Do you know what we at Stritmatter Kessler Whelan Coluccio have been
      doing for our clients for these past seven years?

PWW   1. January 2001 Schultz and Underdahl v. State of Washington An $8.8
PJO      million settlement for negligent supervision of a parolee by the Department of
KC       Corrections resulting in rape and murder of one victim and assault of another.

PLS   2. April 2001 Lau v. Crew Shuttle, Inc A $2.16 million (policy limits)
KLK      settlement for a closed-head and other injuries to a pedestrian hit by a van and
         then a car.

PLS   3. May 2001 Molitor v. Heaverlo A $1.66 million (policy limits) settlement
         plus additional contingent payments for a 23-year-old T-4 paraplegic injured
         in a vehicle rollover.

PLS   4. May 2001 Peck v. King County A $1 million settlement for contracting
MEW      CIDP from a tetanus shot given in the ordinary course of necessary medical
         treatment as a result of a motorcycle/deputy sheriff vehicle collision.

KLK   5. June 2001 Whitmer v. Yuk, Pierce County and City of Lakewood A $6.35
PLS      million settlement for negligence and failure to provide traffic signals at a
         busy intersection.

PJO   6. June 2001 Doe v. Auto Manufacturer and a Medical Facility A $3 million
KC       settlement for a woman burned by a post-collision gasoline fire in an auto
PWW      crash when she was struck by a driver who was negligently allowed to leave a
         medical facility while drug impaired.

PLS   7. January 2002 Morales v.“Yellow Cab” A $1.25 million settlement for a
KLK      woman pedestrian with a closed head injury from being hit by a cab.

KLK   8. April 2002 Stefanie Brenner v. Bestway Excavating and State of Washington
KKK      A $2,671,148 million arbitration award for the wrongful death of a minor in
         an intersection collision

PWW   9. April 2002 Doe v. Hospital A $7.5 million settlement against a hospital for
          removal of the wrong kidney.

PWW   10. June 2002 Magana v. Hyundai Motor America An $8.1 million verdict in
PJO       Clark County for a defective seat back and failure of occupant restraint
          system. After an appeal, a new judgment for a discovery sanction was
          entered in the amount of $10,399,907.00.

PWW   11. July 2002 Pemberton v. Arnold, et al. A $1.475 million settlement for a
PJO       road rage case where a 16-year-old girl was killed.

MEW   12. July 2002 Doe v. Doe A $3.75 million settlement for the death of a
KLK       passenger as a result of the negligent operation of a private plane.

MEW   13. August 2002 Kime v. City of Seattle A $1.75 million settlement for the
KKK       death of a 20-year-old for enhanced danger by failing to protect the public
          during Mardi Gras celebration.

PLS   14. October 2002 Smith, et al. v. Behr Process Corporation A class action
MEW       verdict for the benefit of thousands of Western Washington consumers in
KC        Grays Harbor County Superior Court in 2000. Breach of warranty and
          Consumer Protection Act violation case for defects in clear coatings for
          exterior wood surfaces. The products promoted rather than prevented
          growth of mildew. The nine class representatives received verdicts from a
          low of $24,000 to a high of $97,000. Applied to the entire class, the case
          resulted in a settlement of $67.5 million.
PLS   15. October 2002 Stipic, et al. v. Behr Process Corporation A class action
MEW       settlement for the benefit of a nationwide class of consumers for $132.5
KC        million.

PWW   16. December 2002 Marvin v. Evergreen Hospital An $8.5 million
KC        settlement for a brain injury anesthesia case.

KLK   17. February 2003 Thompson v. The State of Washington, et al. A $2.75
BJM       million settlement for paralyzing injuries sustained in a collision at an
          intersection lacking adequate traffic control devices.

KC    18. April 2003 Tkachev v. Ledcor Industries (USA), Inc. A $2.4 million
PLS       settlement for an immigrant laborer who had his right leg amputated below
          the knee when the general contractor failed to provide guardrails for the
          7’6” scaffolding on which he was working.

PLS   19. April 2003 Glubrecht v. Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. A $1.2 million
KLK       settlement for a tow truck operator injured by a forklift with a faulty
          emergency brake resulting in thoracic outlet syndrome, partial removal of a
          lung and a neck fusion.

KLK   20. April 2003 James Evans v. The State of Washington, et al. A $1 million
RWK       settlement for a moderate brain injury caused in a collision resulting from a
          lack of a highway median barrier.

MEW   21. May 2003 Halasz v. CECO, et al. A $1.75 million settlement for a
PLS       carpenter struck by a counterweight on a crane while sitting in a sanican,
          resulting in a closed head injury with resulting seizures.

      22. June 2003    Doe v. Hospital A settlement of $1.375 million in infant death
RWK       case.

KC    23. July 2003 Doe v. Doe. A $1.5 million settlement for a woman who lost
PLS       75% of the function of one kidney and 25% of the other in an auto crash.

KC    24. August 2003 Virnig v. a Safeco insured A $1.5 million policy limits
PLS       settlement for a college student who suffered a closed head injury in an auto

KC    25. September 2003 Crawford Estate v. Hospital and Doctor A $1 million
PWW       settlement for the death of an eleven-month-old baby when medical
          personnel failed to follow up on a radiology report recommending further
          studies would have revealed a duplication cyst of the small bowel. The
          baby suffered a bowel perforation at the site of the cyst resulting in
          peritonitis and death.

PWW   26. September 2003 Hilde Estate v. Tire Manufacturer and Distributor A
PO        $1.657 million settlement for the death of a 20-year-old promising
          professional baseball player when the vehicle in which he was riding
          crashed as a result of a manufacturing defect in a tire.

RWK   27. February 2004 DOES v. XYZ Corporation A $3.1 million
KLK       settlement for exposure to high concentrations of sulfur dioxide at a pulp
          mill, causing two employees of an independent contractor to develop
          Reactive Airways Disease Syndrome.

MEW   28. March 2004 The Lummi Nation v. Golder Associates, Inc. A $4.25
PLS       million settlement for violation of contracts and the Indian Graves Recovery
BJM       Act by an archeology firm while monitoring an excavation for a
          construction project. The claims included damages suffered by the Lummi
          Indian Nation as well as emotional distress claims on behalf of tribal

BJM   29. April 2004 Doe v. Nursing Home A $1.5 million settlement for the
KLK       rape of a developmentally disabled nursing home patient by a nurse’s
KC        assistant (negligent hiring and supervision).

MEW   30. August 2004 Clements v. State of Washington A $2.2 million settlement
          for wrongful death and survival actions when Department of Corrections
          negligently released a prisoner who then killed this 22-year-old mother.

PWW   31. September 2004 Ratigan v. Central Building, LLC A $1.575 million
RWK       settlement for client who suffered a brain injury in a fall from a
PJO       window.
MEW   32. September 2004 Steen v. Hospital A settlement after entry of a
PLS       judgment and appeal for $4,687,704.21 for death of a patient as a
GLJ       result of hospital negligence.

PLS   33. February 2005 Jane Doe Estate v. XYZ Manufacturer A $1.25
PJO       million settlement for defective design of vehicle and negligent driving
PWW       of driver.

KKK   34. March 2005 Jane Doe v. Insurance Company $4 million settlement
          for bad faith in defense of motor vehicle crash.

PLS   35. April 2005 Wilbur/Johnson v. Lutton Trucking, Inc. $1.7 million
          settlement for badly fractured hip that required a hip replacement for a
          23-year-old young man who also suffered from PTSD and depression as
          a result of the crash.

PWW   36. May 2005 Estate of Amy Robinson v. XYZ Hospital A $1.25 million
KC        settlement for delayed diagnosis of oral cancer resulting in death.

KKK   37. May 2005 Doe v. Doe $4.3 million settlement for skull fractures,
          TBI and partial blindness following car crash.

PLS   38. August 2005 Stromberg v. Wiles $1 million policy limits settlement for
KKK       the death of a 57-year-old woman pedestrian hit by a pickup exiting a
          Bellevue garage. She is survived by her spouse and three adult children.

BJM   39. September 2005 Doe v. Adult Family Home $1.135 million settlement
          for a mentally ill woman who slipped and fell, resulting in a fractured leg
          and ultimate amputation below the knee.

PLS   40. November 2005 Adams v. Testa $2 million settlement for UIM policy
KKK       limits on behalf of a woman who suffered significant orthopedic injuries in
          an automobile crash. Additional sums were recovered for Farmers’ bad faith
          claims handling.

KC    41. May 2006 Messenger $2.1 million policy limits partial settlement for a
PLS       12-year-old brain damaged boy who was a pedestrian hit by a van while
          crossing the street in an unmarked crosswalk.
PLS   42. May 2006 Wright v. Harris Trucking $3.15 million settlement for four
KC        members of the Wright family injured when a gasoline truck and double
          trailer crossed the center line and hit them head-on.

KLK   43. May 2006 Merdes v. State of Washington $5.4 million settlement for
          death of a father of four who was a fault-free passenger in an auto/highway
          design case.

PLS   44. May 2006 Qamar v. Leonard Trucking, Inc. $1.85 million settlement for
KC        death of a 62-year-old UW professor when struck by a load of logs that fell
RWK       off logging truck.

PLS   45. June 2006 Meadows v XYZ Corp. $3.2 million settlement for client who
PWW       suffered a brain injury in a fall from a window.

PLS   46. August 2006 Fulton v. XYZ Corp. $2.2 million settlement for a roofer
KC        who fell from a construction site roof 35 feet rendering him a paraplegic.
          Suit was against general contractor and second tier contractor for failure to
          maintain a safe workplace. Substantial comparative negligence issues.

PLS   47. November 2006 Meza v. United Tempering Systems/Meza $1.525 million
KC        settlement for a child injured in a motor vehicle crash when a truck barreled
          into another motor vehicle, resulting in a closed head injury.

PLS   48. November 2006 Forestier v. City of Vancouver $6,050,000 settlement for
KLK       a French foreign exchange student who was a pedestrian hit by a vehicle
          while crossing Fort Vancouver Way on her way to school. The City failed
          to provide proper lighting for the crossing.

PLS   49. December 2006 Watson v. XYZ Corp. $4.9 million settlement for woman
PJO       struck in face with a leaf spring that fell off a truck suspension system.
          Closed head injury and facial disfigurement.

PLS   50. December 2006 Wade v. Pierce County $1.25 million settlement for death
KC        of a 12-year-old on a bicycle struck by a police vehicle.
PLS   51. April 2007 Plaintiff v. Defendant $3.7 million settlement for death of a
KC        46-year-old airline pilot husband father of two. Truck turned in front of
          his motorcycle. Substantial comparative negligence issues.

BJM   52. June 2007 Sholtz v. Kuhn $1.15 million settlement for 61-year-old woman
PLS       who suffered a comminuted and compound fracture of her leg when hit by a
          vehicle while traveling on a motorcycle. Infections of the leg required
          extensive medical treatment.

BJM   53. June 2007 Wallace v. Tesoro $1.1 million settlement involving a pipe
KLK       fitter who suffered permanent injuries from an overhead obstruction while
          climbing a scaffold access ladder.

PWW   54. June 2007 Weller v. HMO $1 million settlement. Failure to diagnose
          prostate cancer.

KLK   55. 2007 Boyd Estate v. Les Schwab Tires $1.9 million settlement for death of
          motorcycle operator when improperly tightened wheel fell off of car and
          struck him.

KKK   56. December 2007 Huang v. Lustyk $2.9 million settlement for injuries
RWK       suffered when a vehicle ran into a motorcycle.

KKK   57.   January 2008 Petersen v. Finazzo $ 1.033 million verdict for injuries
KC          suffered when a structure collapsed causing a severe right foot fracture
            requiring fusion and fixation surgery with hardware.

PLS   58.   March 2008 Pattison v. City of Chelan $4.5 million settlement for a
KLK         spinal cord injury that resulted in the client being a tetraplegic. Client
RWK         dove into Lake Chelan in a city park and hit his head on submerged rocks.
            No warnings of the danger was posted.

KKK   59.   March 2008 Jane Doe v. XYZ Corporation $2.65 million confidential
PJO         settlement for a traumatic brain injury due to a motor vehicle collision for
PLS         the defective design and manufacture of a vehicle.
PLS   60.   March 2008 Clauson v. Ashland, Inc. Confidential settlement for a
RWK         diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma for a housewife as a result of
            being contaminated by asbestos fibers at home because of the work
            exposure of her ex-husband.

PLS   61.   April 2008 Stanton v. LeMay $2.7 million settlement for the deaths of two
KC           minor children who were passengers in a vehicle that rear-ended a
            recycling truck without proper under-ride protection guard that had
            stopped in the roadway.
PWW   62.   July 2008 Lovejoy v. Rice Confidential settlement for a fetal death when
            doctor failed to recognize or treat dangerous cord presentation and low
            amniotic fluid.
KC    63.   January 2009 Samples v. Rockeries, Inc., judgment and settlement of $3.3
RWK         million for wrongful death case by husband of 46 year old woman hit by
            run away dump truck trailer. Case will eventually include recovery of
            interest, attorney fees, and bad faith damages.
KC    64.   March 2009 Brown/Symoni v. Sportsman Airpak $3.225 million
            settlement for a small single engine plane crash caused by failure to
            maintain a carburetor resulting in spinal cord injuries.

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