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									Academic and Co-op Work Term Schedule - School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services
Applied Health Informatics (Post-Graduate)
The program is designed to prepare graduates with a previous degree or with a health sciences diploma/advanced diploma to work in the field
of health informatics. The program will provide an in-depth knowledge of health informatics, an understanding of information technology and
development of excellent communication, decision making and problem solving skills.

 Program Courses                                                                 Applied Health Informatics (Post-Graduate)
 Level One                                                                                      Work/Study Sequence
 Foundations of Communications for Health Informatics
 Foundations of Information Systems                                    Fall (Sept. - Dec.)       Winter (Jan. - Apr.)        Spring/Summer (May - Aug.)
 Health Informatics I
 Health Informatics II                                   Year 1        Classes                   Classes                     Classes
 User Training and Adult Education                       Year 2        Work Term I
 Level Two
 Clinical Systems
 Database Concepts                                      Work Term Capabilities                                •	 Demonstrate an understanding of principles
 Governance and Structures of Health Care Systems in                                                             of privacy, confidentiality, and security in
 Canada                                                 Work Term I                                              protecting health care data and information
 Health Care Quality Improvement
 Professional Communication for Health Informatics      •	 Integrate concepts relating to the field of        •	 Install and test system and application
 Systems Analysis and Re-Engineering                       health informatics and health information             software
 Level Three                                               management in order to optimize the                •	 Maintain system design documents using
 Co-op and Career Preparation                              acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of           various modeling software tools
 Health Informatics III                                    data and information in health care
 Information Technology Procurement                                                                           •	 Maintain method specification using
 Project Management in Health Care - Techniques and
                                                        •	 Analyze the impact of data and information            flowcharts, pseudo code and hierarchy
 Tools                                                     management on clinical, administrative                charts
 Elective: Program Option                                  and financial processes in health care
           Change Management                               organizations for the purposes of making           •	 Prepare research papers, formal reports
           Management and Organizational Behaviour
                                                           recommendations to improve service                    and presentations
 Level Four - Work Term I                                  delivery                                           •	 Perform independent primary and
                                                        •	 Analyze the main structural and functional            secondary research using library and
                                                           components of clinical information systems            Internet resources
                                                        •	 Develop recommendations to address                 •	 Analyze business processes
                                                           challenges in the application of informatics       •	 Design relational databases
                                                           in health care, including appropriate use of       •	 Execute test cases and report the test results
                                                           technology                                            to the development team
                                                        •	 Assess various applications of health              •	 Document online and printed user manuals
                                                           informatics in health care for the purpose of         and system documentation
                                                           recommending solutions to address gaps             •	 Design user interfaces incorporating
                                                        •	 Examine leadership, change management,                usability principles
                                                           and other related functions and associated         •	 Perform hardware selection and system
                                                           processes within the health informatics field         testing including usability testing
                                                           in order to effectively manage the effects of      •	 Apply important project management
                                                           social and technological influences at the            concepts within the health care industry
                                                           individual, group, or organizational level         •	 Develop a plan to ensure the timely
                                                        •	 Provide user training and support with                completion of project deliverables
                                                           administrative and clinical information            •	 Use tools and techniques required to
                                                           systems                                               successfully manage projects
                                                        •	 Diagnose and troubleshoot software/                •	 Apply the principles of Total Quality
                                                           hardware issues for users                             Management, the Toyota Production System
                                                        •	 Gather and analyze data and information               (TPS) and their applicability to a service
                                                           requirements                                          setting such as healthcare delivery
                                                        •	 Analyze existing software/hardware
                                                           requirements and recommend

                                                        Sample Job Titles
                                           Health Informatician, Business/Systems Analyst, Technical Analyst, Research Assistant, Assistant
                                           Project Manager, Quality Improvement Specialist, User Training and Support, Software Tester,
                                           Technical Writer, Application Support Specialist, Database Developer Assistant
Co-operative Education and Career Services                     – 43 –                                          2009/2010 Employer Guide

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