Associate Dean of Libraries for Library Technology and Management by scl14029


									                    Organization Chart                Associate Dean of Libraries for Library Technology
              Texas Tech University Libraries                     and Management Services
                     March 15, 2010                                      Robert Sweet

                                  Public Operations                                                          Staff Operations
LTMS Librarians
                              Senior Administrator for                                                        Unit Manager
Associate Librarian                Animation Lab                                                              Justin Daniel
  Jayne Sappington                   Ken Chaffin
 (Area Supervisor)               (Area Supervisor)

Assistant Librarian               Administrator for
    Jim Brewer                     Animation Lab                Support and Development
                                    David Bennett                Programmer/Analyst III                                            Digital Lab
Assistant Librarian                                                 Systems Manager                        Implementations and
     Ian Barba                      Specialist IV                 Natalie Bueno Vasquez                      Infrastructure      Unit Coordinator
                                  Desk Supervisor                   (Area Supervisor)                                               Joy Perrin
Assistant Librarian               Connie Armstrong                                                    PC/Network Support IV
 Brenda Swinford                                                  Programmer/Analyst I                    Rafael Riojas
                                  Senior Specialist                   Web Analyst                       (Area Supervisor)
Associate Librarian               Night Supervisor                      Ed Veal
    Pam Hight                       Terri Boomer                                                      PC/Network Support IV
                                                                  Programmer/Analyst I                 Network Operations
Assistant Librarian                                                   Staff Analyst                       Kevin Ten Eyck
  Kathrin Dodds                                                     Matthew McKinney
                                                                                                       PC/Network Support II
 Senior Specialist                                                Programmer/Analyst I                      John Wood
  Holly Bundock                                                       Staff Analyst
                                                                      Kenny Ketner

                                                                  PC/Network Support II
                                                                       Lance King

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