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					                                       THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                               MARCH 2004

MAYOR’S REPORT                                                                  TOWN COUNCIL CORNER

SO…HOW ARE THINGS???                             Carla A Nichols, Mayor

When I casually run into people and they ask this question and                  Robert Schillberg              Steve Abel
they’re referring to Town affairs, I sometimes wonder if my                                   Kent Saltonstall                  Peter Block
assessment is reality based. Quite frankly, I don’t hear much                                            Kerin Steele
from residents. I’m more than half way through my tenure as
your Mayor and I would appreciate some feedback.                                November 2003– Council held two Public Hearings on the
                                                                                proposed 2004 Budget. Discussion included hiring a Town
When I, myself, reflect on what Town government has focused                     Arborist, a part-time Town Administrator, and capital projects
on, it’s best described with a 6 letter word, “FUTURE.” For the                 such as paving overlays for Timberlane and Wachusett Road.
past two years, we’ve focused upon the future environment of                    Financial Consultant Bill Cushman presented a comparison of
the Town by revising the Tree Preservation Ordinance; we’ve                     fire service costs in seven Snohomish County cities. Passed
articulated community values as we prepared for potential                       Resolution #03-272 to increase property and EMS taxes by 1%.
FUTURE neighbors: Brightwater and Pt. Edwards condominium
community; and we’ve negotiated a transfer of our sewer system                  December 2003 – Passed Ordinance #03-429 approving the 2004
to Olympic View Water and Sewer District as a means of limiting                 Budget. Officer Joe Bruce resigned from the Woodway Police
our FUTURE liability relating to Town infrastructure; and finally               Department after 20 years of service. Mayor & Council
we’ve instituted financial forecasting for the next ten years so                presented Senator Darlene Fairley with a tree from the Woodway
that our FUTURE as a community can be maintained.                               Reserve, and expressed their appreciation for her efforts in
                                                                                acquiring funds to purchase Option Lot 1. Discussed sewer
Obviously, I’m close to the action but would also like to hear                  system repairs and expressed to Olympic View Water & Sewer
from residents and learn how you view things. The beauty of                     District the Town’s interest in moving forward with the transfer
Woodway is that we are so local, things are small and                           of the sewer system
approachable. I truly welcome your comments. How would you
answer the question: “How are things?”                                          January 2004 – Councilmembers Steve Abel and Peter Block
                                                                                were sworn in for four year terms. Confirmed three new Planning
Regards,                                                                        Commissioners – Joe Fattizzi, Henry James, and Tom Whitson.
Carla A. Nichols                                                                Council discussed non-conforming outdoor lighting, exterior
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------   lights, and rights-of-way permit review. Lyn Gross, ESCA
WHAT’S INSIDE                                           Page                    Director, discussed changes to the Town’s Emergency
Town Departments Reports                                                        Management Organization. Council approved and passed
        Town Clerk                                      2                       Ordinance #04-430 relating to the revised Emergency Plan.
        Public Works                                    2                       Passed an Interagency Agreement for Street Overlay Program
        Planning Commission                             3
                                                                                between Snohomish County & Woodway. Council discussed a
        Police Department                               4
        Fire Department                                 4
                                                                                draft job description for the new Town Administrator. Passed a
        Building Dept. & Pt. Wells Advisory Committee 5                         fee ordinance consolidating all of the fees into one section of the
General Information                                                             Woodway Municipal Code.
        Arborist & Mayor’s Budget Message               6
        Sewer Transfer to Olympic View Water            7                       February 2004 – Elizabeth Walker, Town arborist, presented a
        Solid Waste, Potential Road Closure, Dark Skies                         management plan for the Woodway Reserve. Discussions
        Policy & Community Emergency Response Team 8
                                                                                continued regarding outdoor lights, rights-of-way issues, and a
        Community Fair, Auction for Andre, Pine Street                          job description for the Town Administrator. Passed Ordinance
        Closure Scheduled, Volunteer Opportunities      9                       #04-436 amending the 2003 budget.

                                     THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                           MARCH 2004

*************************************************                            PUBLIC WORKS
                                                                                      Randall Burns, Director

           Lorraine Taylor, Clerk Treasurer
           Jill Massa, Deputy Clerk
           Janet Sweeting, Deputy Clerk

New Software Training

Lorraine Taylor, Clerk-Treasurer, secured a grant recently
through the Association for Washington Cities for additional
training on software for the office staff. We are utilizing
advanced technology that allows a remote location trainer to
communicate via speakerphone and is able to “see” our
                                                                                                                   Randall Burns, Director
computer screens and control them if needed. In this era of tight                     Tim McAllister
budgeting for all cities, we are fortunate to have this opportunity                               Rich Lemmert
to further enhance our skills.
                                                                             Right of Way Permits, who needs them?
New Woodway Website                                                          For starters let me define what the Right of Way (ROW) is and
                                                                             what it’s used for. The ROW is property owned by the Town
We have also been hard at work c       oordinating with the web              usually conveyed to the Town as part of a platted development.
designer and, with the help of Charlie Fontaine and Kerin Steele,            The ROW is the piece of property typically abutting the front of
are very close to finalizing the Woodway website. The last                   your property. ROW widths vary but are usually 40 to 60 feet.
minute tweaks are being completed, photos and links added, and               The reason we have ROWs is to allow people to have access to
we expect to be launched by April 1st. This website is user-                 their property (i.e.: a road) and to provide a corridor for a variety
friendly and will have lots of good information, permit and                  of utilities.
license forms, codes and ordinances, as well as agendas and
minutes of the Council and Planning Commission.                              Management of the ROW is the responsibility of the Town. The
                                                                             Town allows the homeowner to landscape the portion of the
Keep in touch with your Town at www.town ofwoodway.com                       ROW in front of their property provided there are no alterations
--------------------------------------------------------------------------   to the existing grade, no use of equipment, and no placement of
                                                                             structures in the ROW. All other work in the ROW requires a
                                                                             permit from the Town.

                                                                             The Town’s engineer reviews the applications to determine if
                                                                             they are in compliance with the Town’s ordinances and to
                                                                             determine if there is a potential risk to the Town for allowing a
                                                                             project to be constructed. In order for the Engineer to make an
                                                                             accurate assessment of the proposed work, it is important that
                                                                             enough detail is provided in the application and plans to convey
                                                                             the applicant’s intent. If an application is submitted without
                                                                             enough information for the Town’s Engineer to make a
                                                                             responsible determination, the application will be returned and
                                                                             the Engineer’s fees will be assessed.

                                                                             News on Chipping
                                                                             As you may be aware, the Town of Woodway offers a chipping
                                                                             service to all residents of Town. I wanted to let you know that
                                                                             we will be initiating a change in the schedule for this service.
                                                                             Because of the time it takes to connect the chipper it is not
                                                                             advantageous to prepare the equipment for only one or two

                                       THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                               MARCH 2004

chipping jobs. So, in an effort to be more efficient, the chipping           PLANNING COMMISSION
service will be provided on a bi-monthly schedule. As of April 1st                 George Stead, Chairman
the chipping service will be provided on the first and third
Thursday of the month. If you have a large amount of material to
remove, special arrangements can be made for chipping on other
days. Please let us know well in advance. The following are some
general guidelines for the chipping service:

The Chipping service is offered at a rate of $84.00/ hour billed in
15 min increments. Chipping must be requested before 7:00 a.m.
on Thursday morning for chipping that day. Proper preparation
of material to be chipped is necessary to facilitate chipping and
to expedite the chipping process (saving you money). The
Town’s chipper is designed for chipping medium to large
branches up to 10” diameter, excessive small branches may clog
the chipper’s shoot causing delays and additional billing.

The following requirements must be met:
                                                                             Front 1         2          3            4        5         6
                 1     The chipping pile must be accessible by the           Back                           7        8
                                                                                      2--Bob Allen                     4--Joe Fattizzi
                       Town’s truck and chipper.                                      7--Charlie Fontaine                       5--Henry James
                 2     No rakings, rocks, dirt, stumps, nails, painted                3--George Stead                  8--Henry Veldman
                       wood, metal, paper or other rubbish will be                    6--Thomas Whitson                         1--Town Planner
                       chipped                                               Bill Trimm
                 3     No noxious weeds or excessive vines
                                                                             The Planning Commission welcomed three new members at their
                 4     All “butt end” of branches must be placed in
                                                                             February meeting, Joe Fattizzi, Henry James and Thomas
                       the pile towards the truck access point
                                                                             Whitson. Mr. Fattizzi has served on the Woodway Reserve
                 5     If piles overlap, material in the front of pile
                                                                             Committee and works in stock trading. Both Mr. James and Mr.
                       must be on top of material in back of pile or
                                                                             Whitson are in the investment banking field. The new
                       divided into separate piles
                                                                             Commissioners have been initially appointed to two year terms.
                 6     Piles should be no taller than 5’
                 7     Improperly prepared piles may be refused.
                                                                             The Commission will miss outgoing members Cheryl Keyes,
                                                                             Catherine Gilbert and Mark Zenger.    Cheryl served on the
Please call 206-542-4443 to schedule your chipping.
                                                                             Commission for 10 years and most recently held the position of
                                                                             Chairman. We thank them all for their loyal commitment of
                                                                             service to the Town.

You can have the minutes and agenda of the Town Council mailed               ISSUES FOR 2004
to your home for $11.00 per year.
OR                                                                           The Planning Commission anticipates a busy year ahead
You can receive them by e -mail for free. Contact Town Hall to
have your name added to the e -mail.
                                                                             including review of the Pt. Wells Subarea Plan and the Critical
The Town Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month at        Areas Ordinance. Additionally, the Growth Management Act
7:00 p.m. at Town Hall. The minutes from the last meeting and t he           requires that the Woodway Comprehensive Plan be reviewed
agenda for the coming meeting are received in the mail on Friday or          and updated by December 2004. Our meetings are always open
Saturday before the next meeting. The Mayor and Town Coun cil                to the public and we welcome your input and ideas concerning
encourage everyone to attend these meetings as often as possible and share   all issues affecting the Town. Meetings are held the first
your thoughts on all aspect of life here in Woodway. Notices of these
                                                                             Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.
meeting are posted on bulletin boards throughout our Town. Getting a
copy of the minutes is an excellent way to keep informed even when you       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
are unable to attend.

                               THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                   MARCH 2004

POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                       FIRE DEPARTMENT
         Doug Hansen, Police Chief                                                  John Westfall, Fire Marshal (425) 771-0213

Spring is almost here! With warmer weather on the way it                When we find you--we can help
usually means an increase in residential alarms for the town.
Almost all of these alarms are false and responding to them is          When you have an emergency, you want firefighters,
costly. Just for the month of January, out of sixteen calls for         paramedics, medical personnel, and police with you right now.
service, seven of the calls were for alarms. The alarms ranged          So where are ;you? Beyond which blind driveway at the street
from someone changing their battery, or trying to fix a smoke           can we find you? The Fire and Police Department use map
detector attached to their home alarm, someone setting their            books identifying every address in town, well, so we think.
alarm without telling the other family members and the most             Addresses change, new homes arise, and driveways may or may
common alarm…just failing to secure a door properly (see bullet         not be paved or well-marked. Are you the 2nd or 3rd driveway
#7 below). Thankfully, all seven of the alarms were false.              from Park Road? Seconds literally mean life or death, minor
However, most of these false alarms were preventable and an             damage or major catastrophe. Which gate leads to your home?
unwarranted burden on the Town’s budgeted resources.                    Well-marked addresses identified at the street help us find you
If you are a new home owner or even a long time resident, you
should be aware that several years ago the council decided that         There are no specifics for what type of sign or number to use,
alarm owners needed to be more responsible. A change in the             BUT, the following recommendations can take seconds away
town ordinance was made to help recover some of the costs for           from response when you need it most. Numbers should be
false alarm responses. After the first false alarm I send a letter to   posted on your house. Six inch numbers with ¾ inch stroke are
the homeowner reminding them of the ordinance. The ordinance            recommended. The numbers may be larger or smaller, the key is
has a fine of $250 for the second and each subsequent false             this -can emergency responders read it legibly? White letters on
alarm within a six-month period of time.                                tan siding are hidden. Contrast the color of your address
                                                                        numbers with the background where it is mounted. Brass letters
To avoid a possible fine, here are a few suggestions;                   look nice, but experience proves these are very difficult to read
                                                                        on many colored backgrounds. When you last painted the
    1    If it has been awhile, have your alarm checked and             house-did your address numbers get repainted? Night time
         properly programmed.                                           visibility also needs to be “addressed” for emergencies don’t
    2 Be familiar with your alarm company and the type of               always occur in daylight. Reflective letters and/or sign stock, or
         alarm system you have.                                         electrical illumination work very well.
    3 Check the type of sensors you have and what activates             If your house is not in view from the street, is there a sign on the
         them.                                                          roadway to direct emergency responders? Make sure the sign is
    4 Know where each sensor is located.                                high enough off the ground to avoid overgrown shrubbery and
    5 Advise family, friends, and other guests to your home             clearly affixed below overhanging branches. Take care right now
         that your alarm is active.                                     to make sure your responders find their way when we need to
    6 Make sure that you, every member of your household,               find you. The sooner we find you, the sooner we can help.
         and that employees or workers at your home have the
         proper codes.                                                  Another ”burning” issue has come up with the onset of spring.
    7 Secure pets in areas that are NOT monitored.                      Burning branches, leaves, and vegetation for land-clearing
    8 When you leave your home take the time to close and               purposes is not allowed in Woodway, part of the Puget Sound
         lock all windows and doors. Countless alarms have              Clear Air (PSCA) region. The primary concern of PSCA is
         been caused by residents leaving their home in a rush,         maintaining the air quality for our health. In such a greatly
         failing to properly secure the windows and doors. The          vegetated area as Woodway, however, fire safety may also be a
         compression of the last door closing causes other              factor. Recreational fires (no greater than two feet high) and
         doors, windows, curtains, etc. to move, setting off            cooking fires with naturally seasoned wood are allowed by
         motion detectors. This leaves some homeowners                  PSCA rules. Don’t burn yardwaste, remove or compost it.
         driving away totally oblivious to the alarm that is
         sounding and the police being dispatched to their              Let you neighbors catch their breath.
         home.                                                          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please do your part! Be a responsible alarm owner.

                               THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                  MARCH 2004

BUILDING DEPARTMENT                                                          1.   Roofing replacement provided the new roofing is not
                                                                                  heavier than the original roofing
                                                                             2.   Painting and wall paper
                                                                             3.   Installation of carpet and other flooring
                                                                             4.   Installation of thermal insulation
                                                                             5.   Cabinets and counter tops
                                                                             6.   Window replacement (must comply with the energy
                                                                                  code and safety glazing requirements).

                                                                        If you’re still not sure if your project requires a permit, please
Tom Phillips, Building Official                                         send me an e-mail at tom.phillips1@comcast.net or call me 253-
When Is A Building Permit Required?                                     -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Everyone knows a building permit is needed to build a new               POINT WELLS/UNOCAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE--
house, but what about smaller projects? Is a permit required                      Peter Block, Chairperson
every time a nail is pounded into a piece of wood? Well, not
quite. Generally, a building permit is required whenever a wall or      Chevron USA Joining Point Wells Advisory Committee
roof is built, altered, replaced or removed. Moreover, every
addition to an existing house requires a permit. Interior remodel       A representative from Chevron USA, will be joining the Point
projects usually require a permit as well, even if only non-bearing     Wells Advisory Committee (PWAC) as it completes the Subarea
walls are built or altered. This may surprise people who believe        planning process. Chevron USA is the principal owner of the 92
the building code is all about how to build things so they are          acre Point Wells property.
structurally sound. But besides structural integrity, the building
code also regulates life/safety requirements. A few of the              The PWAC is an advisory committee to the Planning
life/safety items regulated include; minimum room size, ceiling         Commission and Town Council. It is composed of (2) Council
height, stair size, light and ventilation, energy code, bedroom         members, (2) Planning Commission members, (5) Town residents,
escape windows, safety glazing, handrails and guardrails and the        a Commissioner from the Port of Edmonds, the Town Planner,
firewall between a house and garage. The following are                  and the Chevron USA representative.
additional permit requirements and permit exemptions for
specific types of work.                                                 We are seeking to modify the composition of the Committee to
                                                                        increase participation from the Point Wells area. We anticipate
Fences. A permit is required for any fence installed in a building      having one or two openings and invite interested residents to
setback or on a property line, regardless of the height. A permit       prepare a brief resume along with a note of interest directed to
is not required for an interior fence (not located in a setback) that   the PWAC at Town Hall. We have scheduled our next meeting
does not exceed six feet.                                               for Monday, March 22 at 8:30AM at the Town Hall.

Decks. A permit is not required for a deck if it is not more that 30    The Committee has completed its work on the Point Edwards
inches above ground. However it must still comply with the              (Unocal/Triad) project with a significant positive impact on the
Town’s Zoning Code. It can’t be located in any building setback         design of the project, particularly in the areas of lighting, slope
and if it is more than 18 inches high, it must be included in the       easements and right of way improvements, to make it more
maximum allowable lot coverage.                                         compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and Town
Sheds. A shed is exempt from permit requirements if it does not
exceed an area of 120 square feet, is only one story and is not
attached to another building. Although a permit is not required,
they must be structurally sound and are not allowed in any
building setbacks.

Other minor projects that are exempt from permits include:

                              THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                 MARCH 2004

*************************************************                     repeated topping can cause internal decay in the major structure
GENERAL INFORMATION                                                   of the tree (scaffold branches and trunk) which often results in
                                                                      failure of major parts of the tree. It would be unfortunate to
                                                                      damage your tree only for it to damage your property later on.
                                                                      5. Makes you look bad. The more you and your neighbors come
                                                                      to understand what topping does, the more you all will realize
                                                                      that topping is a sign of an uninformed person ruining trees and
                                                                      a valued asset of the Town.

                                                                      When should I prune my trees?
                                                                      There is really no one time to prune your trees. Pruning in the
                                                                      winter before the tree breaks bud is nice because you can see the
                                                                      structure of the tree (if it’s deciduous). Spring pruning may result
                  Elizabeth Walker, Arborist                          in some sap flow from pruning cuts and usually encourages more
                                                                      growth in the crown of the tree. Late summer or fall pruning to
                                                                      shape a tree is fine as long as you don’t encourage new growth
With the new Town Arborist on board, Elizabeth Walker, we
                                                                      before the tree goes dormant. It’s best to reflect on your
have decided to provide an opportunity for you to ask tree
                                                                      personal thoughts about pruning before doing it or having it
questions that could be addressed in the newsletter. For specific
                                                                      done. The first question I ask before pruning is “Why am I
questions about particular trees on your property, remember
                                                                      pruning this tree?” If I find I say I have to control the size of this
Elizabeth is available for site consultations by calling 425/844-
                                                                      tree, then it is not the right species for my purpose and would
                                                                      consider removal and replacement. In general, trees do not
                                                                      require regular pruning with the exception of fruit trees for fruit
Why is topping so bad on trees?
                                                                      production. Young trees may need some training through minor
For probably the best explanation as to why topping is not
                                                                      pruning to grow into a nice form. The other big rule of thumb
appropriate, I refer to Cass Turnbull, founder of PlantAmnesty in
                                                                      about pruning is that you do not want to remove more than 20%
Seattle. She gives five very good reasons:
                                                                      of the live crown of a tree in a growing season.
1. It doesn’t work. Topping (also referred to as stubbing, de-
horning, heading, coat-racking, etc.) won’t work to keep trees
small. After a deciduous tree is topped, its growth rate actually
increases. It grows back quickly in an attempt to replace lost leaf
area needed to sustain its roots and stem. If the tree doesn’t
grow back, often it may not be healthy enough to recover and
usually dies.
2. It’s expensive. Once a tree is topped it has to be maintained
through pruning at least every few years to manage the unwieldy
regrowth. When you make a heading cut on a branch, several
long vertical shoots grow rapidly below the cut, usually in what
we call a “hydra” effect. Just by pruning those young shoots
often, you never really get control over the kind of proper
growth you want. Topping also reduces the appraised value of
your tree, making it costly.
3. It’s ugly. The sight of a topped tree is offensive to many
people. Large and arbitrary cuts and stubs in the crown of a tree
destroy the natural form of a tree and seem so counterintuitive to
what should be good pruning. Making such drastic cuts
demonstrates to me that someone felt they needed to control a
tree gone out of hand. I like to say that a well-pruned tree often
looks like no work was done but the tree looks better, like a good
4. It’s dangerous. In my profession, topping is considered the
most serious injury you can inflict upon your tree. Severe and

                              THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                 MARCH 2004

MAYOR’S MESSAGE                                                       Provision of Municipal Services
Dear Woodway Neighbors,                                               The Town Department Reports reflects the core services
                                                                      provided by Town government. Our building department
                                                                      experienced a “peak service year” due to the Woodway
The year 2003 was an active and productive year for the Town.
                                                                      Highlands development.
We’re working hard to continue our heritage of a strong, local
government. Major highlights were:
                                                                      Full copies of the 2004 Budget are available at
TREES                                                                 Town Hall.
Woodway is all about trees! It’s a fact: Woodway loves its
stately trees. They provide a multitude of benefits: oxygen,          Sincerely,
privacy, and beauty. Trees represent one of our most important        Carla A. Nichols
assets yet they are a resource held in private ownership. How         ---------------------------------------------------------
does a community balance that? Your government strove to
answer that delicate question. The Planning Commission and            TOWN TRANSFERS SEWER SYSTEM TO OLYMPIC VIEW
Council’s efforts resulted in the adoption of a revised Tree          WATER AND SEWER DISTRIST
Preservation Ordinance, including the services of a consulting              By Councilmember Peter Block
                                                                      At its March 1 Council meeting, held jointly with Olympic View
Planning                                                              Water and Sewer District (OVWD) Commissioners, the Town
The proposed development of Point Edwards (formerly the               Council approved the transfer of its sewer facilities to Olympic
Unocal Property) was the focal point of the Point Wells/Unocal        View effective April 1, 2004. This represents the culmination of a
Committee. This project represented the largest new                   four year effort which will relieve the Town of the significant
development for the City of Edmonds yet the most impacted             liability and cost of operating the system, while prospectively
community will be Woodway. Coordination of permit                     lowering future sewer rates for Woodway residents. An
requirements, community values on dark skies, right of way            immediate reduction of about $5.00 per month is expected.
landscapes, traffic patterns, compatible building codes were
studied and negotiated with the City of Edmonds and the private
development company.

Financial Management
The Town continues to monitor Town expenditures according to
the five municipal program areas. Cost projections of capitol
assets were incorporated in the annual budget with aggressive
efforts to “set aside” funds for future capital facilities. The ten
year financial forecasting model identifies patterns of revenue
and expenditures allowing for
responsible fiduciary stewardship.

Community                                                                  OVWD, Woodway Mayor & Town Council
Our annual fair was hosted in early September with over 200
residents of all ages enjoying the complimentary lunch, jazz          According to a recent study by HDR, the Town’s engineering
ensemble entertainment, community education booths, youth             firm, the financial impact on the town resulting from sewer
activities, and our first ever bike parade! Town government           maintenance would have been a cumulative amount of $170,000
views this event as an important event which strengthens our          over the next five years. The entire system is valued at $ 4.8 M,
sense of community.                                                   requiring annual capital replacement expenditures. At present,
                                                                      228 Woodway homes have sewer service, representing about
Woodway Reserve                                                       half the Town’s population.
Another option lot was purchased with State funds, one step
closer to expanding public open space that is rich with wildlife      Since Olympic View Water and Sewer District already provide
habitat. Preservation of an urban forest within the greater Puget     residents with water service, the inclusion of sewer rates should
Sound area is a luxury but also a challenge.                          be an easy transition. Watch for new billing information in your
                                   THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                        MARCH 2004

                                                                                potentially posed a new challenge to Woodway’s dark skies due
Featured above is a picture of the Council and OVWD                             to the City of Edmonds’ initial requirement for 30 foot tall
Commission President Patricia Meeker and Executive Director                     commercial street lights to be installed along Pine Street. This
Roger Eberhart at the Town’s recent signing ceremony,                           would have resulted in 10-12 homes along the northern border of
formalizing the transfer of Woodway’s sewer system.                             the Woodway Estates having nighttime glare from these street
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------   lights. Woodway’s lobbying paid off, resulting in an agreement
                                                                                whereby the developer will install and maintain 13 foot
SOLID WASTE REPORT                                                              residential lights along Pine Street and within the condominium
          by Kent Saltonstall                                                   community. These lower, hooded lights will ensure the residents
                                                                                of the Woodway Estates a pleasing view at night.
How do those loose plastic foam packing pellets get scattered
along the roadway, especially around Christmas? The answer is                   Meanwhile, back at Council chambers, the Council has
that they blow out of the garbage or recycling trucks. They stay                continued to debate how our dark skies can be preserved. There
along side of the road until somebody picks them up. If you plan                are several instances around Town of bright yard lights that are
to discard these pellets or “peanuts”, please bag them tightly. A               not in compliance with our existing building codes. The Council
better practice is to reuse them yourself, or deliver them for reuse            continues to deliberate on how to bring all of our community into
to the Pony Express Mailbox store on Edmonds Way. They are                      compliance and to reaffirm our collective support for dark skies
glad to get them. If you want to know more about this topic, you                in Woodway.
can call the Peanut Hotline at 1-800-828-2214 or try                            -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------------------      COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (CERT)--
                                                                                TRAINING TO BE OFFERED
          by Carla Nichols, Mayor                                               We know that police and fire emergency services may not be
                                                                                available to meet all the immediate needs of the public following
Town officials have been negotiating with Triad Development                     a major disaster, especially if there is no warning as in an
and the City of Edmonds regarding the final road improvements                   earthquake. We also know that many people will spontaneously
to Pine Street. The question of whether to install traffic calming              volunteer to help others until professional responders arrive.
devices (roundabouts) at the intersection of Nootka Road and                    This was the case following the 1988 Mexico City earthquake
Pine Street has prompted an even bigger, more important                         where untrained, spontaneous volunteers saved 800 people.
question: should the Town’s roads that connect to Pine Street                   Unfortunately, about 100 people lost their lives while attempting
be considered for closure. That is a huge issue that first                      to save others simply because they were not trained to assess
requires a safety review from a traffic engineer. The Town will                 the dangers in a post earthquake environment. CERT is about
consult with HDR Engineering of Bellevue to initiate the                        helping others until help arrives. CERT students learn to
appropriate study and analysis. The second step would be to                     extinguish small fires, provide life-saving first aid, and perform
share the results of this study with the community and then                     search and rescue and other vital skills needed to help others
solicit residents’ feedback regarding any proposed changes. To                  after a disaster.
follow this issue, please refer to the monthly Council meeting
agendas (posted on the Town’s readerboards, available                           The CERT training is 24 hours long and is delivered in three-
electronically or at Town Hall).                                                hour sessions, one evening a week over eight weeks. Please
---------------------------------------------------------------------------     call Chandra Fox, 425.776.3722 for further information.

DARK SKIES POLICY                                                               Spring session will begin April 15, 2004

The Town has long adhered to the policy that artificial lighting                *************************************************
should be minimized so that Woodway residents can enjoy the
beauty of our nightscape including the dazzling solar system.                   ANNOUNCEMENTS
Our development codes have followed this policy with                            *************************************************
statements in each zoning district that stipulate that exterior
lights must be shielded or hooded to reduce the glare and                       2004 COMMUNITY FAIR!! SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER
distraction from light fixtures.                                                11, 2004

The planned condominium community on the Unocal property                        The second Saturday in September will be the date for

                                    THE WOODWAY WHISPER
                                                          MARCH 2004

Woodway’s Fair. Lunch, community information booths,                           VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND!!
entertainment, and a perfect opportunity to get to know your
neighbors will be the order of business. Mark your calendars:                  Last year three adult residents and several high school students
September 11th starting at 10 a.m.                                             volunteered to help the Mayor and Town staff in organizing the
----------------------------------------------------------------------------   community fair. What a success: over 200 residents of all ages
                                                                               enjoyed the event! This was a wonderful partnership that we
AUCTION FOR ANDRE                                                              would like to sponsor again this year. Are any of you
                                                                               interested? There will be two organizing meetings (one in June,
Andre Kajlich, son of Patty and Aurel Kajlich of Woodway, lost                 another in early September), some phone work and food supply
both of his legs when he was hit by a subway train this past                   purchasing. Remember . . . we have all the notes and contacts
December while studying in Prague, Czech Republic. Andre and                   from last year to draw from. Give Town Hall a call!
his two sisters, Bianca and Anya, grew up here in our peaceful                 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
town and his parents still reside on Woodhaven Place. Andre is
now back with his parents as he courageously faces his                         SNOW AT TOWN HALL - JAN 6, 2004
physical, emotional, and financial challenges.

Medical insurance will pay for part of Andre’s therapy, but
minimally covers the expensive prosthetics he will need for life.
The family has already incurred a large expense for his
transportation back home from Prague.

Friends and neighbors of the Kajlich’s are rallying together to
raise funds for Andre by have an “Auction for Andre” which
will be held at the Holy Rosary Parish Gym in Edmonds on
Saturday June 19, 2004.

As neighbors, we can help support this special event with a                    Photo submitted by Linda Freyd
product or service that can be auctioned, a monetary donation,
                                                                               If you have special photos of Woodway that you would like to
purchasing catalogue space for an advertisement or personal
                                                                               share with us, please submit them to Town Hall.
tribute, attending the auction or by volunteering your time to
help make this a very successful event!

Please contact Brenda Bush 425-672-0996 or Betsy Stoulil

           by Randall Burns, PW

You may have noticed that work on the development on Point
Edwards in the City of Edmonds is progressing. Part of the
project will include the reconstruction of Pine Street requiring the
street to be closed for an extended period of time. This will
impact the access to Woodway via 117th/Chinook Rd. and
Nootka Road. This closure is scheduled to take place from May
3 of this year until completion sometime in November. Detour
routes will be provided and local residents will receive additional
information from the developer regarding this closure


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