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					     United States                      Natural        Information Technology Center
     Department of                      Resources      2150 Centre Avenue, Building A
     Agriculture                        Conservation   Fort Collins, CO 80526-1891

SUBJECT:   PERS: Employment Reference - Lisa Beal                 DATE:    February 11, 2009

     TO:   Whom It May Concern                                FILE CODE:   360

     I have known Lisa Beal since 1989 and have found her to be an excellent employee in all
     respects. During this time, she has worked on contract tasks under my supervision as a system
     developer, programmer, and system administrator and done an outstanding job in all these
     roles. She has consistently demonstrated high skill levels in all aspects of computer systems
     development and operations. Ms. Beal has tackled difficult assignments and consistently
     responded with extra effort, successfully completing these assignments. She is always willing
     to give what is asked and more to get the job done.

     I recommend Ms. Beal to anyone seeking a highly motivated, talented individual who will
     contribute to the success of any endeavor. She works extremely well in a team environment
     and is a person who gets along well with co-workers, customers, and managers. Given the
     opportunity, I would not hesitate to hire her again for any of a wide range of responsible
     positions in the Information Technology arena.

     Scott D. Snover
     Infrastructure Team Leader

     The Natural Resources Conservation Service
     is an agency of the
     United States Department of Agriculture           AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER