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                                       The Evening with the Nordic Trade Commissioners
            IN THIS ISSUE:
Survey Results - Page 2                The Canada-Finland Chamber of Commerce, the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce,
                                       Innovation Norway and the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce jointly invited their members
Carlsberg Event - Page 3
                                       and guests to meet their trade commissioners in the Wood Lounge of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel,
Maersk Open House - Page 4
                                       Downtown Toronto, on Wednesday, November 21, 2007.
Danish Canadian Trade - Page 4
Christmas 2007 - Page 6
AGM - Page 8
Membership Drive Contest - Page 10
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                                       The four trade commissioners in the photo, Tor Mühlbradt from Norway, Tuomo Laine from
      UPCOMING EVENTS:                 Finland, Peter Mørk from Denmark, and the then newly appointed Magnus Andersson from
 See last page for more information!   Sweden made well-prepared country presentations to a full capacity room. Time ßies as an arrow,
                                       as the old saying goes. The popular Norwegian trade commissioner Tor Mühlbradt has now already
Friday, September 5, 2008              returned to Norway to be replaced by his successor ArnÞnn Hattrem in August 2008.
GOLF TOURNAMENT                        The Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Trade Commissioners, have for a few years now worked out
Kleinburg Golf Club                    of the same ofÞce address at 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 2120 in Toronto, where the consulates of
Tuesday, September 9, at 4 p.m.        the three countries are located. The Finnish Trade Commissioner can be found at the Finland Trade
CORPORATE OPEN HOUSE AT                Centre on Bay Street in Toronto.
Bowmanville.                           The evening with the Nordic Trade Commissioners has always been a popular function from the days
Thursday, Sept.18, at 5:30 p.m.        of the Scandinavian Canadian Business Association and will be repeated as an annual or at least
EUROPEAN BUSINESS CLUB                 biannual event - even though it is often difÞcult to dovetail their busy schedules.
THE TORONTO BOARD OF TRADE             Finland, Sweden and Denmark are members of the European Union while Norway is still outside the
 1 First Canadian Place, Toronto       EU. The four Nordic countries, although they are Þerce competitors, cooperate closely and share
  Friday, December 5, at 6:30 p.m.     many similarities and connections in trade, industry and government.
BUFFET GALA DINNER DANCE               It is thus always very informative and interesting to learn about their trade, activity plans and future
 The National Club, 303 Bay Street,    expectations on the Canadian market.
Toronto, ON
  Always a sell-out! Don’t miss it!    Knud Westergaard
 Results of the Activity Survey
 In January, questionnaires were sent out of which 25% were returned by April 10, 2008, which is about the same
 as the return rate for our previous activity surveys in 1998 and 2001. Here are your opinions.
 Which activities are you interested in      In case you are interested in a News      If you have participated in the
 attending?                                  and Information Letter, what should       Christmas Ball in this or in previous
 73%        Receptions for visiting Danish                                             years please comment upon your
                                             it contain?
 Politicians and Business Leaders                                                      likes and/or dislikes.
                                             91%        ProÞles of Danish companies    The National Club
 68%        Lectures and Seminars by
 visiting Top Ranked Danish Business         in Canada                                 82%       Like 5% Dislike
 People                                      82%        Articles about business        Reception with glögg
                                             between Canada and Denmark                68%       Like 5% Dislike
 64%        Luncheons with Guest
                                                                                       Music at reception
 Speaker                                     68%        Danish business news           50%       Like 18% Dislike
 59%        Christmas Ball                   68%        Reports and photos of past     The Danish Christmas Buffet
 59%        Open House Company Visits                                                  73%       Like 0% Dislike
 59%        Special Luncheons or Dinners                                               Would you rather like a Christmas
                                             59%        Information about future
 for Visiting Dignitaries                                                              Dinner by be served?
 50%        Networking Meetings              activities
                                                                                       73%       No     0% Yes
 In other words, you want us to              50%        Membership proÞles             Door Prize Rafße
 be ready and available to arrange           Canadian business news had much           73%       Like 0% Dislike
 functions for visiting dignitaries,         less interest in our news- and            The Dance Band (The Red
 and you love the Christmas Ball and         information-letter.                       Suspenders)
 company visits.                                                                       55%       Like 18% Dislike
                                             Are you interested in DCCC                Would like a current Danish band(1);
 There is, however, much less
 interest for functions with the other       establishing an award for a “Danish/      Jazz (1); Big-band(1); band for a
 European Chambers of Commerce.              Canadian Business Person of the           younger audience(1); It’s OK – as good
 Only a few of you are interested in         Year”?                                    as it gets (1).
 EUCOCIT events.                             50%        No      9% Yes                 Would you rather like a Disc Jockey?
                                             What do you miss in the Chamber?          68%      No      5% Yes
 Please state the areas in which                                                       Which day of the week do you prefer
                                             Nothing (1); N/A (1); Members of the
 you think the Chamber should be                                                       for the function?
 involved:                                   Health Community – Fellow Dentists        Saturday (3); Thursday/Friday(1)
 77%       Company Listings and Web          (1); Business focus(1)                    Mid-week(1)
 Page Links                                                                            When would you like the function to
 64%       Electronic News and               Which DCCC Activities have you            take place?
 Information Letter                                                                    59%      Early December
                                             particularly enjoyed in the past?
 55%       Company Visits                                                              23%      Late November
                                             73%        Christmas Ball                 14%      Mid December
 45%       Seminars and Education
                                             55%        Open House Company Visits      Which Price Level are you
 45%       Hotel discounts for members
                                             45%        Luncheon Meetings with         comfortable with for a Dinner
 45%       Car rental discounts for
                                             Guest Speaker                             Dance?
                                                                                       41%      $100 - $125
 41%       Travel discount for members       41%        Special Luncheons or Dinners   36%      $80 - $100
 41%       Job referrals                     for Visiting Dignitaries                  18%      under $80
 Our members want an electronic              There is some interest in joint           14%      $125 - $150
 newsletter and they want hotel, car                                                    5%      over $150
                                             functions with other Nordic
 rental and travel deals. There is
 only little interest in membership          Chambers, but again the interest
                                                                                       Tabulated and presented by:
 discounts on gift-items, fashion and        is very low for joint European            Knud Westergaard
 other consumer products.                    meetings.

DCCC Publication, Page 2
Call for a Carlsberg - - or Jacobsen!
                                              An invitation was received jointly from Carlsberg
                                              and DCCC by the members of the Danish Canadian
                                              Chamber of Commerce to a tasting session at Carlsberg
                                              Canada’s location at Bristol Circle in Oakville featuring
                                              Jacobsen Beer on Thursday, November 15, 2007.

                                              Jacobsen beer is brewed at Carlsberg’s “house brewery”
                                              in Copenhagen and reßects the very best their master
                                              brewers can produce. The tag line for the brand is
                                              “unlimited dedication”.

                                           Two Jacobsen beers were
                                           introduced, a dark and
                                           a golden version, which
received a much noted promotion at the Ontario LCBO stores up to
Christmas in a handsome gift box with two different, beautiful,
logo-crested glasses as collectors’ items.

Assisted by Thomas Lind, Tommy Guldberg and Becky Kwiatkowski,
Peter Hammarstedt, General Manager of Carlsberg Canada, and
Preben Ganzhorn, Director of Marketing, bid a warm welcome and
introduced the new beer to the maximum crowd which came in from
the November cold and soon found the warm glow of the Carlsberg
hospitality and the Þne new beer.

The Carlsberg brand beer is from January 2008 imported in its
original version by appointment of the Danish Royal Court, brewed in

Probably the world’s best beer, as it is proudly said!

“Skål” to all our friends at Carlsberg Canada.
Your hospitality is greatly appreciated!

Knud Westergaard
                                             Maersk Open House
                                             Tuesday, March 27, 2008, Maersk Canada invited the
                                             members of DCCC to the boardroom of their Canadian
                                             head ofÞce in Mississauga with visiting Senior Executive
                                             Henning Morgen of the A.P. Møller-Maersk organization in
                                             Denmark giving a company presentation not only up to the
                                             date but up to the hour!

                                             The span and scope of this business giant of Denmark
                                             is truly mind-boggling with its activities covering
                                             approximately 15 per cent of the total Danish economic

                                             The brieÞng about the corporation and its history was
                                             supported by a very interesting and well made movie.
                                             It was followed by a business and corporate policy
                                             orientation as well as a forecast on the economic outlook
                                             by the Maersk Executive Director in Denmark on direct
                                             high-tech electronic link!

 Here we have a truly blue-star/blue-chip Danish corporation to be proud of! - rd.

Trade between Denmark and Canada in 2007
Exports from Canada to Denmark ßying high.
In 2007, the two-way trade between Denmark and Canada amounted to more than 1.6 billion Canadian dollars
- an increase of 11% and an all time high. Exports from Denmark to Canada fell by 5.6%, but Danish imports
from Canada increased by nearly 60% due mainly to purchase of Canadian aircraft and a large increase in the
import value of Canadian Þsh and seafood to Denmark. The balance of trade, however, is still very much in
Denmark’s favour.

The Danish krone strengthened about 4% towards the Canadian dollar in 2007, a trend that has continued as
it has so far gained another 4% towards the dollar and is valued at approx. 4.70 DKR to a Canadian dollar by
July, 2008.

The average exchange rate used for the below trade Þgures for 2007 is 5.05 DKR to 1 Can. $ compared to
5.25 DKR to 1 Can. $ in 2006.

The total annual Danish import from Canada in 2007 amounted to 3,062.5mill. DKR, corresponding to 606
million dollars, an increase of 59.5% compared to 2006. The biggest item on the trade statistics is now import
of aircraft, equipment and parts amounting to 195 million dollars, an increase of 156.6%, with Þsh and seafood
(mainly shrimps) closely following in the statistics with an import value of 189 million dollar, an increase of
28.6% compared to the year before. These two sections alone amount to nearly 2/3 of the total Danish import
from Canada.

DCCC Publication, Page 4
Trade between Denmark and Canada in 2007 (continued)
The import of machinery and parts is next and increased by 2.6% to 39 million dollars. Import of oil from plants
and fruits for the Þrst time reached the top-Þve status in the statistics with a total value of $18 million dollars,
sharply followed by import of cork, wood and paper products at a value of 17 million dollars - an increase of
70%. The import of IT hardware, electronics and instrumentation which has in the past few years had a strong
position on the statistics, however, fell by 42% in 2007 to a value of 11 million dollar against 19 million dollar the
year before and is no longer amongst the top-Þve items.

The Þve biggest sectors covering 75.5% of all imports from Canada in 2007 were:
                                                               2006      2007
                                                               mill. $   mill. $   change
                Total                                             380      606     + 59.5%
                Aircraft and equipment/parts                        76     195     +156.6%
                Fish and seafood                                  147      189     + 28.6%
                Machinery and parts                                 38      39     + 2.6%
                Oil from plants and fruits                           0.3    18     + NNN%
                Cork, wood and paper products                       10      17      + 70.0%
                Source: Denmark’s Statistic.

The Danish export to Canada in 2007 amounted to 5,302.9 mill. DKR, corresponding to just under 1 billion
dollars, a decrease of 5.6% compared to 2006. The dominant product in the 2007-trade is North Sea oil with a
value of 391 million dollars, an increase of nearly 20%. Machinery and parts (windmills) are the second biggest
export items from Denmark to Canada at a value of 178 million dollars, a decrease of 12.3%. The export of
pharmaceuticals and medical products decreased by 17.3% to 129 million dollars.

Sales of Danish agri-food products to Canada, decreased by 30.6% to 34 million dollars from 49 million dollars
in 2006 and 55 million dollars in 2005 as the export of Danish meat and meat products to Canada was reduced
by more than 50% to only 8.5 million dollars and the export of cheese from Denmark fell by 23% to 16 million
dollars. Many of the cheeses are now being produced in Canada. Export of aircraft parts to Canada fell by over
half to 17 million dollars in 2007.

Outside the top-Þve sector in the trade statistics, the export of furniture from Denmark also continued its downward
trend and fell by more than one third to 14 million dollars in 2007 from 22 million dollars in 2006. The fashion
trade from Denmark to Canada kept its sales of 14 million dollars worth of articles of apparel unchanged.

The Þve biggest sectors with 75% of total exports from Denmark to Canada in 2007 were:
                                                                2006     2007
                                                                mill $   mill $    change
                Total                                           1,056      997     - 5.6%
                Oil                                               327      391     + 19.6%
                Machinery and parts                               203      178     - 12.3%
                Pharmaceuticals and medical products              156      129     - 17.3%
                Agri-food, agricultural products                   49        34     - 30.6%
                Aircraft parts                                     35        17     - 51.4%
                Source: Denmark’s Statistic.

Due to the close proximity, there is a developing trade between Greenland and Canada. Canadian companies
being involved in mining development, etc. on Greenland and many consumer items being purchased from
                                                                                               Knud Westergaard
                  The 2007 Christmas Party
Again we enjoyed an outstanding, successful function at the National Club on Bay Street.
It took place Saturday, December 1st with the proven, traditional 6 step program!
 1) Fellowship
 Starting with warm glögg and Christmas cookies at a welcome reception during which
 Verner Mikkelsen entertains on his accordion with music of the Season.

                                                                  2) Great Door Prizes
                                                                  Finding your table in the elegant dining room and securing door
                                                                  prize tickets for the many valuable prizes from our sponsors:
                                                                                                  ~ Finnair
                                                                                               ~ Arla Foods
                                                                                 ~ Asger Pedersen Insurance Broker Inc.
                                                                                  ~ Cairde Enterprises/DropStopCanada
                                                                                        ~ Creekside Estate Winery
                                                                                                ~ Carlsberg
                                                                              ~ Danish Style Cake Shop and Delicatessen
                                                                                                 ~ Danfoss
                                3) A Warm Welcome
                                                                                               ~ Ecco Shoes
                                Receiving DCCC Chairman
                                Anders Fisker’s warm                                         ~ Lind Furniture
                                welcome and Seasonal                                         ~ Maersk Canada
                                Greetings.                                                      ~ Silkeborg
                                                                                    ~ Torp Incorporated/Georg Jensen

4) Fabulous Christmas Fare
Enjoying the FABULOUS Gala Buffet Dinner . Here are some of the highlights from the gargantuan
* Home Made Danish Herrings with Aalborg Taffel Akvavit and Carlsberg Beer as a starter.

* Tiny Atlantic Shrimps with Lemon Boats and Mayonnaise, Smoked Salmon with White Asparagus,
Cured Salmon “Gravlaks” with Dill and Sweet Mustard Sauce, Fried Fillet of Plaice with Remoulade

* Hot Liver Paste, Danish Style Meat Balls, Roast Pork Loin with Cracklings and Roast Duck.

* Roast Beef with Horseradish or Remoulade, Fried Onions and Danish Pickels “Asier”, Smoked Pork
Loin “Hamburgerryg”, Beer Tartar “Løvemad”.

* Arla Rosenborg Blue Cheese from Denmark, Havarti, Fontina and Danish
Camembert Cheese.

* Danish Pastries “Wienerbrød”, Almond Fingers “Kransekage” – and of course,

*The Danish Christmas Dessert:
 “Ris ά la mande” Creamed Rice and Almonds with Warm Cherry Sauce.
     Following the Danish tradition there is of course a “mandelgave”-prize for
        the lucky person who Þnds the large, whole almond in the dessert.

DCCC Publication, Page 6
5) Door Prize Draw
After Dinner there was the draw for the many valuable door prizes. Finnair generously donated the Þrst prize of the rafße, a round
trip to Copenhagen, which was won by the Mikkelsen-Klan, that previously has done the same, and which also took home the
valuable collector’s bottle No 22 of 99 Vintage Wayne Gretzky Red Wine, kindly donated by Creekside Estate Wineries, owned by
our members Laura and Peter Jensen.

6) Dancing
Listening and dancing to the dinner music and dynamic dance music by “The Red Suspenders”,
bringing happy dancers to the ßoor to well over midnight.

Can you think of a better start to the Christmas Season?

Mark this year’s Gala Buffet Dinner at the beautiful National Club in your calendar Friday, December 5, 2008.

I am already looking forward to the party!

 Knud Westergaard
                                                            DCCC Annual Meeting
                                                            Thursday, April 10, 2008 at the National Club
                                                            (Blake Lounge), Toronto.

                                                            Members of the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce
                                                            were this year invited to an annual general meeting
                                                            followed by a wine tasting with some great canapé snacks
                                                            made by the chefs of the National Club to pair with the

                                                            Chairman Anders Fisker opened the proceedings, thanked
                                                            everybody for coming and proposed Palle Skaade as a
                                                            capable Chair of the Meeting (dirigent) with unanimous

                                                            The Chairman’s and Honorary Treasurer’s reports followed.
                                                            Palle Skaade opened the election of the board of directors.
                                                            The following 12 persons were elected and will serve as
                                                            directors during the 2008 membership year:

                                                            New on the board: Stewart Cameron, Anne Marie Keogh,
                                                            Erik Madsen, Asger Pedersen, Bent Søgaard Jørgensen
                                                            and Keld Weigelt.
                                                            Re-elected: Chairman Anders Fisker, Hon. Treasurer Tom
                                                            Haar, Ole K. Jensen, Anders Rahr, Randy Ross and Knud

                                                            The Danish Trade Commissioner Peter Mørk will continue
                                                            after a year as elected director on the board as honorary
                                                            director, as will the Danish Consul General Arne Nordtorp.

                                                            Two board members left Canada last year and resigned
                                                            from the board. Hans Erik Jensen (vice chairman 2006-7)
                                                            and Peter Ulvskjold. Both received a warm vote of thanks
                                                            for their great service to the chamber as did following
                                                            four directors of the board, who did not want to stand for
                                                            re-election this year: Brian Baker, Frank Johansen, Jens
                                                            Kauffmann and Thomas Larsson (who replaced Hans Erik-
                                                            Jensen as Vice Chairman last year).

                                                            After the annual meeting, the new board of directors was
                                                            formed with Anders Fisker continuing as Chairman, Bent
Søgaard Jørgensen as 1 Vice Chairman, and Randy Ross as 2nd Vice Chairman. Tom Haar was re-elected as Honorary

Treasurer, and Knud Westergaard re-appointed as Executive Director of the Chamber.

The dice have been rolled and we, without doubt have another winning team to steer DCCC through we hope, the not too
wild currents of the coming year.

DCCC Publication, Page 8
AGM (continued)

After the General Meeting, two Þne Ontario wines from our corporate member Peter Jensen of Creekside Estates, as well
as two imported light summer wines at a lower price were selected in order to present some wines for special occasions
as well as some within the reach of everybody for daily enjoyment. Our member Anne Marie Keogh, Cάirde Enterprises,
surprised us with a special DCCC imprinted Drop-Stop wine pouring disc as a gift to everybody attending the annual

The selected wines:
Creekside Estate Sauvignon Blanc Reserve, (LCBO # 53371 at $18.95)
Mike Weir Estates Cabernet Merlot (LCBO #109 at $18.80)
Aveleda Vino Verde (from Portugal), (LCBO #5322 at $8.45)
Montalto Nero d’Avola Cabernet Sauvignon (from Sicily), (LCBO $621151 at $9.70)

Guess, which wine ran out Þrst, well before the other three? ---The Mike Weir Estates, certainly! We had at great expense to
replenish it with some other Þne red wine from the wine cellar of the National Club. Everybody had a great time – at the right
price (free of charge for our members).

Don’t forget to attend the 2009 AGM! You will have a chance to voice your opinion and vote in the new board of
directors – as well as enjoy yourself in good company at the same time.
                   DCCC 2008 Member-Get-A-Member Contest!
The beneÞts of being a member of the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce just got better!
For each new member referred by you before October 31, 2008, your name will be entered in a
draw for:
        •       2 free tickets to the DCCC Christmas Gala Dinner & Dance; OR
        •       a case of Creekside wine; OR
        •       a bottle of Akvavit!
We know how much you enjoy your DCCC membership so sell your friends and colleagues on how
valuable a Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce membership really is and every time your referral
becomes a member; your name will be entered to WIN one of the prizes above!
        As an added incentive for new members, the following rates will apply if they join
        before October 31, 2008 and will be in effect until December 2009:
        Corporate:          $400.00 as savings of $165.00
        Individual:         $95.00 as savings of $40.00
        Student:            $30.00 reduced to $12.00

BONUS: If you sponsor three (3) new members in 2008, DCCC will renew your membership for FREE!*
Enter online at www.dccc.ca or download the fax-back PDF form now!

DCCC Publication, Page 10
                       Use this form to sponsor potential new members
                              or visit us online at www.dccc.ca !

FAX BACK TO DCCC AT 416.962.3668
The more names you enter the more chances you have to win!
Tell your friends and colleagues just how valuable a DCCC membership really is... because the best sales person we
have is you!

BONUS: If YOU sponsor three new members in 2008, DCCC will renew your membership for FREE!*
My Last Name: __________________First Name:____________________________


 Mr.   Mrs.   Ms.

Last Name:______________________ First Name:____________________________
Company Name: _______________________ Address: _______________________
City:_____________________ Province:_____________ Postal code:_____________
Bus. Phone: (__)_________________ Fax: ( __) _____________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________

 Mr.   Mrs.   Ms.

Last Name:______________________ First Name:____________________________
Company Name: _______________________ Address: _______________________
City: _____________________ Province:_____________ Postal code:_____________
Bus. Phone: (__)_________________ Fax: ( __) _____________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________
 Mr.   Mrs.   Ms.

Last Name:______________________ First Name:____________________________
Company Name: _______________________ Address: _______________________
City: _____________________ Province:_____________ Postal code:_____________
Bus. Phone: (__)_________________ Fax: ( __) _____________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________

* All three prospective DCCC members must join the Chamber prior to December 31, 2008. Member must
be in good standing at time of renewal to qualify. Free membership offer applies to the Þrst renewal invoice
issued after January 2009. Contest closes October 31, 2008.
Special Report
The Best Countries For Business
Jack Gage
06.26.08, 6:00 PM ET
What do Lego and 18th century political economist Adam Smith have in common? Both show why Denmark has become the
best country in the world for business.

Speaking two decades before The Wealth of Nations was published in 1776, Smith said, “Little else is requisite to carry a state
to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice:
all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things.”

If ever there was a system that made following Smith’s recipe look easy, it’s the Danish economy’s mix of low inßation and low
unemployment, emphasis on entrepreneurship and lower taxes. These qualities combined with high marks for innovation and
technological savvy lift Denmark to the top of our third annual ranking of the Best Countries for Business (formerly the Forbes
Capital Hospitality Index).

To Þnd the best, we analyze business climates in each of more than 120 national economies, focusing on degrees of personal
freedoms, like the right to participate in free and fair elections, or freedom of expression and organization.

Investor protection examines the recourse held by minority shareholders in cases of corporate misdeeds, while corruption
looks at the number and frequency of similar misuse of corporate assets for personal gain. Together with economic policies
supportive of free trade and low inßation, these key points form a snapshot of countries’ suitability for capital investment.

Topping the list for 2008: Denmark, which rose three slots from last year, Ireland (up 19 places to No. 2), Finland (up four to
third place), the U.S. (down three to fourth) and U.K. (up Þve to Þfth). Big movers like Ireland, Estonia (No. 10, up 24 spots)
and Saudi Arabia (No. 47, up 37) have limited bureaucracy standing in the way of entrepreneurs hoping to do business within
their borders.

To read more go to:

           Advertise in the Memorandum!
      Be prepared for the next issue. Have your
      artwork and text ready to print so that all
        may view your company’s message!
   See website (www.dccc.ca) for artwork guidelines and pricing.

DCCC Publication, Page 12
Pub Night with the British
Tuesday, June 19, 2007, DCCC members were invited to a successful networking Pub Night at
the Duke of York, Yorkville, together with members of the British Canadian Chamber of Trade
and Commerce. Come out and join the fun next time!
Danish Documentary Film
The recently produced Danish documentary “Purity Beats Everything” by Danish Þlm maker Jon Bang Carlsen
was shown at lunch Thursday, April 3, 2008, to a full capacity crowd at the Royal Hall of the Danish Lutheran
                                                     Church in Toronto for members of DCCC, The Golden Age
                                                      Club and the Danish Women’s Association in Toronto.

                                                   One of the main characters in the movie, holocaust
                                                   survivor Pinchas Gutter, was present and gave
                                                   background information as well as answered questions
                                                   after the presentation of this unforgettable Þlm that delves
                                                   deep into the layers underlying Nazism’s purity ideals.

 Danish Movies at the Toronto Film Festival
 Several Danish movies are going to be shown in September in Toronto.

 “Disco-ormene. (The Disco Worms)”, an animated movie from Denmark, has lately been
 selected to be shown in the section for Children and Youth Films at this year’s Þlm festival.

 The management of the festival has already selected the movie “Maria Larssons evige øjeblik.
 (Maria Larsson’s Eternal Moment)” to be screened. This movie is directed by the veteran
 Swedish Þlm director Jan Troell but is produced by the Danish Þlm company Final Cut Productions
 and has amongst others, Jesper Christensen in the lead.

 To be shown in the Contemporary World Cinema section the Danish movie “Den du frygter. (The
 One you Fear)” has been selected.

 The Toronto Film Festival has, during the latter years, become of increasing importance for the
 Danish Þlm industry as a platform for introduction and sales of its movies to the American market as
 well as to other parts of the world.

 This year’s Toronto Film Festival takes place from September 4 - 13.

DCCC Publication, Page 14
Nordic Fair 2008
Friday, June 27, 2008, DCCC Chairman Anders Fisker
and Executive Director Knud Westergaard as well as
Danish Consul General Arne Nordtorp participated in
the opening of the Nordic Fair at Mel Lastman Square
in North York, a yearly festival introducing and cel-
ebrating all Nordic Countries. The week-end fair was
opened by the Lieutenant Governor of the Province of

Despite challenging weather conditions (heavy rain
showers and extremely hot weather) the festival
received approximately 5,000 visitors, amongst them
without doubt many DCCC members with their family.

Entertainment was presented by all the participating countries at the outdoor grandstand. The renowned
choir “Copenhagen Camerata” at the start of their tour of Canada and Danish soprano Brigit Bogar gave
                                   performances during the week-end and a play based on Hans Christian
                                   Andersen’s fairy tales was given by a
                                   local Danish group to much delight.

                                   DCCC supplied promotional
                                   material and tourist leaßets to the
                                   Danish booth, which was manned
                                   (actually “womanned”) by helpful
                                   ladies from the Danish Lutheran
                                   Church in Toronto. The booth
                                   became one of the most popular at the
                                   summer fair, handing out samples of Arla Cheese and Danish pastry
                                   as well as did a good busines selling Danish open sandwich “snitter”,
                                   pastry, “aebleskiver”, cold drinks and coffee as well as souvenirs from
                                                        In Memoriam
                            The Founding Chairman of DCCC, Mr. K. Barry Olsen, passed away
                            peacefully at his home in Toronto on May 4, 2008, after a valiant battle with

                            In 1996 he was appointed Consul General of Denmark in the province of
                            Ontario, an honour that reßected the great respect attained to his person.

 Keith Barry Olsen was born 1935 in Canada of Norwegian ancestry, even though many thought
that he was of Danish descent with his surname and his position as president of one of Denmark’s
corporate giants. Barry was in the ocean transportation industry here since 1954. Prior to 1980 he
was employed by Robert Reford Inc. and rose to the position of Vice President, extremely
respected in the industry.

In 1980 the Danish shipping company Maersk Line established its own organization in Canada and
Barry Olsen joined the Canadian organization in the capacity of President. Mr. Olsen was also a
former Chairman of the Shipping Federation of Canada. He remained Maersk Chairman and Dan-
ish Consul General after his retirement but decided to give up the honorable diplomatic posting
when he turned 70.

When the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce was founded in June 1992 in Toronto, Barry
Olsen was involved from the start as a very active and supportive member of the founding
committee and became Founding Chairman of the Chamber.

For a number of years he was at the helm of DCCC and plotted the inaugural course of the Cham-
ber with a Þrm but compassionate hand, securing support and success for the new
enterprise. He remained on the Board as an insightful and invaluable Director for many years.

Four years ago, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark conferred the Knight Cross of the
Royal Order of Dannebrog to him and could not have found a more deserving person to honour for
his contributions toward trade relations between the two countries.

Mr. Olsen was held in very high esteem by his colleagues and friends. He was a true gentleman
with a calm and unrufßed disposition, great good-natured humour and diplomacy in acts and deeds.
He was not only a smooth public speaker but also a very accomplished pianist. He was a keen
marathon runner but Þrst and foremost a family man.

He leaves behind his wife and best friend of 51 years Janet, two sons, a daughter and three grand-
children. A private memorial took place June 13 at their home in Thornhill for family, friends and
associates. Barry Olsen will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

“Æret være hans minde.”

Knud Westergaard
Executive Director of DCCC

DCCC Publication, Page 16
                       Welcome! New Members

New Corporate Members:
Viking Car Club, Inc.                            InvoDane Engineering Ltd.
Michael Rasmussen, Proprietor and President      Paul Laursen, President
Henriette Pentz, Executive Assistant             30 Lesmill Road, Unit 2
108 North Main Street                            Toronto, Ontario
Cranbury, N.J. 08512 U.S.A.                      M3B 2T6

Tel. toll free: 1 (800) 870-7688                 Tel.: (416) 443-8049, ext. 103
Tel.: 1 (609) 655-3924 Fax: 1 (609) 655-1622     Fax: (416) 443-8050
info@vikingcarclub.com                           laursen@invodane.com
www.vikingcarclub.com                            http://www.invodane.com
Danish owned car rentals in business since       Providing deceptively simple solutions to
2000 offering exclusively Hertz cars of the      complex problems in many different industries.
highest standard.

New Individual Members:
Michael Jensen                                   Christian Petersen, Mechanical EIT
Jensen & Company                                 Stantec Consulting Ltd.
86 Gerrard Street East, #14B                     401 Wellington Street West, Ste. 100
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2J1                         Toronto, Ontario M5V 1E7

Cell: (416) 857-3316                             Tel. (416) 596-6686 bus. Tel. (416) 284-5997 res.
Res.: (416) 343-9947                             Fax: (416) 596-6680
michaeljensen@sympatico.ca                       christian.petersen@stantec.com
Importer/Agent for high-design Scandinavian      Of Danish descent. Offering professional services in
Jewellery, Dyrberg/Kern, etc.                    engineering and architecture
Showroom on Bay Street, between Cumberland
and Yorkville Aves.

Michael Vejby Christensen                        Ms. Tonni Andersen
VisionMAX Solutions Inc.                         3665 The Credit Woodlands
2680 Skymark Avenue, Suite 600                   Mississauga, Ontario
Mississauga, Ontario                             L5C 2L1
L4W 5L6
                                                 Tel.: (905) 275-4595
Tel.: (905) 282-0503, ext. 434                   tonni.andersen@rogers.com
Cell: (416) 500-9510                             Danish descent
Custom software solutions, systems integration
and technology.
Board of                            Events 2008                                  DCCC
Directors                           Friday, September 5th                    Member BeneÞts
                                    Registration opens 10:30 a.m.
Chairman                            SCANDINAVIAN CUP                        INSURANCE
Anders Fisker                       GOLF TOURNAMENT
                                    Kleinburg Golf Club                     Asger Pedersen Insurance Broker Inc.
                                    The third annual tournament this year   AON Reed Steenhouse Inc. (Commercial only)
1st Vice-Chairman
Bent Søgaard Jørgensen              hosted by DCCC where we challenge       The Chambers of Commerce Group
                                    the Finns, Norwegians and Swedes        Insurance Plan
2nd Vice-Chairman                   to win the cup.
Randy Ross                          $165.00 per person.
                                    Registration before August 21, 2008     TRAVEL
Hon. Treasurer                      to: mike@cascargo.ca
Thomas Haar
                                                                            Valhalla Travel & Tours
Directors                           Tuesday, September 9, at 4 p.m.
Stewart Cameron                     CORPORATE OPEN HOUSE AT
Ole K. Jensen                       ST MARYS CEMENT INC.,                   CAR RENTAL
Anne Marie Keogh                    Bowmanville
Erik Madsen                                                                 Europcar - Østergaards Biler A/S
Asger Pedersen                      Our member Erik Madsen, President       Viking Car Club, Inc.
Anders Rahr (left Canada 17.7.08)   and CEO of this market leader, has
Keld Weigelt                        invited DCCC members to see and
Knud Westergaard                                                            HOTELS
                                    learn more about the company.
Hon. Directors                      Free.
Arne Nordtorp                       Registration details at: www.dccc.ca    Hotel Alexandra, Copenhagen
Hon. Consul General of Denmark      (event calendar).                       Delta Chelsea Hotel, Toronto

Peter Mørk
Danish Consul and Trade             Thursday, September 18, 5:30 p.m.       INTERNATIONAL MOVING & STORAGE
Commissioner                        EUROPEAN BUSINESS CLUB
                                    NETWORKING RECEPTION                    AMJ Cambell International
Editors                             THE TORONTO BOARD OF TRADE
Knud Westergaard                    1 First Canadian Place, Toronto         PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL
Anne Marie Keogh
                                    Hosted by EUCOCIT and the               DropStop®Canada ~ Cáirde Enterprises
                                    Belgium-Canadian Business
                                    Association                             EVENTS ~ EUCOCIT
      DANISH CANADIAN               DCCC Members and their guests are
 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                invited.                                All DCCC members are also members of the
2 Bloor Street West, Ste. 2120      $20 per person if registered and        European Union Chamber of Commerce in
  Toronto, Ontario M4W 3E2          pre-paid, $25 at the door.              Toronto (EUROCIT), are invited to and may
 Tel. 416 923 1811 – Fax 416        Registration at: www.eucocit.com        participate in the functions of the European
           962-3668                                                         Chambers at membership rate.
     Email: info@dccc.ca            Friday, December 5, at 6:30 p.m.
                                    The DCCC Annual Christmas Buf-          For the beneÞt of our membership, we
                                    fet Gala Dinner Dance                   recommend that you check our
                                    The National Club,                      membership list for e.g. DENTISTRY,
 Check the website for news!                                                BANKING, FINANCIAL and FREIGHT
                                    303 Bay Street, Toronto
        www.dccc.ca                 Always a sell-out! Don’t miss it!       services, as we have service providers and
                                    Price and details in October at:        reputable companies as members in these
                                    www.dccc.ca (event calendar).           and many other Þelds.

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