week in July with new
                                and exciting topics. Please see Meredith or Timothy with any questions. Participating
                                in these groups not only helps youth learn and grow but also helps them make better
                                life choices. Join us for G.E.M.S. and J.A.M.S.!!

                                                          Awards Ceremony
                                Youth Go celebrated it’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on March 19th at the
                                Holiday Inn Neenah Riverwalk. This evening is always very special; it gives us a
                                chance to recognize our youth for their growth, their accomplishments, and their char-
                                acter. 205 youth, families, board members, volunteers, and friends were in attendance
                                to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and commemorate Youth Go’s 40th Anni-
                                                       versary. Board Members, volunteers, donors, and past and pre-
                                                       sent staff were also recognized for their commitment and love
                                                       for Youth Go. The Youth Board also prepared a very heart felt
                                                       presentation and gift for the staff.
                                                       Time Warner Cable was recognized at the 2008 “Friend of
                                                       Youth Go” for their continued support of Youth Go and our
                                                       Haunted House. Jim Webb, Jr. received the James McDonald
                                                       Award. Kathy VanderVelden received the Kelly Hicks Spirit
                                                       Award. A complete list of youth award winners can be found on
                  Youth Go staff                       the website.
Volume 10, Issue 1                                                                                                Page 3

      Spring Break Service Trip to Kentucky
Youth Go took it’s 3rd Annual Spring Break Service Trip to Kentucky in April.
Eight youth were selected and immediately got started planning and fundraising for
the trip. After writing grants, sending out letters to friends and family and making       A special thank you to the
puppy chow and caramel corn, the youth helped raise over $2800. On April 11th we             following people and
travelled to Jackson County, Kentucky to volunteer with the Christian Appalachian        organizations that helped make
Project. We joined two other high school groups for the second week of YouthFest.               this trip possible:
Our group was assigned to the Elderly Respite Program and we spent our week                Donald and Mildred Adams
working on the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gabbard. We built a 60 foot long handicap             Richard and Carolyn Carlson
ramp and a roof over their porch. I am so very proud of the eight youth that I was               Richard Evers
able to take on this trip. They worked hard, they were incredibly respectful to eve-      Ellis and Marjorie Ohlrogge
ryone that they came in contact with, and they touched the lives of a couple in need.           Laura Meverden
                                                                                           Ron and Katherine Roberts
                                                                                            Kiwanis Club of Neenah-
                                                                                                Neenah Rotary

                          Mr. Gabbard and new friends

Here are some words from Kari, one of the youth that went on the trip.
“Kentucky for me was simply amazing. It was a great experience. The car ride
down there was fun. We talked and listened to music. We got there we un-
packed and took a tour of camp AJ. Then we had a pillow fight, girls against
guys. The girls totally won. We were all nervous to meet the other groups, but they
were awesome and we have been keeping in contact with them. They live in Wash-
ington D.C. and Maryland. For the Gabbard’s we made the wheel chair ramp and
roof over. It was hard for him to say but we knew our work made a great difference
to him and his wife. They were happy with our progress everyday. Their visits
started slowly because we didn’t know them that well. But when we all got used
to each other, we all really connected. Mr. Gabbard had some great stories of his        “It was hard for him to say
childhood and his sons and daughter. He was very nice and gave all the girls ap-            but we knew our work
ples and Lizz got a peach. It was really hard to leave them after connecting with        made a great difference .”
them. Our group times were fun and we got affirmations. I loved them all. On this
trip I realized that I’m both a leader and a follower. Before I thought I was just a
follower. I learned that I can help people in anyway as long as I try. I also realized
that everyone goes through life wondering what to do sometimes but with help and
someone to listen to it can make things a lot better. Our group times were fun and
we got affirmations. I loved them all. To end the trip, Drew and Kelly took us to
Medieval Times and we couldn't eat with utensils, they had people dress up and
horses do tricks. So I had an amazing time in Kentucky. I'm really excited to go next
year and hopefully to work with a nice family like the Gabbard's.”
                                                                                   NON PROFIT ORG.

     Youth Go                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE

  213 Nicolet Blvd                                                                    PAID
  Neenah, WI 54956
                                                                                  MENASHA, WI 54952
   Phone: 920-722-1435
                                                                                     PERMIT #111
    Fax: 920-720-3104
E-mail: youthgo@new.rr.com

Celebrating the value
     of all youth


                                           Summer Dates to Remember
                             May 25th – Center Closed for Memorial Day

                             June 7th – Brat Fry at Krueger’s True Value from 10am-4pm

                             June 17th – Backlot BBQ Family Night from 6-8pm Come on down for
                                        dinner and games in the backlot! Join us rain or shine!

                             July 2nd – Center Closed

                             July 18th – Brat Fry at Krueger’s True Value from 10am-4pm

                             July 27th, 28th, 29th, and 31st – EAA fundraiser

                             August 15th—Brat Fry at Krueger’s True Value from 10am-4pm

                             August 18th – Doty Park Picnic Family Night from 6:00-8:30pm
                                          Meet us at Doty Park for dinner, partner games, and ice cream!
                              Continuing Education Scholarships
    Victor Velazquez                                                                   Angela “Shorty” Mykel

Thanks to the continued support of the Myra M. & Robert L. Vandeyhey Foundation within the Community Foun-
dation for the Fox Valley Region, Youth Go was able to award two $1000 Continuing Education Scholarships at
our Annual Awards Banquet. Angela “Shorty” Mykel has been coming to Youth Go for over 7 years. She is plan-
ning on pursuing human services or photography. Victor Velazquez is planning on attending Fox Valley Technical
College and would like to work in broadcasting.
We were also able to award a $500 scholarship funded by the Neenah Police Benevolent Association to a former
Youth Go participant who has stayed connected with Youth Go through volunteering and who will be starting their
second year in college. Nickole Evers, who is currently attending University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley, was se-
lected to receive this new scholarship.

                                           Funding Highlights
Youth Go would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for grants received from December 2008-May

•    St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Community Foundation - $2000 for Men’s and Women’s Fitness Clubs
•    Schmerein Family Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region - $15,000 contri-
     bution for General Operating Support
•    Kimberly Clark Corporation – Gay and Lesbian Employee Network (GLEN) - $1000 for General Operat-
     ing Support
•    Myra M. & Robert L. Vandehey Foudation, within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Re-
     gion - $3750 for tutoring programs through our Education Program and $3000 for Continuing Education
•    Green Bay Packer Foundation - $1000 for S.T. A. R. Family Nights
•    Musil Family Foundation within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region - $2200 for
     S.T.A.R. Family Nights and $1000 for kitchen updates
•    Kimberly Clark Corporation - $4000 for Support and Wellness Programming
•    Neenah Rotary - $1250 for our Spring Break Service Trip to Kentucky and $1250 for S.T.A. R. Family
•    J.J. Keller Foundation - $10,000 for Education Programming
•    Nike - $1000 for Recreation Programming
•    Schmidt Family G4 Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region - $5000 for Gen-
     eral Operating Support

        Mary Kay Mother’s Day
Youth Go would like to extend an extra special
“thank you” to Dawn Yunk-Gohlke, Executive
Director of Best Friends. Four of our girls were
able to bring a special woman in their life for a
Mary Kay make over for Mother’s Day. Thanks
                                  Upcoming EAA Fundraiser
July 27th, 28th, 29th and 31st – Fundraising Opportunity!
We’ll be assisting with the parking effort at EAA again this year and we need your help. The shifts start
6am and end by 4pm. All volunteers for this fundraiser must be 14 years old. Volunteers will receive
snacks, lunch, refreshments and a pass into EAA after their shift. This is a great chance to get involved
and help out Youth Go! The more people that we have assist with this effort, the more money we are
able to raise for Youth Go. If you are a youth, a parent, a volunteer, or a supporter or Youth Go, please
consider joining us for a shift! Contact Timothy at 722-1435 or timothy-youthgo@new.rr.com for more
information or to sign up to help!

                                         Human Race 2009

Youth Go participated in the Human Race on Saturday, May 2nd. Our group showed up full of spirit and
dressed in style. We had a total of 28 walkers in our group and the day was great! The kids alone raised
$486.15 by going door to door and through a change war. We turned in about $1000 but the final fund-
raising numbers won’t be announced until the check presentation on June 11th. Thanks for helping make
this year another success…thank you to those who pledged our walkers and those who were there to
walk with us!

                    Youth Column – “The Throw Down in Go-town
                          What is your FAVORITE thing about Youth Go?

“The staff and how they make everything fun.” -Cody, 18
“Learning to have a positive attitude and energy.” -Andrew, 16
“There really isn’t just ONE thing about Youth Go I love…but if I had to choose…it would be that “I’m
at home feeling,” the feeling of belonging.” -Lizz, 18
“Everything.” -Jordan, 16
“I always feel like I belong here. Youth Go has always had a place in my heart and always will. Every-
one always has such high spirits. I can come here after a bad day and feel 100% once again by the end
of the night. The day I’m no longer allowed to be a Youth Go participant is not a day I look forward to.”
-Angela, 19
“There is always something to do and someone to talk to. This is truly one of the best ideas/places ever!
-Spencer, 15
“Everything is amazing at Youth Go because we have awesome staff to make it awesome!!” -Breanne,
“I come because it is like a little second home of mine and so I can meet new friends.” -Chelsea, 12

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