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                To:            All CUPE BC Affiliated Locals
                From: Mark Hancock, Secretary-Treasurer
                C:             CUPE BC Staff Representatives, Anti-Contracting Out Committees, CUPE BC
                               Executive Board
                Date: October 24, 2006
                Re:            Contracting In Pilot Projects

                At the 2006 CUPE BC Convention, delegates adopted the CUPE BC Action Plan. Part of the plan
                was that CUPE BC, in consultation with the Anti-Contracting Out Committee, would sponsor selected
                pilot projects in 2007. The pilot projects pertain to work that has either been contracted out and should
                be contracted back in, or work that has never been in the bargaining unit, but should be.

                The committee has developed resources, such as the “3 Step Guide” and the “7 Step Quick
                Reference Guide” to assist locals in this process. This does not preclude a local from accessing
                resources as required such as research, staff resources, cost share funding, and access to the Anti
                Contracting Out Committee to assist and help coordinate your needs.

                CUPE BC will provide funding toward the project if your local is successful and will provide other types
                of resources as required: research, communications, etc.

                The pilot projects can be from any CUPE sector. The information in your application should include:
                   1. Sector represented.
                   2. Help required: staff, research resources, leaflets, ads, communications, etc.
                   3. History of work that was contracted out – when and why it was lost.
                   4. History of work to be contracted in – why do you believe this work can be returned to your
                        bargaining unit.
                   5. What type of resources your local is prepared to commit to the project: book off time, funding
                        from your local.

                An interim report will be given at the 2007 CUPE BC Convention and a final report of the outcome of
                the projects will be announced at the 2008 CUPE BC Convention.

                If you would like further information, please contact a member of the committee, through our office, or
                contact your local’s National staff representative.

                Send your completed project proposal by November 15, 2006, to the CUPE BC Anti-Contracting Out
                Committee c/o the CUPE BC Division Office at # 510 – 4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC, V5G 4T3.
                Call 604-291-9119 if you have further questions.

                The Anti-Contracting Out Committee will identify and recommend selected projects to the next
                Executive Board meeting and the successful locals will be informed accordingly.

                Attachments:               CUPE BC 7 Step Quick Reference Guide.
                                           CUPE BC 3 Step Local Executive Guide

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