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									February 29, 2000

MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: Agency Heads and Fiscal Managers Bill Tomlinson, Director

SUBJECT: Motor Vehicle Purchasing Moratorium Clarification

Based on what we have learned to date from your inquiries on the motor vehicle purchasing moratorium, it appears that some clarification might be helpful in order for us to be more responsive in processing your requested exceptions. First, OPB will be administering the vehicle moratorium consistently with the joint policy memorandum on purchasing and using motor vehicles. This policy memorandum, dated February 20, 1992, is still in effect along with all its requirements. These govern the assignment of vehicles and their authorized use, criteria for vehicles to be driven home overnight, and marking and disposing of vehicles. In addition, it is expected that the new vehicles will be used for the requested applications and not exchanged for usage with other vehicles in the fleet. If a vehicle does not meet the policy memorandum’s minimum criteria for acquisition, please do not request an exception from the moratorium. This memorandum is available on the OPB’s website at Second, the following types of vehicles, which are exempt from the policy memorandum, are also exempt from the purchasing moratorium:  Vehicle driven by a Constitutional Officer,  Vehicle driven full-time for law enforcement purposes by a POST-certified peace officer,  Pickup truck with a payload larger than one ton,  Passenger van rated to carry more than 9 passengers, and  Cargo van loaded with built-on special heavy equipment such as “cherry pickers,” and which are larger than a nine-passenger van. No request for OPB approval for purchasing these types of vehicles is necessary. However, we do request that you send us a copy of the vehicle purchase order to aid our record keeping. Third, when requesting a moratorium exception, please do the following:

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Route all requests through your agency’s central administrative office. Request only BASE vehicles (no extra options) on the State Purchasing Contract. Justify any request which does not comply with the motor vehicle policy memorandum including a rationale for purchasing any vehicle other than a midsize sedan. For any desired vehicle not on state contract (other than a Ford Crown Victoria), ensure the vehicle is certified as low emission as recommended via a resolution of the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority Include the following documentation: ▫ Vehicle Purchasing Order ▫ Reason for the vehicle purchases exemption from the moratorium. These include: o The vehicle is an authorized increase to the agency’s base inventory for a new position or a new program o The present vehicle has over 100,000 miles and repairs will cost more than the vehicle’s “blue book” value.

I appreciate your cooperation to date. If further information or clarification would be helpful, please call Chuck Freedman at (404) 656-6510 or e-mail him at

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