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									Bachelor of Management (Human Resource
Management and Labour Relations)
Discipline Content
                             What is Human Resource Management and Labour Relations?
                             Human Resource Management is the study of people at work and the activities
                             associated with recruitment and selection, training and development, retention, and
                             occupational health and safety. A key component is Organizational Behaviour, which
                             examines things like leadership, motivation, employee attitudes, and productivity.
                             Labour Relations is the study of how employers and employees work together to create a
                             fair workplace.

                             About the HRM/LR Major
                             As an HRM/LR major, you’ll choose from a broad array of courses, customizing your
                             studies to fit your interests and career goals. You’ll develop a solid foundation of
                             knowledge and practical skills, learning from experts in small, interactive classroom

                             About Management Education
                             Management education is about developing skills to adapt and succeed in today’s
                             every-changing workplace as well as learning how to utilize technology to advance a
                             business or organization. It’s about understanding management from an international
                             perspective and being aware of global issues. But most of all, management education is
                             about instilling responsible, value-based leadership in our students. At the University of
                             Lethbridge, we’re not just training managers; we’re shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

Management Programs With Human Resource Management and Labour Relations Majors

Management Programs for      Students can complete a Human Resource Management and Labour Relations major in
Students Who Want to Major   the Bachelor of Management, Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management (20 Course),
in Human Resource            Management Certificate, and Bachelor of Management as a Second Degree programs.
Management and Labour
About the Bachelor of        The Faculty offers a four-year, 40-course program leading to the Bachelor of
Management Program           Management degree (B.Mgt.). The first year is spent in preparatory study in the Faculty
                             of Arts and Science while the final three years are devoted to professional study in

About the Post-Diploma       The Faculty offers a two-year, 20-course Post-Diploma program leading to the Bachelor
Bachelor of Management (20   of Management degree (or 24 courses for students taking the Post-Diploma Qualifying
Course) Program              program). The Post-Diploma program is open to students holding an approved college
                             diploma in business administration, management or a related discipline. See the UofL
                             post-diploma website for approved diplomas (

About the Management         The Faculty offers a Management Certificate program for both degree-holding and
Certificate Program          non-degree students. Each program is composed of a series of 10 courses designed to
                             provide a suitable combination of breadth and depth of knowledge in a specific area of

About the Bachelor of        Students with previous degrees, other than Bachelor of Commerce or its equivalent,
Management as a Second       may purse a Bachelor of Management as a second degree. Second degree programs are
Degree Program               developed individually and comprise a minimum of 15 courses to a maximum of 20

Information Systems and Social   Minors in Information Systems and Social Responsibility are available to
Responsibility                   all majors (except Information Systems where the minor in Information Systems is not
                                 available) in the following programs:
                                 • Bachelor of Management degree
                                 • Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management degree
                                 • Management Certificate
                                 • B.A./B.Mgt.
                                 • B.Sc./B.Mgt.
                                 • B.Mgt./B.Ed.
                                 • Post-Diploma B.Mgt./B.Ed.
                                 • Second degrees in Management
                                 In some cases, achievement of the minor and a chosen major will require a student to
                                 take extra courses. For students who complete all the requirements, the minor will be
                                 acknowledged on the official transcript (see Part 11 - Faculty of Management in the
                                 2008/2009 Calendar).
                                 See also the Information Systems Minor
                                 ( and Social Responsibility Minor
                                 ( Program Planning Guides.

Additional Opportunities

Theory into Practice             TIP Programs work with the business community to provide students with innovative
Programs (TIP)                   opportunities to apply theory to practical situations. TIP Programs include
                                 • Applied Consulting: students gain exposure to the exciting realm of consulting by
                                      becoming consultants for local organizations.
                                 • Case Competitions: teams of students analyze real-life business cases and make
                                      recommendations for action plans.
                                 • Co-operative Education: students integrate employment experience into their
                                      academic studies through full-time, fully paid job placements locally, nationally,
                                      and internationally.
                                 • Integrated Management Experience: the only program of its kind at an
                                      undergraduate level in Canada, this leading-edge program integrates knowledge
                                      across traditional functional areas and presents a strategically coordinated course
                                      of study, enhanced with real-life situations.

MENTORS program                  The MENTORS program enables students to learn about their aspired careers from
                                 people already in the profession. International Programs: The Faculty of
                                 Management's International Programs expose students to global issues and thus
                                 create leaders who are acutely aware of what's happening in the world around them.
                                 The Faculty of Management has student and faculty exchange agreements with
                                 universities in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia,
                                 Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey. Students
                                 can also participate in two six-week work-study programs, one in Kuala Lumpur,
                                 Malaysia and the other in Mumbai, India.
Management Students'     The Management Students' Society (MSS) is a voluntary club whose objectives are
Society                  to provide a voice for the concerns of Management students, to act as a liaison
                         between employers and students, and to create a pleasant and co-operative social
                         atmosphere among students and Faculty. MSS organizes various fundraisers and
                         activities throughout the year.

International Programs   We provide students with international opportunities to gain diverse cross-cultural experiences
                         to apply and strengthen their conceptual, analytic, and linguistic skills. We aim to create ethical
                         global managers who are flexible, are culturally aware and can manage change and cultural
                         diversity in the workplace. We offer semester-long student exchanges to 15 countries. We also
                         administer work study programs in Malaysia and India where students can apply business
                         knowledge and gain practical experience working in a culturally challenging environment.

Possible Career Paths

                         HRM/LR specialists work in businesses, non-profit organizations, governments, labour unions,
                         and consulting firms that advise each of those. As an HRM/LR grad, you’ll choose from a wide
                         range of careers:
                         • human resource manager
                         • recruiter
                         • organizational development specialist
                         • compensation and benefits analyst
                         • occupational health and safety specialist
                         • learning and development coordinator
                         • staffing and HR planner
                         • labour relations consultant
                         • outplacement specialist
                         • industrial relations specialist/manager
                         • job analyst
                         • mediator
                         • negotiator/advisor
                         • “head hunter”

                         See also What Can I Do With a Major in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations?

Research in Management

                         •   Judgement and decision making of accountants and auditors; accounting education
                         •   Effects of trading hours on market variables; modeling of fat-tailed distributions; the
                             accuracy of the value-at-risk of financial assets; and demand and stock returns
                         •   Aboriginal tourism development in Southern Alberta; Canadian and international
                             indigenous tourism development
                         •   Intergroup conflict; social identity; and intergroup counterproductive work behaviour
                         •   Worker compensation; the control of employee dissent in the workplace; and restrictions on
                             bargaining in the public sector
                         •   Human creativity as expressed through economic, political, and religious institutional
                             endeavours and their long-range implications in selected Pacific Rim countries
                         •   Unified Modeling Language; object technology; and user-analyst relationships on system
                             development project teams
                         •   Social marketing, especially in the area of health promotion; advertising and advertising
                             effects; and message processing
                         •   Interpersonal communication in business to business sales; consumer behaviour of donors
                             to non-profits as well as traditional consumer behaviour
Faculty Members

                           Mahfooz Ansari              Casey Hellawell            Ian McKenna

                           Salvador Barragan           Karen Hunter               Craig Milner

                           Janelle Enns                Randy Joseph               Richard Perlow
                                                                                  (Acting Chair)
                           Gord Falconer               Dan Kazakoff

                           Ed Fetting                  Joshua Knapp               Cheryl Pollmuller

                           Kubilay Gok                 Ken McInnes                 Kevin Ronan
                           See all Management Faculty Members

Management Campuses (Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton)

Three Campuses to Choose   Students have the flexibility of completing their degrees on our campuses in
From                       Lethbridge, Calgary, or Edmonton. The Lethbridge campus offers a full range of majors
                           and programs. The Calgary and Edmonton campuses cater to students who are already
                           working and wish to continue their education. Classes on the Calgary and Edmonton
                           campuses are offered in the evenings and on weekends so students can continue to
                           work while they earn their degrees. Students may be able to complete their entire
                           programs in Calgary or Edmonton, but are advised to check with the campus offices for
                           available course offerings.

Lethbridge Campus          Office of Undergraduate Programs
                           Room E480
                           4401 University Drive
                           Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K 3M4
                           Phone: 403-329-2153

Calgary Campus             Room N104
                           Senator Burns Building
                           1301 – 16th Avenue NW
                           Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2M 0L4
                           Phone: 403-284-8596

Edmonton Campus            #1100, University of Lethbridge Tower
                           10707 – 100 Avenue
                           Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 3M1
                           Phone: 780-424-0425
Where to Go for More Information

Academic Advising         Contact an Academic Advisor (

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Program Planning Guides   Bachelor of Management (Human Resource Management and Labour Relations)
                          Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management (Human Resource Management and Labour
                          Management Certificate (Human Resource Management and Labour Relations)
                          Bachelor of Management (Second Degree) (Human Resource Management and Labour
                          Social Responsibility Minor (

Career Resource Centre     What Can I Do With a Major in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations?

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