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Welcome to the School of Nursing by obr18219

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									Welcome to
the School of Nursing

        The University of Auckland School of Nursing was established to improve the
        health of New Zealanders through the clinical and professional excellence of
        our graduates. Our location in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
        allows our students to draw on expertise outside the School of Nursing and
        offers them the opportunity to undertake speciality and multidisciplinary

        We are proud to offer a range of specialised pathways to achieving a
        postgraduate qualification in Nursing and to be able to offer the opportunity to
        study at centres other than Auckland. We are committed to continually
        improving our courses and welcome your comments on your experience as a
        postgraduate nursing student with us.

        Good luck with your studies and we hope you find your time with us both
        enjoyable and productive.

                                                              Associate Professor Judy Kilpatrick
                                                                        Head, School of Nursing

        Outside Front Cover Photograph
        A group of nurses studying for various postgraduate qualifications. The photo was taken during a
        study day at ECom House. From left to right:
        Back Row: Lavinia Mau; Matthew Weinberg;Andrew Cowle;Bridget Venning;Gemma Aburn;
                  Dharminder Bhardwaj.
        Front Row: Sleshni Chand; Kathryn Bennett; Jessica Arcus; Karin Hoedl-Lang.

        Inside Front Cover Photograph
        Nurse Practitioner Child and Youth with prescribing rights, Karen Hoare, examines Bivash Govender
        while his mother, Lee-Anne, looks on.

                                                                                      2010 School of Nursing Handbook |   1
          About the
          School of Nursing

2   | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
About the                                                                                            Child, Youth and Family
                                                                                                     •	 AIM: Asian Immigrant Familiies: Factors
                                                                                                        contributing to the successful transition of

School of Nursing                                                                                       Asian immigrant families in New Zealand:
                                                                                                        Families Commission Contestable Research

The School of Nursing offers the following        Older Person’s Health                              •	 An evaluation of the Green Prescription
programmes:                                                                                             Active Families Project:SPARC and WDHB
                                                  •	 Validation of the InterRAI assessment
•	 Bachelor of Nursing – BNurs                                                                       •	 An evaluation of a Parent Mentoring
                                                  •	 Supporting Tairawhiti DHB to develop and
                                                                                                        Programme – Ministry of Education
                                                     implement high quality services for older
•	 Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) – BNurs
                                                     people                                          •	 Beliefs and expectations of education,
                                                                                                        academic achievement and motivation –
                                                  •	 Financial and effectiveness review of the
•	 Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences                                                          Cognition Education Research Trust
                                                     Care Coordination Centre in Wellington
   -PGCertHSc                                                                                           contestable research Fund
                                                  •	 The National Carers Study
•	 Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences –
                                                                                                     •	 Youth Health Research: Youth2000 and
   PGDipHSc                                       •	 Evaluation of Bay of Plenty restorative            Youth ’07 national youth health study www.
•	 Master of Health Science – MHSc
                                                  •	 National Presbyterian Support comparative
•	 Master of Nursing – MNurs                                                                         •	 Identifying health needs and services for
                                                     review of home based support services
•	 Doctor of Philosophy – Nursing – PhD                                                                 youth in alternative education
                                                  •	 IN TOUCH, a national performance
                                                     management programme
Research Activities in the School of                                                                 Mental Health
                                                  •	 Restorative home support evaluations in         •	 Research with service users
Nursing                                              Northland, Wellington and South
Postgraduate teaching benefits directly from,        Canterbury                                      •	 Risk of Violence to others
and is strongly underpinned by, the research
                                                  •	 National training programme in goal             •	 Interface of mental health and the law
and practice-based consultancies that the staff
are engaged in. The main research themes in          facilitation                                    •	 Forensic mental health
the School of Nursing are older person’s          •	 Consumers in chronic conditions                 •	 Clinical supervision
health; child, youth and family; mental health;
and primary health care.                          •	 The impact of being Pacific and having a        •	 Physical health care needs for mental health
                                                     chronic condition                                  service users
The majority of staff members are actively
                                                  •	 IMPACT a DVD based training programme           •	 Nursing and statutory roles for mental
engaged in research projects. Researchers in
                                                     for Nurse Maude                                    health and intellectual disability service users
the School of Nursing have successfully
attracted internal and external research          •	 ACC rest home falls study                       •	 Suicide prevention
funding and many are working in multi-
disciplinary teams.                               •	 ASPIRE, a multi-centred randomised              •	 History and mental health services/service
                                                     controlled trial.                                  delivery in New Zealand
The School of Nursing hosts the Older Persons
                                                  •	 Impact of resistance training on Pacific men    •	 Citizenship and Recovery for Service Users
Transitional Research Agency (OPTRA), the
Centre for Child and Family Policy Research,         with diabetes
Centre for Mental Health Research, The                                                               Primary Health Care
                                                  •	 Impact of Vibratrain on frail older people in
Primary Health Care Research Unit, Policy and                                                        •	 Nursing Developments in Primary Health
Service Development, and co-hosts with its                                                              care 2001-2007
strategic partner, Auckland District Health
Board, the Centre for Evidence Based Health                                                          •	 PHC Nurse, Consumers & Long Term
Care Aotearoa.                                                                                          Conditions
                                                                                                     •	 Tane Hauora: Health Care Experiences of
The following themes and projects provide
                                                                                                        Maori Men with Chronic Diseases in the
examples of current and recently completed
                                                                                                        Waikato region
                                                                                                     •	 Chronic Conditions and care: perspectives
                                                                                                        of Pacific Older People
                                                                                                     •	 Evaluation of the Implementation and
                                                                                                        Intermediate Outcomes of the Primary
                                                                                                        Health Care Strategy
                                                                                                     •	 Alleviating the Burden of Chronic
                                                                                                     •	 Longditudinal Study of the Nurse
                                                                                                        Practitioner Role in New Zealand

                                                                                                     •	 Implementation of Evidence into Practcie

                                                                                                                               2010 School of Nursing Handbook |   3
          Nursing Education
          •	 Destination of graduates from New Zealand nursing programmes              Staff
          •	 Longitudinal study BNurs graduates
                                                                                       Head of School
          Clinical Scholarship and the School of Nursing                               Judy Kilpatrick, CNZM, BA, FCNA(NZ), RN
          To ensure that our programmes are clinically focused and current, the
          policy of the School is that at least some of the academic staff hold dual   Services Manager
          appointments as clinical practitioners and that clinicians hold honorary     Alison Gray
          positions in the School and teach our students.
                                                                                       2009 Merryn Gott, MA Oxon, PhD Sheff

                                                                                       Associate Professors
                                                                                       1993 Robyn Dixon, MA PhD, RN
                                                                                       2003 Mary Finlayson, BSocSci (Hons) PhD Waik., RN,
                                                                                       1999 Margaret P. Horsburgh, EdD C.Sturt., MA DipEd, FCNA(NZ), RN, RM
                                                                                       2009 Andrew Jull, PhD, MA (Appl), Dip BusStudies (Health Mgmt), RN
                                                                                       1999 Judy A. Kilpatrick, CNZM, BA, FCNA(NZ), RN
                                                                                       2002 Brian McKenna, BA MHSc PhD, FCMHN, RN
                                                                                       2000 Matthew Parsons, BSc (Hons) MSc PhD Lond., RN

                                                                                       Senior Lecturers
                                                                                       2008 Joanne Agnew, MN (Hons), PGDip HSc, RN
                                                                                       2000 Heather Baker, BA PGDipSocSci Massey, MA, RN, RM
                                                                                       2004 Jane Bebbington, MHSc Auck.UT, RN
                                                                                       2005 Mia Carroll, BA Massey, DPH, MHSc FCNA(NZ), RN
                                                                                       2008 Terryann Clark, PhD, MPH (Hons), RN
                                                                                       2001 Helen Hamer, MN Massey, RN
                                                                                       2001 Michelle Honey, PhD, MPhil Massey, BASocSci, RN
                                                                                       2006 Stephen Jacobs BA, DipTchg
                                                                                       2007 Jacquie Kidd, MN Otago Polytech., RN, PhD
                                                                                       2002 Anecita Gigi Lim BScN Bohol, Philippines, DipSocSc Massey,
                                                                                            GradDipSc, MHSc, FCNA(NZ) RN
                                                                                       2002 Dianne Marshall, BASocSci MA Massey, RN
                                                                                       2002 Ann McKillop, MA Massey, RN
                                                                                       1997 Anthony O’Brien, BA MPhil Massey, RN
                                                                                       2009 Sandra Oster, MSN, FNP-C ,RN
                                                                                       2008 Kate Prebble PhD, MHSc, BA, RN
                                                                                       1999 Nicolette Sheridan, PhD,MPH,DipOHP Otago, DipTT, RN
          Senior Lecturer Dr Nicolette Sheridan and student Leonie Afamasaga           2002 Susan Waterworth, MPhil Liv., MSc DANS Manc., RN
          discussing Leonie’s research and portfolio work for the completion of her
          Master in Health Science degree. Leonie is a Plunket Nurse and also acts     Lecturers
          as an interpreter for Counties Manukau DHB and Auckland DHB.
                                                                                       2007 Jane Barrington, MHSc, AUT BHSc, RN
                                                                                       2001 Jagpal Benipal, BHSc MBS Massey, A/FACHSE, PhD RN
                                                                                       2007 Michael Crossan, BNS(Hons) MSc UC Dublin, RN
                                                                                       2001 Barbara Daly, BSc, MHSc, RN
                                                                                       2005 Lesley Doughty, BHSc MEd (Hons), RN
                                                                                       2007 Bronwyn Hedgecock, MHlthScEd Syd., RN
                                                                                       2006 Karen Hoare, MSc Northumbria, NP, RN
                                                                                       2005 Natalie James, MA(Applied) Victoria University, RN
                                                                                       2007 Diane Jorgensen, Dip Phys, PGDip Rehab, MBA Massey, PhD
                                                                                       2007 Anna King, BNurs(Hons), RN

4   | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
2007 Helen Malcolm, MN Otago Polytech., RN                            Jayne Mason, PG Dip HSc, RN
2003 Kathy Peri, MHSc Otago, RN                                       Ana Kennedy, BSc Calif. State, MSc UCSF, NP
2005 Deborah Rowe, BHSc DipNurs Auck.UT., MMgt, MHSc, PGDipBus, RN    Bev McClelland, MHSc, RN RMN(SA)
                                                                      Stuart McDonald, MHSc, RN
Senior Tutors
                                                                      Jean Mary McQueen, MN(Hons), RM(UK),RN
2006 Michelle Adams, BHSci E.Cowan, MA Portsmouth, RN
                                                                      Duncan Milne, BHSc Auck.UT, MNurs, RN
2008 Cathleen Aspinall, MSc UCLAN, RN
                                                                      Rhondda Paice, BHSc Auck.UT, DipHealth MHSc, RN
2008 Jayne Huggard, MHSc, RN
                                                                      Sonia Rapana, BN
2006 Thomas K. Mathew, BSc M’lore, MSc R.Gandhi Health Scis, RN
                                                                      Paula Renouf, BA Otago, MS UCSF, NP, NA(NZ)
2009 Kathy McIlwain, MEd Maryland, PG Dip Hs (Advanced Nursing),
     BSN West Florida, RN                                             Sharon Rydon, RN

2007 Stacey McLachlan, BHSc Manukau.IT, PGDipHsc, RN                  Karen Schimanski, PG Cert HSc, PG Dip HSc, RGON

2003 Reena Patel, MN, PGDipHealthInf Otago, BHSc Auck.UT, RN          Carol Schneebeli, PGDipHSc, RN

2008 Deb Somerville, MNurs, RN                                        Adrienne Scott, BHSc Auck.UT, MN Massey, RN

2005 Lisa Stewart, MN, BA, RN                                         Karyn Scott, BHSc Auck.UT, PGDipNurs, RN
                                                                      Kathy Shaw, RN, MHP (Auck UT)
Research Fellows                                                      Geoffrey Sim. PG Dip, RN
2001 John Parsons, BSc (Hons) Brun., PGDipHSc Auck.UT, MHSc
                                                                      Barbara Smith, DipEd Massey, BA MHSc, RN, RM
2009 Gary Bellamy, BN (Hons) Nott, MA Sheff, PhD Sheff
                                                                      Adrienne Strickland, RN

Assistant Research Fellow                                             Melody Trueman, RN

2004 Kate Thom, MA Cant.                                              Bronwyn G. Ward, BHSc Auck.UT, RN
                                                                      Kim Ward, PGDipHSc, RN
Clinical Senior Lecturers                                             Adair Watson MN(Hons) RN
Cheryl Atherford, MHSc Nursing, BHSc Nursing, RGON
                                                                      Cynthia Wensley, BA PGDipHSM Massey, MHSc
Jane Brosnahan, BN, MA, RN, MCNA
                                                                      Paula Whitfield, MNurs, RN
Simon Browse, MSc, DipN, RHV(UK), MIHM, RN
                                                                      Anne Williamson, MHSc (Hons) BHSc Manukau.IT, PGDipHSc, RN
Annie Fogarty, BHS (Nursing), Dip Bus Mgt, MA (Hons), RN
Philippa Jones, MA, FETC, DMS, MCGI, RN                               Honorary Senior Lecturers
Mark Smith, BHSc Auck.UT, MSc Liv., PhD Waik., PGDipPsych Melb., RN   Kerry-Ann Addlam, RN
(jointly with Waikato Clinical School)                                Denise Brewster-Webb, MBA(Health Service Man), PGDip (Legal Studies),
Ross Turner, MA (Applied) Nursing                                     Dip Applied Science, BN, RGON
                                                                      Margareth Broodkorn, MNurs, RN
Clinical Lecturers                                                    Taima Campbell, BN Waik., RN
Viv Atkins, MNurs, RN
                                                                      Maree Cassidy, PGDipHSc, RN
Dianne Barnhill, BN, PGCert (Massey) PGDip (UOA), RN
                                                                      Andrew Cashin, BHSc MN PhD DipAppSci Technol.Syd., RN, MHN, NP
Pip Brown, MA, RN
                                                                      Judith Christensen, MSc McG., PhD Massey, BA, RN, FCNA
Karyn Bycroft, RN MN
                                                                      Alex Craig, MN Massey,RN
Margaret Colligan, MNurs, RN
                                                                      Suzette Gisler, MCMHN FANZCMHN, RN
Jessie Crawford, RGON, BN., MN
                                                                      Mark Jones, BSc PGDipHealthVisiting S.Bank, MSc Brist., RN
Camille Davis, FNP, MSN, BSN
                                                                      Denise Kivell, MHSc, RN
Lorna Davis, BA Leeds Met., MA York(UK), RN
                                                                      Jan Nichols, MPH, RN
Barbara Docherty, PGDipHSc, RN
                                                                      Christine Payne, RN
Renee Edwards, BHSc (Nsg), PGDip HSc, RN
                                                                      Di Roud, MHSc Auck.UT, RN
Michael Geraghty, BA, MHSc, NP RMN(UK), RN
David Garland, PG Dip, RN                                             Honorary Lecturers
Maureen Goodman, RN. BHSc (Nursing), MN                               Deborah Harris, MHSc, RN

Chris Gruys, PG Dip,RN                                                Rose Lightfoot, MPH, RN

Diana Hart, BA, MN, NP, RN                                            Debra Lampshire

Samantha Heath, BSc Manc., MA Wolv., RN
                                                                      Honorary Clincal Lecturers
Karin Hoedl-Lang, RN
                                                                      Gareth Edwards, MSc, Aberd
Janine Horsfall, RN

                                                                                                                       2010 School of Nursing Handbook |   5
          Admission                                                                                              Masters Students
                                                            All students need to enclose the documents
                                                            listed below. These should be a photocopy of         All students, prior to enrolment in a thesis,
                                                            the original endorsed with the statement             research portfolio or dissertation, need to

                                                            ‘Original sighted Certified true copy’ by a          make an appointment to see Associate
                                                            person authorised to sign a Statutory                Professor Robyn Dixon to discuss their
                                                            Declaration, such as a JP, Solicitor or a duly       proposed programme of study. Students may

                                                            authorised member of staff of The University of      be required to enrol in a research methods
                                                            Auckland.                                            course. All Masters students are expected to
                                                                                                                 attend the graduate nurses’ research forum.
                                                            •	 Verification of legal name, date of birth and

                                                                                                                 This includes presentation of work in progress.
                                                               citizenship status: Passport, birth certificate
                                                               or certificate of citizenship. If names have
                                                               been changed, for example through                 Doctoral Students

          Students                                             marriage, such documentation must be
                                                            •	 Admission qualifications: Your highest
                                                                                                                 The School of Nursing welcomes applications
                                                                                                                 to undertake Doctoral studies. Those
                                                                                                                 interested should in the first instance go to the
                                                               nursing qualification, e.g. hospital training     following website and complete an expression
          Students should visit The University of              certificate, polytechnic diploma, polytechnic     of interest (EOI).
          Auckland website                                     degree, or university degree.
                                                            •	 If you hold a Polytechnic diploma or              future-postgraduates/fp-how-to-apply/
          for information regarding application for            University or Polytechnic degree you must         fp-applying-for-a-doctorate
          admission in 2010.                                   send in an official academic transcript.
                                                                                                                 On this site you will find an overview of the
                                                            •	 New Zealand Nursing Council Registration          application process, and instructions on how to
          With an undergraduate degree
                                                            •	 Current Annual Practising Certificate             complete the EOI and information on how to
          Students with an undergraduate degree may                                                              go about finding a supervisor.
          apply directly for the Postgraduate Diploma in    •	 Brief curriculum vitae (this does not need to
          Health Sciences with approval from the School        be certified by a JP)                             You can obtain information about the research
          of Nursing. Students may be required to apply                                                          interests of the SON staff by going to the
          to either a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma                                                        School’s website
                                                            With a Postgraduate Diploma
          in Health Sciences dependent upon their
          proposed course of study and academic             Students with a Postgraduate Diploma having
          transcripts. Achievement of a grade point         achieved a grade point average of 5 or higher        aspx
          average of 5 or higher (B) in the Postgraduate    (B) may apply for the Master of Nursing or
          Diploma allows nurses to proceed to the           MHSc.                                                Or you can contact the Doctoral Advisor: Dr
          Master of Nursing.                                                                                     Mary Finlayson (

                                                            General Enquiries
          Without an undergraduate degree                   Tel   0800 61 62 63
          The University of Auckland does allow nursing     Email
          students to study at a postgraduate level
          without an undergraduate degree where they
                                                            Returning Students
          have a health professional qualification and at
          least 2 years practice. This enrolment can only   Returning students may enrol for courses
          be to the Postgraduate Certificate in Health      online. Following receipt of examination results
          Sciences. Upon successful completion of a         students should enrol for their courses on-line
          Postgraduate Certificate students may reassign    for the following semester.
          to a Postgraduate Diploma. Achievement of a
          grade point average of 5 or higher (B) in the
          Postgraduate Diploma allows nurses to             Change of Address
          proceed to the Master of Nursing or MHSc.
                                                            It is important that students notify the
                                                            University of any change of address as soon as
          Postgraduate Office Link                          possible through either phoning 0800 61 62 63
          for/postgradstudents/                             Website

6   | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
Fees and                                         University Scholarships
                                                 Honours/Masters applicants require a
                                                 first-class academic record with a minimum
                                                                                                      International Students - PhD
                                                                                                      The University offers a few scholarships for
                                                                                                      which there is strong competition. These

Funding                                          grade of A in their study for the Bachelors
                                                 degree. Scholarships are awarded by the
                                                 University’s Scholarships Committee on the
                                                                                                      include the Commonwealth Scholarship and
                                                                                                      Fellowship Plan. Information is available from
                                                                                                      the Auckland International office or from the
                                                 basis of the student’s grade point average           student’s home country.
Fees                                             assessed over the two most recent years of
Information about fees is listed in The          equivalent full-time study. Further information
University of Auckland Calendar 2010 and is                                                           New Zealand Overseas
                                                 may be obtained from:
available at                                                                                          Development Award (NZODA)
                                                 Scholarships and Financial Support                   The New Zealand Government, through its            Room 123                                             Overseas Development Assistance
                                                 Level 1                                              programme, provides assistance for students
Under government-to-government reciprocal
                                                 The Clock Tower Building                             from developing countries to study in New
agreements students from Australia enrolled in
                                                 22 Princes Street                                    Zealand. Information can be obtained from the
a graduate programme pay the same fees as
                                                 Auckland City Campus                                 International Office. The University of Auckland
New Zealand students. For other international
                                                                                                      preselects suitable candidates, and then the
students the fees vary between faculties.
                                                                                                      Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade makes
Contact The University of Auckland               Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences               the final decision. There are two selection
International Office for further details.        Scholarships                                         rounds per year.
Tuition Fees staff is located in the Clock       There are also scholarships/grants specifically
Tower Building:                                  available through the Faculty of Medical and
                                                 Health Sciences see web site
                                                                                                      Postgraduate Research Student
Tuition Fees                                            Support (PReSS) Accounts - PhD
Room 108                                                                                              The University provides research support
Level 1                                          Nursing awards, scholarships and grants              funding for doctoral students dependent on
The Clock Tower Building                         There are a number of small grants available         their doctoral subject area approved by the
22 Princes Street                                for postgraduate students through                    Board of Graduate studies at the time of
Auckland City Campus                             membership of professional nursing                   enrolment.
                                                 organisations, for example NZNO, CNA (NZ).
                                                 These are publicised in each organisation’s          Application forms and full details are available
University - Awards, Scholarships                journals. For information regarding NZNO/            at:
and Grants                                       NERF Scholarships and Grants contact:      
The University of Auckland offers graduate
                                                 Betty Ng                                             funding.cfm#research_funding
students a wide range of awards, internal and
                                                 NZNO National Office
external scholarships, and research grants.                                                           For further information contact:
                                                 P O Box 2128
See:                                             Wellington
                                                                                                      Lyn Clark
Funding Information Service Database:            Tel    (04) 385 0847 extn 707
                                                 Fax (04) 382 9993
                                                                                                      The Research Office
•	 Email
                                                                                                      Level 2, 76 Symonds Street
•	 The University of Auckland Scholarships       School of Nursing - grants
   Handbook and the NZVCC Scholarships                                                                Tel   373 7599 extn 87869
                                                 Subject to the availability of funds the School of
   Handbook                                                                                           Fax 373 7432
                                                 Nursing will make grants to Masters and
•	 Next Week (the weekly newsletter of The       Doctoral students to assist them in their
   University of Auckland), which advertises     research and associated costs. Details of these
   current scholarship and award deadlines.      will be made available each year.                    External Research Grants
                                                                                                      The University provides funding (Research
                                                                                                      Grants) for specific pieces of research. This is
                                                                                                      administered through The University of
                                                                                                      Auckland’s Research Office.

                                                                                                                                2010 School of Nursing Handbook |   7
         About Our Postgraduate

8 | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
About Our Postgraduate Programmes
Study at postgraduate level means making a            to meet the health care needs of New             •	 initiating administrative requirements such
commitment to both personal and professional          Zealanders opportunities are also provided for      as change of programme
development as well as to new and challenging         nurses who wish to acquire the competencies
                                                                                                       •	 applying for your qualifications to be
academic work. Postgraduate study is about            defined by the Nursing Council of New
investigating, analysing, critically evaluating,      Zealand (2001) for advanced nursing practice
reflecting and responding to the challenges           or nurse practitioner roles and/or seek to
posed by practice and the academic                    prescribe or act under standing orders.          The Structure of Postgraduate
environment.                                                                                           Programmes
                                                      Waikato/Bay of Plenty                            There are two distinct Master’s qualification
A major feature of graduate study is a
                                                                                                       pathways within the postgraduate nursing
requirement for self-directed learning. This is       Some courses in the postgraduate certificate
                                                                                                       programme structure. Within each of these
achieved through assignments, reading,                are also offered at the Waikato site of The
                                                                                                       pathways there are three possible qualification
seminar presentations and practical work at an        University of Auckland. This site is based at
                                                                                                       steps. These qualifications are all at a
advanced level. A considerable commitment             Waikato Clinical School at Waikato Hospital,
                                                                                                       postgraduate level and each step contributes
above ‘class time’ is required. While this will       and is run and administered by The University
                                                                                                       to the next step i.e. the 60pts of the PGCert.
include pre-reading, studying and writing,            of Auckland. Courses may also be offered at
                                                                                                       leads on to the PGDipHSc so the student
participation in research seminars, writing           Tauranga and Rotorua.
                                                                                                       completes a further 60pts for this qualification.
workshops and other activities, it will also help
                                                      Mental Health and Rural Health specialities      Students may obtain a generic advanced
maximise the benefits to be gained from
                                                      are now established.                             nursing qualification in health science (MHSc)
graduate study. The School of Nursing
                                                                                                       or the more clinically focused advanced
incorporates a range of such activities
                                                      The coordinator for mental health nursing        nursing qualification (MNurs).
throughout the academic year.
                                                      courses is Dr. Jacquie Kidd.
                                                                                                       Eligibility for entry and progression
The focus for postgraduate nursing study at The
                                                      Please consult Kathy Shaw, the Waikato           •	 Students must hold nursing registration, a
University of Auckland is the enhancement of
                                                      coordinator, for other nursing courses or Mia       current practicing certificate, have had
clinical nursing practice. Accordingly,
                                                      Carroll for Bay of Plenty.                          recent clinical nursing experience and either
postgraduate nursing courses are concerned
with enhancing clinical nursing skills, practice                                                          have completed an appropriate
knowledge and preparing nurses for clinical           Northland                                           undergraduate degree or hold a
leadership roles together with facilitating                                                               professional nursing qualification to enter
                                                      Some courses in the postgraduate certificate
understanding of the current and future context                                                           any postgraduate nursing programme.
                                                      are offered in Northland. Adair Watson is the
of nursing and health care. Collaboration with        coordinator appointed by the School of Nursing   •	 Enrolment, in the first instance, is in PG
clinical staff has been integral to the               to oversee the running of these courses.            Certificate and on completion students may
development of the clinically based courses and                                                           proceed to the PG Diploma.
clinical staff are closely involved in the delivery
and teaching of these courses.                        Taranaki                                         •	 Following this, on attaining a grade point
                                                      Some courses in the postgraduate certificate        average of 5(B), may proceed to the
Courses have been designed to take account of         are offered in Taranaki. Chris Gruys is the         Masters programme.
the rapidly changing health care environment          coordinator appointed by the School of Nursing
                                                                                                       •	 When you complete a Postgraduate
where choices must be made about what can,            to oversee the running of these courses.
                                                                                                          Certificate (60 points), you may apply to
or should, be funded. In response to the
                                                                                                          have the certificate conferred and exit the
Nursing Council approved Nurse Practitioner
with Prescribing role, we are collaborating           Students’ Expectations And                          programme.
closely with the School of Pharmacy and the           Responsibilities                                 •	 Alternatively you may proceed to a
Department of Clinical Pharmacology. Health           You can expect:                                     Postgraduate Diploma.
policy, health economics, the clinical and
                                                      •	 appropriate academic advice.                  •	 In the same way, you may apply to have the
cost-effectiveness of nursing and health care
decisions, the structure and function of health                                                           Postgraduate Diploma conferred and exit
                                                      •	 relevant and current teaching
care organisations and the role of nurses and                                                             the programme, or may apply to enter the
other health professionals all contribute to the      •	 response to questions about your studies         Masters programme.
enhancement of nursing practice and form                 from coordinators of courses
                                                                                                       •	 You may have a break between each
components of individual courses.                     •	 timely assessment of assignments                 component, however you must attain a
Opportunities are provided for multi-                                                                     grade point average of 5(B) in the
disciplinary study together with development of       You are responsible for:                            Postgraduate Diploma to be eligible for
skills and attributes generic for postgraduate                                                            entry into the Masters Programme.
                                                      •	 enrolling and paying your fees on time
university health professional study.
                                                      •	 being informed regarding class schedules,     NOTE:
Programme structures are intended to be                  assessments and due dates                     You need to access nDeva online to make
flexible and provide opportunities for nurses to                                                       THE NECESSARY CHANGE OF
                                                      •	 carrying out your own library research
design programmes of study that are                                                                    PROGRAMME to a Diploma or Masters.
appropriate for the learning goals they wish to       •	 submitting assignments on time according
achieve and are relevant to their practice               to guidelines
areas. In recognition that the nursing
workforce must be developed more effectively

                                                                                                                                2010 School of Nursing Handbook |   9
          Explaining Credit Points                                                    The focus overall of both Masters programmes is the enhancement of
          At The University of Auckland, 120 credit points equate with a full-time    clinical nursing practice, nursing leadership and to reflect the advanced
          academic year. There are a variety of 15 point and 30 point                 nursing pathway identified by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and
          postgraduate papers in the School of Nursing. One full-time semester is,    supported by the Ministry of Health strategy.
          therefore, 60 points.
                                                                                      The Master of Nursing (approved by the Nursing Council of New
          The qualification steps are:                                                Zealand) is seen as the preferred qualification for nurses wishing to
                                                                                      enhance their clinical practice within a defined scope of practice, paving
             Master of Nursing                      Master of Health Science          the way for the advanced nursing role and nurse practitioner role,
             Additional 120 pts                     Additional 120 pts                including preparation for prescribing.

             	        á		                                   á                         The Master of Health Sciences allows nurses, working in a range of
                                                                                      settings, not necessarily engaged in clinical practice, to include nursing
             PGDipHSci                              PGDipHSc                          courses in their programme and to also select from a broader range of
             Advanced Nursing                       Additional 60 pts                 courses including multidisciplinary courses.
             Additional 60 pts

             	      	á		                                    á

             PGCertHSc                              PGCertHSc
             Advanced Nursing                       60 pts
             60 pts

          Staff Nurse Kelly Bradey works in the neonatal intensive care unit at Counties Manukau DHB.
          She already has BHSc and BNurs degrees and is currently studying for her BNurs (Hons).

10 | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
                                Clinical Pathway For Advanced Nursing
                                      Including Nurse Practitioner
Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences                                  Master of Nursing – (Taught or by Research)                       120 pts
in Advanced Nursing                                              60 pts      Entry into the Master of Nursing programme requires a Postgraduate
The PGCert HSc in Advanced Nursing is intended to give nurses a core of      Diploma with a grade point average of 5(B) or higher. The MNurs is
generic skills and knowledge considered essential for enhancing nurse        distinctive in terms of the clinical orientation of its nursing courses. The
practice in their specialty area. In order to complete the advanced          New Zealand Nursing Council has approved the MNurs as appropriate
nursing qualifications students are expected to have an identified area of   educational qualification for Nurse Practitioner applicants . It is
clinical practice and clinical access.                                       specifically designed for nurses who wish to enhance their clinical
                                                                             practice, prepare for advanced practice roles and develop skills and
Structure/Content: To obtain this certificate students must obtain 60        attitudes generic for graduate university health professional study.
points. Courses may include evidence based nursing, biological or health
science, health assessment and specialty knowledge We strongly               Clinical courses have been developed in collaboration with clinical
recommend that you seek advice for the courses.                              agencies and clinical staff are involved in the teaching and delivery of
Duration: Part-time, up to four semesters/two years; full-time, one
semester/one-half year.                                                      Structure/Content: The 120 pts required for this programme, may be
                                                                             completed in various ways:
                         â	Plus 60 points

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences                                      Research Masters -1 year full time, 2 years part-time
in Advanced Nursing                                            120 pts       •	 120 pt thesis or
The PGDipHSc is intended to give nurses the core generic skills and
knowledge essential for advanced nursing practice in a specialist area,      •	 120 pt research portfolio
and preparation for research. The intent is that the Postgraduate            or
Diploma will allow the nurse to develop competencies associated with
advanced nursing practice.                                                   Taught Masters - 1 year full time, up to 4 years part-time

Structure/Content: To obtain this diploma, students must obtain a            •	 90 pts from courses plus 30 pts clinical project or
further 60 points. We strongly advise that you seek advice for the courses   •	 60 pts from course work plus 60 pt dissertation.
to include evidence based nursing, advanced nursing practice, biological
or health science , health assessment , specialty knowledge , a
practicum/clinical scholarship. Where a student intends to proceed to a
Research Masters programme a research methods course must be                 Nurse Practitioner With Prescribing
included. Students who have completed the PGCertHSc in Advanced              Courses selected for Postgraduate Diploma and MNurs should include:
Nursing may then undertake an additional 60 points in courses to
complete the diploma.                                                        NURSING 773              Advanced Assessment and Clinical
Duration:            Postgraduate Certificate – Part-time 2 years
                                                                             Or NURSING 776           Assessment and Clinical Decision
                     Postgraduate Diploma – Part-time 2 years
                                                                                                      Making in Mental Health Nursing
                     Research Masters - Part-time 2 years
                     Taught Masters – Part-time 4 years                      NURSING 714              Nursing Practicum 1

Achievement of a grade point average of 5 or higher (B or higher) in the     NURSING 720              Evidence-based Nursing
Postgraduate Diploma allows nurses to proceed to the Master of               NURSING 706              Principles of Pharmacology and
Nursing.                                                                                              Pharmacokinetics
                                                                             NURSING 722              Principles of Therapeutics for Advanced
                                                                             NURSING 740              Prescribing in Advanced Nursing Practice
                                                                             NURSING 742              Biological Science for Practice
                                                                             NURSING 737              Scholarship of Practice
                                                                             Or NURSING 777           Advanced Mental Health Nursing and
                                                                                                      its Social Context
                                                                             Contact persons:         Ann McKillop, Gigi Lim

                                                                                                                                   2010 School of Nursing Handbook | 11
                     Other Advanced Nursing                                                         Other Postgraduate
                            Pathways                                                                  Qualifications
          Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences                      60 pts     Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
          The PGCertHSc allows students to undertake a personal programme of          The Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) is a degree comprising 120 points. To
          study selecting from a wide range of medical, nursing and health science    enter this programme you need to have completed a Bachelor of Nursing
          courses available at The University of Auckland.                            from this University with an average grade of B or other equivalent
                                                                                      degree approved by the Head of School.
          Structure/Content: To obtain this certificate students must obtain 60
          points. Courses may include nursing courses and multidisciplinary           The following courses must be taken:
          courses, such as those offered in Occupational Health, Palliative Care,
                                                                                      NURSING 795 A & B        Dissertation                       (60 points)
          Gerontology, Community Health, Psychiatry and Behavioural Science,
          and other courses listed in the Master of Health Sciences schedule in The   NURSING 702              Developing Nursing Practice        (30 points)
          University of Auckland Calendar 2003.
          Duration: Part-time, up to four semesters/two years; full-time, one         NURSING 753              Specialty Practice in Mental Health Nursing
          semester/one-half year.                                                                                                                 (30 points)
          	                            â	Plus 60 points
                                                                                      Approved specialty practice course
                                                                                      Plus                     An approved research methods paper
          Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences                        120 pts
          The PGDipHSc allows students to undertake a personal programme of
          study selecting from a wide range of medical, nursing and health
          sciences courses available at The University of Auckland.
                                                                                      Doctor of Philosophy
          Structure/Content: To obtain this diploma students must obtain a            A PhD candidate must demonstrate a proven ability to carry out research
          further 60 points. Courses may include nursing courses and                  independently and possess a high level of critical research skill and
          multidisciplinary courses such as those offered in Occupational Health,     theoretical understanding. The degree is awarded for research reported
          Palliative Care, Gerontology, Community and Social Health, Psychiatry       in a thesis: 80-100,000 words is an indicative length. Candidates are
          and Behavioural Science and other courses listed in the Master of Health    required to devote a minimum of two years to their research project. All
          Sciences schedule in The University of Auckland Calendar 2010. Where a      candidates must submit their thesis within eight years.
          student intends to proceed to a Masters programme a research methods
          course must be included.                                                    Students should normally have a Masters degree with grades acceptable
                                                                                      to The University of Auckland. Entry with a BNurs(Hons) is possible where
          Duration: Including time taken for Postgraduate Certificate - Part-time,    candidates also demonstrate an ability to pursue doctoral level research.
          eight semesters/four years; full-time, two semesters/one year. (Must be
          completed in 2 years to be eligible for distinction or merit.               For Statute and Guidelines see:
          Achievement of a grade point average of 5 or higher (B or higher) in the
          Postgraduate Diploma allows nurses to proceed to the Master of Health
                                                                                      Certificate of Proficiency
                                                                                      Students enrolled in another university may, with the permission of their
                                                                                      awarding institution, enrol in individual courses as part of their
          Master of Health Sciences                                     120 pts       qualification.
          The MHSc is more general than the MNurs. This generic qualification
          enables nurses who may or may not be involved in hands on patient care      Students may, with the permission of the School of Nursing, enrol in
          or those involved in management, teaching or research to select courses     courses up to 30 points total outside of a full postgraduate programme.
          specific to their learning needs.

          Structure/Content: The MHSc, may be completed with:
          •	 90 point research portfolio + 30 points from courses
          •	 120 point thesis
          •	 120 point research portfolio
          •	 60 points from courses PLUS a 60 point dissertation
                                                                       2 Years
             (maximum duration – 4 years)

12 | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
Postgraduate Pathways
It is recognised that all nurses require
individual course advice. Students are
encouraged to plan programmes of study
relevant to their practice area in consultation
with both clinical staff, who can provide career
advice, and academic staff for educational
advice. The following clearly developed
pathways are offered, and in addition other
individual programmes of study can be

Advanced Nursing Practice including
preparation for Nurse Practitioner
(in a range of clinical specialty areas)
Nurse Practitioner with Prescribing
Primary Health Care Nursing
Child Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Leadership andManagement of Nursing
Gerontological Nursing
Education within Nursing
Palliative Care Nursing
Rural Health Nursing

Clinical Specialty Pathways
Clinical specialty courses are developed in
collaboration with clinical staff according to
need. Specialties offered are:
Emergency Nursing
Theatre and PACU Nursing
Pain Management
Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing
Cancer Nursing
Respiratory Nursing
Cardiac Nursing
Intensive Care Nursing
Orthopaedic Nursing
Plastics and Reconstructive Nursing
Renal Nursing
Gerontological Nursing
Rural Nursing
Palliative Care
High Dependency Nursing
Long Term Condition Management
Paediatric Cardiac Nursing

                                                   2010 School of Nursing Handbook | 13
          Specialty Pathways

14 | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
Specialty                                                                  Gerontological Nursing
                                                                           With a four fold increase in the over 75 year old population and a
                                                                           strategic health focus on gerontological health services, nurses are

Pathways                                                                   crucial to the workforce in this priority area.

                                                                           Nurses enrolling in the gerontology programme study in a
                                                                           multidisciplinary programme involving all health professionals. Nurses
Choosing Your Programme of Study                                           may choose to follow an advanced nursing practice/nurse practitioner
Information below for each programme relates to a completed Masters.
If you are enrolling in a PGCert. or PGDiploma, you will select courses    The following courses are available:
from those listed below in consultation with academic advisors.
                                                                           POPLPRAC 725 Principles of Gerontology                                 15pts
Please note that if you intend completing your Masters with a 120 point
                                                                           POPLPRAC 726 Health Services for Elderly People                        15pts
research component, ensure you have completed an approved research
methods paper prior to commencing.                                         POPLPRAC 727 Mental Health in Old Age                                  15pts
                                                                           POPLPRAC 756 Adult Rehabilitation Studies                              30pts
Mental Health Nursing                                                      POPLHLTH 749 Biology of Ageing                                         15pts
Recent mental health policy reports have emphasised the need for
continued mental health workforce development in nursing and other         You are able to choose other courses in the MN schedule and in
areas. Programmes in the School aim at entry to Specialty Practice in      management.
Mental Health Nursing or Advanced Practice. These programmes provide
                                                                           Contact person:       Anne Williamson
a pathway to Masters degrees in Nursing and Health Sciences as well as
Nurse Prescribing and Nurse Practitioner status. The Nursing Council of
New Zealand has developed pathways to establish advanced practice
and nurse practitioner role and nurse prescribing.
                                                                           Palliative Care Nursing
Available specialty courses are:                                           An ageing population and shifts in the way society values dying with
Postgraduate Certificate - 60 points                                       dignity has highlighted palliative care as a distinct health service. Nurses
Stream A                                                                   are a crucial part of the palliative care workforce. The Nursing Council of
                                                                           New Zealand has developed pathways to establish advanced practice
For new graduates and nurses entering mental health:
                                                                           and nurse practitioner role and nurse prescribing.
NURSING 753 Specialty Practice in Mental Health Nursing 1         30 pts
                                                                           The following specialty courses are available:
NURSING 756 Specialty Practice in Mental Health Nursing 2         30 pts
                                                                           POPLHLTH 746 Ethics, Culture and Societal Approach to Death            15pts
Stream B
                                                                           POPLPRAC 720 Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care                    15pts
For Nurses with two or more years experience in mental health:
                                                                           POPLPRAC 721 Reflective Practice in Palliative Care                    15pts
NURSING 776 Assessment and Clinical Decision Making
            in Mental Health Nursing                              30 pts   POPLPRAC 722 Foundations of Clinical Symptom Management in
                                                                                        Palliative Care                               15pts
NURSING 774 Nursing in Acute Mental Health Settings               30 pts   POPLPRAC 723 Clinical Symptom Management in
or                                                                                      Palliative Care 2                                         15pts
NURSING 777 Advanced Mental Health Nursing and its
                                                                           POPLPRAC 724 Child and Adolescent Palliative Care                      15pts
            Social Context                                        30 pts
                                                                           You are able to choose other courses in the MN schedule and other
                                                                           relevant courses.
Postgraduate Diploma
                                                                           Contact person:       Jayne Huggard
This is a 120 point programme comprising of a 60 point Certificate and
60 additional points from other courses listed in the Master of Nursing
Additional Mental Health Nursing courses are:
                                                                           Primary Health Care Nursing
NURSING 754 Legal Issues in Mental Health Nursing                 15 pts   The following specialty courses are available:
NURSING 706 Principles of Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics 15 pts         NURSING 716 Primary Health Care of Children and Adolescents
NURSING 722 Principles of Therapeutics for Advanced Nursing 15 pts         NURSING 772 Population and Primary Health Care Nursing
NURSING 740 Prescribing in Advanced Nursing Practice              15 pts   NURSING 771 Chronic Care Interventions
NURSING 760 Cognitive & Behaviour Therapy in Nursing Practice     15 pts   NURSING 738 Long Term Condition Management in Primary
NURSING 774 Nursing in Acute Mental Health Settings               30 pts               Health Care

NURSING 777 Advanced Mental Health Nursing and its                         You are able to choose other courses in the MN schedule and other
            Social Context                                        30 pts   relevant papers.

Contact person:      Tony O’Brien                                          Contact person:       Karen Hoare

                                                                                                                                2010 School of Nursing Handbook | 15
          Child and Youth Health Nursing                                              Education Within Nursing
          The following specialty courses are available:                              Within the Master of Health Sciences schedule you may focus on
          NURSING 773 (Child Health Stream)                                   30pts   education in Nursing including a Postgraduate Certificate in Health
                                                                                      Sciences and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences.
          NURSING 716 Primary Healthcare of Children                          15pts
                                                                                      The programmes are suitable for those working in client based health
          NURSING 730 Knowledge/Science in Specialty Nursing                  30pts
                                                                                      education and health professional education.
                       e.g. Paediatric Intensive Care (2011);
                       Paediatric Cardiac                                             Courses from the MNurs schedule will make up the programme together
          Other courses from the MHSc Schedule include:                               with selected multi-disciplinary courses from the list below:

          PAEDS 719                Health, Education and Youth Development            NURSING 741      Education for Clinical Practice                   30 pts

          PAEDS 712                Youth Health                                       NURSING 735 Clinical Education Practicum                           30 pts

          PAEDS 720                Youth Health Theory, Application and Leadership    Contact person:      Bronwyn Hedgecock
          POPLPRAC 754             Primary Child and Youth Mental Health
          POPLHLTH 732             Population Youth Health

          Contact person:          Karen Hoare
                                                                                      Rural Health Nursing
                                                                                      NURSING 742      Biological Science for Practice                   30 pts

                                                                                      NURSING 706      Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics for Nurses 15 pts

          Leadership and Management of Nursing                                        NURSING 773      Advanced Assessment and Clinical Reasoning        30 pts
          Services                                                                    NURSING 739      Advanced Rural Nursing                            30 pts
          The following specialty courses are available for nurses in
                                                                                      Contact person:     Mia Carroll
          management and leadership roles:
          NURSING 732 Nursing Leadership Practicum                           30 pts
          NURSING 775         Leadership and Management for
                              Quality Health Care                            30 pts
                                                                                      All of our courses lead to qualifications that are approved by the
          NURSING 736          Health Policy and Nursing                     15 pts
                                                                                      Nursing Council of New Zealand and therefore are eligible for
                                                                                      funding by the Clinical Training Agency. Contact your local DHB
          Other courses from the MHSc Schedule include:
          POPLHLTH 721 Health Management                                     15 pts
          POPLHLTH 724 Quality in Health Care                                15 pts
          POPLHLTH 719 Health Economics                                      15 pts
          POPLHLTH 708 Epidemiology                                          15 pts
          POPLHLTH 729 Information and Strategic
                       Health Management                                     15 pts

          Contact person:              Susan Waterworth

                                                                                                                Sleshni Chand is a Registered Nurse working
                                                                                                                at Auckland DHB in the Coronary Care Unit.
                                                                                                                She is currently studying for her Postgraduate
                                                                                                                Certificate in Health Sciences with the School
                                                                                                                of Nursing.

16 | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
Resources and Facilities

                    2010 School of Nursing Handbook | 17
          School of Nursing
          Resources and Facilities
          New to Study?                                      Assignment Writing Workshop                       The School of Nursing
                                                             Each semester, the School of Nursing also in      Facilities and Resources
          Orientation to study for new                       conjunction with the Student Learning Centre
          students                                           runs assignment-writing workshops for new         Student Representation
          Each semester the School of Nursing in             students. Please phone ext 83799 for dates        Graduate nursing students are represented on
          conjunction with the Student Learning Centre       and venues.                                       the School of Nursing Postgraduate Board of
          (SLC) and Philson Library runs an orientation to                                                     Studies and Teaching and Learning committees.
                                                             There is an annual SLC fee ($10) which entitles
          study programme for new students. All                                                                Students are encouraged to nominate who they
                                                             students to SLC facilities and courses such as
          students who are new to study at The                                                                 would like to represent them.
                                                             those mentioned above
          University of Auckland are strongly advised to
          attend.                                            Please Note: Library orientation sessions have    Student Evaluation
          Sample Student Learning Centre                     limited numbers. Places must be booked
                                                                                                               Students are invited to provide feedback on
          Programme:                                         through Dina Sharp on
                                                                                                               teaching and courses to the course
          •	 Time management                                                                                   Coordinator for each course. A comprehensive
                                                                                                               survey of graduate student satisfaction with
          •	 Study organisation (including how to study                                                        their overall experience is conducted annually.
          •	 Reading                                                                                           After Hours
          •	 Note taking                                                                                       Students and Staff will need to carry their
                                                                                                               University ID and access cards at all times to
          •	 Assignment writing
                                                                                                               allow entry and internal movement around the
          •	 Paraphrasing and referencing                                                                      Grafton Campus buildings and facilities.
                                                                                                               However, public access to the Café and Library
          •	 Introduction to use of the library.
                                                                                                               will continue to remain available directly to the
          Please phone ext 83799 for dates and venues.                                                         public during their normal opening hours.

                                                                                                               Visitors to the faculty during normal working
                                                                                                               hours, 8.30am to 5 .00pm Monday to Friday,
                                                                                                               will be issued with temporary access cards to
                                                                                                               allow daytime only internal movement within
                                                                                                               the buildings.

                                                                                                               Students and Staff who forget their access
                                                                                                               cards will be issued with returnable temporary
                                                                                                               cards to allow daytime access to internal
                                                                                                               faculty areas only, upon production of suitable
                                                                                                               photographic ID.

                                                                                                               Temporary access cards will be available only
                                                                                                               at the faculty main front entrance Reception/
                                                                                                               Security desk. Failure to return temporary
                                                                                                               cards will result in a charge for their
                                                                                                               replacement being levied against the staff
                                                                                                               member or student.

                                                                                                               Graduate Student Notice Board
                                                                                                               This is located within the School of Nursing
                                                                                                               near the reception desk on the 4th Floor of
                                                                                                               E-com. Students should check this regularly.

                                                                                                               Research Facilities
          Registered Nurses Sleshni Chand and Karin Hoedl-Lang both currently undertaking postgraduate         Recording and transcription equipment may be
          study in the School of Nursing.                                                                      booked through the School of Nursing. Hot
                                                                                                               desking computer access is available by
                                                                                                               booking with reception. Various software
                                                                                                               packages are available on request.

18 | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
The University of Auckland
Resources and Facilities
Philson Library                                     Services                                             Distance Students
The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences          Inter Campus Library Delivery                        A Distance Service is available to students of
library (Philson Library), with extremely helpful                                                        the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.
                                                    Service (ICLDS)
and friendly staff, is located on the First Floor                                                        You may request books or journal articles
of the Medical and Health Sciences Building.        To obtain books or photocopies of articles held in   whether or not they are held in a University of
                                                    other libraries within The University of Auckland,   Auckland Library. There are no charges for
The hours of opening for the Philson Library        e.g. Tamaki Library, General Library, etc.           these services.
are available on their website. http://www.                •	 This can be done through Voyager (the             For more information contact Information
medhome.htm                                            Library Catalogue) by finding the item and if     Services staff for a Distance Pack or go to:
                                                       it is available clicking on the Request button.
                                                    or                                                   med/distance.htm
The Nursing Subject Librarian
                                                    •	 For Distance Students ie: based at a
Lorraine Nielsen offers an information
                                                       location outside the Auckland region (north       Electronic Campus Access
service to postgraduate students and the
                                                       of Warkworth or south of Waiuku), use the
School of Nursing staff. This includes individual
                                                       online request form available on LEARN            NetAccount
consultations, by appointment, to discuss
                                                       (Library homepage)>> Inter-Campus Library
information and library training needs related                                                           NetAccount is a system that provides three
                                                       Delivery Service (ICLDS) Request>>click on
to course and research work including                                                                    core services for the University: Authentication,
                                                       the link to the online form for “outside the
dissertations or theses.                                                                                 Authorisation, and Billing.
                                                       Auckland Region” http://www.library.
Lorraine also runs introductory library                            You have a NetID and a NetPassword. Your
seminars for postgraduate students as part of          iclds/?form=outside                               NetID will be on your letter of enrolment along
the School of Nursing’s Orientation to Study                                                             with your Student ID number and your nDeva
Day for new students, and presents course           Interloan Requests                                   password. Your nDeva password is also your
related seminars on literature searches and         To obtain books or journal articles not held in      NetPassword.
relevant electronic and print resources for         any of the University of Auckland Libraries.         •	 Your NetID and NetPassword allow you to:
nursing.                                            Forms are available at:
                                                                                                         •	 Log on to computers in the Library,
Lorraine’s contact details are:                     •	 Print: from the Philson Library.
                                                                                                            Information Commons, and Computer Labs.
                                                    •	 Electronic form available on LEARN (Library
Lorraine Nielsen                                                                                         •	 Access Library electronic resources off
                                                       homepage)>>Interloan Request http://www.
Subject Librarian – Medical & Health                                                                        campus i.e. Databases & Ejournals.
Sciences (Nursing and Allied Health)                   interloans/                                       •	 Access the Internet on campus.
Philson Library
First Floor, Medical and Health Sciences            To contact Interloans staff extn 86128 or extn       •	 Print and photocopy on campus.
Building 503                                        86124 or ICLDS staff on extn 86125.
                                                                                                         •	 Access student Webmail.
Tel: 373 7599 Extn 86158                            NB: Electronic delivery of articles to
                                                                                                         •	 Access CECIL and nDeva
Email:                    students by email can only be made
                                                    to a University of Auckland email                    NetAccount has three accounts for Internet,
                                                    address.                                             Printing and Photocopying.
The Philson Library also provides training
guides and tutorials for VOYAGER,                   Each student is allocated an email address           For more information about “logging onto the
ENDNOTE, REFERENCING STYLES and                     which is your NetID then the electronic campus       library” using NetAccount both from within the
various databases including CINAHL,                 email address e.g.         university and from home go to the following
MEDLINE, and COCHRANE LIBRARY [which                                                                     website
are the major sources of references to journal      To access your email go to the University of         access/logginon.htm#netid
articles on nursing] and produces a specific        Auckland homepage http://www.auckland.
nursing pamphlet - ‘Nursing sources of     then under Quick Links click on Webmail.       If you have any problems with your
information in the Philson Library’.                More information about Webmail is available          NetPassword you can contact the IC Helpdesk
                                                    at:              at the Grafton Information Commons Tel: 373
                                                    webmail.html                                         7599 Extn. 82300 or Email: ichelpdesk@
                                                    Photocopying                                         For more in-depth information about “Library
                                                    Photocopying services are available in the           Resources and Services” please contact your
                                                    Philson library. Your university ID card is your     subject librarian, Lorraine Nielsen.
                                                    photocopying card. An autoloader for loading
                                                    money on to an ID card is located next to the
                                                    photocopiers. The discounted rate for students
                                                    is 10 cents per A4 copy.

                                                                                                                                  2010 School of Nursing Handbook | 19
          Other University Services                          SLC is located at:                                  For students living in or around South
                                                                                                                 Auckland, appointments are also available
                                                             City Campus                                         once or twice a month (depending on demand)
          Postgraduate services
                                                             Room 320, Level 3, Information Commons,             during the semesters at Middlemore Hospital
          Postgraduate Services is a division of Student     9 Symonds St, Auckland                              (Contact Dianne Barnhill telephone: (09)
          Administration. The role of this office is to
                                                             Monday-Friday, 0900-1700.                           2760044 ext 8691).
          provide a comprehensive service to
          Postgraduate students as well as administering     Appointments outside these hours are possible
                                                                                                                 The SLC provides targeted support for Maori
          the regulations and processing registrations       by arrangement with a tutor.
                                                                                                                 students through its Te Puni Wananga
          and examinations. Office hours are Monday -                                                            programme (contact Matt Tarawa <m.tarawa@
          Friday 0830-1700; students may call in or          Grafton Campus                            >), and targeted support for
          telephone. Students submitting a PhD thesis        Based at Faculty Student Centre                     Pacific students through its Fale Pasifika
          need to telephone first to make an                                                                     programme (contact Ema Wolfgramm <ea.
          appointment. Postgraduate Services are             Appointments can be arranged at Grafton on
                                                             Fridays, 0900-1230 by contacting SLC general> or Mona O’Shea
          located at:                                                                                            <>).
          City Campus                                                                                            Students can also attend workshops and see
          The Graduate Centre opposite the City              Tamaki Campus
                                                             Room 710.115 at the Student Resource                tutors at the Tamaki Campus, the Epsom
          Campus Pharmacy in the East Wing of the                                                                Campus, and the Tai Tokerau Campus (in
          Clock Tower Building                               Centre
                                                             Morrin Rd, Glen Innes, Auckland                     Whangarei), as well as the City Campus. For
          Tel   373-7599 Extn 86899                                                                              advice via e-mail, please note the following:
          Email                  Tamaki opening hours vary; please contact the
                                                             SLC Office for further information.                 It is important to allow plenty of time,
          Website                                                                                                especially if students require advice relating to
                                                                assignments. Tutors will do their best to attend
                                                             Tai Tokerau Campus - Whangarei
                                                             Student Centre                                      to student needs in a timely manner, but at
                                                             13 Alexander St, Whangarei                          busy periods there could be long waiting
                                                                                                                 periods of at least several days.
          The Student Learning Centre (SLC)
                                                             Tuesday and Wednesday, 0830-1700.
          Students are encouraged to utilise the SLC for     Appointments outside these hours are possible       Tutors will not proofread students work, nor
          learning support. The SLC receives excellent       by arrangement with a tutor.                        will they contribute to the content or students’
          feedback from our current students.                                                                    actual answers to assignment questions. None
                                                             SLC general enquiries:                              of our tutors have a Nursing background, so
          The SLC facilitates the development of effective                                                       they have no expertise in the subject matter.
          academic learning and performance skills in
                                                             SLC Administrator
          all students. Furthermore it has a specific                                                            Subsequent viewings of/advice on the same
                                                             Tel   373 7599 Extn 88850
          postgraduate programme which offers                                                                    assignment is at the discretion of the Tutor
                                                             Fax 373 7076
          workshops and individual consultations on a                                                            concerned. Decisions on this will be based on
          range of topics. The SLC runs tailor-made                                                              time available and likely benefits to the
          workshops for the School of Nursing, in                                                                student’s learning and skills development.
          particular our Orientation Study Day for new
          students and Assignment Writing Workshops.                                                             Students can expect acknowledgement of the
          Postgraduate programmes include:                                                                       e-mail message they sent within 1 working day.
                                                             Student Learning Support (SLC) for                  If the Tutor cannot respond to the student’s
          •	 introductory computer usage, with                                                                   query then, he or she will provide an indication
             applications such as Word, EndNote and          Out of Town Students
                                                                                                                 as to approximately when he or she could
             SPSS, data analysis, time and study             For postgraduate students, please contact           respond.
                                                             Dr Barry White <>,
          •	 effective and efficient researching             telephone 09-373-7599 extension 89048.
          •	 supervision issues
                                                             Students need to register with the SLC to use
          •	 thesis or ethics proposals planning             its services, and the cost of registration is $10
                                                             for the 2010 calendar year. Students just need
          •	 researching, and writing a literature review,
                                                             to complete the SLC registration form which
             thesis or dissertation referencing
                                                             they can then post to the SLC with a cheque for
          •	 oral presentation skills (including seminar     the $10 (Mailing address: Student Learning
             presentations) tests and exams                  Centre, The University of Auckland, Private Bag
                                                             92019, Auckland 1142).
          The SLC also facilitates the annual Masters’
          Thesis/Dissertation Writers and Postgraduate       Once registered, students can attend
          Skills Programme throughout the year at their      workshops, come for one-to-one consultations,
          City Campus location. More information is          and also seek help/advice via e-mail or
          available on their website                         telephone. There are also learning skills
                                                             development resources available through the
                                                             SLC website <>.

20 | 2010 School of Nursing Handbook
The Centre For Academic                         Postgraduate Students’
Development (CAD)                               Association
The CAD regularly runs research training        With the dismantling of compulsory
programmes.                                     membership for the Auckland University
                                                Students Association (AUSA) the Faculty of
                                                Medical and Health Sciences funds an
Graduate Research Programme
                                                association which specifically looks after the
Workshop: ‘Negotiating Supervision’ is held     interests of postgraduate students. The elected
regularly to discuss supervision issues. This   Association’s committee confers a small
workshop is advertised through the CAD          number of travel grants (annually) to
booklet and Graduate Research Programme         postgraduate students, organises the
fliers.                                         postgraduate students’ poster day (biannually)
                                                and runs a seminar series on issues and topics
Resource: ‘Postgraduate Supervision:
                                                relevant to postgraduate students, as well as
Guidelines for Discussion’, a booklet for
                                                hosting frequent social functions.
supervisor and student to work through when
establishing supervision.

Assisting departments: by invitation with
orientation programmes for graduate research    Health Research Methods
students.                                       Advisory Service (HRMAS)
These are complementary to SLC programmes.      This service runs regular seminars on topics
                                                such as research methodologies and grant
The CAD is located at:                          applications. These are advertised on the
                                                graduate student notice board.
5th Floor, 76 Symonds Street
Tel    373 7599 Extn 88140                      For a copy of the HRMAS Newsletter contact
Fax 373 7474                          

Barbara Grant
Extn 88160

Lavinia Mau, Matthew Weinberg, Kathryn Bennett and Dharminder Bhardway work together during a course study day.

                                                                                                                  2010 School of Nursing Handbook | 21
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