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					Dow Jones Watchlist
Risk & Compliance: Solutions for Anti-Money Laundering

Are your customers an opportunity for growth, or a threat to your business?
Doing business with the wrong person just once can result in steep financial penalties for your
organization and legal proceedings against key executives. The ensuing scandal can cause
irreparable damage to your corporate reputation.

Protect your organization from risk by knowing your customers. Protect your organization with
Dow Jones Watchlist.

Used by eight of the ten largest, global financial institutions, Dow Jones Watchlist is statistically proven to be
the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date list of senior PEPs, their relatives and close associates.

Additional comprehensive coverage of national and international sanction lists, and persons convicted of, or
linked to, high-profile crime, allows our customers to minimize the risk of taking on the wrong customer and
comply effectively with anti-money laundering regulation.

Dow Jones Watchlist – Know the Name. Know the Connections.

Minimizing False Positives
Bigger is not better when it comes to selecting a commercial list for PEP and sanctions screening. Bigger lists
mean more false positives and valuable resources drained clearing low-level matches. The Dow Jones Watchlist
PEP Definition, which covers 21 job role categories that we, and our customers, have identified as posing the
highest risk, means our focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Our mission is to provide customers with a solution that enables them to comply effectively with both the letter and
the spirit of the law without generating an additional, unnecessary workload for compliance departments.

Supporting a risk-based approach to compliance
The granularity with which Dow Jones Watchlist profiles are categorized makes it easy to select and filter against
only your organization’s high risk areas. Add to that that the ability to customize the Dow Jones Watchlist PEP
definition and Risk Score Tool to your local business and regulatory environment and you have powerful tool to
help you adopt a true risk-based approach to compliance.

Enabling quicker and more informed decisions
Our industry leading set of secondary identifiers including date of birth; middle names or initials; names in original
script; spelling and accent variations; and pictures; help to minimize false positives, and provide customers with in
depth profiles that enable faster and more informed decisions.
Maximizing return on technology investment
Dow Jones Watchlist Feed offers the most flexible and robust data format for PEP and sanctions screening, and
can be easily integrated into a wide range of anti-money laundering software solutions. The high quality of our
content, and the ease with which it can be integrated, ensures superior performance of your software solution and
maximum return on investment.

Facilitating Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)
Dow Jones Watchlist Research combines our PEP and sanctions content with the award-winning Dow Jones
Factiva news archive of 14,000 global news and business publications going back over 30 years.

Seamless access to this news content makes it quick and easy to perform EDD and monitor for negative news
coverage affecting existing or prospective customers.

 Dow Jones Watchlist Search                    Dow Jones Watchlist Research                        Dow Jones Watchlist Feed

 Industry-leading coverage of PEPs, their      Dow Jones Watchlist Search, combined with the       A feed of Dow Jones Watchlist content for
 relatives and close associates;               award-winning Dow Jones Factiva news archive.       integration into your compliance
 government sanctioned individuals and         Seamless access to over 14,000 news and             technology solution. Our highly flexible
 entities; persons convicted of or linked to   business publications in 22 languages, stretching   and robust data format allows for efficient
 high-profile crimes; as well as country       back over 30 years provides a valuable tool for     integration and maximum return on
 profiles, and customizable PEP risk tools.    performing Enhanced Due Diligence.                  technology investment.

The Dow Jones Difference.
Quality Obsession. Service Excellence.

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