Call for Applications January 2007 Peter Munk Young Scholars Program in Montenegro The Peter Munk Canada Montenegro Initiative Fund is pleased to announce the award of the Peter Munk Young S

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Call for Applications January 2007 Peter Munk Young Scholars Program in Montenegro The Peter Munk Canada Montenegro Initiative Fund is pleased to announce the award of the Peter Munk Young S Powered By Docstoc
					Call for Applications
January 2007

Peter Munk Young Scholars Program in Montenegro

The Peter Munk Canada-Montenegro Initiative Fund is pleased to announce the
award of the Peter Munk Young Scholar Fellowships in Montenegro for the
2007/2008 school year. The purpose of the fellowship program is to provide
financial support and public recognition to students who have demonstrated
academic excellence. Also, the Fellowship is designed to help students who
experience financial challenges in obtaining higher education. The Fellowship is
in the amount of 1000 Euro per year. It will be granted to those students who
fulfill the below outlined requirements and pursue any level of post- secondary
education in Southeastern Europe. The fellowship is renewable based on
maintaining academic excellence in University-level studies.

The program is administered in partnership with the Munk Centre for
International Studies at the University of Toronto.

                                 PETER MUNK

                           Barrick Gold Corporation

Peter Munk is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Barrick Gold
Corporation, a leading international gold mining company with a portfolio of high-
quality operating mines and development projects in the United States, Canada,
Australia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Tanzania, South Africa, Papua New Guinea
and the Dominican Republic.

Born in Hungary, Mr. Munk immigrated to Canada in 1948 and graduated from
the University of Toronto in 1952 with a Bachelor of Scienc e in Electrical
Engineering. In the decades that followed he built a business empire. Today he is
a well-known Canadian business leader and respected as the driving force
behind several enterprises with international scope that have achieved
outstanding performances. He has known both success and failure during the
course of his career and has embraced the lessons of both.

A dedicated philanthropist, Mr. Munk supports many charitable causes. Through
The Peter Munk Charitable Foundation he has made significant donations to
establish a leading Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto,
the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto, and the Centre for Research,
Innovation and Technology at Technion University in Israel.

Mr. Munk is the recipient of many public honours, including Officer of the Order of
Canada (Canada’s highest honour for a private citizen), The Woodrow Wilson
Award for Corporate Citizenship and Canadian International Executive of the

Peter Munk believes in the capacity of the individual to achieve success in life
that is meaningful to themselves and of benefit to others. He has said: “You
have to be courageous; you have to learn to take advantage of change. Be non-
conventional; don’t fritter your energies—be focused; remember to share. Most
important, use the biggest weapon of all weapons, the least appreciated yet the
most important tool for success, and this is moral integrity; and don’t be afraid to
dream and don’t be afraid to dream big.”

Application Details

In order to be considered for the scholarship, candidates should fulfill the
following criteria:

   1)   Citizenship of Republic of Montenegro.
   2)   Residency status in municipalities of Kotor or Tivat.
   3)   Record of academic excellence.
   4)   Full-time University study program.
   5)   Demonstrated financial need.

The persons applying for the Fellowship should submit the following documents:

   1)   Application form.
   2)   High school transcripts
   3)   Two reference letters.
   4)   Confirmation of acceptance to a University.

The completed application should be sent to one of the following addresses:

Peter Munk Young Scholars Program or              Robert Austin
ADRIATIC MARINAS                                  Munk Centre for International
Obala bb                                          1 Devonshire Place
85320 Tivat                                       Toronto, ON M5S 3K7
Montenegro                                        Canada

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The deadline for the application is 10 July 2007.
Peter Munk Young Scholars Fellowships in Montenegro

Complete in full. Please type or print.

Section I: Personal Information

Name: ________________________ Phone: ______________________

Current Address: _________________ E-mail: ______________________
_______________________________ Male: _______ Female: ______

Town and Town code: _____________

Marital Status:_________________ No. of Dependants (Children only): __

Section II: Academic Information and Proposed Course of Study

University and

Degree: ______________

Anticipated Start Date of Current Degree Program:

Previous Academic Study:

School Attended           Degree          From      To      Final Average

1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________

Please, list any academic achievements, such as past scholarships and awards,
if applicable:


Section III: Financial Information

Registered from September to April ___ 8 months

Registered from September to August ___ 12 months
Please estimate your expenses and income for the number of months you are
registered for during the next academic year.

Expenses                               Resources
Fees                         $ ___________ Awards                    $

Books & academic supplies     ____________ Teaching Asst.

Accommodation & Utilities     ____________ Research Asst.

Food & household supplies      ____________    Other loans

Transportation                 ____________    Other earnings

Clothing                       ____________     Spousal Income

Health/dental expenses         ____________     Support from Relatives

Miscellaneous (specify)         ____________    Savings

Total                       $ ___________   Total               $ ____________

Please describe the circumstances that have put you in need of fellowship
Please type. Use an additional sheet of paper if necessary.

Additional Financial Information
Please answer the following questions. Details should include amounts
received and expense incurred.

1.Do you support dependants? If yes, list children(s) ages.

Yes__ No ___

2. Do you receive support from your spouse/parent/relative?

Yes___ No___
If no, explain why?

3. Do you plan to be employed at your future post-secondary institution?

Yes__ No___

4. Do you plan to seek employment outside the post secondary institutions?

Yes__ No _

5. Do you hold any other Fellowships or other awards?

Yes__ No _

6. Please list all other loans.

Source of Loan Type Amount

1. ___________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________

Section IV: Declaration
I hereby make application for Peter Munk Young Scholars Program in
Montenegro and I declare that the information provided on this form is complete
and true to the best of my knowledge.
_________________________ _____________________________
Date                             Signature of Applicant