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					                    eSafety for the School Website

Children and staff at St Nicholas School are able to access the
Internet through the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (HGfL). The
HGfL is a service currently supplied by NTL:Telewest Business
(Virgin Media) to all Hertfordshire Local Authority Schools and
Children’s Homes.

The safety of children when using the Internet (eSafety) is of
paramount importance to our school and to the HGfL. (Ref:
Internet Access Policy)

We know that parents and guardians will also be concerned that
children stay safe when using the Internet at home and elsewhere.
The HGfL website has a section dedicated to eSafety with advice
to parents, governors, teachers and, of course, to children
themselves. You will also find here a description of the particular
measures taken to ensure that the HGfL is an appropriately
protected Internet service for use in schools.

Link to: HGfL eSafety Section
Link to: HGfL Home Page (