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									Monday Morning Memo October 6, 2008 Volume 6
This week we begin our journey with the rollout of the One to One laptops at Meeker. We have three scheduled trainings this week from 7:30-8:15 in the library. These trainings will provide 7th grade teachers with an overview of what to expect during the rollout on October 21st, as well as, some insight of how to deal with the logistics within your classrooms. This weeks training topics are:  Acceptable Use/Electronic Use/Laptop Handbook Student/Teacher  Discipline Hierarchy/Tech Violations  Classroom Management: History Checks and Tips As part of the rollout, I would like to share out some strategies from an article that Krista shared with me a few weeks ago titled One-to-One Computing and Classroom Management By Mike Hasley. In the article he talks about a number of classroom management tips. Here are just a few:  MWA: In the 1890s, when Theodore Roosevelt was the Police Commissioner of New York City, citizens didn't trust the police. Roosevelt wanted to address the problem. So what did he do? Create a task force? Audit management? No. He practiced MWA, Management by Walking Around. He took midnight walks and punished every police officer he saw not doing his job. Word got around, and the force shaped up. It works in the classroom as well, with or without laptops. As soon as you come near a kid, s(he) shapes up. If you see a kid off-task because of his or her computer, deal with it appropriately. Make sure you circulate in a way that allows you to see the most in one view. As does Fahryka Elliott, a business teacher in Henrico County, watch for certain telll-tale signs, such as when kids eyes are more fixated on the screen, or they are typing faster than normal, or their heads remain in a downward position longer than necessary. These may be signs of kids off task. Expectations: At the beginning of the year, we tell our students what we expect from them. Good pedagogy requires this be done for every class and every lesson, whether or not laptops are involved. As for laptops, tell them clearly what you expect, such as no idle surfing, no Instant Messaging, etc. Class arrangement: This is important and goes hand-in-hand with "Management by Walking Around." Sometimes you'll want the students in groups, so MWA is essential. Other times, you'll want them in rows (testing, for example) so you can see each laptop screen at once. If you have kids without laptops, sit them out of view. Daily sign off sheets: Again, along with daily expectations, let them know that you expect to see what they completed for the day. Students are less likely to goof on their computers if they know you expect a two-page paper.



Uniformity and consistency are going to be critical in this process. The TEAM approach is going to be the key to making this a successful implementation. We must all be on the same page at the same time when it comes to managing the laptops. I would ask the 8th grade teachers to take copious notes as we move through this process. Next year it will be building wide! 

Together Everyone Achieves More at Meeker Middle School

Bus/Cafeteria Duty: Don Forney and Karilyn Gross
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