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									                “Preparing environmental leaders for business and society”

                         SEEKING RESEARCH ASSISTANTS

Positions Status:      The Center for Business and the Environment at Yale (CBEY) is
                       seeking to hire several research assistants (or student assistants) to
                       provide between 5 to 10 hours per week of support to the Center’s
                       research and educational programming. This position will support
                       the various research and education initiatives undertaken by the
                       Center during the year. These positions are open to Yale
                       undergraduate and graduate students only.

Work Site:             Center for Business and the Environment at Yale – 4th Floor at 205
                       Prospect Street

Supervisor’s Name: Bryan Garcia

Supervisor’s Title:    Program Director

Type of Position:      Research Assistant

Contact Info:          (203) 432-3736

Job Description
CBEY is seeking to hire several students to assist the organization with a variety of
research and education projects, including, but not limited to:

      Clean Energy Innovation – Towards a Clean Energy Future in the U.S.
       Conference in the Spring of 2010 – in collaboration with the Yale Climate and
       Energy Institute and the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, CBEY
       will co-organize this feature event to bring together key thought leaders in four
       key disciplines – science, finance, policy, and technology — to examine the ways
       in which they can innovate together to accomplish the necessary transition to a
       clean energy economy in the United States. (CBEY)

      Sabin Environmental Venture Prize and Speaker Series – assist with the event
       management and program planning for this $25,000 winner-take-all Yale
       competition. This program supports CBEY’s efforts to encourage environmental
       entrepreneurship at Yale University. Responsibilities would include event
       planning and organization and assistance with overall program implementation.
          Carbon Finance Speaker Series – the Carbon Finance Speaker Series this year
           will focus on residential energy efficiency. Through this series, students will
           write white papers on topics such as finance and policy (i.e. energy efficiency
           portfolio standards, on-bill financing, municipal tax district financing, etc.),
           technology (i.e. online web 2.0 software applications as well as in home
           technology end uses like appliances, electronic devices, HVAC, etc.), and
           marketing (i.e. community based strategies). Responsibilities would include both
           research and event planning and organization using online webinars.

          Research Projects:

                o Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program – Professor Matt
                  Kotchen is interested in understanding some of the underlying drivers for
                  consumers signing up for clean energy in communities throughout
                  Connecticut (see There is a
                  significant amount of data between 2005 through 2008 on consumer sign-
                  ups by community within the program that he would like assessed for a
                  potential research paper.1 (CBEY)

                o Case Studies – to assess the state of management case studies on
                  business-environment related topics. The research will include working
                  with the SOM case study department to develop a summary document of
                  Yale developed case studies and an assessment of the existing case studies
                  on business and the environment available through Harvard, INSEAD,
                  Stanford, Darden and the European Case Clearing House. This project
                  will result in a deliverable to the SEABUS International Research
                  Network, a global research sustainability network to which CBEY is a
                  part. (IZT)

                o Eco Prizes and Competitions – to assess the state of eco prizes and
                  competitions on cleantech or sustainability for-profit, non-profit or hybrid
                  venures. The research will include working with a CBEY research fellow
                  named Anastasia O’Rourke to research the space and develop an online
                  informational resource that is accessible by the public. This project will
                  result in a deliverable to the SEABUS International Research Network, a
                  global research sustainability network to which CBEY is a part. (IZT)

                o Green Media – in 2006, Professor Dan Esty co-authored a book called
                  Green to Gold. In the spring of 2008, several research assistance
                  performed a business media (i.e. Business Week, WSJ,, etc.)
                  analysis to determine what the ―top 10‖ Green to Gold plays were for each
                  quarter of 2007 through the 1st quarter of 2008. This project will assess

    The Green, Green Grassroots of Home: Measuring Community-Based Clean Energy Market Development Initiatives
     in Connecticut (Pettit, Wall and Clendenning, 2007)
               the media since the conclusion of this research from the 2nd quarter of
               2008 through the 4th quarter of 2009 using the book as a framework. The
               project will also assess the usage of key search terms in these publications
               including climate change, sustainable business, cleantech, etc. The project
               will result in a short publication and presentation. (GE)

           o Corporate Sustainability Contact Database – to assist CBEY in
             continuing to collect contact information on corporate executives
             responsible for sustainability, EH&S, or other business-environment
             related leaders. The project will also develop a database for this contact
             information that can be used by faculty, students, and other administrative
             staff to support the advancement of leadership by Yale in corporate
             sustainability. (GE)

      Development of the BEAN – last year, CBEY launched the Business and the
       Environment Alumni Network (a.k.a. the BEAN). The BEAN is an online
       Google map and newsletter of Yale alumni working at the intersection of business
       and the environment. The student would assist in writing newsletter articles and
       reaching out to alumni to join and use the BEAN. (CBEY)

Required Skills
The following skills are required for this position:

      Must be a self-starter and independent worker;
      Excellent research, organizational, interpersonal, writing and communication
      Must be punctual and responsible;
      Computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and web;
      Strong interest in the business-environment interface.

About Us
Center for Business and the Environment at Yale – as part of an initiative between
two leading professional schools at Yale University—the School of Management and the
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, CBEY is a leading academic center in the
global advancement of knowledge and solutions at the business-environment interface.
The Center supports research, education and outreach programs for faculty, students and
business professionals. More information about CBEY can be found on the website at

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