St Helens Knowsley Health Informatics Service and HP PolyServe

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					                                                                CASE STUDY
                                        St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics Service
                                                       and HP PolyServe

                                                          The Business Challenge

                                                          Supporting such a large and complex organisation
                                                          dictates that the HIS needs to continually expand
                                                          its file-serving infrastructure to meet its current and
                                St Helens Hospital        future requirements. This is set within an
                                                          environment where the HIS needs to make best use
                                                          of existing IT investment and skills, avoiding huge
                                                          investment in hardware, supporting operating
St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics Service           systems, re-training and migration costs. The HIS
supports four diverse health organisations with           needed to move beyond the limitations of
differing healthcare requirements’, Acute, PCT, GP        Microsoft’s eight-node single-instance clustering to
and Mental Health services, with a user base of           a fully load-balanced, highly available and
10,000 individuals.                                       scaleable solution.

The IT infrastructure at the HIS incorporates up to       Due to its rapid growth and success as a HIS, the
6000 laptops and PCs, a large estate of HP Proliant       organisation has experienced very high demands
Class servers and 2 data centres with 2 EVA               on its file service. The scale of data storage
Storage Area Networks that provide replication            requirements and the high volume of clients
between the data centres. The HIS currently uses          connecting to those services has increased
traditional Microsoft clustering to provide file          dramatically. The HIS needed a fully scalable
services to the organisations that it supports.           solution to provide high fault tolerance and greater
                                                          management efficiencies than traditional NAS
The HIS has a proven track record of implementing         solutions could provide.
best of breed solutions to constantly improve its IT
infrastructure, creating increased efficiencies for its   Any alternative solutions would require a move to a
stakeholders. To meet the challenge of managing           UNIX file serving platform or CIFS/SMB appliance.
an expanding file-serving infrastructure, the Trust       The ease of migration from traditional Microsoft
turned to their preferred supplier, BMS.                  clusters to a Matrix cluster was also an issue of
                                                          considerable importance for the HIS.
Matt Connor, IT Developments Manager said, “We
have a very close history of working with BMS. We         Ensuring that all files would be accessible by all
have always found the Company to be much more             servers, so users and applications could move
than an IT Sales Company. BMS provide us with an          easily between services, and eliminate the need to
in-depth, caring service which is reassuring when we      replicate data to
are involved in very large project work such as the
PolyServe initiative. They always take the time to
understand our precise needs and put everything                    Whiston Hospital
they can into delivering a service-led rather than a
sales approach.”

Key Points:
    Ability to expand file-serving infrastructure beyond Microsoft 8 node single
      instance clustering to a fully load-balanced, highly available and scaleable
    Simplifies administration by managing servers, storage and network from a
      central point
                                                            The Benefits

                                                            The anticipated results of implementing the
assist in load balancing for redundancy was vital.          PolyServe solution are that the HIS will be able to
The HIS needed flexibility in adding storage,               reduce maintenance and troubleshooting time
networking and processing capacity on-the-fly,              and costs, and improve overall performance.
without disruption; whilst a high performance vs            James Graham, Technical Development Engineer
price and low total cost of ownership were also key.        for the HIS said, “PolyServe will allow us to
                                                            significantly expand our file-serving infrastructure to
                                                            meet our current and future requirements, enabling
The Solution – HP PolyServe File Serving Utility            us to move beyond the limitations of Microsoft
                                                            eight-node single-instance clustering to a fully
To solve this challenge the HIS, working closely with       load–balanced highly available and scaleable
BMS, chose HPs PolyServe File Serving Utility. This         solution.
software is built on a fully symmetrical
cluster file system, with distributed lock manager and      It is easily expandable with no impact on users and
cache coherency, making it particularly well suited         will provide enterprise-level services to our health
to operate where multiple people access the same            economy. We believe that this is the only solution
data. In addition, it is designed to work with the HP       that will allow us to leverage our current investment
servers and storage, thus ensuring easy integration         in Windows based servers whilst complementing
and problem-free operation for the HIS.                     our HP SAN infrastructure, improve our efficiency,
                                                            lower our call rate and deliver the key benefits of
The file serving utility provides on-the-fly scalability,   load balancing and highly scalable file services”.
for non-disruptive expansion of server and storage
capacity, and requires no system downtimes for              Matt Connor concluded, “Once again BMS came
system upgrades. It simplifies administration by            up with the right solution for us. We regard them as
managing servers, storage and networks from a               a leading-edge supplier who add value to the work
central management point, and will deliver a highly         we do and that is their competitive edge”.
reliable system, with integrated fail-over capabilities,
to support high-volume 24/7 applications.
                                                                 BMS—The NHS IT Security Specialists
HP PolyServe delivers modularly, scalable
performance at a fraction of the cost of proprietary
storage cluster alternatives, providing:-
                                                            BMS is a leading IT Security Solutions vendor
                                                            specialising in the Healthcare market place. BMS
 High Performance – up to two gigabytes per               provide an holistic, single point of reference
   second throughput performance for demanding              service, offering a range of IT security and
   workloads                                                knowledge management solutions, into the NHS
 Fault Tolerant Data Access – Load balanced,              market and other Public Sector and Commercial
   fault-tolerant access to all data in the NAS cluster     organisations. BMS offer best of breed products
 Industry Standard components – grow clusters             and services at competitive prices along with
   using low cost servers and storage                       installation, training and support services.
 The ability to share data among 1000’s of clients -
   scalable file services to thousands of nodes.            BMS is a wholly independent organisation
                                                            dedicated to investigating business problems for
 Data Availability – create snapshots for rapid
   recovery of files on industry standard RAID systems      clients, proposing technology solutions to best fit
                                                            their requirements and implementing these
 Simplified management and reduced operating
   costs by minimising time spent on Maintenance

BMS, 10 Churchill Park, Private Road No 2, Colwick, Nottingham, NG4 2HF             0115 965 8400