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					                                        SPONSORSHIP DEAL MEMO

This Agreement, entered into this ____ day of ______________, 2008, by and between Youra, Inc., a
Washington corporation, with its principal office at 110 Curtiss St., Port Hadlock, WA 98339, hereinaf-
ter referred to as “service provider” and ______________________________________________________,
a _____________________________ with its principal office at __________________________________,
hereinafter referred to as “sponsor”, defines the terms and conditions under which the two parties will
participate in the EnjoyWA Marketing Campaign.

                                       DIVISION OF RESPONSIBILITIES
Service Provider agrees to:
1. Offer sponsor an exclusive sponsorship in Enjoy WA Marketing Campaign
   in the _____________ category;
2. Bestow on sponsor all rights and benefits of sponsorship in EnjoyWA Marketing Campaign;
3. Secure prime advertising and promotional opportunties for sponsor in EnjoyWA Marketing Campaign;
4. Secure exclusive category sponsorship for ________ years for sponsor.

Sponsor agrees to:
1. Participate as corporate sponsor of the EnjoyWA Marketing Campaign;
2. Use the service provider exclusively for its EnjoyWA Marketing promotion;

Both parties agree:
1. That term of agreement shall be for twelve (12) months, renewable with mutual consent;
2. Proceed to a Contract for Services to be approved within 30 days of approval of this Deal Memo;

Sponsor agrees to:
1. Pay an annual fee of $___________ for ________ years for EnjoyWA sponsorship program;
2. Make an initial payment of 25% of first year fee within 15 days of approval of Contract for Service;
3. Make quarterly payments of 25% of annual fee through term of agreement.

This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements, representations and discussions be-
tween the parties regarding its subject matter.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereby execute this Agreement:

Youra, Inc.                                             _______________________________

_______________________________                         _______________________________
Signature                       Date                    Signature                   Date

_______________________________                         _______________________________
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