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                                                                                                    Summer 2008
                               A Health Resource for Student Leaders | Vol. 30 No. 6

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peer educator

                                                                                                                                                                           Summer 2008
                                                                                                  A Health Resource for Student Leaders | Vol. 30 No. 6

in this issue                                                                                                       august 2008
Staff Column by Drew Hunter  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3                  13–27
Cover Story: Latest Trends in College Health  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4                                  Residence Life Staff Training

Lessons from First Year Advising  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5                   20–31
                                                                                                                    New Student Orientation
Get to Know  .  .  . Haley McCarthy
                                                                                                                    Programming and Recruitment for Peer Programs
from the University of Connecticut  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6
                                                                                                                    Student Athlete Programming
Taking a Bite Out of a Gaining Problem  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7

Campus Law Enforcement  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8              september 2008
Featured Program: Quit Before You Graduate                                                                          1–13
from the University of Montana – Missoula  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9                                  Fraternity and Sorority Rush and
                                                                                                                    New Member Recruiting
Area Spring Conference Highlights .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10
BACCHUS Staff News  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12
                                                                                                                    Suicide Prevention Week
Creating Tobacco-Free Generations  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 13
Get the Most Out of Your Ping Data  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 14                            National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

                          C      O      L       U       M      B      U      S                                      America on the Move Day

                                                                                                                    The BACCHUS Network General Assembly
                                                                                                                    Call for Programs Due
    General Assembly Call for Programs
             is now available!
                                                                                                                    National Alcohol and Drug Addiction
          Submit by September 29, 2008                                                                              Recovery Month
                                                                                                                    National Cholesterol Education Month
                                                                                    Fruit & Veggie Month

                              Spit It Out: Program-in-a-Box
                              With so much attention given to smoking, how                                      an easy way to educate peer educators, student groups,
                              much do students on your campus know about                                        residents, athletic teams, or tobacco task forces .
                              spit tobacco? The “Spit It Out: What You
                                                                                                                The Power Point presentation also has clicker questions
                              Need to Know About Spit Tobacco” program-
                                                                                                                built in so that you can survey, review and check for
                              in-a-box provides you with all the basics about
                                                                                                                comprehension during the program . (Note: Each campus
                              this rising health concern, including use rates,
                                                                                                                will need to import the Power Point presentation into
                              health effects, tobacco industry marketing
                                                                                                                its own clicker technology software .) If you do not have
                              tactics, cessation options, and policy issues .
                                                                                                                access to clicker technology, you can simply delete the
                              The box contains a facilitator guide in binder, a
                                                                                                                questions or ask them as discussion questions .
                              PowerPoint presentation on CD, an evaluation
                              form, 25 copies of the “Quit the Spit” pamphlet,                                  The cost for the program is $129 . For more information,
                              and five spit quit kits . This hour-long program is                               contact the BACCHUS Materials Center at (952) 920-8999 .

                                                      in educator
                                                    peerthis issue
staff column                                                                                                              Summer 2008

                        Drew Hunter, MPA
                        President/Chief           What kind of advisor
                                                  do you want to be?
                        Executive Officer

Not to take anything away from our                personal lives that impact their ability      Notice the behaviors not included in this
outstanding student leaders in The                as advisors . We recognize that for many      list . Nowhere does it include items like:
BACCHUS Network™ but it is no                     of you advising peer education groups is
                                                                                                • Easily annoyed by student interruptions
secret that one of the key elements to            more of a personal choice than a direct
                                                                                                  and questions
any successful peer education group,              job requirement . Hopefully all of you
or student organization for that matter,          want to do the best job advising that         • Sets the goals and overall direction for
is the active involvement of a good               you can .                                       the group
advisor . Being a good advisor is not                                                           • Expects students to know what to do
                                                  Given this belief, I feel it is appropriate
something that we all are born knowing
                                                  to share a list of qualities that set some    • Guards access to group from other
how to do . It is a skill that builds over
                                                  of our best advisors apart and perhaps          professionals or student organizations
time, and like any other skill, it takes
                                                  all of our advisors can look at this
a fair amount of thought, practice and                                                          • Knows what works best based upon
                                                  list and reflect upon areas where they
determination to get it right .                                                                   past experience
                                                  can improve . All of us can find room
Since the Summer issue of The Peer                for improvement if we are honest with         • Completes much of the work for the
Educator™ is always dedicated primarily           ourselves and genuinely try .                   students
to the advisors in our Network, I feel
                                                  Best Advising Qualities                       • Controls the agenda and leadership
it is appropriate to use my column to
                                                  • Has passion for students and health           transition of the organization
reflect on those qualities that make an
advisor so special . Each year at The               and wellness issues                         • Does not share group resources or
BACCHUS General Assembly we take                  • Spends time on group dynamics and             collaborate
time in the Awards Banquet to recognize             issues                                      • Does things the same way each year
advisors from our Network whom have
been nominated to be an “Outstanding              • Supports peer educator training (i.e.,      • Takes it personally or is angry if the
Advisor” by their campus peer educators .           Certified Peer Education training)            group fails in a task
It is always a very competitive part of           • Promotes collaboration with the other       Obviously, the items on the second
our awards program and easily among                 groups on campus                            list are pretty easy to recognize as
the toughest to judge .                                                                         problematic, yet chances are that at
                                                  • Leads evaluation of efforts
The students who take time to nominate                                                          some point in your advising career you
their advisors share stories that make us         • Builds bridge for transition to new         have fallen into at least a few of these
laugh and sometimes cry . They talk about           year                                        behaviors as well . It is natural . The goal
hours and hours spent in retreats, assisting      • Mentors, teaches, coaches and counsels      is to try to model oneself with the first
in program development, training and                                                            list . Those advisors who are able to do
                                                  • Serves as the public relations person for   this are more effective and personally
support . They also get personal, talking
                                                    the group with campus departments           satisfied . Their students are more vested
about moments of sharing, counseling
and emotional support .                           • Takes time to reflect on their advising     in the organization and are more likely
                                                    role and seeks out new professional         to truly view their peer educator role as
In the end, we are always blown away                                                            a crucial part of their college experience .
                                                    development opportunities to grow
by all that our advisors do for their                                                           The energy and enthusiasm of the group
students, and as an organization, we are                                                        will grow over time, as will the trust and
deeply thankful .                                 • Willingness to let the group fail, and
                                                                                                friendships that you can build .
                                                    leads the learning process from the
It needs to be understood that there is                                                         So, with a new academic year soon
no one size fits all “model” for advising                                                       upon you, the question is “What kind of
out there . Everyone is different and             Does this sound like the type of advisor
                                                                                                advisor do you want to be?”
each of our advisors faces unique                 you are or want to be? If so, then you
challenges in their professional and              are in the right job!

                                                                        peer educator
                                                                        the                                     3
cover story                                                                                                               Summer 2008

                    Tad Spencer,
                    MA, TAS                 Latest Trends in
                                            College Health
                    Associate Director
                    of Colorado Tobacco
                    Prevention and
                    Control Initiatives

With the world around us changing at a fantastic pace, it          have placed a greater emphasis on fitness and nutrition
can often be challenging to stay on top of current health          programming, helping students move more and establish
and safety issues . In order to help peer educators and            a healthy weight . Be sure to partner with recreation, club
advisors keep their work plans aligned with current trends,        sports, catering services, and other groups on campus to
BACCHUS asked a few advisors their thoughts on the health          conduct your promotion activities .
and safety landscape .
                                                                    Sleep is also one of the fundamental needs for good health,
What differences have you noticed in today’s students, as yet it is one of the most neglected . Encourage better sleeping
compared to five years ago?                                         habits on campus, as this can affect academic performance,
Students are struggling more with mental health issues, emotional health, and driving safety .
thus requiring college administration and student leaders to What social justice issues are important to address?
learn more about these topics . Previously, mental health was
                                                                    Environmental sustainability seems to be on everyone’s
strictly left to the counseling center . Now, we are seeing the
                                                                    mind nowadays, and students are starting to see the larger
inseparableness of mental and physical
                                                                                             picture in terms of health and the
health . Alcohol, tobacco, academic
                                                                                             global environment . Students have an
performance, sleep, and even sedentary
lifestyles can have links to a person’s               Tips for Advisors                      interest in the way food is grown
                                                                                             and the energy resources required to
psychological health .                           Trust in the students! They know
                                                                                             deliver it . Find ways to engage the
                                                 what is going on around them
Also, today’s students are the most                                                          campus population in critical thinking
                                                 and are our best leaders of health
technologically savvy that we have ever                                                      about personal, community, and global
                                                 topics. Learn from them, no matter
seen . They have had access to so much                                                       health .
                                                 how hip you think you are.
information for so long, that they no
                                                                                             Students now know more than ever
longer take your word in regard to facts         Take care of yourself and don’t
                                                                                             about gender, sexual orientation
and statistics . Advisors need to present        spread yourself too thin. Stay
                                                                                             and discrimination against disparate
sound research that is well annotated .          connected with people.
                                                                                             populations . Take the time to discuss
We are competing for students’ brief             You need to embrace technology—             ways in which various groups
attention spans . Therefore, marketing,          learn software programs, instant            experience high-risk behavior, receive
programs, and campaigns need to                  messaging, clicker technology, etc.         treatment for disease, and interact
“stick” .
                                                 Be aware of your campus’s unique            with society as a whole . How can peer
What new or previously “lower priority”          culture and implicit values.                educators revise their programs to be
issues have come to the forefront?                                                           more mindful and inclusive?
By now, most everyone is aware of                                                            Are there any other important issues
prescription drug abuse, particularly                                                        to address?
with drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Vicodin . The
                                                                    Cyber safety is crucial, particularly when students are too
majority of students do not report using these drugs, but the
                                                                    open about their personal lives and information . Try to work
perception of use is very different . Campuses should continue
                                                                    with the IT department, campus safety, and student life to
to correct misperceptions about norms and perceived “safety”
                                                                    encourage smart use of the Internet and privacy features .
of prescription drugs .
                                                                    What leadership techniques or tools are helpful for peer
There has also been a return to some of the most basic
                                                                    educators to learn?
aspects of health: eating right, getting exercise and sufficient
sleep, and preventing the spread of germs . These are topics • BACCHUS CPE (Certified Peer Educator) training provides
that are important to everyone .                                      the basic skills that a peer educator needs to be effective .

Nutrition and fitness are probably the most important issues       • TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) helps people
to students right now . With increased media coverage of             learn the keys to serve alcohol responsibly .
obesity rates, this is definitely the hot topic . Many campuses
                                                                                                                      continued on page 9

                                   peer educator
for advisors                                                                                                             Summer 2008

                        Michael Jennings,
                        MA                        Lessons from
                                                  First Year Advising
                        Associate Director
                        of Colorado Tobacco
                        Prevention and
                        Control Initiatives

In 2004, I accepted a position to lead            than being a friend, being the coolest      Consult – I found I was a consultant
an initiative to build a foundation for           advisor or having the best meetings .       more than anything else; my job was to
student-alumni programming . One of               I realized that being an advisor was        let the president of the group lead . It
my major responsibilities was to advise           about helping grow students’ hopes and      was not my job to lead the group but
the student group that worked to build            dreams .                                    to help them make the best possible
camaraderie and spirit at a campus that                                                       choices they could . As advisors, we
                                                  As I reflect on my advising experience,
had very little .                                                                             are not supposed to do all the work .
                                                  I realize that our primary responsibility
                                                                                              I found that many students wanted
The oversized studs in my ears were my            is to touch students’ lives in a way
                                                                                              to take the lead on projects but some
way of showing the students that I was            that helps them grow professionally and
                                                                                              needed to be pushed more than others .
not one of those rigid suits that took            personally .
                                                                                              Our responsibility is to keep them
away their right to have a good time
                                                  Our role as advisors to students is not     accountable for the work they are
in college . I was the young hip advisor
                                                  to be cool or even to be their friend .     supposed to do .
who knew what they were feeling, what
                                                  Our role is to help grow them into the
they wanted out of life and who they                                                          Trust – The third president of the group
                                                  best leaders possible Sometimes, this
were as people . I wanted them to know                                                        challenged everything that happened in
                                                  means telling them the unwanted truth,
I was one of them . The only difference                                                       the past . She even challenged what I did .
                                                  allowing them to fail and reprimanding
was that I was just a little further in the                                                   She wanted to reinvent the group; I did
                                                  them when they let you down . I learned
journey of life .                                                                             not think that was a good idea because
                                                  that being a good advisor is staying
                                                                                              what we were doing was working . We
I made a personal vow to be the                   true to yourself, being consistent and
                                                                                              had some strong disagreements, but
best advisor that they ever met . Our             dependable, but most important, being
                                                                                              I realized she was elected president
meetings were going to be upbeat and              able to adjust to the nature of the
                                                                                              for a reason . What she did that year
fun . Our group was not going to be like          group .
                                                                                              was amazing . She changed the face
any other group on campus . We were
                                                  At the beginning of each new school         of the group and brought even more
going to get people fired up about our
                                                  year, I met with each member of the         recognition to our office and the student
campus . The students were going to
                                                  group to ask them two questions: “What      program . Although we work with
love me more than any other advisor
                                                  makes a good advisor?” and “What            students on a daily basis, we are still
on campus . It was going to be just that
                                                  could I have done better last year to be    removed from student life . Sometimes
easy; after all I had a great personality
                                                  a better advisor?”                          our students see success where we do
and I truly cared for them .
                                                  Here are a couple pieces of advice I        not .
During the first year, I experienced a
                                                  received from the students during our       Be There – Make your students a priority
lot more adversity than I could have
                                                  meetings .                                  but be protective of your time . I had an
ever imagined . There were blurred
                                                  Listen – “Be a good listener” is one        open door policy, and I will admit my
communication lines, confusion on how
                                                  the most consistent answers I received      other work suffered because I always
to advise, inability to manage leadership
                                                  from students . Obviously, advisors         put my students first . I had a supervisor
personalities, and my own lack of
                                                  must draw the line somewhere, but           who understood that students needed a
understanding of the bureaucratic
                                                  students want someone who they can          safe place; however, a gentle balance is
nature of higher education . Honestly, I
                                                  talk to about what is going on in their     needed .
had no clue what I was doing . I was so
overwhelmed that I emotionally broke              campus lives . Where I made my mistake      Remember that each year brings a new
down in my office one morning .                   was opening my ear to everything they       group of students, and their needs
                                                  wanted to talk about . It is important      change . To be a good advisor, we need
Now that I look back, I was more
                                                  to understand that you set the line for     to be able to adjust to the changing
concerned about the students liking me
                                                  communication . If you do not want          dynamics of our group .
than I was with anything else . As I
                                                  to hear about their dating issues then
matured in the profession, I found out                                                        Reprinted with permission            from
                                                  make that clear from the beginning .
that there is much more to advising                                                           tobaccofreeU .org/colorado

                                                                        peer educator
                                                                        the                                       5
get to know                                                                                                               Summer 2008

                    Haley                                                       Get Involved! National
                                                                                Peer Educator Study
                    McCarthy                                                    College and university administrators have recognized
                                                                                the pivotal role that peers play in a student’s growth
                                                                                and development while in college, and as a result,
                                                                                have utilized peer educators to enhance the lives of
                                                                                undergraduate students . Yet, despite the widespread
                                                                                use of peer educators, little is known about the
                                                                                outcomes of being a peer educator . The National Peer
Campus: I am currently working as a part-time Health Educator,
                                                                                Educator Study was designed to provide evidence-
which assists in supporting the peer education group at my alma
                                                                                based research outcomes associated with being a
mater, the University of Connecticut (UConn) . I am also a second
                                                                                peer educator on a college or university campus .
year graduate student, pursuing my Masters of Public Health at
Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) .                                  The National Peer Educator Survey (NPES), a
                                                                                web-based survey administered to peer educators
Hometown: Manchester, CT
                                                                                affiliated with The BACCHUS Network on college
What do you enjoy most about your role as a peer educator and                   and university campuses was developed as part of
now group mentor?                                                               the National Peer Educator Study . The NPES focuses
The most enjoyable moments for me as a peer educator, and now as                on:
a mentor to the group, are the “ah-ha” moments that students have                • Peer educator perceptions regarding intra and
when they have learned something new or realized why practicing                    interpersonal growth and development among a
a certain behavior is important . I will always remember the times,                number of health related behaviors;
as an UConn Sexpert, when students thanked me for answering a
question for them or thanked me for my open mindedness during                    • Time peer educators devote to educationally
presentations . I also had a great mentor-mentee relationship with                 purposeful activities and experiences; and
our Health Education Coordinator, Joleen Nevers, which was very                  • Behaviors peer educators use to motivate a
beneficial to me as a support system .                                             behavior change in peers .
Describe the most successful program in which you were                          The National Peer Educator Study, under the
involved as a peer educator.                                                    leadership of Dr . Matt Wawrzynski, research team
Sexperts, the Health Education Office’s Safer Sex and Wellness                  at Michigan State University coordinates the project
peer education group was the most successful program that I was                 with support from The BACCHUS Network™ . To
a part of . I watched as the group grew from 10 to 25 members                   date, over 1,000 undergraduate peer educators
during my four years at UConn . I witnessed the group expand                    from more than 200 colleges and universities have
not only in size but also in its ideas and its effect on the campus             participated in the web-based survey .
community . Sexperts provided me with opportunities to grow as
a student and leader, as I learned new things about myself and the              The National Peer Educator Study provides peer
importance of wellness .                                                        education affiliate advisors with information that
                                                                                goes beyond anecdotal evidence on the outcomes that
What advice would you offer to other peer educators?                            peers derive from being peer educators . Institutions
Take that extra step in your peer education experience by taking                participating in the National Peer Educator Study
on additional roles within your group or by joining different                   receive detailed analyses, including:
student organizations, even if the topic may be slightly out of
                                                                                 • Customized institutional reports of peer educator
your comfort zone . Being in various peer education groups and
                                                                                   responses from the National Peer Educator
holding different positions within those groups allowed me to see
multiple sides of the same issue and, in turn, I became stronger,
more well-rounded, peer educator . Also, always remember to                      • Summary of national findings
be open-minded . Being open minded, not only allowed me to                      If you are interested in registering your institution
experience new people, places, opinions and perceptions, it also                to participate in the National Peer Educator Study,
allowed me to provide the best support and information to my                    please complete the information at the following
peers throughout my UConn experience .                                          URL: http://edsurvey .educ .msu .edu/TakeSurvey .aspx
How do you relax? I am a huge bookworm, and often times I                       ?PageNumber=1&SurveyID=l8KK359
relax by sitting outside in the shade and enjoying the latest book I            You can also contact Dr . Matthew Wawrzynski,
have randomly plucked off the best sellers shelf at the bookstore .             National Peer Educator Study Project Coordinator
I have also started to practice yoga which I find to be a very                  at mwawrzyn@msu .edu with any questions .
centering and relaxing experience .

                                   peer educator
                                                                                                                          Summer 2008

                        Shauna Schultz, RD
                        Nutritionist, Wellness    Taking a Bite Out of
                                                  a Gaining Problem
                        Program Advisor
                        Sacramento State
                        University Student
                        Health Center

As media attention surrounding the rise in overweight and                 them to deliver nutrition information . Software packages that
obese Americans floods television, magazines and academic                 analyze diets and create reports are widely available and easy
classes, it is no surprise that nutrition is a hot topic among            to use (e .g . Nutritionist Pro) . If students have more specific
college students .                                                        diet questions after the analysis and meeting with a peer
                                                                                                  educator, identify a Registered Dietician
The American College Health Association
                                                                                                  who can be available to these students .
reports that over three out of every 10
college students are overweight or obese .               Successful Components                    If you are not an expert in nutrition, you
Their recent report also showed that only               of a Nutrition/Wellness                   and your peer educators will want to
40% of college students participated                    Peer Education Program                    connect with faculty or staff on campus
in vigorous exercise for 20 minutes                 1. Three-day diet analysis                    or with community resources who
or moderate exercise for 30 minutes .                                                             can help review nutrition information
In addition, 7% of students reported                2. Lifestyle or wellness assessment           created by peer health educators . In
eating 5 or more servings of fruits and             3. Stress management tips                     addition, other campuses that already
vegetables .1 This can translate to more               and information                            have nutrition programming in place
young adults presenting with chronic                4. Interactive presentations, outreach        can be a resource for your program .
conditions such as diabetes, hypertension              and educational materials           If you are interested in forming a nutrition-
and heart disease in life .
                                              5. Body image awareness                      focused peer education group, target
Many college campuses are responding                                                       campus departments, such as dietetics,
                                              6. Fitness tips and information
to students’ needs by adding nutrition                                                     health science, nursing and kinesiology,
counseling services by registered             7. Eating healthy on campus                  for your recruitment efforts . Students
dietitians and implementing wellness                                                       from these departments typically have
and nutrition peer health education                                                        an interest in nutrition and wellness and
programs . It is extremely important for colleges to play a part are looking for experience for their internship applications .
in helping students who have weight related concerns and, They also tend to value healthy lifestyles and educating their
equally as important, to offer preventative services .              peers on how to incorporate healthy eating, physical activity
                                                                    and other wellness efforts into their lifestyle .
Peer education programming that includes a wellness and
nutrition component is an effective and important way to Measuring the Impact
reach students .
                                                                    Once you have implemented nutrition programming, you
At Sacramento State University, our Wellness Peer Health will want to assess the impact of the services delivered by
Educators provide services to students that include three- peer health educators . Simple ways to measure nutrition
day diet analysis with a one-on-one consultation, wellness programming include pre- and post-testing students at
assessments, stress management tips and information, presentations and surveying students on their perceived value
collaborating with other campus departments (such as of the three-day diet analysis . Following up at a later date to
dining services), interactive presentations, outreach and determine behavior changes regarding interactions with staff
promotion through educational displays and a free running and peer educators is also a good measurement tool .
and walking group .
                                                                    If your peer education programs currently do not address
Implementing Nutrition Programming                                  nutrition, wellness or fitness, now is the perfect time to
                                                                    implement programming—no matter how big or small .
Whether or not you are a registered dietitian or not, including
                                                                    Students on your campus will appreciate what you have to
nutrition in your programming can be easy to implement .
                                                                    offer, and you will be improving not only the health of your
If you have existing peer health educators who are interested in students but also the health of your campus .
nutrition, you will not have to create a new program . Offering
three-day diet analysis and promoting healthy eating through 1 American College Health Association . (2008) . American College Health
literature and displays is an easy place to start . Peer health Association – National College Health Assessment: Reference Group Executive
educators can complete readings and exercises to prepare Summary Fall 2007 . Baltimore: American College Health Association .

                                                                        peer educator
                                                                         the                                     7
collaboration                                                                                                             Summer 2008

                     Joan Masters, MEd,
                     MACSAPP                   Campus Law
                     Senior Coordinator,
                     Partners in Preventiona
                     Area 5 Consultant
                     University of Missouri,
                                               Engaging New Partners
Upon reflection of his work as an              Co-present: Consider law enforcement                They have families and personal
inventor, Alexander Graham Bell                and public safety representatives as                lives, and many of them used to be
once wrote, “Great discoveries and             valuable co-presenters . Co-presenting              college students . They entered their
improvements invariably involve the            with law enforcement can help get                   profession to help people stay safe,
cooperation of many minds .” In our            important information to students and               not just to arrest people .
peer education and prevention efforts,         show your fellow college students that
                                                                                               2 . They do not love getting students in
we know the value of teamwork and              you respect and appreciate the police
                                                                                                   trouble . Most law enforcement and
work daily to ensure that our student          presence on campus .
                                                                                                   public safety professionals I know
groups work well in cooperation and
                                               Host a monthly meeting: Invite                      do not celebrate every time they
collaboration .
                                               law enforcement or public safety                    give a student a ticket for alcohol
However, we often spend little time            representatives to your local campus-               consumption or drugs . They know the
considering those outside our peer             community coalition or campus task                  ticket will have consequences for the
education groups . What about those            force meetings . Or, encourage your peer            student, and they would rather help
who interact with students daily on            educators to host a conversation with               prevent the situation than respond to
issues related to those we educate             law enforcement on a monthly basis                  an emergency call or a violation .
about?                                         so they can find out the newest trends .
                                                                                               3 . They want to help, but they do
                                               Peer educators also can be updated
Whether your peer education group                                                                  not always know about campus
                                               on what law enforcement is seeing on
deals with issues such as alcohol and                                                              programming . They want to know
                                               campus . Invite police from your city or
other drug use, healthy relationships,                                                             about you and your efforts . They
                                               town who can give you a perspective on
violence and sexual assault, or sexual                                                             want to help you, but if you do not
                                               off-campus student behavior .
health issues, it is important to recognize                                                        take the opportunity to reach out
that campus and community law                  Participate in “community policing”:                and educate them, they might never
enforcement are an essential partner for       Start a community policing program in               know how great it would be to work
your work .                                    your residence halls . Walk through halls           with you .
                                               with police and help students get their
Sometimes on a college campus, we                                                              4 . They have a lot to learn (and we do
                                               questions answered about laws and
tend to get stuck in our singular worlds:                                                          too) . Members of law enforcement
                                               campus policies . This type of outreach
peer education and prevention provide                                                              have tremendous skills, resources,
                                               cuts down on policy and law violations
outreach programs and activities, and                                                              and knowledge that peer educators
                                               and helps students feel safer in their
law enforcement “catches the bad guys” .                                                           and advisors can use to make our
                                               environment .
In fact, we think we are collaborating                                                             programs and outreach efforts better .
simply because we are doing similar work       At first, engaging partners can be                  On the flip side, law enforcement
at different points in time . However,         scary and intimidating . However, law               love to hear from students about
we often make a big mistake when we            enforcement and public safety officials             what they think the emerging issues
engage in that assumption . In fact, law       are willing partners who would love to              are and how they can prevent crime
enforcement or campus public safety            hear more about your peer education                 from happening .
can be helpful to our peer education           efforts . I work with law enforcement
                                                                                               Whether you serve as a peer educator at
in a variety of ways you may not have          on a daily basis, and when I asked them
                                                                                               a campus with two public safety officers
explored yet . Some ideas to consider:         what they want students and advisors to
                                                                                               or a fully accredited police force, a
                                               know, here are a few things you might
Training for peer educators: Invite                                                            great opportunity awaits you . If you
                                               find interesting and helpful .
law enforcement or public safety                                                               are already partnering- great! Think of
professionals into your regular training       1 . They do not always want to be               ways to expand your partnership . If you
for peer educators . Many of them are              “the bad guys” . In all my years of         are not, stop and think: what if I could
certified professionals trained in a variety       partnering with law enforcement, I          reach more students, save more lives,
of topics such as drug recognition or              have learned a big lesson: members of       and change more behaviors by making
handling conflict .                                law enforcement are very nice people .      one single phone call?

                                    peer educator
featured program                                                                                                       Summer 2008

                                                  Quit Before
                                                  You Graduate
Campus: University of Montana                     specifically marketed to upcoming           of the smoking and spit quit kits
                                                  graduates and spit tobacco users            with individuals interested in quitting
Group Name: IGNITE! (Informing Griz
                                                                                              tobacco . In addition, the event promoted
Nation In Tobacco Education)                      Program Description: Quit Before You
                                                                                              the Montana QuitLine .
                                                  Graduate was a three-day event run
Program Topic:
                                                  in conjunction with our “stressless”        Promotion and Publicity:
The program was designed to provide
                                                  event before finals week . For three days   1 . Newspaper advertisements
cessation support and referrals to
                                                  between 10 a .m . and 2 p .m ., the peer
cessation resources to students . In                                                          2 . Oval signs
                                                  education group set up information
addition, tobacco prevention education
                                                  tables in the University Center and the     Budget:
was available .
                                                  Oval (outdoor student gathering area) .     $755 for the promotional items and
Program Goals:                                    Peer educators dispensed information,       copies of the “Life List” goal-setting
1 . To provide students with resources to         as well as handed out IGNITE! Frisbees,     books . Other costs included newspaper
    help them quit tobacco, both smoking          quit kits, and goal-setting booklets .      advertising, lawn signs, a banner and
    and spit tobacco                                                                          quit kits .
                                                  A University of Montana graphic artist
2 . To provide health information                 designed the booklets, which asked          Collaboration:   MTUPP       (Montana
    regarding tobacco use, including spit         students to think about their “Life         Tobacco Use Prevention Program), Curry
    tobacco and social smoking                    List .” Students wrote down goals in        Health Center, Montana QuitLine
3 . To encourage quitting tobacco use as          various areas of their lives and were       Contact Information:
    a life goal                                   encouraged to include quitting tobacco      Julee Stearns, Health Promotion
                                                  as one of their major life goals if they    Specialist
4 . To advertise Curry Health Center as           used tobacco .                              Curry Health Center
    a resource for tobacco use prevention
                                                  Peer educators also provided education      (406) 243-5336
    and cessation support
                                                  about cessation tools and resources         julee .stearns@mso .umt .edu
Target Audience: All University of                available on and off campus . They
Montana students, but the event was               handed out and discussed the contents

    TRENDS from page 4

• Motivational Interviewing (MI) has increased in popularity            • Be sure to utilize the network of BACCHUS volunteers (Area
  over the past few years, and it is a tremendous way to help             Consultants, State Coordinators, and Student Advisory
  peer educators assist with behavior change .                            Committee (SACs)) . Our network was designed to provide
                                                                          support to affiliates at every stage of group development .
• Social norming, social marketing, and technology in
  general all play a role in messaging and promoting healthy            • Attend national conferences, such as the American College
  behaviors .                                                             Personnel Association (ACPA), the National Association of
                                                                          Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), and BACCHUS
• Also, do not neglect the “traditional” leadership experiences,
                                                                          conferences . These provide invaluable networking and idea
  including retreats and teambuilding activities . These still
                                                                          sharing time .
  have a place, regardless of technological advances .
                                                                        A special thank you to the advisors and BACCHUS volunteers
What resources would you like to share with colleagues?
                                                                        who contributed to this article: Nanette Vega, University
• BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of                   of Miami (FL); Daniel Moore, Florida State University; Jill
  College Students) is a model program, as designated by                Royston, Gonzaga University.
  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  (SAMHSA) .                                                            Reprinted with permission from tobaccofreeU .org/colorado

                                                                        peer educator
                                                                        the                                   9
area spring conferences                                                                                                   Summer 2008

                                             Area Spring
                                             Conference Highlights
 Area 1                                      Outstanding Advisors:
 Theme: Wellness for Life: Empowering        • Jill Royston, Gonzaga
 the Mind, Body and Spirit                     University
 Keynote Speakers:                           • Joshua O’Donnell,
 Leslie J . Bonci, RD, MPH, LDN,               Western Washington
 Director of Sports Medicine                   University
 Nutrition for the Department of             • Linda Green, University
 Orthopedic Surgery and the Center             of Montana
 for Sports Medicine at the University
                                             • Sharon Aliza, University
 of Pittsburgh Medical Center
                                               of Washington
 Breakout Sessions: Breakout sessions
                                             Attendance: This year’s Area 1 Spring            Outstanding Advisor: Darla
 addressed topics ranging from healthy
                                             Conference boasted 80 attendees, a               Tyler-McSherry, Montana
 relationships, bystander intervention,
                                             record for the area . Seven campuses             State University, Billings
 Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention
                                             from two states were represented .               Outstanding Program: Booze or
 of College Students, relaxation and
 stress relief, role of laughter, sexual     Memorable Moment: The most                       Bust, Aims Community College
 assault prevention, and safe spaces .       memorable moment was listening to Dr .           “Go the Extra Mile” Ethics
 Sessions also focused on the benefits       Bonci talk about all the different health        Award: Loren Martinez,
 of prevention as well as peer educator      and nutrition facts and myths . There was        Northeastern Junior College
 recruitment, brainstorming techniques,      so much information about nutrition
 and programming at religiously affiliated   that was new to many . The information           Attendance: This year’s Area 3 Spring
 campuses .                                  she had was so fascinating, and she              Conference hosted 69 students and
 Awards:                                     made a great opening presentation for            advisors from the region .
 Outstanding Peer Educators:                 the conference .                                 Memorable Moment: We had an
 • Andy Logue, Nic Mather, and Erin          Area 3                                           incredible turnout for the Friday night
   Packard, Gonzaga University               Theme: Understanding the Need for                event for students . The host campus,
                                             Commitment                                       the University of Northern Colorado,
 • Kathryn McCarron, Michelle                                                                 hosted a BINGO night that attracted
   Robertson, Stacy Ordenio, and             Keynote Speakers:                                over 300 students, including many of
   Larkin O’Dell, Seattle University         TJ Sullivan, CAMPUSPEAK                          those attending our conference . In
 • Nikki Desgroselier, Western               Erin Weed, Girls Fight Back                      addition, we had three excellent
   Washington University                                                                      keynote speakers who had three unique
                                             Rosemary Laack, The Power & Success
 • Emily Manahan, University                 Diva                                             messages and were well-received .
   of Washington
                                             Breakout Sessions: Sessions at the               Area 4
                                             Area 3 Spring Conference focused on a            Keynote Speakers:
                                             nutrition and fitness, sleep, and tobacco        Bobby Petrocelli, Ten Seconds:
                                             control . The conference also hosted             The Power of One Decision
                                             an Advisors Track with sessions on               Harlan Cohen, Help Me Harlan
                                             curriculum infusion, motivation and
                                             re-energizing advisors, and learning             Breakout Sessions: The sessions
                                             outcomes .                                       addressed the following topics: mental
                                                                                              health; small group social norms; planned
                                             Awards:                                          parenthood; sexual health programming;
                                             Outstanding Student: Joe Wesen,                  alcohol education; mind mapping;
                                             Montana State University, Billings               LGBTQ allies; social marketing;

                                    peer educator
                                                                                                                         Summer 2008

BASICS approach to alcohol education;
developing effective programming;
nutrition education programming;
body image; and recruitment of peer
educators .
Outstanding Advisor: Laura Stuart,
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Outstanding Program: Iron Chef
Parkside, University of Wisconsin –
Outstanding Senior Peer Educator: Amy
VerBurg, University of Wisconsin – Eau
Claire . Amy will also be inducted into
the Peer Educator Hall of Fame, with
the support of Area 4 .
Outstanding Peer Educator:
Sara Yaron, University of Wisconsin
– Eau Claire and Nikki Wesley,                    Breakout Sessions: This conference           All participants then assembled in
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee               hosted sessions on many issues,              the main salon banquet hall for ice
                                                  including transgender health, cyberspace     breakers and team builders . Activities
Attendance: This year’s Area 4 Spring             safety and networking, motivational          included the “Mid Ship” survival of
Conference hosted 105 students and                interviewing, sexual health, campaign        the fittest game, “Which celebrity am
advisors from 16 campuses in three                marketing, health promotion theory,          I?”, human rock, paper, scissors, and
states .                                          data analysis and presentation, risk-        a tower building contest . There was a
Memorable Moment: This Area 4                     management, tanning, intimate partner        DJ playing in the background and after
conference brought a SAC re-election .            violence, LGBT, GAMMA, nuisance laws,        the games, he turned the volume up and
We had three great students come                  evaluations, tobacco and environment,        helped transform the room into a dance
forward and run from three of our                 synergistic prevention, drugs on campus,     party . There was also a Mocktails
affiliate schools . I was impressed by            leadership development, sexual assault,      contest that had a great turnout and
their willingness to step into this unique        student conduct, tobacco control, alcohol,   delicious beverages . Towards the back
situation and represent Area 4 until              sleep and caffeine, CHEERS, wreckless        of the room, the lights were left on for
General Assembly . They all did a great           driving, hookah, diet/nutrition, body        people to sit and talk as well as a giant
job . As a result, we have a new SAC              image, and anger control .                   game of twister . It was a great opening
who will represent us well!                                                                    night for everyone to get to know each
                                                  Awards:                                      other and to settle in . Depending on
Area 5                                            Outstanding Student: Kira Huffman,           their preference, people were able to
Theme: Meeting of the Minds                       Iowa State University and Traci              sit, relax, and enjoy their mocktails
                                                  Harr, University of Missouri                 while others danced the night away .
Keynote Speakers:
Judson Laipply, Inspirational Comedy              Outstanding Senior: Ashley
                                                  Phillips, Hastings College
                                                                                               Area 6
Ken and Adam Dahlgren, College                                                                 Theme: Pioneers in Peer Education
Action Project Against Tobacco                    Outstanding Program: St .
                                                  Louis University                             Keynote Speakers:
Kevin Hines, The Heard                                                                         Elaine Penn, CAMPUSPEAK
                                                  Outstanding Advisor: Beth
Rusty Burris, Speaker on drowsy driving                                                        Michael Gershe, The Magic of Life
                                                  Littrell, Hastings College
                                                  Outstanding Alumni: Aaron                    Breakout Sessions: The sessions
                                                  Lauer, Hastings College                      at the conference focused on topics
                                                                                               including fitness, nutrition, alcohol,
                                                  Attendance: This year’s Area 5 Spring
                                                                                               sexual responsibility, and leadership .
                                                  Conference included 331 attendees
                                                                                               There was also a pre-conference on
                                                  from 39 campuses in four states .
                                                                                               leadership and diversity, facilitated by
                                                  Memorable Moment: We had a very              Elaine Penn .
                                                  successful    evening    entertainment       Awards:
                                                  Thursday night . We started the evening      Outstanding Student: May Luz
                                                  with dinner and speaker Judson Laipply .
                                                                                                                   continued on page 12

                                                                        peer educator
                                                                        the                                     11
bacchus news                                                                                                                Summer 2008

                                       BACCHUS                                                   CONFERENCE from page 11

                                                                                                 Outstanding Advisor:

                                       Staff News                                                Dr . Mary Wyandt-Hievert
                                                                                                 Outstanding Affiliate: BARR,
                                                                                                 University of Texas, San Antonio
                                                                                                 Outstanding Program: PEP Talk!,
                                                                                                 Texas A&M Kingsville
                                                                                                 Attendance: This year’s Area 6 spring
 The BACCHUS Network™ is pleased             Affairs and Higher Education program .              conference was held at the University
 to introduce you to two of our newest       While at CSU Heather focused on                     of Central Oklahom and included 68
 staff members .                             health promotions and wellness                      attendees from the region .
                                             programming and she looks forward to
 Cody Siewert                                utilizing these skills in her new position          Memorable Moment: The energy
 Cody joined BACCHUS in July 2008            with The BACCHUS Network™ . Before                  generated at the conference from the
 as the CPE Training Coordinator .           returning to graduate school in 2006,               students and advisors was inspiring! We
 Previously, Cody worked as the Greek        Heather worked as a development                     also had disposable cameras for people
 Life Advisor at the University of South     officer managing volunteers and                     to use throughout the conference . We
 Dakota, advising eight fraternities         raising funds for low-income families .             quickly had the photos put on a CD and
 and four sororities, working with the                                                           then did a slideshow of the photos as
                                             Heather has now lived in six states                 part of the closing of the conference .
 Program Council, homecoming, and
                                             and enjoys going on adventures in her
 service organizations and teaching a
 first-year experience course .
                                             new Colorado community . In her free                Area 7
                                             time she enjoys long road bike rides in             Theme: Knowledge is Golden:
 He received his bachelors and masters       the foothills and going camping with                Peer Education Under the Dome
 in Business Administration from the         her friends and her dog .
 University of South Dakota . He is                                                              Keynote Speakers:
                                             The BACCHUS Network™ also wants                     David “Hajii” Otto, Chill Out Guru
 currently pursuing his doctorate in
                                             to recognize and thank a member
 education .                                                                                     Carolyn Cornelison, CC Speaks
                                             of our staff who transitioned out of
 Cody and his wife are celebrating their     our organization this Spring for new                Harlan Cohen, Help Me Harlan
 one year anniversary soon with a little     opportunities and challenges .                      Michael Gershe, The Magic of Life
 Yorkie named Layla that they love and
 adore . Cody enjoys being outdoors          Jan Gascoigne                                       Breakout Sessions:
 and is a fan of the New York Mets and       Dr . Jan Gascoigne served as the                    The sessions at this year’s conference
 Indianapolis Colts . He is a Lambda         Director of Health Promotions at                    included the following topics: alcoholism
 Chi Alpha member and volunteers             BACCHUS for 10 years, overseeing                    and adult children; recruiting, training,
 for them . He also has volunteered as       national and state contracts on                     and retreats; tobacco; outcomes of being
 the President of Hugh O’Brian Youth         sexual health and tobacco control .                 a peer educator; relationship equality;
 Leadership of South Dakota .                In April, she joined the Colorado                   midnight madness; nutrition and fitness;
                                             School of Public Health to serve as                 and marijuana .
 He is looking forward to learning
                                             the Master of Public Health (MPH)                   Awards:
 from the peer educators and staff
                                             Practicum Coordinator . This new                    Outstanding Student Leader:
 of BACCHUS and admires the
                                             school launched July 1, 2008 and is                 Brent Rau, Miami University
 perseverance of the peer educators as
                                             a collaborative school with University
 they take on the challenges of creating                                                         Outstanding Advisor: Char Kopchic,
                                             of Colorado at Denver, Colorado State
 a safe, healthy, positive environment
                                             University and University of Northern               Outstanding Program: If You
 on campus .
                                             Colorado . In this new role, Jan will               See Something, Say Something,
 Heather Winner                              support and mentor students in their                HAWKS, Miami University
 Heather joined BACCHUS staff in             MPH practicum experience as well as                 Outstanding Chapter: Western
 the spring of 2008 as the Associate         serve as a community liaison to build               Michigan University
 Director of Alcohol Abuse and               partnerships across the state and region
                                             that enhance student opportunities                  Attendance: This year’s Area 7 Spring
 Impaired Driving Prevention Initiatives .                                                       Conference included 125 students and
                                             and public health practice .
 Heather is a recent graduate of                                                                 advisors from 13 campuses from four
 Colorado State’s Masters in Student                                                             states .
                                                                                                                      continued on page 15

                                    peer educator
symposium recap                                                                                                         Summer 2008

                        Michael McNeil,
                        Recipient of First       Creating Tobacco-Free
                        Annual Creating
                        a Tobacco-Free
                        Generation Award

                                                 The 7th Tobacco Symposium on Young Adults
The BACCHUS Network™ is continuing                Creating a Tobacco-Free                      and served as a consultant for a number
to enhance the young adult movement               Generation Leadership Award                  of tobacco control projects .
in tobacco control by offering top of             The BACCHUS Network™ would
the line training opportunities . The 7th                                                      Support for Leadership Award
                                                  like to thank the family of Henry W .
National Tobacco Symposium on Young               DeJong for their five years of financial     BACCHUS would like to thank the
Adults took place on March 2–4 in                 support . From 2002–2007, the DeJong         following individuals and families for
Sacramento, California . The Symposium            family generously donated to honor the       contributing to this award and therefore
hosted 175 participants, representing             memory of their late father . Annually       helping us to fulfill our mission to save
more than 40 college and university               an award was made to one campus              lives through young adult tobacco
campuses, and a variety of federal, state         professional who excelled in campus          control .
and local tobacco control agencies .              tobacco control efforts .                    Janet Cox
The    co-sponsors  of   the     2008             Building on this strong foundation,          In memory of her father, Robert Cox
Symposium included Breathe California,            The BACCHUS Network™ is pleased              The Gascoigne family
California Youth Advocacy Network                 to announce the first annual “Creating       In memory of their father,
and the National Collegiate Athletic              a Tobacco-Free Generation Leadership         Earl W . Gascoigne
Association .                                     Award” to recognize one campus
                                                                                               Michael McNeil
A half-day pre-conference lead by                 professional who is contributing to the
                                                                                               (c/o Columbia University)
Dr . Linda Hancock of Virginian                   creation of tobacco-free generations . The
                                                                                               In memory of his grandmothers,
Commonwealth University focused                   professional award will be presented at
                                                                                               Kathryn Hansen and Grace McNeil
on cessation opportunities for young              the National Tobacco Symposium on
adults .                                          Young Adults .                               The decision for this year’s award was
                                                                                               made by a committee and did not
During the two-day symposium, the                 This year’s recipient of the 2008
                                                                                               consider those who supported the award
general sessions were led by a variety of         Creating a Tobacco-Free Generation
                                                                                               financially .
speakers including keynote presentations          Leadership Award is Michael McNeil
from Dr . Hancock and Andrea Mosby-               from Columbia University . McNeil has        Contributing to Award
Jones, a motivational speaker . There             made significant contributions in the        To fund this award, BACCHUS is
were 30 educational breakout sessions             field of tobacco on several campuses         accepting donations . Contributions
offered on subjects including tobacco             and has made a tremendous impact at          to this award will be noted as a
prevention, cessation, policy change,             the state and national level .               remembrance of a lost loved one or in
social norms marketing, motivational              He served as Chair of the American           honor of someone affected by tobacco .
interviewing, innovative technology,              College Health Association Tobacco           If you are interested in learning more
student involvement, and building                 Intervention and Prevention Sub-             about this award and how you can
partnerships and coalitions, especially           committee . In the first year, he led the    support it, please contact Olivia Jolly via
among diverse populations .                       committee in revising the ACHA tobacco       email at Olivia@bacchusnetwork .org or
The yearly dine around opportunity                position statement and bringing focus to     by phone at (303) 871-0901 .
gave the participants a chance to see the         tobacco issues on campuses nationwide .
Sacramento area and dine at delicious             McNeil has led campus tobacco policy
eateries .                                        and cessation movements at Oswego                  Looking for more
                                                  State University, Temple University and
Day Two of the Symposium was a time               Columbia University . He is a cessation
                                                                                                 information on collegiate
of celebration as Michael McNeil, from            provider and has competed the Mayo                 tobacco control?
Columbia University was presented the             Clinic Treating Nicotine Dependency
first annual Creating a Tobacco-Free              Training . In addition, he has authored
Generation Award .                                articles, developed programming ideas 

                                                                        peer educator
                                                                        the                                   13
ping my health                                                                                                             Summer 2008

                                                         Get the Most Out
                                                         of Your Ping Data
 During the past academic year, many schools have utilized the        Feedback for Students
 free data tool from BACCHUS, Ping my Health . Wondering              The drawback to taking most any
 what you get by using Ping my Health? You not only get a             survey is the fact that no feedback
 low-cost survey tool, but you also get a three-dimensional           is given to the respondent . Ping
 way of conducting health promotion on campus .                       my Health is different . Once a
                                                                      student completes the survey,
 Low Cost Data Collection Tool
                                                                      immediate feedback, developed
 Use of the survey tool and the data collection associated            by a panel of health experts, is
 with it are both free to BACCHUS affiliates . The only cost          provided for the student . These
 is in how you promote it . Ping my Health provides you with          suggestions point out the areas in
 downloadable posters, fliers, and the Ping my Health logo            need of improvement, as well as
 to develop your own and promotional giveaways . You can              which ones are going well . There
 use the items in a way that makes sense for your particular          are also local and national resources
 campus .                                                             listed if users are interested in more
 Quick, Easy, Comparable                                              information . Once students have this
                                                                      information, the campus and peer educators
 We have compared the data between Ping my Health and the
                                                                      can look for opportunities to continue the
 Fall 2007 National College Health Assessment (NCHA) to
                                                                      discussion with them and provide needed help .
 see if Ping is on target . It turns out that Ping my Health’s data
 is very close to the NCHA summary results . This Fall, we will       How Ping my Health Works for You
 work with some pilot campuses who use both instruments to            1 . Sign up for data collection by emailing info@pingmyhealth .
 examine the trends of the data and offer campuses strategies             org .
 for driving students to the assessment so they can achieve
 greater sample sizes . Students like Ping my Health because          2 . Build Ping my Health into your work plan for the year and
 it is quick and easy and because they receive immediate,                 the programs you offer .
 personalized feedback on their health habits .                       3 . Promote Ping my Health all over campus .
 Data from Fall 2007 (September – December 2007)                      4 . Once you get to 125 surveys, your campus will have access
                                                                          to your data . Use the information to design programs and
                                             Ping      NCHA               address problem areas .
     Ever smoked                             35%       34%            5 . Find ways to help students take their feedback from the
                                                                          survey and move along the stages of change .
     Used smokeless tobacco                  10%       11%            6 . Once you get 250 completed surveys you receive $50 to
                                                                          use for any of your programs and/or events . At 500, you
     Impaired (alcohol) driving              26%       21%                will receive $100 worth of BACCHUS materials, and at
     at least once
                                                                          1,000 surveys, you will receive a $100 check .
     Ever used marijuana                     38%       31%            Promotion Made Easy
     5 or more fruit & veg servings/day      8%        6%             Here are some promotional ideas that have worked well at
                                                                      other BACCHUS campuses .
     Sexually active in past year            67%       69%            1 . Set up a table with a laptop with Internet access in the
                                                                          student union or at a festival and have students complete
     Ping n = 5,149      NCHA n = 20,507
                                                                          the assessment .

                                                                                                                    continued on next page

                                      peer educator
                                                                                                                          Summer 2008

                                                    CONFERENCE from page 12

                                                     Memorable Moment: Some great                 Area 12
                                                     moments were seeing all the different        Theme: Educate . Empower . Embrace
                                                     amazing speakers! Harlan Cohen was           Diversity .
                                                     a favorite and as was Michael Gershe .
                                                     Overall, it was a great time for all of      Keynote Speakers:
                                                     Area 7 to come together and meet one         Linda Hancock,
                                                     another!                                     Virginia Commonwealth University
                                                                                                  Breakout Sessions: The sessions at
                                                     Area 10                                      the Area 12 conference included a
                                                     Theme: Beyond the Box: Creativity            focus on recruitment, improving the
                                                     and Diversity in Peer Education              effectiveness of informational tables,
                                                     Keynote Speakers:                            cancer prevention, sexual health,
                                                     Jessica Pettitt, CAMPUSPEAK                  collaboration, GLBT health, brain-
                                                                                                  storming techniques, and cold and flu
                                                     Samuel Lurie, Transgender
                                                                                                  prevention .
                                                     Training and Advocacy
                                                     Bev Sastri, Power Source LLC
                                                                                                  Outstanding Student: Lindsey Cramer,
                                                     Jim Matthews, Beer, Booze & Books            James Madison University and Nicole
                                                     Breakout Sessions: The sessions              Betchmen, East Carolina University
                                                     focused on topics such as sexual health      Outstanding Program: Sex and the
                                                     and responsibility; peer educator            City Night, William Mary College and
                                                     retention and recruitment; alcohol           Smoke Free Pet Day, West Virginia
                                                     responsibility and abuse prevention;         State
                                                     gambling; transgender health; and
                                                                                                  Outstanding Extended Program:
                                                     decision-making .
                                                                                                  iChoose, University of North Carolina
                                                                                                  – Wilmington
                                                     Outstanding Peer Educator: Meagan
                                                     O’Keefe, Bridgewater State College           Outstanding Showcase: Crossroads,
2 . Set up a computer with Internet                                                               University of North
                                                     Outstanding Peer Education Group:
    access at the health, recreation,                                                             Carolina–Wilmington
                                                     P .E .E .R .S ., Roger Williams University
    and/or counseling centers .                                                                   Outstanding Advisor: Georgia Childs,
                                                     Outstanding Program: How
3 . Download posters from the                                                                     East Carolina University
                                                     to Fight the SHU Bludes,
    administration portion of Ping                                                                Attendance: This year’s Area 12 Spring
                                                     Sacred Heart University
    my Health and post in your                                                                    Conference include 179 students and
    office and around campus .                       Outstanding Advisor: Nancy Hood,
                                                                                                  advisors from 20 campus from three
                                                     Roger Williams University
4 . Advertise it at student                                                                       states and the District of Columbia .
    cafeterias and eateries .                        Outstanding Alumnae: Haley
                                                                                                  Memorable Moment: The highlight
                                                     McCarthy, University of Connecticut
5 . Put a link to Ping my Health                                                                  of conference has to be the cheer
    on your wellness website .                       Attendance: This year’s Area 10 Spring       competition—without a doubt . The
                                                     Conference hosted 175 attendees from         excitement and energy in that room
6 . Have RAs develop an event
                                                     24 campuses from seven states .              was so intense! There were schools
    where all their residents
                                                     Memorable Moment: Jessica Pettit             that came to do business! Just being
    take the assessment .
                                                     was a very powerful and fun speaker .        able to see some of the choreographed
7 . Promote the assessment to                                                                     cheers and maneuvers was so great .
                                                     I really believe that her candidness
    student organizations and clubs .                                                             Schools that wanted the spirit award
                                                     and ability to unite people through the
8 . Use your own creativity                          common purpose of “getting it” would         were willing to do next to anything
    and special times of the                         translate well . I think that Jessica was    to show their spirit . Area 12 has so
    year on campus!                                  a phenomenal choice of speaker . She         much spirit that we’re going to show
                                                     brought the energy and flavor to the         it to everyone at General Assembly in
Questions?                                                                                        the fall! So look out for us!
                                                     conference that we were looking for .
Email info@pingmyhealth .org

                                                                        peer educator
                                                                         the                                      15
The BACCHUS NetworkTM is a university and community based network focusing on comprehensive health and safety initiatives . It is the mission of the
organization to actively promote student and young adult based, campus and community-wide leadership on healthy and safe lifestyle decisions concerning
alcohol abuse, tobacco use, illegal drug use, unhealthy sexual practices and other high risk behaviors . To guide these efforts, we operate with the philosophy
that peers can play a uniquely effective role—unmatched by professional educators—in encouraging their friends to consider, talk honestly about and develop
responsible habits and attitudes toward high-risk health and safety issues . The BACCHUS NetworkTM is a nonprofit organization with a national office in
Denver, Colorado and satellite office in Minneapolis, Minnesota . The Peer Educator TM is the organization’s publication sent to all of our affiliates and friends
of the Network . With member organizations in campus communities across the United States, Canada and worldwide, The BACCHUS NetworkTM is the
leading organization dedicated to supporting student and young adult based programs in the health and safety field .

                              BoArd of TruSTeeS
                                 Members at Large
                                        William E. Cox
                                                                           National Staff
                                                                           Drew Hunter, M.P.A.
                                                                                                                           You can read
       Edward H.
    Hammond, Ph.D.
                                         President and
                                       Managing Editor
                                                                             Janet Cox, M.A.
                                                                                                                        The Peer Educator                                                     ™

      (Chairperson)           Diverse Issues in Higher Education            Vice President/COO
        President,               Cox, Matthews & Assoc., Inc.
                                                                       Ann Quinn-Zobeck, Ph.D.
Fort Hays State University      Gerardo M. Gonzalez, Ph.D.          Director of Education and Training

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 James Dawson, Ed.D.                     (Founder)
                                   University Dean School                  Andrea Zelinko, M.S.
   (Vice Chairperson)                                              Director of Alcohol Abuse and Impaired
        President                       of Education
                                     Indiana University                  Driving Prevention Initiatives
     Coker College                                                       Editor, The Peer Educator™
 Judith Tindall, Ph.D.          Thomas G. Goodale, Ph.D.
                                                                         Michael Jennings, M.S.
       (Secretary)                        (Founder)                Associate Director of Colorado Tobacco
   President/Licensed              The Center Ring, Ltd.              Prevention and Control Initiatives
 Psychologist/Counselor        Consultants in Higher Education
 Psychological Network                                                  Olivia Jolly, M.P.H., CHES

                                                                                                               Visit our website
                                      John Kaestner                    Director of Montana Tobacco
          Inc.                          Consultant,                   Prevention and Control Initiatives
 Thomas Miller, Ed.D.                Consumer Affairs
                                 Anheuser-Busch Companies                     Chris Miller

                                                                                                            to join the BACCHUS
        (Treasurer)                                                   Associate Director of Colorado/
   Associate Professor,            Timothy McDonough                 Montana Tobacco Prevention and
  College of Education             Director, Public Affairs                 Control Initiatives
University of South Florida

                                                                                                                    mail list.
                                     American Council
                                       on Education                     Tad Spencer, M.A., T.A.S.
       Tara Daniel                                                 Associate Director of Colorado Tobacco
    (Student Trustee)               Michael Ortiz, Ph.D.              Prevention and Control Initiatives
     Rhodes College                        President                      Heather Winner, M.S.
   Chance Dorland                   California Polytechnic              Associate Director of Alcohol
   (Student Trustee)              State University – Pomona             Abuse and Impaired Driving
   Emerson College                  Greg Roberts, Ed.S.                    Prevention Initiatives
 ________________                     Executive Director                   Jessica Stevenson
     emeritus                         American College             Associate Director of Montana Tobacco
                                    Personnel Association             Prevention and Control Initiatives
                                   Betty L. Siegel, Ph.D.                     Cody Siewert
 Margaret W. Bridwell,               President Emeritus                   CPE Training Coordinator
          M.D.                    Kennesaw State University                                                 Original material contained herein may be            Attention: Editor . We reserve the right to refuse
Past President, American                                                     Linda Szumny
                                                                                                            freely reproduced with appropriate credit given      or edit any materials submitted . Photos will be
College Health Association         James Turner, M.D.                     Administrative Assistant
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                              Executive Director & Professor of           ________________
   Kenley R. Hoover                                                                                         Materials reproduced from other sources may          or for changes of address, contact us at the
                                 Clinical Internal Medicine,
                                                                                                            not be reproduced without the permission of          address listed below, or call (303) 871-0901
    President, Hoover               University of Virginia               Alumni Network                     said source .                                        between 8:30 a .m .–4:30 p .m ., MST . Our
  Financial Consultants            ________________
                                                                         Terry Tumbarello, M.A.             Material presented does not necessarily reflect
                                                                                                                                                                 24-hour FAX number is (303) 871-0907 .
 John D. Welty, Ed.D.                                            
 Fresno State University          Materials Center                        ________________                  the philosophies or the position of the Board of     Our e-mail address admin@bacchusnetwork .org
                                   David Hellstrom, M.A.                                                    Trustees, volunteers or national staff .
  Sheldon Steinbach                                                                                                                                              We are also accessible by our website at:
   American Council
                                    Manager, BACCHUS                    Student-Athlete                     All parties interested in submitting materials for   www .bacchusnetwork .org
     on Education                                                       Affiliate Support                   publicaton in The Peer EducationTM are encour-
                                                                                                            aged to send them to the National Office,
                                                                             Doug Everhart,

peer educator
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