The world's largest events on Energy Harvesting by lee92256


									26–27 May 2010, Munich, Germany
With optional tours and masterclasses on 25 & 28 May

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The world’s largest events on Energy Harvesting
& Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS
                                                                    Speakers include:

  Hear end user requirements
  from the following industries:
  Oil & Gas, manufacturing, healthcare
  Buildings, construction and metering
  Consumer electronics                             Positive logo

  Automotive and aerospace

  Learn about the latest technology
  progress including:
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  Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and RTLS
  Ultra low power electronics
  Piezoelectric, electrodynamic, thermal,
photovoltaic, EM and bio energy harvesters
  Thin film batteries, supercapacitors and other
energy storage                                                                     Open Innovation by IMEC and TNO

  WSN powered by energy harvesters
  Market forecasts and territorial progress

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  Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS 2010
  26–27 May | Munich, Germany

      Very good presentations. Highly relevant speakers and exhibits
      by current leaders.
            V V Rama Rao, Infronics Systems

      Overall, this has been the most well rounded conference to date.
            Roger Nessen, ITT

      End user testimonies and technology presentations are well
      balanced allowing to get highly interesting information.
            Dr Fabrice Roudet, Schneider Electric

  Why Attend?

Energy harvesting is the creation of electricity from                  technologies relating to WSN, Active RFID and Real Time
ambient energy to make small electrical and electronic                 Locating Systems (RTLS), as well as energy harvesting
devices self sufficient, often for decades. It is part of the          technologies including piezoelectric, thermoelectric,
green revolution and a huge new industry in the making.                electrodynamic, bioelectric and photovoltaic types. The
It is of particular interest to those involved in Wireless             latest progress with wireless power, energy storage, and
Sensor Network (WSN) systems, where battery life is                    ultra low power integrated circuits and the new printed
the biggest constraint in deploying these systems but it               electronics is covered.
is also applicable to consumer electronics, automotive,
aerospace and military applications.                                   Prospective users will be meeting many suppliers
                                                                       and deals will be done. A multibillion dollar market is
This event brings the whole topic together for you, with               emerging that will progress from “no batteries, no wires,
IDTechEx co-locating two relevant events so you have                   no hassle” in building controls and industry to add uses in
access to all the suppliers and customers. The emphasis                e-labels and e-packaging and many new consumer goods.
is on needs, markets, best practice and technology                     All will be covered in this comprehensive international
progress. The first day of the programme is dedicated                  event with its combined conferences, exhibition, optional
to end user requirements and needs, with organisations                 Masterclasses and visits to local centres of excellence
such as Northrop Grumman, Saudi Aramco, Rolls-Royce,                   in the subject. This event is the third IDTechEx event on
EADS, NASA, French rail transit SNCF, US Military                      the topic, and the world’s largest. It is unmissable for
SPAWAR and many more discussing their progress                         those wishing to commercialise the technology and those
and requirements from a range of industry verticals.                   wishing to use it to transform their business and products.
Following this are presentations covering the full range of

  Event Agenda

   Conference                                          Tours                                    Awards
The two day conference combines                     The tours offer a rare chance to         The IDTechEx Awards recognise
end-user presentations and those                    visit the leading organisations in       achievement in the development and
detailing the latest technology                     and around Munich and to see for         implementation of the technologies;
developments, standards progress                    yourself the progress being made in      the awards will be presented at the
and new products.                                   these high-potential technologies.       Awards Dinner.

   Masterclasses                                       Exhibition                                Networking
Six Masterclasses held either                       The exhibition houses the key            The event offers networking
side of the main conference will                    suppliers to the wireless sensing and    opportunities during the exhibition,
provide the opportunity to explore                  locating, energy storage and energy      at the Awards Dinner, the Tours,
the technologies, markets and                       harvesting sectors.                      Masterclasses and before the
applications in an interactive                                                               conference through IDTechEx’s online
environment.                                                                                 networking feature.


                                                                        Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS 2010
                                                                                                   Masterclasses | 25 & 28 May

                 These six optional expert-led Masterclasses are interactive consultancy sessions. At each Masterclass you will have
                 the chance to handle many samples, have your specific questions answered by impartial experts, and take away printed
                 copies of presentations.

                    Morning                                                                    Afternoon

                                                                                                                                                                   Tuesday 25 May
                     Masterclass 1                                                             Masterclass 3
Tuesday 25 May

                     Introduction to Energy Harvesting for Small                               Wireless Sensor Networks, RTLS and Active RFID
                     Electronic Devices                                                        This Masterclass introduces the science, the markets and
                     Energy harvesting is the use of technologies to generate                  ten year forecasts for Active RFID including:
                     electricity from the environment, which can be used                       » Different types of active tag systems, their cost structure,
                     to power electronics and electrics. This Masterclass                        advantages and disadvantages over passive alternatives
                     covers all the technologies involved including mechanical                 » Differences between active RFID technologies
                     harvesters (which can work from electrostatic,                            » What the leading suppliers and users are doing
                     piezoelectric and electromagnetic movement), light,                       » Who is landing the biggest orders and from whom; in
                     thermal, EM transmission and human, explores how they                       which ‘hot’ countries and applicational sectors?
                     work, their strengths and weaknesses, relative costs and                  » Lessons of success and failure; key challenges and
                     developments paths. The leading developers are given as                     which industries are early adopters?
                     are market needs and IDTechEx forecasts.                                  » Forecasts - are hundreds of billions of sensing tags in
                                                                                                 prospect - for what?

                     Same as Masterclass 1 but held in German
                                                                                               Masterclass 4
                     Masterclass 2                                                             Photovoltaics: Technologies, Markets, Progress
                     Einführung in Energy Harvesting für elektronische                         This Masterclass gives an overall picture of photovoltaic
                                                                                               technologies and covers:
                                                                                               » Photovoltaics: Basic principles and operation
                                                                                               » In depth discussion on specific technologies:
                                                                                                 » Organic and hybrid organic/inorganic photovoltaics
                                                                                                 » Dye-sensitised solar cells
                                                                                                 » Thin film technologies (amorphous silicon, CdTe, CIGS)
                                                                                                 » III-V/ II-VI multijunctions
                                                                                               » Advances/ cutting edge applications
                     Masterclass 5
Friday 28 May

                                                                                               » Market analysis with ten year forecasts
                     Introduction to Printed Electronics
                     Explore the challenges, opportunities, technologies and
                     markets of printed electronics including:

                                                                                                                                                                   Friday 28 May
                     » What is printed electronics? What are the main                          Masterclass 6
                       applications now and in the future?                                     Energy Storage
                     » Lessons to be learnt from early successes and failures                  This Masterclass assesses the options for energy storage,
                     » The need for printed electronics; key markets that need                 looking at the range of batteries, their relative strengths,
                       printed electronics and the creation of new markets                     weaknesses, costs and roadmaps. Thin film, flexible
                     » Assessment of technologies, companies, strategies and                   batteries to secondary batteries are covered. Battery
                       progress so far, including thin film transistor circuits,               technology has not kept up with the development of energy
                       displays, sensors, batteries and conductive inks                        harvesters, and the challenges and needs are explained.
                     » Manufacturing techniques                                                The Masterclass looks at other options such as super and
                     » Challenges and the roadmap to the full printed                          ultra capacitors and super-cabatteries. Details of players
                       electronics toolkit                                                     are given as is global progress and market forecasts.
                     » Ten year forecasts

                   Tours                                                                                                                         25 & 28 May

                 On 25 and 28 May IDTechEx will host visits to local organisations developing or implementing energy harvesting or wireless sensing and locating
                 technologies. If you would like to attend one of the tours please email Corinne Jennings at
                                         EnOcean GmbH is the originator of                                       Fraunhofer Institute IZM (Reliability and
                                         patented self-powered wireless technology.                              Microintegration). The Polytronics System
                                         Headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich,                               Department of IZM, Munich, develops
                                         the company manufactures and markets                                    components and hetero-integration
                 maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for use in buildings and       technologies for “Large Area Electronics“, especially for ‘ubiquitous
                 industrial installations.                                                 systems’ by integrating e.g. electronics and sensors, batteries or
                                                                                           microfluidic systems.

                         (UK) +44 (0)1223 813 703                 (GERMANY) +49 351 65 888 313                       (USA) +1 617 577 7890
Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS 2010
Agenda | 26–27 May

End User Case Studies and Needs                                                          Wireless Sensor Networks,
This event features many end users from different industry verticals                     Active RFID and RTLS
discussing their needs and experiences with the technology.
                                                                                         Dust Networks, United States
Gain unrivalled insight into these organisations and industries.                         Ms Joy Weiss, President and CEO
                                                                                         Wireless RTLS Mesh Networks:
Oil, Gas and Metering                     Military                                       No Wires Required

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia                SPAWAR Systems Centre                          University of Lubeck, Germany
Mr Abdullah Al-Nufaii                                                                    Professor Stefan Fischer, Institute of
                                          San Diego, United States                       Telematics
Wireless Sensor Networks                  Dr Richard Waters, Fabrications Manager
                                                                                         European Project WISEBED:
Applications in Oil and Gas               Highly Efficient Kinetic Energy
                                                                                         Providing a Testbed for Sensor
Plants: A Case Study                      Harvesters for WSN and
                                                                                         Network Technologies
                                          Thoughts on Miniaturization
PRI Ltd, United Kingdom
Mr Kaushik Ghosh, Group Vice President                                                   ZigBee Alliance, France
                                          Northrop Grumman,                              Dr Gilles Thonet, Manager of ZigBee
– Technology
                                          United States                                  Excellence Center
Smart Metering: Challenges                Mr Sam McClintock, Sr. Program                 ZigBee: The Wireless
and Opportunities for the                 Manager
                                                                                         Technology for Sensor and
Energy Harvesting and WSN                 RFID and Wireless
                                                                                         Control Networks
Technologies                              Infrastructure: Deployments,
                                          Intersections, and Impacts                     IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, Austria
                                                                                         Mr Gerhard Schedler, Managing Director
Transportation                                                                           Case Study: How RTLS
                                          Aerospace                                      Immediately Enhanced
SNCF, France                                                                             Efficiency and Increased Quality
Miss Oriane Gatin, Wireless               NASA, United States
Telecommunication Project Manager         Dr Thierry Caillat, Principal Member of
                                                                                         in a Tyre Manufacturing Plant
Mr Benjamin L’henoret, Research Project   the Technical Staff
                                                                                         DecaWave, Ireland
Manager                                   High-Temperature                               Mr Ciaran Connell, CEO
WSN and Energy Harvesting                 Thermoelectrics: From Space to                 ScenSor: An IEEE802.15.4a
Opportunities for Railway                 Terrestrial Waste Heat Recovery                Compliant Chip Creates a True
Applications                              Applications                                   Disruption in RTLS and WSN
Rolls-Royce Control and                   EADS Innovation Works,                         Markets
Systems UTC, United Kingdom               Germany                                        Jennic, United Kingdom
Professor Haydn Thompson, Programme       Professor Thomas Becker, Manager               Mr Colin Faulkner, Business
                                          Enabling Wireless Sensor                       Development Manager – ZigBee
Energy Harvesting and                     Nodes in Aircrafts by Energy                   Active RFID Applications using
Wireless Sensor Research in               Harvesting                                     IEEE 802.15.4
the Rolls-Royce Control and
Systems Engineering University
Technology Centre                         Energy Harvesting                              Breakthrough in Batteries
NYK Line, Japan                           Applications and
                                                                                         Technion, Israel
Mr. Ryohei Sato, Researcher, R&D          Payback Assessment                             Associate Professor Yair Ein-Eli
Business Development Office
                                                                                         Si-Air Batteries
“Active RFID + Display +                  IDTechEx, United Kingdom
Location” for Automotive                  Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman                      Infinite Power Solutions,
Logistics                                 The Glamorous World of Energy                  United States
                                          Harvesting                                     Mr Richard Percival, Director Worldwide
Harvesting Energy from                    Beckhoff Automation, Germany                   INFINERGY MPM - Practical
                                          Mr Michel Matuschke, Dipl Ing                  Results from Customer Case
Human Motion
                                          Integration of Wireless Systems                Studies
Pavegen, United Kingdom                   in the Automation World
                                                                                         Tadiran Batteries, Germany
Mr Laurence Kemball-Cook, Managing
                                                                                         Dr Thomas Dittrich, Application
Footfall Energy Harvesting
                                          Energy Harvesting in Vehicles                  Engineering
                                                                                         Lithium Batteries for Wireless
                                          Continental Automotive GmbH,                   Sensor Networks
                                          Mr Dieter Wagner, Principal Technical Expert
                                          The Rolling Power Plant -
                                          Energy Harvesting in Tyres

Energy Harvesting Powered                  Photovoltaics                                Progress with Piezoelectric
Wireless Sensors                                                                        Energy Harvesters
                                           IDTechEx, United Kingdom
                                           Dr Harry Zervos, Technology Analyst
National Physical Laboratory,                                                            Prince of Songkla University,
United Kingdom                             Photovoltaics for Small Devices               Thailand
Mr Robert Elliott, Business Development    - Technology and Market                       Dr Nantakan Muensit, Associate
Manager                                    Appraisal                                     Professor of Materials Physics
Working with Industry to Create                                                          Applications of Piezo and
                                           Konarka Technologies,
New Ideas and Opportunities                                                              Pyroelectric Materials as
                                                                                         Microsources of Energy
EnOcean GmbH, Germany                      Dr Jens Hauch, Director of R&D
Mr Armin Anders, Co-Founder & VP of        Operations                                    Harvesting
Product Marketing                          Organic Photovoltaics – Entering              Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S,
EnOcean - Integrated Approach              the Energy Landscape                          MEGGITT, Denmark
for Energy Harvesting Wireless                                                           Dr Tomasz Zawada, Manager
                                           Passive RFID Sensors                          High Coupling Piezoelectric
Thermoelectric Energy                                                                    Thick Film Materials
Harvesters                                 General Electric, United States               University of Southampton,
                                           Dr Radislav Potyrailo, Principal Scientist
                                                                                         United Kingdom
Schneider Electric, France                 Passive 16-Bit Resolution RFID                Dr Steve Beeby, Reader
Dr Fabrice Roudet, Technical Project       Sensors for Gases and Liquids                 Strategies for Increasing the
Leader                                                                                   Bandwidth of Vibration Energy
                                           PriMeBits, Germany
ZigBee Wireless Temperature                Dr Andreas Schaller                           Harvesters
Sensor Energized by a Thermo               Mildew Watch Dog - A Passive
Generator                                                                                Fraunhofer Institute
                                           Wireless Sensor Solution
                                                                                         for Ceramic Technologies
                                           Ensuring a Healthy
                                                                                         and Systems (IKTS), Germany
Energy Harvesting                          CO2-Compliant Home                            Mr Thomas Rödig
Technology Overview                                                                      Smart Ceramics for Energy
                                           Ultra Low Power Devices                       Harvesting
IMEC/Holst Centre, Netherlands
Dr Ruud Vullers, Principal Researcher
and Program Manager
                                           Philips, United Kingdom                      Energy Harvesting Powered
                                           Dr Leo Poll, Business Development
Opportunities and Challenges of            Officer                                      Consumer Electronics
MEMS-based Energy Harvesters               Wireless Communication
                                           without Batteries - Pushing the               Arveni, France
                                                                                         Mr Jean-Frederic Martin, Founder
Displays Suitable for Energy               Boundaries of Physics?
                                                                                         Piezo Energy Harvesting:
Harvesters                                 Texas Instruments, Germany                    A Glance on High Efficiency
                                           Horst Diewald, Chief Architect MSP430
ADT, Germany                               MCUs
Dr Frank Bartels, Business Director        Energy Harvesting Challenges
“No Power” Electrowetting                  for Future Ultra-Low Power                   Power Management
Display Technology                         Micro Controllers
                                                                                         Fraunhofer Institute
                                           Microdul, United Kingdom                      for Integrated Circuits (IIS),
Energy Harvesting from                     Mr Ken Ball, Sales – UK and Ireland
                                           How Ultra Low Power Swiss
Multiple Harvesters                        Watch Technology and Know
                                                                                         Mr Peter Spies, Senior Research
MicroStrain, United States                 How from the 20th Century is                  Adaptive Power Management
Mr Jake Galbreath, Vice President          Influencing Energy Harvesting in              Circuits for Self-powered
Wireless Systems                           the 21st Century
Harvesting Power from Multiple                                                           Cymbet Corporation, USA
                                                                                         Mr Steve Grady, VP Marketing
Energy Sources for Wireless
                                                                                         Zero Power Sensors using
Sensors                                    Flexible Energy Harvesters
                                                                                         Energy Processing Systems
                                           Princeton University,                         Micropelt GmbH, Germany
The Analyst View                           United States                                 Burkhard Habbe, VP Business
                                           Professor Michael McAlpine,                   Development
IDTechEx, United States                    Department of MAE                             Energy Harvesting Power
Mr Raghu Das, CEO                          Piezoelectric Ribbons Printed                 Budgets and Battery
Energy Harvesting and Wireless             onto Rubber for Flexible Energy               Benchmarks for Wireless
Sensor Markets 2010-2020                   Conversion                                    Solutions

     (UK) +44 (0)1223 813 703             (GERMANY) +49 351 65 888 313                  (USA) +1 617 577 7890
  Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS 2010
  Awards | 26 May

The IDTechEx Awards recognise company development and success in all energy                       Contact Us
harvesting technologies and applications including the pertinent wireless sensor
networks and Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) fields.                                          If you would like your company
                                                                                                to be recognised for outstanding
The award ceremony will be held at the special Awards Dinner on Wednesday                       achievements in the fields of
26 May. Any company operating within the energy harvesting and storage and                      energy harvesting and storage or
Wireless Sensor Networks and RTLS fields is welcome to apply.                                   WSN and RTLS please contact:

   Best Technology Development of Energy Harvesting                                             Corinne Jennings
                                                                                                Event Manager
   This award will be given to a company which has launched a new product based on
   energy harvesting (in the last 24 months, May 2008 - May 2010) and is in the process         Tel: +44 (0)1223 813703
   of bringing it to market. The category will be assessed on the technical development         Email:
   of the product, its potential market, and benefits it brings over alternatives.
                                                                                                The award submission deadline
                                                                                                is Monday 26 April
   Best Application of Energy Harvesting
   This is the award given to an actual commercial success with an end-product using              Venue
   energy harvesting (in the last 24 months, May 2008 - May 2010). Judges will look for
   success in terms of products sold and revenues generated.

   Best Technology Development for RTLS/WSN
   This award will be given to a company which has launched a new product based on RTLS
   or WSN technology (in the last 24 months, May 2008 - May 2010) and is in the process of
   bringing it to market. The category will be assessed on the technical development of the
   product, its potential market, and benefits it brings over alternatives.

   Best Application of WSN
   This award is given to the best implementation of WSN (in the last 24 months, May 2008       Holiday Inn Munich City Centre
   - May 2010). In particular, judges are looking to see the payback from the system, how       Hochstrasse 3, Munich, 81669
   problems were overcome (if any), and benefits to the user.                                   Tel: +49 089 48030
                                                                                                Fax: +49 089 4487 EX170
   Best Application of Active RFID/RTLS
   This award is given to the best implementation of Active RFID (including RTLS)               IDTechEx has secured a discounted
   technology (in the last 24 months, May 2008 - May 2010). Here judges will look at the        rate at the venue for attendees.
   payback and value for the user that implemented the system and how the company               Please visit the conference website
   overcame hurdles in implementing the technology.                                             to book your accommodation at the
                                                                                                discounted room rate.

  Awards Dinner                                                              Wednesday 26 May     Media Partners
Wirtshaus in der Au will provide an ideal setting for the Awards Dinner; this
traditional Bavarian Beer Hall has been operating since 1901 and will offer
attendees the chance to network and acknowledge those leading industry
developments. The evening will commence at 7:00pm for a 7:30pm dinner;
the awards will be presented at approximately 9:00pm.

Please note attendance at the Awards Dinner is optional and attendees
must register for the dinner.

  Sponsors and Exhibitors

                                           Open Innovation by IMEC and TNO

                                                                          Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS 2010
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Awards Dinner (26 May)                                                                                     €69               E:
Masterclass 1: Introduction to Energy Harvesting for Small Electronic Devices                              €599
Masterclass 2: Introduction to Energy Harvesting for Small Electronic Devices
(In German)

Masterclass 3: Wireless Sensor Networks, RTLS and Active RFID                                              €599              Terms & Conditions
                                                                                                                             Hotel and travel costs are not included in the price. Substitutions
                                                                                                                             may be allowed at any time but please let us know. Cancellations
Masterclass 4: Photovoltaics                                                                               €599              must be made in writing 28 days before the event, upon which
                                                                                                                             a 15% cancellation fee is payable. If a cancellation is made less
Masterclass 5: Printed Electronics                                                                         €599              than 28 days before the start of the event, no refund will be given.
                                                                                                                             IDTechEx reserves the right to alter the location or content of the
                                                                                                                             event at any time. IDTechEx retains the right of refusal. Only one
Masterclass 6: Energy Storage                                                                              €599              promotional code may be used per purchase.

                                                                                            TOTAL:                           The information in this brochure was correct at time of going to
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          (UK) +44 (0)1223 813 703                              (GERMANY) +49 351 65 888 313                                  (USA) +1 617 577 7890
 26–27 May 2010, Munich, Germany
 With optional tours and masterclasses on 25 & 28 May

  The world’s largest events on Energy Harvesting &
  Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS
  Assessing the Applications, Technologies and Opportunities

 "I was surprised as to what I have learnt in just 2 days after doing active research in energy harvesting
 and storage for the last 6-9 months. It was very helpful." Tyco Fire & Security, United States
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Speakers include:

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Attend The Largest Exhibition
Covering Energy Harvesting
and Wireless Sensor Network
Sponsors & Exhibitors include:

       Open Innovation by IMEC and TNO

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