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					SAMPLE – Thank you letter

Collect a business card and write a personalized thank you letter the day after the interview to each
person with whom you spoke about the job. The purpose of the thank you letter is to have the
interviewer(s) remember you in a positive way. You can reinforce and stress the parts of the interview that
seemed of most interest to you and the employer. You also have the chance to mention a skill or
accomplishment that did not get mentioned or to enhance an answer that could have been stronger.
Lastly, the letter let’s you remind the interviewer of agreements for follow-ups.

                                                         Ineeda Job
                                                         1234 Any Road
                                                         City, State Zip

                                                         Month Day, Year

Ima N. Ployer, Title
5678 This Road
City, State Zip

Dear Ima (reflect the name used during the interview),

Thank you for meeting with me to discuss my qualifications for the Administrative Assistant
position in your department. I trust I was able to show that my skills and experience are a strong
fit for this opening.

My experience reporting directly to several members of senior management will enable me to
work effectively with the Associate Director. As we discussed in detail, I have successfully run
several major projects in my current position and in my community by organizing and
coordinating multi-unit operations. I am sure my flexible attitude and client service experience
will allow me to work positively with your students, faculty, staff, and external clients.

You noted that computer literacy is an important part of the position and my expertise in Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access, and Outlook can meet your needs. I would like to reiterate that
I am very willing to also learn your proprietary computer systems for handling purchasing and
personnel functions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding this interesting position.


                                                         Ineeda Job