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					                                       Presents its 2010 Conference, an Industry Standard
                                       for Serious Tire Professionals

The 26th annual

Tire Industry
For the domestic and International
Tire Industry - Including Suppliers
and allied Industries

april 7-9, 2010                                                                                                        you Will
The Westin Hilton Head Island                                                                                       Benchmark

resort & Spa • Hilton Head, SC                                                                                    Business and
                                                                                               Technical Sessions Guaranteed to
Interaction of design & Performance,                                                           Increase your Market Presence . . .
regulatory Compliance, Technology and                                                          Tire Industry Association
Global Challenges                                                                              Rubber Manufacturers Association
                                                                                               US EPA, SMARTWAY Transport
More Than 1,600 of your Colleagues Have attended                                                 Partnership
For 25 years Tire Industry Pros Have                                                           Bridgestone/Firestone
                                                                                                 North America, Inc.
Been Coming to this Conference to . . .                                                        National Highway Traffic Safety
Delve into Issues and Critical New Ideas of Development,
                                                                                               US Department of Transportation
Network, Gauge Market Trends and Capture Groundbreak-
                                                                                               Standards Testing Labs
ing New Ideas . . . It’s Your Turn to Participate . . . Don’t                                  Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Let Another Year Pass Without Joining Your Colleagues in                                       Tire Retread & Repair Information
Beautiful, Warm Hilton Head!                                                                     Bureau
                                                                                               LANXESS Corporation
“Clemson University’s Tire Industry            “Excellent venue and very well run.             Alliance Tire Company USA, Ltd.
brings together a great cross-section          Clemson continues to balance the                TireStamp, Inc
of the tire world that would not               program with every topic from new
otherwise ever meet. Even with op-             technologies to scrap and disposal              Michelin Americas Research
posing views, it is a great forum to           issues.”                                          & Development
see different sides of topical issues.”          Jennifer Stockburger, Senior Test Engineer,   Clemson University
     –Jay Spears, Technical Product Manager,             –Consumers Union, Colchester, CT
          Continental Tire NA, Lancaster, SC                                                   Sid Richardson Carbon
                                               “One of the most enjoyable, in-                   & Energy Co.
“The Question and Answer seg-                  formative, tire related conference              Consumers Reports
ment at the end of each session                around. It offers an opportunity to             Camber Ridge, LLC
was great! Clemson – keep up the               consider aspects of tires you rarely
                                               think about.”                                   Smithers Scientific Services, Inc.
good work!”
  —Carl Caputo, National Sales Manager,
                                                                   –John Ruthven, COO,         Pressure Systems International, Inc.
                                                 Lyna Manufacturing, N. Vancover, Canada
American Chemet Corporation, Deerfield, IL                                                     Office of Defects Investigations
                                                                                               Michelin North America, Inc.
  En roll Today! Call Kay James at 864.656.2200 or                                             Coral Group
 reserve your Space online                                             Tech International
The Twenty Sixth annual                                                                                         “A great conference that gives
                                                                                                                everyone the ability to engage in
Tire Industry Conference                                                                                        a good debate.”
                                                                                                                        Konrad Mech, Vice President,
Interaction of Technology and Business                                                                              Drexan Corporation, Burnaby, BC

april 7-9, 2010 - The Westin Hilton Head Island resort & Spa, Hilton Head, SC
                             Chairpersons: laurie Haughey, director, Professional advancement
                             and Continuing Education, Clemson University, and James C. Burns, Consultant

                             This is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary conference designed to address developments
                             throughout the field of tire design, research, and manufacturing in all allied industries . . .
Why you                      whether directly or indirectly involved in tiremaking. If you—or another member of your
Should                       organization—is involved with tires or tire materials, this conference is for you . . . especially:
attend                       •    Product designers           •    Plant engineers                     •     Chemical
                             •    Product developers          •    Quality control                           manufacturers
                             •    Fiber producers                  personnel                           •     Industrial suppliers
                             •    Industrial fabric           •    R & D personnel                     •     Production managers
                                  weavers                     •    Marketing researchers               •     Scrap tire users
                             •    Product converters          •    Rubber compounders                  •     Scrap tire dealers
                                                              •    Industrial fabric users

                             “This conference gives you the opportunity to             “Very Informative conference with a great
                             meet and interact with people from all parts of           format. It covered the critical issues, both tech-
Here’s                       the tire industry. Very well done!”                       nically and politically, that are facing our tire
What                                   Doug Major, Director – Product Support,         industry.”
others                       Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., Torrance, California             Robert Fogal, President, IMI, Chamberburg, PA

Have Said…

your Conference agenda
 day 1: Wednesday, april 7, 2010                  facts of this company’s aggressive energy           Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) follows
                                                  reduction program during this informative           to investigate potential safety issues. Explore
 12 Noon Pre-registration:                        session.                                            case studies of past NHTSA investigations
 Check in and receive                                                                                 that addressed front tire failures in Class A
 materials at theWestin Hilton Head Island        1:35 pm                                             recreational vehicles. Tom will also share the
 Resort Spa                                       Acquisition Integration: Alliance                   results of a recent field survey conducted on
 12:45 pm                                         and GPX                                             selected vehicles, the axle-tire loads, tire infla-
 Welcome to the Conference and                                                                        tion practices, and other issues pertinent to
                                                  Alliance Tire Company USA, Ltd.,                    ODI-NHTSA recreational vehicle tire applica-
 Opening Remarks                                  Manny Cicero, President                             tions and issues.
 Laurie Haughey, Director,                        The purchase of GPX’s pneumatic tire business
 Center for Professional Advancement and          caused unique challenges and opportunities          2:45 pm “Faces and Places”
 Continuing Education (PACE),                     to Alliance Tire Company, a leading developer       Get to know each other and improve the qual-
 Clemson University                               and supplier of OTR tires. The combination          ity of your networking during the conference.
 and James C. Bums, Conference Chairman,          of Alliance and GPX manufacturing resources
 Clemson University                               provides Alliance with a large, diverse and         3:15 pm
                                                  highly global sourcing platform that will           Regulations in the Second Decade
 SESSIon I                                        provide competitive products in all segments        of the 21st Century
 Moderator: Harvey Brodsky,                       of the off-the-road tire industry. This presenta-
 Managing Director Tire Retread and               tion will address some of the challenges of the     Michelin North America, Inc
 Repair Information Bureau                        acquisition and how the company has dealt           Michael Wischhusen, Director, Industry
                                                  with the integration since its’ late December       Standards & Government Regulations
 1:00 pm                                          2009 close - learn from our mistakes.               Already a big part of the first decade, regu-
 Keys to Success for Manufacturing                2:10 pm                                             latory issues will continue to increase in
 Carbon Black                                                                                         importance for our industry. We still need to
                                                  Issues ODI Has Observed in RV                       develop, digest and implement the final parts
 Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy                   Vocation Affecting Tire Performance                 of the TREAD Act regulations for passenger
 Company, William R. Jones, President             Office of Defects Investigation -                   car and light truck tires and begin the whole
 Not unlike any manufacturing concern, to                                                             process for Truck and Bus tires. Learn how
                                                  National Highway Traffic Safety
 successfully manufacture Carbon Black, an                                                            environmental regulations will become a much
 aggressive energy reduction program must be      Administration-US Department                        more prominent part of our world. Michael
 in place. A secondary benefit of an aggressive   of Transportation                                   will explore what the next decade holds in
 energy production strategy is a significantly    Tom Bowman, Safety Defects Engineer                 store for us on the legislative and regulatory
 informed environmental footprint. Learn the      Review the role and processes that NHTSA’s          fronts.
Conference agenda
continued                                             8:50 am                                              tons of carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to
                                                      Economic and Political Challenges to                 global warming. During this presentation, Cheryl
                                                                                                           will offer solutions for environmentally conscious
3:50 pm                                               the Tire Industry                                    carriers by showing them cost-saving, fuel efficient
Tire Industry’s Current                               Tire Industry Association,                           strategies that reduce both pollution and energy
Regulatory Landscape                                  Roy Littlefield, Executive Vice President            consumption.
                                                      The two greatest challenges facing the tire
Rubber Manufacturers Association, Tracey              industry are economic and political. Facing the
Norberg, Senior Vice President                                                                             10: 50 am
                                                      greatest economic challenges of the past seven
The legislative and regulatory landscape affect-      decades, a company’s profitability represents        To Inflate or Not To Inflate, Is That
ing the tire industry is very dynamic and fluid       the largest economic challenge. We all need to       Even An Option?
given the one party control of both the House and     investigate our options. Roy will discuss Chi-
Senate. The tire industry continues to actively
                                                                                                           Pressure Systems International, Inc,
                                                      nese tariffs, card check, cap and trade, proposed
participate in several public policy issues through   employer mandates and environmental regula-
                                                                                                           Al Cohn, Director of New Market
the Rubber Manufacturers Association. During          tions which may be obstacles to your business’       Development & Engineering Support
Tracey’s presentation, explore key public policy      success. Explore next steps you may need to          Inflation pressure has been the #1 maintenance
issues currently facing the tire industry.            take to lobby your lawmakers to make decisions       issue facing fleets. Low air pressure leads to lower
                                                      which best suit the goal of competing in a global    fuel economy, early removal miles, and roadside-
4:30 pm                                                                                                    relate service calls. All will address osmosis, punc-
                                                      economy and how you can contribute in these
REACH—The Impact On                                   efforts.                                             tures, valve core leaking and sidewall damage—
Your Business                                                                                              the four reasons tires lose air pressure. He will
                                                      9:25 am                                              also share current inflation systems available in
Smithers REACH Services,                              Synchronize Your Supply                              the market. Discover how to differentiate between
J. David Brinkman, Director                           Network to Maximize Network-Wide                     manual systems, central tire inflation, tire pressure
When REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Autho-                                                               monitoring, and automatic tire inflation systems.
rization and Restriction of Chemical Substances)
was enacted, there was no understanding of its full   Clemson Apparel Research, Clemson                    11:25 am Panel Discussion
impact on organizations. Gain an understanding                                                             Your expert speakers from today will provide
                                                      University, Joseph W. (Bill) Kernodle,               insights into your specific problems.
of this new global presence so your organization’s    Site Director
product development aligns to REACH standards.        Supply chains are dysfunctional because busi-        12:00 Noon Luncheon—Speaker
Designed in theory to collect hazard data on all      ness practices, metrics, and information systems
substances being produced and imported into the                                                            Green House Gas Emissions and
                                                      were designed for local optimization before          the Tire Industry’s Need for Involve-
EU, in practice the implementation of the regula-     global optimization was possible. Explore
tion has led to changes throughout the global sup-    how Clemson University integrated the best           ment To Shape Regulations
ply chain and throughout organizations. Explore       concepts from Six Sigma, Lean Enterprises,
how what was thought to be potential minor items                                                           LANXESS Corporation,
                                                      and Constraints Management to create the next        Randy Dearth, President and CEO
regarding record keeping and data sharing led to      generation ‘synchronized supply network’ for
new industries, new services and other govern-                                                             Randy will openly discuss his thoughts toward
                                                      the Department of Defense used to field its new
ments making sweeping changes to their own                                                                 finding a common sense and balanced approach
                                                      combat uniform in record time at a minimum
chemical regulatory legislation.                                                                           to the energy policies discussed in Washington.
                                                      cost. Learn the basic laws of supply chain sci-
                                                                                                           He will focus on what makes the most sense for
5:05 pm Panel Discussion                              ence and the operational parameters of supply
                                                                                                           the Tire Industry and how CEO’s need to be more
Share your most pressing issues and gain mean-        chain execution that enable focused collabora-
                                                                                                           vocal in Washington with their legislators by advo-
ingful insight from today’s speakers.                 tion and optimization across extended supply
                                                                                                           cating domestic production of natural gas before
                                                      networks. See how other companies have used
                                                                                                           it is too late. A frequent visitor to Washington, DC,
5:30 pm                                               this novel approach to eliminate stock outs
                                                                                                           Randy will share his approach to increasing his
Networking Social                                     while reducing inventory investments and
                                                                                                           visibility on The Hill. Also, Randy will share his
                                                      management resources by 50 to 90% and costs
                                                                                                           thoughts on using platforms such as Twitter, Face-
                                                      by 5 to 20%.
                                                                                                           book and Blogging to stay up-to-date on legislation
day 2: Thursday, april 8, 2010                                                                             and political activities.
                                                      10:00 am Refreshment Break
7:45 am Continental Breakfast                         10:15 am                                             Session III
                                                      Market Based Efforts to Promote                      Moderator: Guy Walenga, Engineering Man-
Session II                                                                                                 ager, North American Commercial Products,
Moderator: Michael Wischhusen,                        Environmentally Conscious                            Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire,
Director of Industry Standards and                    Shipping for the Tire Industry                       LLC
Government Regulations North                          SmartWay Transport Partnership,
America, Michelin North America, Inc.                 Cheryl Bynum, Acting Group Manager                   1:30 pm
8:15 am                                               The trucking industry transports nearly 70           The Federal Tire Fuel
                                                      percent of all goods and servcices in the United     Efficiency Program
Tire Testing For Consumers                            States--moving all that freight accounts for 20
                                                      percent of all energy consumed. In an effort to      National Highway Traffic Safety
Consumer Reports,                                                                                          Administration,
Eugene A. Petersen, Tire Program Leader               develop environmentally cleaner, more fuel-ef-
                                                      ficient transportation options and identify prod-    Mary Versailles, Senior Policy Advisor
Using Consumer Report’s Annual Tire Report,           ucts and services that reduce transport-related      The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Gene will remove the mystery out of tire purchas-     emissions, the EPA launched the SmartWay pro-        (EISA) required NHTSA to develop a national tire
ing. This presentation will:                          gram. This partnership is a voluntary program        fuel efficiency consumer information program
• Review the philosophy in rating tire                that recognizes partners for setting and achiev-     to educate consumers about the effect of tires on
  performance                                         ing greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals in          automobile fuel efficiency, safety, and durability.
• Offer valuable suggestions and careful              freight transport. Currently, member companies       Adjusting consumers’ tire purchases would bring
  considerations in making a tire purchases           are conserving almost 600 million gallons of die-    about a reduction in average rolling resistance of
• Offer an overview of all-weather performance,       sel fuel per year, saving the trucking industry at   replacement tires, reducing the 135 billion gallons
  safety, value, and tips on tire care and replace-   least $2.5 billion in annual fuel and maintenance    of motor fuel consumed annually in the US by
  ment.                                               costs, and eliminating an estimated 6.8 million      light duty vehicles. EISA requires this program
to include a replacement tire fuel efficiency            separated from a vehicle, the result can be          large team is addressing the modeling process.
rating system for consumers and a national tire          devastating for the driver and other motorists.      Explore Clemson’s modeling efforts to date and
maintenance consumer education program. This             The Tire Industry Association recently com-          the research which will be conducted in future
presentation will discuss the recent final rule for      pleted a new training program that specifically      months and years.
the rating system and NHTSA’s plans for the              addresses this issue and provides the industry
complimentary consumer education program.                with valuable information on how wheel-off           9:25 am
                                                         accidents can be prevented. This presentation        A Contemporary Look at Tire Rolling
2:05 pm                                                  will examine the damage that occurs when a           Resistance
Reincarnation of Used Tires With                         standard truck tire and wheel assemble strikes
Innovative SOFT Pyrolysis                                a stationary vehicle at 55 mph. It will also out-    Smithers Scientific, James A. Popio,
                                                         line the procedures that service providers and       General Manager & Director of Engineering
Coral Group, Roman Berezin, Director                     fleets must follow to improve wheel retention        A major oil embargo of 1973 forced Congress to
of International Bureau of Coral Group                   including a look at the various types of tools       enact Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)
Worn Out Automobile Tires (WAT,) despite their           and equipment that are used to torque fasten-        to help reduce energy consumption. Recent oil
wealth of hydrocarbons, are commonly treated             ers and lug nuts.                                    prices and a renewed focus on energy efficiency
as waste and disposed of in dumps and landfills                                                               resulted in new CAFE requirements. Explore
or treated with recycling methods that do not un-        4:40 pm Panel Discussion
                                                         Gain expert advice and clarification on the im-      how for 10 years the California Energy Com-
lock the full tire value potential. Pyrolysis, a well-                                                        mission has aggressively evaluated methods
                                                         portant issues that you can take back to your
known technology that decomposes materials                                                                    to conserve energy and reduce emissions.
using heat offers very limited economical success                                                             Discover that while energy-efficient tires con-
to extract reusable material from WAT. Attend            5:15 pm Adjourn                                      tinue to be a strong focus, energy efficiency and
this presentation to explore how the cutting-edge                                                             safety regulations seem to cycle every 20 years.
method of SOFT pyrolysis solved this problem                                                                  Jim will share the reasons consumers are largely
and hear the success secret that allows for further                                                           unaware of the essential role played by tires.
reprocessing of the pyrolysis by-products into
                                                         day 3: Friday, april 9, 2010
                                                                                                              With the bewildering array of tire sizes and
highly qualitative materials, all of which are com-      7:45 am                                              options available to today’s consumer, learn
modities with wide and highly stable markets.            Meet your conference colleagues at your host         why the need to provide fair, accurate, and
                                                         hotel property for continental breakfast spon-
2:40 pm                                                                                                       clear measures of tire performance has gained
                                                         sored by Clemson University
                                                                                                              support among legislators and how this will be
Greenhouse Gas Rules and                                                                                      presented to future consumers.
Truck Tire Retreads                                      Session IV
                                                         Moderator: Peggy J. Fisher                           10:00 am Refreshment Break
Michelin North America, Inc.,                            President, TireStamp, Inc.
Stan Lew, Manager, Industry Standards &                                                                       10:15 am
Government Regulations                                   8:15 am                                              An Update on Retreading With Two
For quite some time truck tire retreads have been        Advancing the State-of-the-Art in                    Subjects: Rolling Resistance and
the pillar of sound recycling practices, reduc-          Tire Testing                                         SmartWay
ing vast quantities of tires from being disposed
of after the original tread has served its’ useful       Camber Ridge, LLC, James F. Cuttino,                 The Tire Retread and Repair Information
life. Multiple retread lives of each tire represents     President                                            Bureau, Harvey Brodsky, Managing Director
savings, value and has been a major key to truck         Attend this presentation and hear how a              The retread industry is very much aware of the
fleet and operators’ operational efficiencies.           consortium of automotive and tire manu-              focus on the issue of rolling resistance and there
The focus on truck fuel efficiency and reduced           facturers are creating a tire testing facility in    is much work being done by the major retread
consumption, when combined with the reduction            the heart of the car-racing world. Designed          tire tread rubber manufacturers in this regard.
of greenhouse gas and other emissions, places            to advance the current state-of-the-art in tire      We are also working with the appropriate peo-
the retread truck tire into a new environmentally-       force and moment measurement in order to             ple in our industry and with those government
favorable role in Federal and State initiatives.         facilitate shorter development cycles and costs      officials involved with the SmartWay program
This presentation will discuss the new demands           for the automotive industry, the facility seeks      to assure that the retread industry is included in
on an already environmentally-positive retread           to improve tire and simulation technologies.         any SmartWay tire program, provided we can
truck tire initiative and the considerations for its     Specifications include not only an expansion         meet their criteria, and we know we can.
future role in the greenhouse gas and emissions          of typical capabilities, but the identification of
initiatives.                                             new parameters and test conditions that have         10:50 am
3:15 pm Refreshment Break
                                                         not been previously obtainable.                      The Importance of Proper Tire
                                                         8:50 am                                              Repairing—That Include Small Tires
3:30 pm
How Do Truck Tire Repairs Work?                          Computational Modeling of                            Tech International, Buck Blair,
Analysis of Tire Repair Mechanics                        Wheels Traveling on Sand Using                       Vice President—National Account Business
                                                         Discrete Element Methods and                         Development
Michelin Americas Research Corporation,                  Finite Element Methods                               The Tire Industry has published tire repair limi-
Cesar Zarak, Senior Research Engineer                                                                         tations which declare the difference between
Is truck tire repair work an art or science? Unde-       Clemson University, Sherrill Biggers,                a proper and improper tire repair. While these
niably being able to repair truck tires lowers the       Professor of Mechanical Engineering                  publications should be available to anyone, tire
cost of ownership and helps the environment.             Accurate prediction of the available traction        repair training and education are also available.
In this presentation we will shed some light into        and resistance to rolling that a wheel has on        During this presentation, Buck will discuss
how repairs work, including some finite element          a particular sandy soil is an important need         ways the tire industry can support consumer
analysis results. Different ways to repair tires will    in the design of wheels and tires for many           education and awareness—effective measures
also be discussed.                                       applications including military vehicles in          for truly spreading the word.
                                                         desert regions, lunar exploration vehicles and
4:15 pm                                                  off-road recreational vehicles. The ability to       11:25 am Panel Discussion
Preventing Wheel-Off Accidents                           perform required missions and the ability to         Learn from the experience and best practices of
                                                         operate with good energy efficiency rests on         this outstanding panel of speakers.
Tire Industry Association, Kevin Rohlwing,               this analysis/design process. In related activi-
Senior Vice President of Training                        ties at Clemson sponsored by NASA, SC EPS-           11:50 am
When an inflated tire and wheel assembly is              CoR, and the Automotive Research Center, a           Conference Adjournment
   Meet your Speakers & Moderators
SHERRILL B. BIGGERS, PhD, is Professor of Mechanical               growth plans.                                                      ROY LITTLEFIELD, PhD, worked 5 years on Capitol Hill
Engineering at Clemson University and has over 28 years                                                                               for Senator Thomas McIntyre (D-NH) and US Sergeant-
                                                                   AL COHN is a 32-year veteran of the trucking indus-
of experience in teaching engineering mechanics, includ-                                                                              at-Arms F. Nordy Hoffman. He joined the National Tire
                                                                   try—28 years of which was spent working with Goodyear
ing statics, dynamics, and strength of materials at Clemson                                                                           Dealers and Retreaders Associations in 1979. Roy has
                                                                   Tire in commercial tire design and trouble shooting here
University and the University of Kentucky. His research is                                                                            represented NTDRA, the American Retreaders Association,
in computational mechanics and optimal design. Applica-            and in Europe. In 2006, Al joined Pressure Systems Inter-
                                                                                                                                      the Tire and Rubber Association, the Service Station Dealers
tions include advanced composite materials and structures,         national (PSI) as Director of New Market Development
                                                                                                                                      Association and the Tire Industry Association on Capitol
stability and post-buckling, and nonlinear mechanics. He           & Engineering Support. Al is an active member of SAE,
                                                                                                                                      Hill. In 2003, he was named Executive Vice President of the
developed advanced structural mechanics design methods             TTMA (Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association) IANA
                                                                                                                                      Tire Industry Association.
while with Lockheed Martin for over 10 years. Sherrill wrote       (Intermodal Association of North America), ATA, and TMC
the course textbook used to teach the integrated Statics and       (Technology Maintenance Council). TTMC awarded Al the              TRACEY NORBERG, JD, is Senior Vice President of the
Dynamics course for sophomore Mechanical Engineering               Silver Spark Plug Award, the highest award for contribu-           Rubber Manufacturers Association where she manages
majors and has been instrumental it the course’s design.           tion to the tire industry.                                         policy, technical and legal issues and serves on the associa-
                                                                                                                                      tion’s senior management team. Tire and environmental
ROMAN BEREzIN has worked as a manager in several                   JAMES (JIM) F. CUTTINIO, PhD, is the President and                 policies are among the diverse issues on which she works,
companies in the Ukraine. Berezin has a Bachelor of Science        Founder of Camber Ridge, LLC. Prior to starting the                representing the tire and rubber industry in state and fed-
degree in Economics and Management from the Israeli                company, he served as the founding Director of the Motor-          eral regulatory agencies and state legislatures. Earlier, she
Institute of Technology—Technion and a Master of Science           sports and Automotive Research Center at UNC, Charlotte            served on the regulatory affairs staff at the American Forest
degree in Statistics and is pursuing his doctorate degree in       where he taught and conducted research. Previously, he             & Paper Association.
Mathematics In his current position as Director of Interna-        taught at The University of Alabama and was later em-
tional Bureau of Coral Group, Berezin manages international        ployed with Michelin Americas Research and Development             EUGENE A. PETERSEN has more than 30 years of experi-
negotiations and public relations for all the companies of the     Corporation. In his role at UNC, Charlotte, he was heavily         ence in tire testing, working for Armstrong Rubber Compa-
Coral Group.                                                       involved in the state and local motorsports and automo-            ny and Pirelli Tire—now at Consumers Union. For the past
                                                                   tive industries, having served on the NC governor’s                14 years, he’s published Consumer Reports. Gene works out
BUCK BLAIR started in the tire industry with the Retread           Motorsports Advisory Committee. His research activities            of the Auto Test Center Division where he is serves as Tire
Division of the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company. Since             include research in vehicle dynamics and chassis/suspen-           Program Leader. Directly responsible for tire testing, Gene
1981, he has been employed in the tire repair industry by the      sion systems, motorsports instrumentation, and precision           is one of several engineers that evaluate automobiles for
Truflex/Pang Rubber Company and for the last 25 years with         engineering.                                                       Consumer Reports.
Tech International. uck has also served the industry as a
participant on committees, Chairman and /or Board member           RANDY DEARTH was named President and CEO of                        JAMES (JIM) A. POPIO, PhD, is the General Manager and
with the Tire Industry Association, Tread Rubber and Tire          LANXESS Corporation in 2001, and the company’s Cana-               Director of Engineering at Smithers’ Ravenna Laboratory
Repair Materials Manufacturers’ Group, Rubber Manufac-             dian service operations were added to Randy’s responsi-            at Smithers Scientific and has 15 years experience in the tire
turers Association and Tire Retread & Repair Information           bilities in 2008. Previously he had been President and CEO         industry. Jim has spent his professional career working for
Bureau.                                                            of Bayer Chemicals Corporation. Randy sits on several              and/or with the tire companies, automotive OEMs, stan-
                                                                   important boards, including but not limited to the Ameri-          dards organizations, and government agencies.
TOM BOWMAN is the National Highway Traffic Safety
                                                                   can Chemistry Council and Calgon Carbon Corporations’              KEVIN ROHLWING is the Senior Vice President of Train-
Administration’s Safety Defects Engineer within US DOT;s
                                                                   Board of Directors. He was recognized as an emerging top           ing for the Tire Industry Association and has more than
Office of Defects Investigation (ODI.) He specializes in safety
                                                                   CEO with a Pittsburgh Business Times Diamond Award.                28 years of experience in the tire industry, starting as a
issues relating to heavy trucks, trailers, recreational and spe-
                                                                   Recently, he won a PRSA Renaissance Award as CEO Com-              technician at his family’s tire dealership. He is the author
cialty vehicles. Tom has been responsible for various NHTSA
                                                                   municator of the Year.                                             and architect of TIA’s training and certification programs
investigations primarily pertaining to Class A and towable
recreational vehicles. Specific projects have addressed wheel      PEGGY FISHER is President of TireStamp, Inc. and is                for automotive, commercial and earthmover tire service
separations in towable RV’s and tire performance (failures)        among the leaders of the Technology & Maintenance Coun-            technicians that have reached more than 45,000 individuals
in Class A motor homes. Prior to joining NHTSA, Tom was            cil of the American Trucking Association. A full member            in North America. Kevin is an active member of the technol-
employed by Arvin Meritor in reliability engineering, qual-        of the Society of Automotive Engineers since 1983 and              ogy and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking
ity, safety and field service activities.                          President of the Tire Association, Peggy writes a column           Associations and is a monthly columnist with Fleet Owner
                                                                   for Crain’s Tire Business. Prior to joining TireStamp, Peggy       magazine. He sits on numerous industry councils and
J. DAVID BRINKMAN is Director of REACH Services                                                                                       committees.
                                                                   was recognized as North America’s leading independent
with Smithers Scientific and has worked fifteen years in the
polymer and rubber industry. He is focused on assisting            truck tire and wheel expert, and she regularly consulted           MARY VERSAILLES, recipient of Vice President Al Gore’s
businesses understand the full impact of REACH (Registra-          with fleets, suppliers, and manufacturers.                         Plain Language Award, is Senior Policy Advisor in the
tion, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical        WILLIAM “BILL” R. JONES is President and CEO of Sid                Office of International Policy, Fuel Economy and Consumer
substances) and how new regulatory concerns will change            Richardson Carbon & Energy Company and has 32 years of             Programs, the US delegate to the Working Party on Passive
the way companies conduct business in the future.                  experience in the carbon black industry. As Vice President         Safety (GRSP) under the World Forum for the Harmoniza-
                                                                   in the same company, Bill modernized the operations, set a         tion of Vehicle Regulations at the UNECE, and is the Leader
HARVEY BRODSKY is a world-renowned speaker who                                                                                        of the Tire Fuel Efficiency Team at NHTSA. During her
has written numerous articles concerning retreading and            strategic direction, developed new products and improved
                                                                   the company’s quality. Bill started his career with Phillips       career at NHTSA, she’s been responsible for a number of
has been a featured weekly guest on “The Open Road Café”                                                                              critical issues including school bus, air bag, light vehicle
radio program. Also, Harvey is a featured monthly talk show        Petroleum Company where he worked at plants in Texas
                                                                   and Mexico as a Process Engineer, Technical Director in R          rollover and tire standards and consumer information
host on Midnight Trucking Radio Network. Harvey is Man-                                                                               programs.
aging Director of the Tire Retread and Repair Information          & D and Engineering. He worked at Columbian Chemicals
Bureau. He began his career in the retread tire industry with      Company where he introduced a standard design used to              GUY J. WALENGA is Engineering Manager, North
one of the world’s largest suppliers of retread equipment and      build carbon black plants in Hungary, Korea, India, and            American Commercial Products for Bridgestone/Firestone
went on to become Director of Operations for a large chain         Columbia.                                                          North American Tire, LLC. He is a representative for truck
of tire stores.                                                    JOSEPH W. (BILL) KERNODLE has extensive experi-                    and bus issues at the Tire and Rim Association and Rubber
                                                                   ence at all levels of retail and wholesale logistics as well       Manufacturers Association. Guy is also a task force chair-
CHERYL L. BYNUM is the Acting Group Manager of the                                                                                    man and presenter for TMC and an active member of SAE
US Environmental Protection Agency’s flagship partner-             as production planning and scheduling. For 14 years, he
                                                                   has operated a model factory at Clemson University and             and ASTM.
ship with the freight industry—the SmartWay™ Transport
Partnership. The program brings together thousands of              conducted advanced supply chain research, demonstra-               MICHAEL WISCHHUSEN is the Director of Industry
shippers and motor carriers and provides them with tools,          tions, and supply chain synchronization primarily for              Standards and Government Regulations at Michelin and has
methods and incentives to accelerate the use of advanced           the Department of Defense of the United States Army. A             26 years experience with Michelin in both technical (tire de-
technologies and best practices to reduce greenhouse gas and       retired military officer who had multiple assignments in           sign) and marketing roles. He is responsible for the manage-
other emissions from the global supply chain. Earlier, Cheryl      logistics, R & D, and acquisition, Bill is the Site director for   ment of Michelin’s North America and Groupe Michelin’s
led the technology group within SmartWay™, conducting              the Clemson University’s Apparel Research Center. He has           standards and regulatory activity. Previously, Mike worked
test programs, developing a test methodology to evaluate the       extensive experience in Total Quality Management and               for the fuel systems division of General Motors.
performance of commercial trucks and equipment, and de-            Lean Manufacturing.
                                                                                                                                      CESAR zARAK, PhD, is a Senior Research Engineer for
signing the requirements for SmartWay™-certified vehicles
                                                                   STAN LEW, PE, has been involved in the tire industry               Michelin Americas Research and Development Corpora-
and equipment.
                                                                   since 1973, starting with The BF Goodrich Company                  tion. He started work with Michelin in 1989 and spent
MANNY CICERO is a 31-year veteran of the Tire Industry,            Tire Division, and is currently the Manager of Industry            many years developing simulation tools for tire perfor-
having been in sales with Michelin and Bridgestone. Manny          Standards & Government Regulations for Michelin North              mance analysis, as well as tire testing methods. From there
was a key member of the transition team when Bridgestone           America, Inc. Stan is currently serving on several technical       he worked in truck tire research, and for the last 4 years
purchased Firestone. After leaving Bridgestone/Firestone,          committees of the Society of Automotive Engineers, ASTM            focused on retreading and repair. Prior to Michelin, Cesar
he joined Alliance Tire Company of President of North and          International, Tire and Rim Association, and Rubber Manu-          worked in the fiberglass, powder metallurgy and engineer-
South American Operations to spearhead their aggressive            facturers Association.                                             ing industries.

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 Conference                                                                     “Great Conference! The conference provided an in-
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 For the domestic and International                                             their knowledge openly and was exceptional! I really
 Tire Industry - Including Suppliers                                            enjoyed the panel discussion and networking!”
 and allied Industries                                                                                                               —Tom Klinge, CEO,
                                                                                                                             Klinge Group of Companies,
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