Starting the School Year Race Right by obr18219


									 Starting the School Year
        Race Right

Presented by Heather Sparks, NBCT
 2008 OKCPS Teacher of the Year
             Get Ready…
• Make contact with each of your students
  before August 21st, if possible.
     > post cards or letters
     > phone calls
     > syllabi with “returnable” portion
                Get Set…
• Plan and prepare “sponge” activities.

>You have three minutes to record as many
 words as you can that fit under the
 following topic:

              “Things that fly.”
• Mental math
>Add the number of months in a year plus
  the number of wheels on a tricycle.

• Play Target
>The target is 24. Write an expression:
    e.g., 30 – 6 or 3 x 8 or 36/3 x 2
• Play Classify
Give the students a group of objects.
  Challenge them to find as many subgroups
  as possible.

       Flashlight, a penny, and a stapler
             Social Studies
• Guess the country or state
>I‟m thinking of a country that is south of
  the equator, is in the western hemisphere,
  and contains the Yucatan peninsula.
        Other Sponge Ideas…
•   „I Spy‟
•   Riddles
•   Mind benders
•   Word games
•   Oral alphabetizing
•   Synonyms, homonyms, vocabulary words
•   Skip-counting
• On the first day, be ready to help your students
  learn the Rules and Routines for…

> passing papers                >safety routines
> sharpening pencils            >heading papers
> getting supplies and books    >arriving tardy
> working in small groups       >make-up work
> putting away materials        >lining up
> taking attendance             >lunch count
Take a Deep Breath & Enjoy!
Contact Heather at Taft MS

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