2008 CALM AIR NORMAN WINTER GAMES
                      MANITOBA GAMES
This past Friday February 22 , Andrezj “Fat-Bob” Wiewiora and I drove up to Thompson for the
Calm Air Norman Winter Games & Table Tennis qualifiers for the 2008 Power Smart Manitoba
Games. The Norman Winter Games is an annual event with the host community picking the
sporting events. This year Table Tennis was one of the seven chosen along with Badminton,
Basketball, Bowling, Hockey, Cross-Country Skiing and Volleyball.
Immediately upon our arrival – after a tiring 8 hour drive - we went to the Thompson Recreation
Centre to see what the playing hall looked like…result…large area but only 3 tables available. So
next stop was over to former Provincial team player Ted Smook’s house where we loaded
another table into our trailer…back over to the Rec. Center where we unloaded and helped
several members of the Thompson Spinners Table Tennis Club with the gym set-up. Once this
was done, we headed over to a private residence where we unloaded 2 brand new “STAG
Professional” tables that will be shipped by train to Gillam for use by their club: Trevor Beardy &
former Provincial Team players Greg Gusberti and Gordon Pruden run a club every Tuesday and
Thursday night in Gillam School.
Saturday morning I was very sick with the flu and felt like “crap”…but the show had to go on. We
arrived at the gym at 9:00 a.m. and continued with the gym set-up & tournament preparations.
Slowly, the 51 players from 7 Northern Communities started to trickle in. We signed up 3 late
entrants and prepared the draws for the seven events. Play started at 12:30 p.m. after the
opening ceremonies concluded. At 8 p.m. - some 120 best 3-out-of-5 matches later, played on
only 4 tables - awards were presented. Congratulations to the following finalists:

GIRLS 13 YEARS & UNDER:                  GOLD:           Kayla Duke, Wabowden
(M.S.G. Qualifier)                       SILVER:         Heather Monias, Wabowden
                                         BRONZE:         Kristen Monias, Wabowden
BOYS 13 YEARS & UNDER:                   GOLD:           Riley Barnett, Gillam
(M.S.G. Qualifier)                       SILVER:         Levi Anderson, Wabowden
                                         BRONZE:         Tie Braun, Wabowden
GIRLS 15 YEARS & UNDER:                  GOLD:           Kayla Duke, Wabowden
(M.S.G. Qualifier)                       SILVER:         Rene Wilson, Norway House
                                         BRONZE:         Corilee Smith, Cormorant
BOYS 15 YEARS & UNDER:                   GOLD:           Gerald Ducharme, Norway House
(M.S.G. Qualifier)                       SILVER:         Logan Tait-Reaume, Norway House
                                         BRONZE:         Erik Weenusk, Oxford House
FEMALE > 15 YEARS:                       GOLD:           Megan Weenusk, Oxford House
(Norman Games)                           SILVER:         Betsy Ann Weenusk, Oxford House
                                         BRONZE:         Harriette Grieves, Oxford House
MALE > 15 YEARS:                         GOLD:           Robertino Hertanto, Thompson
(Norman Games)                           SILVER:         Anthony Wiggins, Thompson
                                         BRONZE:         Khaled Hassanien, Thompson
OPEN SINGLES:                            GOLD:           Robertino Hertanto, Thompson
(Overall Norman Champion)                SILVER:         Khaled Hassanien, Thompson
                                         BRONZE:         Anthony Wiggins, Thompson
The tournament highlights were for me was the Under 13 Boys Final where Riley Barnett from
Gillam was victorious in a very boisterous final. You see, Riley was their hockey teams goalie
and his whole team was out-decked head to toe in gear including their skates-to cheer him
on…how he ever made it over to the arena and get his pads on after his extended 5 set victory, is
beyond me. Two other memorable matches were the ones between Robertino Hertanto and
Anthony Wiggins in the Male > 15 Years final and between Robertino and Khaled Hassanien in
the Open Final. These boys from Thompson sure put on a spirited show! Thank you to Colin
Greenidge and the rest of the Thompson Spinners for their assistance. The M.T.T.A. would like
to also thank Ted & Vivian Smook for providing accommodations to Andrezj & I and to thank
Bruce Krentz of the Thompson Recreation Department, Kristen Erickson & Jaymie Leary from the
Sport Manitoba Norman Region. Without their involvement and the financial assistance provided
by Sport Manitoba this fine event for Northern Manitoba’s top athletes would never have
happened. All results count towards Manitoba & Canadian ratings & rankings which should be
on-line at either www.mtta.ca or www.ctta.ca by early-mid March.
Ron Edwards Reporting.
P.S. A big thank you to Andrezj for his help…although it was exhausting to have to convince him
that we really had no time to ice fish…especially with only a hand auger and ice about 6-7 foot
thick. However, on the positive side, his snoring in the truck did keep me awake enough to finally
reach Winnipeg at midnight Sunday! Thanks “Fat Bob.”

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